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 anappally on Oct 4, 2012
They are service provider of equity, etc in the share market.
After free trial i have paid the payment for 40 days service wherein i got only 5 days service. After many calls and reminder emails, there is no response. This is a big fraud company. Dont fall their net. Beware about this company.
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Apart from EPIC there also Indore based companies, jointly running the scam, Apply your common sense. They are group of some traders wanting to shape stock in their way, and by running such "tips company" They can easily generate volumes, hence, ultimate profit goes to their pocket.
Dear All,

Please don’t believe in any tips provider at any cost. I have taken intraday tips paying lots of money from different tips providers but finally I got fake tips, most of them hitting stop losses and in turn losing more money. I have loosen 18lac in market. At the end I got a person who told me about market and fake tips providers which is exactly matching with my past experience. This person is providing best calls. I have been trading on his calls since last two and half month, he is awesome. I had never seen calls/tips like this. He is taking profit of one lot but its worth. I have recovered 10lac. I will surely update after recovering all my losses. I just want to inform my friends/new traders/who are losing money in market, the entire market (share/commodity) is a trap, be cautious but never lose hope. If you need any help/information with regards to market you can email me on following email-id.

Epic Research is totally fake. Inexperienced guys sitting there. Even dont know the exact price of share at a aprticular time . and says share price is not showing same in their system . Please never go for epic research. research.

Vinay Garg
guys dont believe this comment.i am a customer of epic research for last 3 months.this complain is

baseless.i"m not an company employee just a customer who is trying to guide people through this fake

complains.it is the most authentic company i"ve ever seen.and for your kind information there is no

such 40 days service.it"s either 30 days or 90 days or 180 days and so on.if really want to tradego with

this company.whetherit is fake or not i tell u.cont me [protected] any time.
It is the most important message to all the investors doing trading in shares & commodities (NCDEX/MCX) that beaware of the company based in INDORE MP namely as M/s EPIC RESEARCH LTD, they people just giving false and baseless advisory calls to innocent investors.

I subscribed this company's services just 45 days ago (with daily 5000/-) on the day 1 they gave me a call for buy GOLD with strict SL & TGT, and message i got in this format "(DONT MISS) BUY BUY BUY EDUCOM BELOW 31850 TGT 32300 & 32500" at that time price was 30800 (the day open were 30800, ) so i placed order fr 1 lot in MIS for above said price, suddenly market cracked and stock went down to low, so my order was executed at price... the time as about 12:30 noon, after execution of my order i went out for some bank work and at around 2 O'clock i received a messgae from tham that target 4295 acheived book profit. immediately i called to my broker and enquire the current price, he said CMP is so i shocked how can they tell me target has acheived, so i called to them about this issue. 1 lady NIMISHA attended my call and kept me hold for over 3 mins, ad said our sir says TGT has acheived u can see today's high is .

I was shocked to hear this answer from that lady, since that higher price was made in morning session so how can they tell me that TGT has acheived, so tried to get connect with them several tmes on that day, but they sais we have several clients to attend, please dont disturb us - cALL HAS CLOSED

The similar incedent had next day when i bought 2 lots of Copper on tips given by M/s Shyam Advisory @ 308:25 TGT 310:40 and NO SL given (thay said NO need to stop loss) finally in the night @ 10 PM my broker called me up that CMP of copper is 303.00, would u still like to keep it or wanna book loss, i called to SHYAM ADVISORY, they said call given by them has already closed after 2 hrs. - but the question is that if i am a paid member how can thay close any call without giving any information to me.

With these 2 deals i have book loss of 19000/- with EPIC RESEARCH company + membership fee Rs. 8000/- also get waisted...

Also caautious about the PAST PERFORMANCE results published by them, that is not true... they just ****yse the market & simply publish on their website...

Thay acclaim that they can convert 100000/- into 200000/- in just 30 days trading, , is also a false commitement.

Rest you people are enough smart !!!
From EPIC RESEARCH LTD . mis NIMISHA give me a call of SBI CALL option buy HEAVY LOSS And MORE or LOSS So pls dont go this company .
I am fully agree with the complaints above. I am also cheated by this Indore based Cheater company. I was told pay 5000 for Equity cash Tips and you will get 45 days of service. I was told you will get full advice from our experts. Even these thieves asked me to book loss in my current holdings and just trade on their tips and get proffit but due to EPIC i suffered a loss of 50 thousands in 2 weeks in 2 lacs investment. All calls given by them are baseless, No technical and fundamental research . They are just fooling around people. The guys names Anugya, Tabrez, Shahid, Nitin all behave childish when i complaint them about my loss. Even when i asked current price of some share their experts were telling diffrent price at their systm. Now u can get an idea what research they misght be doing sitting in their home. Its totally fraud company . EPIC research is nothing but a trap, please never ever get into their words.

I have faces hell lot of issues with their srvice and they didnt even give full s4ervice for 45 days. Thank God they stopped their service othrwise i would have lost more in market on their tips. Its my mistake also that i trusted EPIC. Its bull company.
Hey friends dont believe this comment epic Research is good Stock trading tips Provider Company. I am satisfy with the services of company if you want confirm there accuracy level, register for 2 days free trail. I make good profit after I subscribe Epic Research Pre Market Stock Tips Services, thanks to Epic Research...
I subscribed for Commodity Tips and Forex Tips and on the very first day got this fantastic call of bullion segment. Really, your Commodity Tips and Forex Tips rocks!! Clients of Epic Research rule the stock market.
dear all,
this to inform that i was a subscriber of this company for 1 month.first month their service made me loss almost 35, 000 in option segment.totaly inexperience people sitting there.i dont know who the f*** their research team.these people totally lack of knowledge and without experience.for this they first made u trap in their 3000 scheme payment.then the rest.most of the calls executed and not giving targets and if u call for help at the end of the day they simply replied please exit cause aj market bullish hai or is mein moment nahin hai and finally kal se thik se kam hoga.30% calls made to stop loss.they made me a call to hold for 4 days in which i almost loss 19, 000.believe it or not.i want to suggest everyone to please dont subscribe to their services of any indore based companiesif u are simply want to waste u hard earned money.three o my friends also subscribe their agri pack, metal pack along with me.they booked loss almost 2 lakh at end of 15 days off their service.if really want to make money please make u'r own analysis otherwise dont trade . i dont know who the people are making money out of their services.rest u people are smart enough to understand.
Guys, I too a victim of this fraud company. Please DO NOT get yourself trapped by their special ladies marketing calls (Anupriya, Preeti, Neha, Madhuri etc), they are just like pros and do anything to trap you at EPIC...

Please spread this message to all your friends and in your respective work places using interal blogs etc to stay AWAY from this company.
I did shared the blog with all details about this fraud company with my nearly 14000 people in Bombay & Bangalore.

They just dont come online also once they are done with you. I'm chasing Ms. Neha for my errored transaction from past 8 months and she is always busy on other call and never calls back. Now my lawyer is suggesting to register a case against these fraud people under 420 act.
I will keep you guys posted on this with my progress...

yes this is a very fraud company what Mr sjesteen explained is 100% true and it happened me too.they are not capable of giving calls they have low grade team . do not get cheated
Yes this is a fraud company. They are inexperienced and helpless as they themselves dont know what to do with the market.

Please do not subscribe to their services. The past performance they upload in the webiste is incorrect. Please do not get fooled by their excel sheets.

Stay out of them.
i GIVE Rs5000/-for assured Rs.10/-in lead future.But they give us four tips and all get SL.i asked for this complain They did not give any reply till now.Manoj Gupta
It is group of peoples who want generate volumes and want to gain by influencing price of a stock, just like business channels gives tips to turn price of the stock in their favor, Broker's or DP tips are more better, but sometimes not reliable.

Once you register of One company trail, several more contact you to give a free trail, hence they also share user data.
i am paid subscriber of your services in f&o segment! and i am really satisfied and happy about your calls and follow ups and success ratio! keep it up!

Anand Raj
Dear friends please do not believe in all these rumours.i have tried two days free trial and get perfect calls and very satisfy with their services and even i am going to subscribe stock and cash package.

very thankful to epicresearch and their employes.
Dear friend i am not agree with your complaint, because i am also talk with EPIC RESEARCH employee all have very good behave all are give me properly response every time LIKE RAVI, NEHA, SURBHI, AMIT, VIDHI, TABREZ, SHAHID, NIMISHA and i got very big profit with help of EPIC RESEARCH PVT, LTD .and i have long term relationship with these employee.
yes it is correct, same case for me and many others i feel.
all those who really comment in favor must be the employees of this fraud company. I am a sufferer, with the depth of pain, I blame others, including myself, to be so innocent, to fall in the trap of this fraud company. please do not believe them who support it, they are the employees and employers of the fraud company.

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    Epic Research - Cheater - not providing service after payment