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Dena Bank

Para Bazar, Rajkot City, Rajkot
India - 360001
Customer Care
Phone:(0281) 2220887

Dena Bank Complaints & Reviews

Dena Bank - atm transaction

 shatanshu jaiswal
Dear sir,

My name is shatanshu jaiswal, I have saving bank account with ICICI bank, civillines, Allahabad. my a/c no. is 628201070698.

On 21st April 2009(time:13:03:47) i just did Balance Enquiry of my saving a/c from Dena Bank atm –terminal no.0630101, situated under Dena bank regional office
(28-A, pravin house, vidhan sabha marg, lucknow 226001), but showing cash withdrawal of Rs 3000, in my account statement.

Of which I complained to ICICI (complain no-SR103893498) on 21st april itself, but after one month complain they can’t...
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Dena Bank - tractor price of swaraj all models

 mahesh d. chavan
almost all the companies of tractor showing prices of their products.
minor variation in prices may be avoidable but, in case of tractors variation in original and marketing prices are much wide and may range between (15000-60000/- per tractor).
tractor companies not providing pricelist (mrp) on their sites, pumplets and to banks(where tie-ups made).
dealers providing price list formated on MS-excel which is un-authenticated.
it is complicated to bank finance and too farmers also.

so please provide the price list of swaraj, mahindra, escort tractors.....
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Dena Bank - complaint regarding lost scholarship cheque by bank amount .2500

 livearvind on Sep 16, 2012
I had a amount of 2500 scholarship cheque which was issued by Syndicate bank Mathura branch from KRTTC dated 23.05.12. I deposited the cheque (Cheque No.- 417714)at Dena Bank Nyay Nagar , Allahaba (U.P.)Branch. Inspite of depositing the check neither I have received money nor the amount was transferred to my account .Regarding this I complained several times at your Nyay nagar Branch how ever no action had been taken to sort out our problem.
Details of my account are as follows:

Account holder name-Arvind Srivastava
Dena Bank Account No-6005
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Dena Bank - Wrong deduction in my SB A/c.

 indianpriyank on May 30, 2012
Dear Sir,

With reference of above subject I have an account in Dena Bank at branch M. I. Road, Jaipur. My Account No. 014210004107 (SB A/C) in your Branch I have mention. Sir, I’m your loyal & faith customer of your organization from last 20 years. Sir, today I’m complaining to you that last time 26-12-2011 you have deduct a small amount Rs. 111/- from my S. B. Account without any kind of information . So now I’m putting an application for regarding for refunding my illegally deducted amount from my S. B. Account.

Sir, I have...
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Dena Bank - Saving A/c

 nbmehta on Nov 27, 2011
I have lodge a cheque on 28.10.11 in our combine A/c on behalf of my father who is one of account holder for Rs.50, which I have to deposit in another bank as it was issued to other bank.Clearing officer has not seen the cheque as I did , and send it to clearing house which was rejected by clearing bank HDFC with remark to present throughproper bank on 01.11.11 but bank has informed me on my Mobile on 25.11.11 and charged 110 for services for cheque of Rs.50, If I am punished for my mistke then why concern officer should not ? because she has not even check during presenting through their bank...
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Dena Bank - High interest rate on educational loan

 devsjha on Aug 27, 2011
Dear Sir,
It has been more than 3 months and i have been continuously trying to repay the educational loan taken by Dena Bank. The Bank has charged me high interest rate and forced me to put the collaterals as security deposit. I talked to Branch manager but initially he refused to help me in any way, instead he made situation worst by imposing fine on the amount. When I asked him about the fine he told me that its genuine. He never tried to listen me and his way of talking was also not good. He was least bothered about his duties as he was thinking that he is a Govt. employee. I approached...
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Dena Bank - Service

we have a saving & Current account in Dena bank service of staff is not good and satisfying to us
as per officer he said that shortage of staff
manner of staff is not good.

and after 2:00 PM Bank staff refuse to RTGS facility
however other branches doing RTGS in this timing
we have opened our accounts in Bank of India only reason is the bank do not giving proper service and response....
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Dena Bank - wrong debit through atm of BOB

 gopal bhatnagar
Dena Bank,

sub: request for wrong debited amount of Rs 4000 on dated 8th feb 2010 at 14:06 pm by atm machine of BANK OF BARODA maurya enclave delhi aganist saving a/c no: 013610005994.

To day at 14:06 pm at atn of bank of baroda maurya enclave delhi i put my atm card for Rs/ 4000 but atm decline to pay & amount was debitedagain i put my card for Rs/-4000 at this time amount was withdrawn now I request to pls to reverse debited entry of 14:06 pm which is wrong entry.

A/C NO:013610005994...
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Dena Bank - No withdrawal of cash from the Bank

 Rahul Himmat Chauhan
This is to lodge an official complaint against dena bank santacruz branch for not showing me the pay slip after so many request for the faulty transaction of Rs. 2000 in year 2004. The matter is that we have not withdrew any cash from Dena bank but the bank statement shows that we have withdrew Rs. 20000 in the year 2004. and they are not able to produce me any kind of evidence till now. also they are not replying to from long time. Please help and guide me in this regards. My account no. is 001610007280.

Thanking you,

Your faithfully,

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Dena Bank - against Mr Amit posted at Chhattarpur

 vidyarthi on Jul 28, 2014
I am a NRI and wanted to open my account in your Chhattarpur branch as I live there . But the day I visted i saw one person forcing bank staff to sign on some papers for sake of some unity and nobody was working. To my surprise somebody told me he is officers and has full support of higher ups and can do any mischief and harass any body and the people above would encourage him to do all this without any punishment. I was informed that he has been misbehaving like this with even very senior officials of branch. The scene was too rowdy and unacceptable for a disciplined person. It seems his intention...
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