[Resolved] Tata Motors — nexon diesel engine jerks and sudden pause in acceleration

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Mulashi, Maharashtra, India
Hi i am harshad mahajan, bought tata nexon xz+ on 18.03.18
While driving, car doesnt drive seamlessly and there is a huge noticeable pause while accelerating the car. It happens so many time while driving and that is life threatening as while overtaking the car suddenly stops the acceleration and there is a pause in speed (During acceleration car jerks and feels like fuel supply is suddenly cut off). This is horrible and veey risky. Today i was overtaking at a speed of 60 and i was in a need to more speed to complete that overtake but suddenly the power supply to engine stopped for a second and i somehow managed to avoid feon collision as the overtake couldnt get completed.
I need immediate resolution on this and my demand on this is replacement of the car as its a brand new car and i dont want my car to be repaired in a week. I dont want to use repaired new vehicle and i cant risk my life with this car and this problem. This issue i am facing since my first day and not its enough. I need the replacememt at any cost.
Second problem with the car : steering noise and very bad steering shocks. On slightly patchy roads and bumps the bump shock comes to the steering and there is thid noise coming from the top of the steering. I am really disappointed with the car.
Third issue: a piller plastic is loose and vobrating like a vibrator while driving. Andnoise is a headache. What the hell is going on?
Fourth isse: all the inside lights at night are gettin switched off automatically and then turns on in 2 seconds. Amazing engimnering of the car. Shame on you tata motors. I trusted tata motors again and i again got so much of pain using this car.
I want car replacement at any cost. I will surely raise this issue to social media in all ways of i wont get any resolution immediately. I am serioualy fed up. Its not even a week i bought the brand new car.
Request you to please think about our hard earned money. Will be spending so much on the car and its emi and if wont get good car and satisfaction then whats the use? I trusted tata motors so i hope you will listen to my problem and frustration and give me a expected solution. I really streached myself to by this car but i am totally not satisfied and heart borken.
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[Mar 29, 2018] Tata Motors customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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Tata Motors Customer Care's response Apr 01, 2018
Dear Harshad

We understand how inconvenient this can be. Kindly share with us your contact and car chassis numbers along with the dealer's details so that your concern can be highlighted to the relevant team.

Tata Motors Team
Updated by Harshadm Apr 01, 2018
Chassis no . MAT627162JLB10423
Engine no. 1.5CRAIL01BRYW08977
Tata dealer : Concorde Motors Baner Pune
Updated by Harshadm Apr 01, 2018
Chassis no . MAT627162JLB10423
Engine no. 1.5CRAIL01BRYW08977
Tata dealer : Concorde Motors Baner Pune
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Tata Motors Customer Care's response Apr 05, 2018
Dear Harshad,

We’ve received an update from our team that they’ve gotten in touch with you and assured the best possible resolution on your concern. Do get in touch with us in case you require any other assistance and we'll be glad to help you.

The Tata Motors Team
Updated by Harshadm Jul 06, 2018
No. I didn't get any resolution on this. I need the resolution.
Updated by Harshadm Jul 06, 2018
My car jerks a lot whili driving. It's very risky and dangerous when overtaking. I can cause accident as well
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I am exactly facing same issue and visited more than 20 times to service center and still no resolution.
Infact they are saying just proove issue.
COmplaint is with Panchjanya Residency, Mohan Nagar, Chinchwad, Pune.

Below is mail communication with them.

Amol Aher
AttachmentsJul 10
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I am raising complaints again and again for the same issue and now I am not going to write same thing.

Cannot drive vehicle any more in this risky condition.

No one is concerned and hence I am coming tomorrow 11 July 18 to submit my vehicle to Panchjanya Dealership, Bhosari, so please refund my entire amount or give me replacement of my vehicle.

My vehicle is only two months old and complaining about Hard stearing and jerk in power / pickup, but service center is asking me to show in front o[censored]s.

I have shown issue and also mentioned that issue is not continuous and it is intermittent and also shared videos of my issue.

I have told multiple time to take help of TATA motors for the same, but no use.

Now I am seeking legal advice on this.

Please Note : Was not interested to buy TATA vehicle due to this, but during purchase they assure me for better service and hence purchesd vehicle.

Amol M. Aher.
amit bangalore's reply, Oct 2, 2018
Dear Amol
Could you please share your contact number so that I can discuss my nexon issue with you.my Number 9686231515
Ok the sudden loss in acceleration or for that matter sudden surge in acceleration is due to the engine turbo kicking in at 2000 rpm. So the moment the needle crosses 2000 rpm there is a sudden surge in acceleration. Now if you are driving where your rpm is say between @ 1900 to 2100 rpm you might face this issue. Again I am not an expert on this but I figured out the reason for sudden surge or sudden drop in acceleration . So if the service center asks you to show it to him drive your vehicle close to[protected] rpm and you will definitely have a jerky ride. As in my case my troubles we're only initial I have driven 1500 km in two months and it has been smooth
I am also facing same jerking issue in one day old nexon. Jerks are just not acceptable. Just try release and then press accelerator. You will get jerks twice. Yet to show tata. But as on today already disapponted.
Secondly I have raised complaint with TATA motors about unethical practice experienced from Panchjanya Residency, Mohan Nagar, Chinchwad, Pune.
Despite my repeated warning that I am NOT going to accept display vehicle, I have strong suspicion that they have given me display vehicle that was lying around for a month with them. Now when I am trying to seek more evidence about that display vehicle, they are ducking the questions and not responding me back. although I am repeatedly following up with them.
I did provide them few observations to claim that it's a display vehicle, but their whole attempt seems to hide details

I did raise this issue with TATA sales team, but again there's no response or action.

Looking at another complaint for the same dealer, I am now seriously thinking of going to Consumer court against Panchjanya.
I bought Diesel AMT model and it has been 3 months now. Even I do experience jerks typically when you are pressing accelerator while rpm is around 2000 rpm. My car literally dances back and forth without moving further. This frustrates you in traffic when you want a better control on car. The worst is vehicles from behind honk at their worst and sneer at you. It may lead to collision any time if vehicle coming from the rear doesn't apply sudden brake. This apart, it brings lo of disrepute to TATA, when people watch this in awe.

Second problem is their AMT gear box is designed in a way that below 2000 rpm, you will get required accelerator only at particular pressure/throttle. This is utterly ridiculous, given the intense traffic and variable speed you need to be nimble.
The worst part is TATA's technical support folks always live in denial mode, rather than acknowledging the problem and passing feedback to TATA to refine further.
Service is still pathetic and I see hardly anybody listens to us.

Personally, I won't recommend Nexon to anybody, unless I see these issues fixed in due time.
I bought my nexon diesel amt xza+ in june. I also have the issue of jerks all the time. Another major major issue with it is it's AC. The AC duct which is at your feet throws very hot air. Also right side vent of the middle two vents throws a lot of hot burning air in my car. Also I travel to Mumbai often and in places like lonavala or where there is a steep uphill and you are slowly moving forward, the car just crawls back. My car has been hit twice from back coz on slopes it just doesn't stay. I have to pull and leave the handbrake slowly to move forward. And it's so strange sometimes I put it in A or R mode and it just doesn't move forward or backward slowly on it's own while other times it takes a start which it is suppose to. I bought in from CONCORDE Wakdewadi. I have taken it to service centre 5 times but no resolution. I have left it there for days. They say issue is resolved while giving it back but it's all just recurring. I am just sick of it's issues on a daily basis. I don't know what to do.
Same problem i found in my tata nexon from feb 2018 but still not getting resolved
MY 2 MONTHS OLD NEXON XZ+ JERKS. While driving, car doesnt drive seamlessly and there is a huge noticeable pause while accelerating the car. It happens so many time while driving and that is life threatening as while overtaking the car suddenly stops the acceleration and there is a pause in speed (During acceleration car jerks and feels like fuel supply is suddenly cut off). Please resolve ASAP.
Location : URS kar, Mysore, Karnataka.
Tata Motors Customer Care's response, Sep 29, 2018
Verified Support

Dear Ajay,

We're disappointed to hear this. Please share your contact details, car chassis number and the dealer details via a private message, so that we can expedite your concern with the relevant team.

The Tata Motors Team
My Nexon is also giving me Jerk / knocking issue, I raised this problem in First, second as well as third servicing, still the problem persist.
Also raised complain, emailed them. Looks like this is an inherent problem with the engine.
Tata Motors Customer Care's response, Oct 3, 2018
Verified Support

Hi Amit,

We are concerned to hear this. We request you to share your contact details, car chassis number and the dealer details via a private message, so that our team can soon connect with you to assist further.

The Tata Motors Team
mobile number - [protected]
chasis number - MAT627161HLJ06710
Tata Motors Customer Care's response, Oct 9, 2018
Verified Support

Hi Amit,

Thank you for sharing the requisite details. We've shared them with the relevant team and they'll soon contact you for further assistance.

The Tata Motors Team
Tata Motors Customer Care's response, Oct 9, 2018
Verified Support

Dear Amit,

We believe that our team has connected with you through a call and has taken your concern forward. Rest assured that it will be resolved soon. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

The Tata Motors Team
Tata Motors Customer Care's response, Oct 11, 2018
Verified Support

Dear Amit,

As per the update received from our team, we understand that you will be visiting the workshop as per your convenience. If you require any further assistance, feel free to connect with the on-ground team and they will surely help you with it.

The Tata Motors Team
I had the same issue. Whoever has the jerking issue get your car’s ECM software upgraded from the service centre and the issue will be fixed and also you’ll fall in love with your car all over again.
Thanks Team Tata motors for fixing my issue asap.
Tata Motors Customer Care's response, Oct 11, 2018
Verified Support

Dear Amit,

We're glad to know that your concern has been resolved. Do let us know if there is anything else with which you need our assistance, and we'd be happy to help you.

The Tata Motors Team
Anuj1133's reply, Oct 20, 2018
Hi Amit,
I have same issue. You issue has been resolved? could you please share your contact number?
Hi Tata Motors Team,
I have facing same issue in my Tata Nexon XT diesel. It is only 2 months old.
I lives in noida,
Today, I have visited service centre, they told me show me the issue. This issue is intermittent. Please fix this issue.
Anuj : [protected]
I have updated ECU SOFTWARE twice but issue still there. Jerking is not 100℅ rectified. Very irritating to drive. My 8 year old ritz diesel with 1.15lakh kms feel much better.
I really dont know how tata is tuning cars and how they do quality control. Even after one years launch they are not able to fix this problem.
Also there is steering jerking problems.
Similar issue with my Nexon - MP 04 CU 8773. Place - Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)
My unresolved complaint could be found here - https://www.consumercomplaints.in/tata-motors-nexon-sometimes-gives-jerks-and-do....
I purchased my first car in the month of may 2018. Tata Nexon xm model. The first experience of the drive was seemingly smooth and comfortable. After a period of 2 weeks, the car started giving jerks in middle of driving. First I thought this to be some sort of technical glitch, but then it happened occasionally. On a later juncture, I went to Jabalpur. The jerks were continues and after 200 KMS the vehicle was on the verge of shutting down. A yellow meter indicating repairs blinked on the meter and the options of economy, sport and city were automatically shut down. I called down the tata support at Bhopal and they stated that if possible, get the vehicle checked at jabalpur itself. I reached Jabalpur somehow and sent the vehicle for inspection. The people their stated that there is some issue with the fuel injector system and it will take around 6 days to get a replacement. I couldn't wait for so long so they instructed me that they can make some temporary arrangements with the engine by rebooting the whole system. So I waited for a day and they did the same as they told me. I reached Bhopal a day after and send the vehicle to the workshop. They cross checked the vehicle and told me that there was nothing wrong. When I got the vehicle back, after a day or two, the jerks again started happening. I complained the same to the support at the same time. Again the vehicle was sent to the workshop and again they stated that the vehicle was fine. I got the vehicle back and still felt the jerks and zero acceleration. Later I send the vehicle for 2nd free service. By that time the vehicle was showing no reasons of jerks. But when I received the vehicle back, I felt the jerks again. I made complaints yet, couldn't understand that why there are jerks in the vehicle again and again. The vehicle still gives me jerks today and I believe that if nothing is done on a serious part, then their might be consequences.
I haven't received a single response till date. At the latest juncture the vehicle was off you Nagpur. While coming back, the same issue happened again and now this is a serious issue. I want complete replacement of my vehicle at any cost from tata's end. And if nothing comes up, I am filing a consumer case against the tata motors. Currently the vehicle is at the workshop and I have even talked to the manager. I have very specifically asked him to replace the vehicle since it is completely defected.
Yes, the same flavor of issue persists in my vehicle also. My Nexon XMA is just 1 week old and Steering gets hard while driving at 30 KMPH and the vehicle come to a stand still for a minute when I try to accelerate & its really risky when you drive in Chennai City roads with MTC buses pulling out of bus-stop and on the other side you are hugged by Sewage / water lorry and two Wheeler's behind are waiting to cuddle my new car. The crazy thing is your steering becomes a momentary villain and will demand you to do your morning push up to turn in some direction at this climax moment. Feel's like the recent 3D Ranjini 2.0 Movie. The two wheeler guys behind scolded two generations of me for driving like this on the road thinking I did a sudden break instead of accelerating /moving forward and god's swear this is no fault of mine. I think something has to be done by Tata Motors to address this issue ASAP.

All I hear from Tata Motor service department is the vehicle after it crosses 5 K the steering will be the hero and move freely. I am not sure whether this kind of explanation can be given to our co-drivers who share the road with us and definitely not in Chennai. This issue requires research in the R&D department of Tata motors and RTO's jointly investigate this quickly. We need to install a telematic device in the car and collect the data to send it to Tata Motors. I am willing to demo this to anyone who wants to try this in Chennai. This is not a joke !
I am already vexed by the explanations given by the Service teams. I have posted my detailed list of problems in Consumer complaints. Help and listen please !

Ramanthan Natarajan
yes I have recently purchased a tata nexon XZA+, and have been facing a similar problems of jerking while up shifting and it is very unnerving once you want to drive on city roads . Sometimes sudden acceleration or sometime lack of power. .
There is another issue, so if you reverse the car and turn your steering to complete left or right it becomes really hard to pull it back to its normal position as if it is a manual steering.
i have driven it very few. but there are these problems that i didn't likes this car.
and considering it not to recommend it to anybody.

Surbhit malu
I purchased Tata Nexon XZ+ Diesel from Malik Cars, Hyderabad - everyone asked me not to by ANY Tata car but you know the Indian inside you asks you to do things, given this was the first car Tata manufactured engine by itself - I thought to my self, lets buy Indian and of a company like Tata (of whom I am a fan of). Note that everyone said NO to Tata but I said my money, my decision so back off!

I am beginning to wonder I was stupid. I have the steering problem Surbhit Malu (above) just mentioned - I told the technician at the service station, he stated its a safety feature wherein if all the four wheels of your vehicle is not aligned it's a way to tell you drive safely, how the hell BMW or Audi hasn't figured this out yet.. I know he's just making up stuff but I said "Ok" because I have a bigger problem - Jerks! I had the same service center guy test drive with me in his car, I asked him and clarified that I am not complaining about the "lag", the problem is "jerks" - thank god he felt those jerks too and accepted that there is a problem. I do read one of the gentlemen in above comments saying his problem was fixed and you'll start to love your car - I am desperate for that day buddy.

I get the delivery of my vehicle tomorrow and fingers crossed the problem will be resolved. Will keep you all posted.
Nitant Arora's reply, Feb 8, 2019
Hi Dipesh,
I am also facing same "Jerk" issue in my 3 weeks old nexon. Was your issue resolved?
I am also facing same issue with my 4 month old Nexon XZA+ diesel. I had a bad experience with Tata motors when they removed some important features from the top model without informing customers. I realized this only after the vehicle was delivered to me. Based of the experience I had with Tata motors customer support team, I have already left hopes the jerk issue will be resolved.

I guess we are all just stupid patriotic indians who have shot themselves by buying a Tata car, which is claimed to be a game/segment changer by them!

Vishal Thakkar
Hi, I have purchased Nexon XZ+ in the month of January 2019 fro Rathod Motors Vapi, hardly crossed 1000 kms and started having the jerks problem. once the jerks problem was resolved my vehicle has started showing ENGINE CHECK sign on the dasboard . Have approached the dealer five times with the same problem, but still its not resolved, There is a sudden drop in the acceleration while driving and can feel no pick up/power in the lower gears. I would not recommend any one to buy Tata NEXON as it has been a complete failure.
Please do not get fooled by the videos or reviews uploaded on the you tube as they are paid ones .

Salim Dinganker.
I had a same Issue in Tigor XZ+. I really feel lots Jerks while driving.

What is the solution let me know as well. But the issue is service center doesn't feel any time so every time they say there is no issue in car.

If anyone get the solution let me know please.

Thanks for your help.

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