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IRCTC Indian Railways - Pooled Quote

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PQWL is bogus and it doesn't move at all. I booked my ticket in Lalbagh express from Katpadi to K.R. Puram, 10 days before. The status of PQWL at the time of booking is WL 50/51 and the same status is shown today also.

So, what I understood is PQWL is bogus. I don't understand this concept, why do you need PQWL? There should be only one GNWL? general wait list and should be served based of FOFS (first come first served basis).

This is really pathetic, indian railways needs to think of this and change the system as soon as possible.
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hi same problem.i have also reserved my ticket before 15 dayswith pqwl 6 and same status today.what is this pqwl plz tell me.
Same problem here...I have booked ticket 2 months later and then status was WL9 and now the status is PQWL8.

Cheated By Railways - Cheated

Indian railways is the biggest fraud. I was 100 kilometers away from the railway station and I was to board tihs train. After caling the 139 number and the customer executive told me status is WL 37 two hours after train had departed from originating station and I still dont have refund by Railways, THE BIGGEST FRAUD IN INDIA. MR LALU DONT CHEAT POOR INDIAN CITIZENS.

TDR : Chart preperation is supposed
to happen 4 hours before the s
tart of train. I had checked t
he pnr status by calling 139 a
nd was given status as WL 37 a
t 2:30 PM on the date of trave
l & decided to travel by ksrtc
and cancel ticket later.Need
refund pls
TDR Status : CCM Registered
Reference No : ekt200902600389454
TDR Filing Date : 06-Feb-2009
Refund Status : Refund under Process
Refund Date : Not Available
Refund Amount : Rs.0.00
i also got the PQWL status ticket .
will it be conformed?
I 100% agree to the comments made about PQWL. It is bogus at all.
Booked ticket 2 months back... almost for 15 days it shows same... WL...
Yes it is bogus. Indian railway is fooling people by taking money in advance for 90 days or so, earning interest on it and then returning the money to public grabing teh interest and clerical charges taken from passengers. That's why Lalu made railway to run in profit, sucking hard earned money of poor indian people.
I also agree that PQWL is a bogus scheme and fooling the public and making profits for the railways and helping the TTE to earn illegal money. Even though a berth is allotted it is mandotrily in the side middle berth, the traveller will almost die of suffocation.The reason for making profits does not mean to trouble tghe travelling public. The Railway Minister should be alloted side middle berth on a night journey before introduction in the railways. I hope the system of PQWL and side middle berth will be removed in the intrest of tghe travelling public.
I also agree

Indian Railways squeezing passengers for its profit - Indian Railway Booking

Dear Sir/Madam,

It's a mass complain against Indian Railway Tickect booking and availibility System and also the horrible position of public travelling on extra side births provided.
Complains are herewith:-

A]. Maximum number of tickets are being diverted to Tatkal quota.Just see for an example at the current situation today the 30th May 2009 time at 3PM wherein wait list is showing sky high of the given train:

Train No Train Name Date Source Station Destination Station Class
2842 COROMANDEL EXP 03- Jun- 2009 MAS HWH SL

Status Report

Serial No Date Status
1 3- Jun- 2009 WL 226/WL 117
2 4- Jun- 2009 WL 227/WL 86
3 5- Jun- 2009 WL 221/WL 114
4 6- Jun- 2009 WL 304/WL 204
5 7- Jun- 2009 WL 262/WL 157
6 8- Jun- 2009 WL 324/WL 248

At the same time if I select Tatkal, the online picture is :-

Train No Train Name Date Source Station Destination Station Class
2842 COROMANDEL EXP 03- Jun- 2009 MAS HWH SL

Status Report

Serial No Date Status
1 3- Jun- 2009 AVAILABLE- 0075
2 4- Jun- 2009 AVAILABLE- 0163
3 5- Jun- 2009 AVAILABLE- 0291
4 6- Jun- 2009 AVAILABLE- 0291
5 7- Jun- 2009 AVAILABLE- 0291
6 8- Jun- 2009 AVAILABLE- 0291

In the given situation either the journey of the intended passenger is uncertain or else he have to shell out more money from his pocket to get a confirm ticket.This is totally unfair.Literally you cannot find vaccancy in normal quota.[Then why Railways is saying that they have not increased the fare and though they are in so much of Profit.]That is another way squeezing public technically.An amicable resolve to be sorted out immediately on this matter.

B] Regarding Three births alloted to all the Bogies:

It's a very very tough situation for the passenger travelling with the 3rd birth in the side row of the bogie.He is like an untouchable to his co-passengers.Neither he can sit on the side bearth seats and nor people inside the births let him sit properly where he/she is entitled to.Practically a long journey from 9AM to 9PM [ 12hrs.] accomodating in a birth is too strain task for all four passanger sitting in a single berth besides, other three are also deprived of comfort for the one added.Just think for a ladies passenger carrying a Baby on that berth !!! Can the policy makers allow their family to travel in such a horrible cell !!! Where is the public amenities and caring ? Just take a public poll while travelling in those bogie[ better say, cell] and you will find them not less than crying.
Hope you can look into this matter for the mass ingorant Indian public who can only afford to travel on Trains.
Thanks & Regards,
Naresh Rathi
Hi, iam also facing the same problem. I had booked my return journey ticket i(from Ottapalm to Chennai)in the month of 2nd Aug 2009 for the return journey dated 4th sept 2009(Train Name :Alleppey - Chennai, Departure Station - Ottapalam). At the time of booking the ticket my waiting list was showing on WL/2. I was very happy so that my ticket will get confirmed but today dated 22/08/09 its still refelcting as wl/2 in the PQWL. Its really pathetic and cheating by the indian railways. R the small stations is not considered for confirmed tickets. I hope these stations is also in India. Does the Indian govt and Indain Railway minister will look into this. I also agree that PQWL is a bogus scheme and fooling the public and making profits for the railways and helping the TTE to earn illegal money. .The reason for making profits does not mean to trouble the traveling public. Hope the system of PQWL mus be removed in the interest of the traveling public.
I have booked ticket from delhi to bangalore, there was confirm available 77 ticket, and I booked ticket from delhi to bangalore but boarding from mathura ( next station from Delhi ). they given me PQWL 36 which was waiting at mathura loke RLWL36, so what is benefit for booking from delhi and also they have taken full fare from delhi to bangalore . They are cheating the public.
By Hearing All These Complaints, Will our Indian Railways Realise Its Blunder?
i am also facing the same problem! PQWL
i m also facing the same problem
yes all you re right ! PQWL is nothing but its fake.You don't go for the next time booking ticket like this. As i also had 2 tickets 1 from KLY(PQWL 3 for AC 3 Tier) and 1(PQWL 78 for SL from DADAR which i did wrong coz i was not aware of PQWL.
I don't thick my ticket will confirm from PQWL so i canclled both the ticket.

No one cares about others if you knew the problem so don't again do that mistake what i did and i can say i learnt what is PQWL and RNGL etc

Something has to be done form the end of RLY department to improve the problem.
they are cheating the common public,
I booked a ticket from Bangalore to Allahabad on 20th oct 2009 for the journey date 25th dec 2009
a well 65 days in advance. I got PQWL 3/ wl 3 and its 23rd today and still it has not moved a single position. While the general waitlist shown at my booking time was WL3/WL3. which as on today stands as WL128/WL88. Since there is huge difference of 40 seats between wl registration and actual wl number i guess my seat would have had got confirmed had it been in general wait list.

I see no point in these kind of quota if they are to just fool people cause it gives you a big pain in your neck. and you dont know how make last minute adjustment for your travel which you thought would be an easy one.

Thanks to Indian Railways the airlines and bus industry is minting lot of money for the last minute changed plan for the travel.
PQWL is pooled quota waitlist. This is the waitlist issued to passengers who book their seats from a station which is not the trains originating station, upto another intermediate station/destination station. A few seats are made available in this pooled quota for such travellers. When the seats are full, then PQWL waitlist begins. This waitlist status will not change till the charting is done. Normally, (in most cases), PQWL 1-2 clears for 2A and 3AC, and goes higher for sleeper reservations.

Hope this helps.
I am also facing same problem. I had booked ticket before a month in pqwl. Still it is showing same status as on 1st day of booking.

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    IRCTC Indian Railways - Pooled Quote