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My complaint is on Ms. Gayathri Raguram and Mrs. Arthi. Right from Day 1 they were insulting and passing stupid comments about Juliana. And Gayathri Raguram using abusive words over juliana. This gayathri and aarthi are not a popular celebrity. So ask them to keep that in mind. They are also a common human only. What the hell these ladies are thinking in mind. It's atrocious to see that there is no mutual respect. They lack the very basic human tendency. Through Bigg Boss we public are able to see their true colours. Just because they are in cinema industry it does not mean they are big celebrities. Everyone's profession differs. Since because Gayathri is in politics she is going on cornering juliana from the day one and this aarthi is also joining hands with her to corner a person who stood in sun and rain for jallikatu protest. And what a habit is this taking back of a person. They have to understand one thing, everyone makes mistakes, No one is perfect in this world. Ask them to mind their language because the whole world is watching them and their behaviour what they are showing to juliana. "Vechu Seiyanu Juliana Va" This was the statement Gayathri said on 4th july. What a character is hers. This a complaint website so i dont want to use harsh words in this. Kind request is, Please ask Kamal Sir to pass all the negative messages what gayathri and aarthi has got from the public for their atrocious behaviour towards juliana and tell those two ladies that one day they should come out and face the world with this same face and should get shamed of themselves by seeing all the trolls and memes created for them. Its my humble and pleasing request, please pass all this negatives reviews to those two ladies. they wanted to know how public is reacting for their idiotic behaviour. And ask Gayathri to stop using vulgar words towards anyone in the Program.

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[Jul 05, 2017] STAR Vijay / Vijay TV customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Updated by Mejantha, Jul 21, 2017
In today's promo all contestants are standing against oviya, and they are saying that they want to eliminate oviya because she is triggering ladies especially namitha and gayathri. And by their behavior and harsh words oviya was crying in bedroom. Because of juliana's yesterday's nonsense trap game, oviya was affected in this way. If oviya goes out of the show, then its waste to watch Big boss anymore. Because she was the only true person in that house. Oviya dint commit any mistake.
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This is in regards with the episodes of bigboss

I would like to record this message if you respect the commentsand feedback

I would like to remind everyone participating in the all are ordinary people not superhumans...ganja karuppu said on 6th july episode that artists should be what about non artists or commom people dont we deserve people act for are not doing any big thing for society so please stop your acting...everybody have their reason for winning that money...can gayathri or harthi say am here for fun and not money...eventhough they have money and family legacy they have come here for money..politics is to serve people not to behave as a rowdy and do whatever you think to do...behave with social responsibility

Will people respect you after such rude one should judge others and talk behind others..but this is what these guys are doing...if its a scripted show please do show some moral values can also remain neutral and try to help others...even if julie is doing fake behaviour or other stuff she is try to tell her explain her...stop harrassing others

Try to set an example or atleast behave as a normal human being...are we common people fools to spend time and watch you guys fight and your coniving behaviour..please do stop abusive language.vechu seiyannum avala...pure rowdisim
So gayathri u think you can be a leader...u dont have patience...u are one sided...i[censored] cant just common people get harrased between cine people...
Julie she had some social responsibility and did something dor jallikattu...what did u guys do

Kamal sir please encourage this show...i was shocked that you host this stupidity..i like you as a humanbeing...please sir dont do this show

Vijay tv please dont do stupid things for something so people can relate with tampered with singing show...the award show was pathetic...stopped watching few of your shows...i[censored] wish or you want to stop people watching your shows continue with these stuff...please dont make me to stop watching your tv
Bigg Boss program is mentally abusive to contestant Bahrani n Julie. I wonder if anyone in the team dare to Bully Gayatri, Ganesh or Sathy d way they bully Julie/Bahrani. I find Namitha rude at times but nobody dare to attack her cz she will kick their butt in return. Harathi is another hippocrit n Karuppu/ Vayapuri is fake. Gayatri is vry rude n use abusive words on others but nobody dare 2 attack her... why??? Is it bcoz she comes from prominent background?????
kamal sir, plz take action on gayathri n arthi, there are over, i hate both of them, fake gayathri n arthi...
Bigg boss pls warn harthi and gayathri in d week end review. Harthi s worsely harassing julliana. Gayathri is ir respectively supporting her and hurting julliana. Gayathri asked julliana abt building college for nursing. Julliana answered im nt tat much worthy. Gayathri replied tat you ppl won't do anything then why we have to do public. Gayathri what you have done to public? Gayathri is an irresponsible person. Harthi is a sadist. I thought she is a humorous and soft person. Julliana is a small soft and innocent girl . she's trying a lot to adapt wit those ppl. Her cry is nt fake. Her character is tat. Harthi gayathri karuppu vaiyapuri namitha mind your language and tongue.
Please please please kamal sir...take an action...what those three peoples(gayathri, ganja karupp and aarthi)think of themselves...they are creating problems from nothing.they dont know basic manas for how to be in a family.y r they behaving like serial villians..really shame of them .they r spoiling the show.namitha's real colour has came out.hats of to juliana...she s really brave...and so innocent
Kamal to warn Aarthi and gayathri not make such comments about others and please note that those two ladiest are irritating us to watch this program . Let them know that they are not from sky . actors and actress na komba . Naanga ilanna ivanga illa. Don t think that they are superior than public . hope kamal will give a voice on behalf o[censored]s. Dont run the show for TRP only you should have some social responsibility. This show must teach the society to live without any ego among persons as a family/society . Otrumaiyai vaazhvadhaale Vundu Nanmaiye.
please stop this stupid, foolish and idiotic show and launch some new serial that would teach good values to all ages.
Completely scripted and make the entire audience fools.
Please stop watching this show.
Every one has secrets in their life
Aarthi is showing more interest on knowing the other contestants secrets on starting
She tried to know the boyfriends of Oviya, raiza, Julie, she mostly know other life story because they are celebrates

But Julie is normal person whohave normal dream to win
But Aarthi is forcing to know her secret so she ragging her
Please stop her activity
And made her to ask sorry to Julie in polite mannar
Hi Kamal sir,

I m very big fan of you. please tell to arthi, gayathri and kanja karuppu not to behave like animals..tell them to behave like human being. what they are thinking about common people. even they are not successful celebrities they are showing their attitude this much.
I personally feel that Julie is faking and she had been lying, backstabbing and two faced among the rest of the crew. She feels like creating sympathy would make her win the title but please don't let that happen. At the sametime it is inhumane to keep on taunting her all the time and referring to her as fake. Harathi is really humiliating julie and that's not acceptable at all. She didn't let julie talk instead she kept on raising her voice against and never let her say a word. We as audience can see that julie is faking things so I don't think the inmates to keep referring to her as fake. It is visible to all o[censored]s.
Ganja karuppu is making things worse. He is exaggerating things and making everything a issue. Ppl don't seem to understand. He can't simply comment like oviya is not cultured. She is an independent woman who have the right to say what she feels. He talks to ppl infront of them in a diff way and abuse them at their back.
Snehan, not sure why he would give hardly working award to oviya when raiza was never seen working. Oviya did fight but not for herself but for raiza and others but she was cornered. And wantedly the award was given to her. Raiza never seem to work or talk in tamil. Oviya does the given work and she is being true hearted without judging anybody and she is helping everyone in the house.
Vaiyapuri on the other hand thinks too much about himself and keep on commenting about namitha for asking them to be hygienic. She don't have to clean the toilets but she does and make ppl understand the need to do so. Gayathri was also been teasing and taunting julie but i feel it was cow of harathi she was doing so and now she has changed and I hope she will do good from now. If not, kindly eliminate her as well.

It would be great if you eliminate Juliana, Ganja Karuppu, Harathi and Vaiyapuri.
Hi, Kamal Sir, i am from malaysia, sir plz take action on gayathri and arthi, because both of them blame julie,
and humble request don't eliminated oviya, because she is such a good hearth, always support julie claim down, kanja karuppu also same play double game.i looking forward sir you will take action regarding matter...i wanna ask you bigg boss, why as actor or actress can't mingle with normal people...????????
Good evening Kamal sir,
Ragging is completely banned in almost all colleges but in this show Julie is completely abused verbally and via activities of the senior celebrities who actually shud have been a role model... To say frankly I decided not to watch this show anymore but on the other hand this show is depicting the Do's and don't s of a normal human in his/her day to day activities and tats y m here watching it inspite of so many obstruction from my frnd's circle to not to watch this program... By watching Ms. Aarti, Ms. GAYATHRI and Mr. Ganja's inhumane talks and actions I had corrected my earlier mistakes and I have decided not to be like them even in my near future.. .. . One must remember this famous quote "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages". Nobody is perfect.. .. To err is human... Quoting William Shakespeare's line I request Ms. Arti to stop calling others as fake/poli etc etc...

Please sir one last request kindly leave the eviction choice to the audience... Don't give these choices to the inmates...

With Respect... .
Please do some thing to stop the atrocities of gayathi & aarthi. Gayathri & aarthi think that they are very great. They are really empty vessels. So making much noise. How can they ill-treat so badly juliana. They are ill treating her just because of jealousy. No doubt jealously. But big boss should interfere this and not wait till week ends .

Julie- salute to you for facing all this problems. No pain...No gain... So please tolerate... Public is there to support you. Be brave, strong and matured.
Convey this to the housemates - big boss
Captenship is very important to solve the problems of other contestants
I think Gayathri is not perfect why they choose her I did not understand
Snehan more better then Gayathri
For this week captain should select by audience not by contestants
This will make show in different ways
Gayatri n Harthi deserve a tight slap n Karuppu deserve a kick in d butt. Check out how big fat Harathi triggered Julie by insulting her dat she left her nursing job. Its non of her #### businees. Didnt Harathi join this show for $$$... OR is it 2 kiss Gayatri's ###? Harathi left husband n farther for money but its very wrong for Julie to leave nursing to join the show? Julie said she wl go back to nursing after the show and Harathi said Julie sud not go back to nusing coz she left her job for money... Looks like Harathi is not goin back to her husband after the she make money in this show...
Harathi condemned when Julie said she miss her nursing. Is it ok when Harathi said she miss her husband when she willing to leave him for 100 days for money.???? Why sit face Gayatri dare not condemn Harathi but can quickly attack Julie?

Junggle Hero Karuppu joined the band later n warned Julie to respect Harathi bcoz she is celebraty... wat a big deal... Whole world had to bow down to CELEBERATIES n #### attitudes bcz they are so great? Others dnt deserve any respect????
Namitha quit a day off by sleeping whole day n not taking part in any activities or chores. Entire team including #### face Gayatri n pig Harathi kept quiet...why didnt thy accuse her dat Namitha is faking??? May b worried Namitha will smash their faces.

Thy tried the same tactic with Oviya at the beginning but they failed ...immediately they picked up another victim. At least Oviya has a heart n realised Julie/ Bahrani being cornered.

The most FAKE CONTESTANT is GAYATRI...HARATHI...KARUPPU... Please gt them out quickly for the peace of others!!!
In Bigg Boss TAMIL THAI VAALTHU is written by Manonmaniam Sundaram Pillai and not by Thayumanavar as said by the contestant Juliana. But the main shock is Mr. KamalaHassan also said on the Saturday show on 08.07.2017, that he came to know only after Julie disclosed the writer as Thayumanavar. It is pitty that Kamal's tamil proficiency is poor. More over, the makers also didn't notice it, and are telecasting the show with such big mistakes.
Big boss please eliminate gayathri and Aarthi . People do not tolerate their abusive words and arrogant attitude. They haven't jumped directly from the sky.Moreover they are not celebrities. How dare they corner poor beings like Barani and Julie. They (Gayathri and Aarthi) are coming out of their true colors but acting as a good human being.
please take gayatri raguram and aarthi fake outside of the show. their fools. their leader is namitha. pls send them out immediately. WHY KAMAL SIR HAS NOT SPOKE ABOUT THE LIAR GAYATHRI ABOUT HER CALCIUM. SHE IS FIT ENOUGH BUT TOLD LIES TO THEIR TEAM MATES.
Gayathri, Aarthi, Namitha & Ganja Karuppu must have been originated from Kuppam. Celebrities? My foot.

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