Indian Passport Office - status of my application with ref no : HYDW23191808

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  swapna sangal
Dear Sir,

This is Swapna Sangal applied for the PassPort in Hyderabad Post Office : Begumpet with the file Reference No:HYDW23191808.
I hav been waiting for the Police verification for the past 18 days i.e, from 07/02/2008 to 25/02/2008 and there is
no verification done till now and i hav checked the status in the internet "Police Verification Report not yet received".
so, how can i know the exact status where my application is ?

sir, Please help me out to know the status of my application, whether it has been sent for police verification or
at whose end it is pending.

Name : Swapna Sangal
Father's Name : Sangal Ananth Reddy
Mother's Name : Sangal Yeshoda
Date of Birth : 01/08/1983
Application File Reference No : HYDW23191808
Date of Application applied : 06/02/2008
Receipt No : EN621265217IN
DD No: 417650
Key No: 9723191808

Please mail me to this mail id :
Mobile Number : 9819744810, 9833413857
Ph: 040 4034 6454.

Thanks and Regards,
Swapna Sangal,
3i-infotech Ltd.
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On 3rd jan i have applied for passport through Nagercoil collectors office, Police verification got over on 14 of march .After then i came to passport office madurai and submitted extra PP forms because I was told that police verification is incomplete After verifying my application the grievance officer told me the signature of S.P Nagercoil is missing and he is sending back the application to S.P office on the same day(23-july) by speed post. I have gone many times to S.P office and the repli was the letter has not received till date, sir kindly give me suggestion and d the needfull because it was almost 8 months, thanks file no.z 180012-08 MDU
status of my application with ref no : HYDA220636
Dear Sir,

This is Kiran chand applied for the PassPort in Vijayawada at the occation of passport mela with the file Reference No:HYDW23191808.
I hav been waiting for the Police verification for the past 30 days i.e, from 20/07/1985 to still and there is
no verification done till now and i hav checked the status in the internet "Police Verification Report not yet received".
so, how can i know the exact status where my application is ?

sir, Please help me out to know the status of my application, whether it has been sent for police verification or
at whose end it is pending.

Name : Kiran chand.p
Father's Name : Koteswara Rao
Mother's Name : Vijaya Kumari
Date of Birth : 14/12/1985
Application File Reference No : HYDA220636
Date of Application applied : 12/07/2008
DD No: 183786
Key No: 6522063608

Please mail me to this mail id :
Mobile Number : 9885680142, 9885628249.

Thanks and Regards,
kiran chand.p,
s/o koteswarrao,
60 feet road,
narasarao pet,
dear sir,
i applied for a surname change in my passport on june 20th 2008 at the hyderabad regional passport office and the file no is M016379. i have submitted all the documents necessary and still have not received my passport. when i check the status online it says 'OTHERS' and i dont know what that means. i even went to the enquiry 2 weeks back and they said it would come in a week but i still havent received it. i would be receiving my visa this month and im afraid i might lose the interview date if i dont get my passport on time. sir please consider my case and do the needful and take whatever action is necessary.

thanks and reagards,
Rini Andrews
phone no: 040-42223086
Dear Sir,
This is Pramod Kumar Naik Apply for the Passport in Bbsr office, with file reference no
;BHU A020162
IHave been waiting for the police verification for the past 02month from july to sep. & there is no verification done till now & i hav checked the status internet "Police verification report not yet recived" So, how can i know the exact status where my application is?
Sir, Please help me out to know the status of my application, wait has been sent for police verification or
at whose end it is Pending.
Name: Pramod kumar naik
Father's Name: Daitari Naik
Date of Birth: 17/04/79
Date of Application Applied:30/06/2008
Application File Reference no : BHU-A020162
Mob. no.:09767430557

Please Mail me to this mail id :
Mobile no.:09767430557

Thanks and Regards,
Po/ps- Kundheigola,
Dist. : Deogarh, orissa
Pin no.: 768109
Pass-Port problems Detail Event
Dr. Anita Simon’s
1. Due to wrong Address (Our Bhilai home) Submitted back Pass-Port to Bhopal & reprocess according to present Tarapur address, Submitted New Pass Port file No. = BPL/Z 850386/05 AR – 0130/05 (NITI = wrote in Hindi language).
2. Enquiry report came from Bhopal to Tarapur Poclice Station, (Via) District Special Brach Thane (M. S.) No. = 22908, dated = 18 April 2007.
3. Dr. Anita Simon’s Police verification done in (Local police station) Panch Marg Police station, Tarapur on dated = 22 June 2007, with Dispatch No. = 1017.
4. Checked with Thane (M. S.) Police station abuts the file No. and date of Enquiry – Dr. Anita did not get any record there. Police telling that verification record already sent back to Bhopal.
5. When try to find any record from Thane (M. S.) either with name wise or file Number wise, or transfer file name and date wise – No record. Doubting that files still in Bhopal.
6. Chief Pass-Port Officer telling as per process rule the need official letter that Bhopal Pass-Port office already closed Dr. Anita Simon file (as after two years o Police verification, if there is no any process, file must be closed automatically.
7. If Dr. Anita will get one letter from Bhopal Pass-Port office – her file closed. One letter to Thane Pass Port Officer and another copy to Dr. Anita Simon, so she can process Pass Port making from another place on basis of that letter.


Dr. Anita Simon.
Persent Address:-
Type - D; P - 5; T.A.P.S. Colony,
P.O. Boisar, Dist - Thane (M. S.). - 401 504,

Permanent Address:
362, M.I.G. - I, Amdi Nagar;
Dist - Durg;
Cchatisgarh - State;
very very slow process at madurai passport office and status information up dated in site are not correct and going on postponing for months for despatch of passport renewal even after verification is over. why can't the office issue in 15 to 30 days time in this advanced computerised period.

I have applied for the renewal of my passport on 2nd July, 2008.
File number of Application is F016278
Key Number is 7001627808
Group is "F".

I am living in "A-88, Dayanand Colony, Lajpat Nagar-4, New Delhi-110024" for the past more than two years.
When Police enquiry was done from Srin Niwaspuri Police Station, I have submitted following certificates as my residence proof.

1. certificate from Employer of reputed companies on letter head (As I am working in NIIT Technologies Ltd., I have submitted cerificate of my residence, issued by NIIT Technologies on company letter head. And NIIT Technologies is a company of good repute.)

2. Income Tax Assessment Order. (I have submitted photocopy of Income tax returns of the past two years, having mention of same residence address.)

3. statement of running bank account. (I have submitted original bank statements from Standard Chartered bank.)

4. I have submitted photocopy of Lease Agreement, provided by the owner of "A-88, Dayanand Colony, Lajpat Nagar-4, New Delhi-110024".

When I went to the website and searched for the status of File Number F016278, it gave me following status.

You have submitted only Ration Card as proof of address; please submit one more proof of address as per Section IV A (1)(a) of the Passport Information Booklet of Form 1

Please send 3 personal particular forms with photo pasted on the box and signed across (half signature on application and half on photo)

Please contact PRO/Superintendent on any working day except Wednesday between 10.00 a.m. and 12.30 p.m

I did not submit Ration Card as proof of my residence at all, while status says that I had submitted Ration Card as proof of residence. On what basis, Police can say that I have submitted Ration Card as proof of my residence. It only shows the corruption in Police department. I did not have any ration card.

I am suffering so much because of this corruption. Because of this delay, I can not go abroad on assigment. My company is asking me again and again to get ready with passport.

I rung to 011-26187075 for Tele-enquiry many of the times, but no one recieved the call.

I have suffered a lot. Please address my grievances. I do not want to go to the Police Station again and again for non of my fault and bribe them for passport. If all of my documents are valid, why should Police un-necessary torment me.

Please help me.


Adarsh Kumar Khare
Respected sir,
with due respect I beg to say that I am Shailendra kumar s/o Ram kripal singh file no. is{LKOAO1475908}, I was applied for passport on dt. 22.01.2008, due to some reasons it remains pending. I was again submitted my application after correction on may 2008 but till now I has not been found any response by you. At each enquiry I get all time police report has not been received and the case has been examined from june 2008. I want to know when you send my police enquiry.
i kindly request you to send my police enquiry earlier.
Thanking you!
Dated: 16/10/08 Yours faithfully,
Shailendra kumar
Dear sir,
i have applied passport on 21.07.2008 and still i had not received.My Police verification is completed.My File No-KOZCO2402408.Please i requested you to give status of my passport.
I have applied for the passport 2 months ago, till now i didn't get my passport. So i request you to issue my passport as early as possible. And also inform me on my email id for the reasons of delaying. The file No is :-HYDW67060308 & KEY: 6767060308.

Yours faithfully,
Mohammed Shajiuddin
Sirpur kaghaznagar,
District. Adilabad
Andhra Pradesh.
PH.NO: 9849659988
Respected sir
myself SHAILENDRA KUMAR applied passport on dated- 23 jan 08 i wating for police reverifcation. so plz sent reverification as soon as possible.
file no-LKOA01475908
Mob - 09889965802

Regarding Passport Validity - No name

Hi Sir,
I just want to inform you that my elder brother named ANJUM AHEMAD KAMARUDDIN MALEK ; holding Indian passport, passport no;

Passport No : E9616412

Date of Issue : 02 / 07 / 2004

Date of Expire : 01 / 07 /2009

WE applied for the passport for the 10 years validity, Our file no is M 270174 ;
I just want inform you that we sent draft of 1000/-Rs to R.P.O. AHEMEDABAD; DRAFT NO ; 293948 from the BANK OF BARODA, PETLAD, dist. ANAND ;
But the validity of passport is only for the FIVE years;
I just want clarification that as we sent the draft of 1000/-Rs, Why the Validity of Passport is for the only for FIVE years?!;
My Question is that the validity of passport is about to expire, So we have to apply for the new passport, so do we need to pay any fees for the next five years validity? As we have already paid for the 10 years validity!
Please reply what is the exact procedure for the new passport!



Dear Sir,

This is Vineet kumar applied for the PassPort in Patna Passport Office, Reference no:A044769 dated 11/4/2008.
I have been waiting for the Police verification for the past 6 months i.e, from 11/04/2008 to 20/10/2008 and there is
no verification done till now and i hav checked the status in the internet "Police Verification Report not yet received".
so, how can i know the exact status where my application is ?

sir, Please help me out to know the status of my application, whether it has been sent for police verification or
at whose end it is pending. I want to know in which district my verification will take place. In which police station it is presently present {Dihari or Bhabhua}?
Hi Sir,

This is venugopal, we have applied the passport for my sisters's son at Tirupati Passport office, the file number is HYDC35100608.
We would like know the status for the applied passport. Please help me out on this.

Person name : Kushal Pudi
Father's name: P. Bhanushekar.
Date of birth : 30th July 2008.

Thanks & Regards,
The Passport officer,
Passport Office,

Dear Sir,
File No.-(i) BPL/Z925099/07 Baikunthpur dated 28-12-07
(Bhopal office)
(ii)RPR/Z925063/08 Baikunthpur dated 14-05-08
(Raipur office).
After enquired the status position of the issue of the passport of my daughter Miss Lina Koshy at Raipur office, it is aware that the same is pending due to the NON RECIPET OF POLICE VERIFICATION DOCUMENT (sent by S.P.Office, Korea vide 01/08 dated 15-01-08). Which is lying pending in your office.
The same may kindly be forwarded to passport office, Raipur immediately to avoid any further delay in the issuance of Passport and the due intimateion is awaited per return e-mail.
Thanking you,
Dated 23rd Oct.'08 Yours faithfully,

(Koshy Abraham)
Qr. No.B/136,
PO: Churcha Colliery
District: Korea(C.G.)
Dear sir,

I have applied for passport on Aug. 2007, my police inquiry has finished . I came to passport office kolkata they told that pp Form to be introduced and suddenly i do it.i still not get my passport.
FILE NO.A020993
KEY NO.6502099308
Dear sir,
3 months ago .i had applied for the pass port . my name is N.sivakumar. my file no is (masw20060008). till now i didnt get the pass port . so please provide the pass port as soon as possible.
yours obediently
no. 626, 16th street sasthari nagar, vysarpadi h-39
my passport no. is 6506614302
pls tell me my passport status
Dear Sir/Mam

I am Aarti Sharma residing in new delhi, i applied for the tatkal passport in Nov-07 through agent . I got my passport in first week of Dec 07.
My file ref no is DLHT03180507. I am afraid my passport is not showing in your sysytem, please advise that i have a vaild passport or not as i am planning my trip for abroad in Jan 09.

I request you to kindly look in to this matter and give solution to my problem.

Aarti Sharma
989 148 7876.

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