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IFB Washing Machine - Service persons not attending

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My IFB washing machine is under AMC and I am in chennai.In spite of the repeated request to the help line no service persons are attending the machine,The manager at Chennai is not even attending the calls.I am not able to under stand the reasons for this casual attitude.No higher officials telephone numbers are available for the redresal.

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Its very strange to hear that the problem was not solved despite of the fact that lots of reminder were sent by the gentleman

Not attending and not caring for the customer - IFB

I registered a complaint for my IFB washing machine, on 1-05-2009. But to my surprise no one has attended to the complaint for a week. what is more frustrating is that the customer care is just giving the compliant number and not really arranging the repair. I have contacting the CHENNAI service center t(he phone number given by the cutomer care) either the phone number do not exists/not picked even after 15 times or switched off. Some how I contacted one Santoshbhai who promised to get my complaint attended in aday and the day is yet to come.My complaint no is 2984024. I have a one year contract with you Invoice no. 5407, Job no.24500 Dt 9.10.08. I think I made a mistake in continuing your contract. I will be forced to take drastic steps if this is your approach with the customers. It's 15 days passed yet yor person does not have the courtesy to enquire of the complaint on the contrary I got an SMS saying that my complaint has been attended without attending the work.
Hope you will take a serious view of this complaint and get my complaint attended at the earliest as I am put to lot of hardships due the machine not working. My self and my wife are both working members therefore it is very difficult to remain at hope daily waiting for your man.

3020053 complaint no - IFB WASHING MACHINE

sorry to say that complaint no 3020053 is still unattended as one of the service engineer visited and said that he need to change the chip and will come again within one or two days.
but nobody care to attend the problem...kindly let us know what to do request ifb to arrange for a substitute washing machine for us as we have to go to our offices on Monday.
hopefully you will revert on the same.
request you that whenever your engineer visits our place he should give a call at 9914802803.

Service person not attending - IFB - Washing Machine

I had put in a request for the repair of my washinng machine. service person came after one week. he came on 4th May'2009. Took 3500 to replace the power board and took money for the renewl of the contract. when he left and we tried using the machine, it stopped working again showing the same error. we called him again, no response., after repetatively calling them, someone came, he also did something and then said some part needs to be changed, i will come back. no one came after that. we have been following up like crazy but no response. the service centre from where the person is suppose to come is : Perfect Cool Services ; Gala No.9; Edward D'souza Compount, Kherani road, Sakinaka, Mumbai.
My IFB washing machine is under AMC and I am in Delhi .In spite of the repeated request to the help line no service persons are attending the machine, The manager at Chennai is not even attending the calls. I am not able to under stand the reasons for this casual attitude. No higher officials telephone numbers are available for the redressel. I have told them that both of us are working and my wife has to take leave every day in anticipation that the company engineer will visit today.

My ticket No is 3023415 which was locked on 13-5-09

will somebody respond pls!! - IFB WASHING MACHINE

My customer ID no is 1105471. I have been chasing your call senter and your service station people for more than 3 weeks now for fixing my washing machine. And i have not been getting response. Can somebody pls tell me what I am supposed to do . I can't with my washing machine not working for more than 3 weeks .Everybody in the system seems to be insensitive to consumer compalints . This better be my last effort or else I'll file a suit against ur company. Pls get my issue reaolved ASAP. u get my co-ordinated from the cusotmer ID no .

non availability of spare part - IFB WASHING MACHINE

the inner rim of the door of my IFB fully automatic machine was broken about three weeks ago.i requested to jallandhar service center to repair the same.however the service rep visited and got an old spare part to repair.since i was paying him the cost of new one, i told him to get the new its been about three weeks neither the new spare part has come, nor the sevice center people are confirming the availability of the spare part. Whenever i call them, there answer is that the spare part is about to come next day, I am FED UP with the service of IFB and promise not to buy their product anymore, neither i will recommend to anyone due to its very poor service and high cost of maintenance.
IFB Machine had a good Name.

Lot of problems come in the Machine after 2-3 years.This means Machine quality is not good.

AMC Charge is very high. Cost of Spares high.

After entering into AMC nobody visits. They visit only to get payment for Next AMC.

Perhaps, we need to try Whirlpool, etc., .


Washing Machine under warranty Repair Delayed by more than a month - IFB, Washing Machine - Executive Plus

We have logged a complaint (2873650) in customer care IFB for the service of washing machine drum not rotating and it was atteneded and left unresolved. They have closed that ticket without resolving. Every time we call the person, they doesnot attend the call or say that it will be done in two days. The Complaint was logged on 30-mar-2009.

After that i logged another complaint in IFB- Customer care mentioning the situation and the problem we are facing but no care was taken about that till now. The second complaint no: 3009206 which was logged on 9-May- 2009. We were fed up calling those persons and found out this would be the best way to correct our machine.

Please try to resolve this issue as soon as possible as we are both working and it is very difficult to find time for washing clothes.

Thanking you sir
I had made a complaint on 23-05-09, for installation of my new Washing Machine Senator Model, nobody is responding proper except making commitments only, customer care is not making any responsibility to clear the situation, when the complaint will be attended, they had given me contact no. of Mr K P Aggarwal, they had given me time for 2pm, but nobody has come even after contacting to the same person he made an excuse that the person to attend the complaint is not well and the complaint will be attended tomorrow even connecting to Mr Meyer Kashyap, he also started making fool to us, that i am sending the person within 15min, after making call to him for 2 or 3 times, no proper response were made, atlast he switched off the phone, I want immediately to attend the complaint and proper response.

Yudhvir Gupta
worst response from ifb my washing machine is rusted and ifb is just saying to send their persons immediately but they r jst saying that they r not doing anything
A IFB make washing machine named Senorita DX 5.5 kg was purchased by me from M/S Ashoka enrerprises Jwalapur, Haridwar(UA) vide Invoice No. 2079 dated 04.10.2008. After running successfully about three month, machine is not completing its washing cycle in spite of repeated complaints and their visit/repair by your Dehra Dun service center . Now, your service engineer is saying that your electrical line is not ok, while our electrical man /engineer is giving ok certificate.

Due to above problem my wife is washing the cloths by hand even after spending a big amount on purchase of your machine. My sister in law at gurgaon and my In laws at Bhopal are also using your machine since last four and three years respectively . Their machines are working well. On advice of them, we were purchased your machine but my experience is not good.

Please take up the matter with concern officials and solve my problem at the earliest.
My complaint no is 3052035, I have lodged my complaint on 21st May, I was said that the problem will be attended in 24 hours. Service came on 23rd May to see our machine. He told that, he will be coming on 25th to rectify our problem. Again, I lodged complaint on 27th and 28th to cutomer care they gave mobile numbers of the area manager both the time. First time when I called the number it was area Manager number in Hyderabad, Second time the mobile was not in use. I am really fed up with the service rendered by IFB.
We Kirpal Sagar Academy operating six machine and ended with an agreement at Ludhina. Nowadays they are not providing / attending complaint against our machine. You are requested kindly instruct the concerned dealer to attend the complained and set the machine in running condition. Matter urgent
I are also contacted your call center at Ludhiana. Response is very poor.

this IFB machine is totally kuda item please dont purchase this third class machine i m very much upset with this machine its not working properly since i purchased it my old semi automatic machine was much better then it.
my machine is under amc .i am facing problem in my machine from last six months.most of the time complaint is not attended or attended after considerable time that too after followup .service centre in gurgaon is being owned by mr kundu who never attends his cell.ifb is providing worst service .other companies like samsung, lg are really good producyvise as well as service vise.(i have samsung at my inlaws place)
I registered a complaint for my washing machine on 28 May 2009. My complaint number is 3079624. Despite my contacting the IFB office every day from that day no one has so far cared to visit me or attend to the complaint. The officials are good at offering apologies but that is all. The officals I contacted are S. Shri. Srinivas, Bari, Manual, Tausif, Basha, Shahid, Suresh Pujari, and Vidhesh. The officails are irresponsible and shame less. I repent having bought the machine now. No more IFB in my life!

Not rectified the fault for 3 months - IFB WASHING MACHINE

I have purchased a IFB Executive Plus Washing machine 7 years back and it is under AMC.
I booked a complaint for the problem "not able to run spin due to over noisy".
The complaint was booked on 21.04.2009 and complaint no. was 2946678.
After 2 days one person came and said one spare part to be replaced.
I informed him We would be out of station between 27.04.2009 to 07.05.2009.
He informed me to contact him when we returned. I informed him on 08.05.2009
and he would replace with in 2 days. I contacted customer care. It was known to me that my
complaint was cancelled. Again I registered a complaint no 3018756 on 12.05.2009.
Even though I requested many times their Service Manager and Area Manager, they were
always telling they will send service person with in 2 days.
Today ( 09.06.2009 ) I contacted the customer care. It was known to me that my complaint
no. 3018756 was cancelled. Again 3rd time a complaint was registered as 3120859 on 09.06.2009.
Down Time : 2 Months and 20 days ( 21.04.2009 to 09.06.2009).
Place : Chennai. Date : 09.06.2009.
Your service engineer visited on 8.6.2009 at 5 p.m. and check the defects in the machine and after failing to remove the defects carried the machine with him for proper checking and repair further as your engineer fail to remove the defects at site it will be given trouble so please give the replacement of the machine.

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