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Eureka Forbes — Eureka tornado trendy Vacuum cleaner not working properly

 rainapal on Dec 7, 2016
Sir, I purchased above item from CSD Canteen Lucknow on 30sep 16. It's working properly switch off automatically and electric cable goes inside then again push it out side and start the vacuum cleaner. I complaint two times but no response. On 16oct 16 complaint no.2000056325 and second on 24nov16 no. 97662587. Kindly do something and guide me further action to be taken against them. Thanks. Mahendra pal 106 Asra society near malhour railway station chinhat road Lucknow...
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Eureka Forbes — Dr aquaguard geneus damaged piece

 Keshao on Dec 7, 2016
I have purchased ro dr aquaguard geneus+ which is not working properly. If my complaint history is watched it'll show my painful experience about this product.
Though technician attends the problem again within two to three days it doesn't works. I asked him to replace the product cause in waranty period but he neglected my request.
Now please take an early action and replace my product to new one, else i will have to go for justice in court.
Hope i will got a positive response from you.

K v vyas
C/o. Sakhee beauty parlor,...
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Eureka Forbes — Even top mgt are down right cheats

 Varuna Singh Rautela on Dec 6, 2016
Apart from it's  this company also cheats it's vendors.

Pratik Singhani from the company got an edit video made from us for 50, 000/- and is now not paying us.

It was made 'exactly as per his direction' in the mail.

We are a registered vendor with them.

Their AVP Shashank Sinha and CEO Marzin Shroff have been informed since past 5 months.

After realising that it was their fault they are just ignoring our complaints because they think they are too big a company to care about their ethics.
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Eureka Forbes — Filter changed by giving wrong information while installation on Dec 5, 2016
I called Eureka Forbes for installation of aquaguard enhance in July'16 1st week.The representatives opened the filter to check the candles & told me that this candle is not good enough and we can replace it with better one which will give you the better tds.They dint charge me anything but replaced the costliest & the important filter candle with some old one that was present in their bag which looked new.No end of Nov'16 the filter started taking 2 hrs to filter 7 litres water.I called Eureka Forbes on 04/12/2016, Representaive visited on 05/12/16 & said the good filter was exchanged with the...
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Eureka Forbes — Product payment refund is pending since last 25 days.

 Mohan MD on Dec 5, 2016

This is reference to consumer no -8000123547 my product return request no - #002940 for DR. AEROGUARD SCPR 200 dated -10/11/2016. around 25 days left not yet received my refund amount of Rs.13999 & whenever i call to customer care asking to wait for 2 more days but no proper answer, very pathetic service, kindly look in to this issue.

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Eureka Forbes — Inefficient and ineffective management of service requests

 jmtrivedi on Dec 3, 2016
I am a customer of eureka forbes water purifier with a 2 year service contract. My customer id is 1006429365.

I registered a service request on 10-nov-2016 which has still not been resolved (As on 03-dec-2016). Two emails addressed to the customer care email id have not been responded.

The company has inefficient and ineffective processes to manage customer service request. Different teams do not coordinate with each other. No communication on the status of request or likely date of resolution is provided. Incorrect sms are sent about request resolution, even when no...
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Eureka Forbes — Defective Product Supply

 lakherk on Dec 2, 2016
Sir Have Purchase Dr. Aquaguard Magna on 06/Oct/16
Customer ID :6000362977 But after some time problem occurred in Aquaguard just like Water leakage frequently & Water not fill at Proper Level. i have done complaint on 27/11/16 & 29/11/16 (Request no.2000705211 & 2000730014).
Eureka Forbes Technician Manohar Lal Goyal Comes and Changed the Control PBC with TDS control Assembly. he fit the Control PBC improper way in Aquaguard but Problem not resolve.
again we have done complaint on 01/12/16 (Req. No.2000768852) but again Eureka Forbes Technician Manohar Lal comes and say that...
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Eureka Forbes — Aquaguard amc

 Dineshji on Dec 2, 2016
Dear sir
I am more than 17 year old customer of eureka forbes aquaguard. I have been taking regular amc for the same. But i don't know why no one is coming to renew amc contract despite my reminders to franchisee. Is there any change in company's policy or something else?
Should i wait or go for some other company?
Reason i can guess is this - in last amc tenure franchisee started skipping six monthly service sometimes tried to skip changing candle and carbon. I objected to it and told them to come with job card so that i can see what is to be done. But service person rarely...
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Eureka Forbes — Total lack of giving customer a chance to communicate

 Ajit Vaidya on Dec 1, 2016
I have been asked to give feedback for service rep visit. I will not do it as your feedback procedure and even registering a service request are NOT user friendly. Your website says come and say hello to us but you have tried your best to ensure that customer is unable to contact you. It is impossible to talk to anyone in your organization because the only number provided is for registering a service request and that too makes it impossible to ascertain if such a request has been enterd in your logbook. It is fortunate for you that your product is good but customer contact???? One big ZERO
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Eureka Forbes — Aquagaurdthird candle not replaced

 b v rajagopal on Nov 30, 2016
Invoice cum contract receipt 22778047 dt 29-11-13 (Rs3885/-)for three years. Only 2 candles have been replaced. The Mysore service center says service completed. One more candle has to be supplied and they are denying. Shylendra and Raju said they would by coming to our house on 28-11-2016. Never turned up. Please clarify, supply candle due to me.
Inspite of going to the office no clarification was given. The manager spoke to one of his technicians on mobile and assured me that hewould visit my home next day evening ie 29 th November around 5pm. I was waiting and they never turned up. It...
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Eureka Forbes — Water purifier filter issue - Fraud

 deepuinblr on Nov 29, 2016
Hi, I had recently (in Sept 2016) got the filter change done done through Eureka Forbes and weighing sensor change in Oct 2016. Now in Nov, I am facing issue with one of the filter membrane choke. I called the customer care and my complaint ID is 2000711415. When the technician came, He said my filter is fake and even I was charged for weighing sensor more (I had paid 1400). He told me that I was getting the service done form outside, not through Eureka. I showed him even the SMS i received when I raised service request but he still did not believe and asked me the replace the filter again.
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Eureka Forbes — Dr. Aquaguard water purifier

 Charles Mohan Noronha on Nov 28, 2016
I had purchase Dr. Aquaguard water purifier (DR. AQUAGUARD DR. AQUAGUARD MAGNA HD RO+UV) in December 2015; installed in January 2016. It was performing well till recently. However for past few days the wastage water stopped flowing out. Since I had purchased this unit online I have been trying to lodge online complaint without success. When attempting to lodge online complaint it asks me to give a miss call from the mobile number registered at the time of purchasing. When I try to give a miss call it doesn't connect and hence I am unable to register my complaint. Please assist me.
My customer...
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Eureka Forbes — Product purchase month of June,2016, as on date no any visit

 kchaudhary on Nov 28, 2016
We are purchase MAGNA HD RO for the m/o JUNE, 2016,
When installed the RO he commit four service in a year.
Approx six months done, no any call or visit from Eureka.


Kailash Kumar Chaudhary
Senior Executive - Finance
RMS Risk Management Solutions India Pvt Ltd
Elixir Business Park
Plot No.15-A, 5th to 8th Floor
Sector - 127,
Noida, UP 201301, India
Tel 91.120.442.7200 Extn.7251
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Eureka Forbes — Sale of Faulty/Defective DR. AQUAGUARD MAGNA HD RO+UV

 Shreyas Mishra on Nov 27, 2016
Dear Sir/Madam,

With reference to the above it is requested that I have purchased the above water purifier vide invoice No.6180001633 dt. 25.07.2016 for Rs. 16, 990/- (direct sales) through your CSS's Name Mr. Vikash Mishra - 9012101 (mobile No. 9202214899), Gwalior.

Since installation of the machine it was observed by me that during filling/storing the water in the machine it automatically gets stopped even though the water supply is on. On 15.11.16 while storing the water in the machine it automatically stopped five times and I had to start it again and again.
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Eureka Forbes — Overcharging and non-issue of purchase document for aquaguard and iron remover

 Dhiren De on Nov 27, 2016
I have purchased an aquaguard and an Iron remover from one of your Kolkata Agents on November 18, 2016. The equipment, delivered at my residence by DHL Courier on 19.11.2016, did not accompany any purchase documents, namely, Tax Invoice/Cash memo. The only document under my possession for the aquaguard is the copy of a Delivery Challan that mentions the price of the equipment that is much less than the amount that I had to pay. A buy back price of Rs.500.00 for my old aquaguard was not deducted from the amount mentioned in the Delivery Challan. For the Iron remover I don’t have any purchase document...
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Eureka Forbes — Untimely and frequent disturbances by Eureka Forbes service personnel

 Arjuna Sahoo on Nov 26, 2016
It is a very sorry state of affaires that a group of persons holding a note book, claiming to have come from Ureka Forbes head office, frequently with a gap of 15/20 days, visit houses in the name of taking feed backs. They not only disturb senior citizen unnessessarily, create fear in them, considering present situation of murder and theft in different areas.

When there are so many on line sales organisations operating and big malls and business centres in the market, why the organisation has kept sale of some of the products in its own hand ?

Please end the system...
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Eureka Forbes — Dr.Aquaguard Magna HD RO LIFETIME WARRANTY

 raji1951 on Nov 25, 2016

On 4th Nov. I purchased the above item from your sales Rep. Mr.Jaykumar and Mr.Pugazh attached to your Amabattur Chennai branch.

While selling the item they promised that I shall be eligible for LIFETIME WARRANTY . Till date I have not recd. any letter from your office in this connection. My husband met Mr.Jayakumar and one Mr.Sathish at Ambattur to enquire about this, they promised that my name has been included in LIFETIME WARRANTY and soon i shall be intimated from the company.

I request you to kindly send the...
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Eureka Forbes — Aquasure water purifier- display board not working-2000445915

 DivK on Nov 23, 2016
Logged complaint 2000445915 - Nov-8th for the display board which is not working & since then we have called atleast 24 ppl - Lead, Owner, Manager, Cust Care etc but then none of them are able to get me a replacement unit. Not one soul who can say that it will take time & until then please use this unit .

Do they know what it means by a customer ?...
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Eureka Forbes — Website does not allow you to raise product return though they promise to get product returned within 30 days in case of dissatisfaction

 Md. Mutheeb Parveez on Nov 23, 2016
From: ""
To: "" ; ""
Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2016 10:38 AM
Subject: Re: ESCALATION!!!

Hi Anu and Team,

Please provide a resolution at the earliest.

I am unable to place online return request as advised by the online chat support team. After entering the correct customer ID and mobile number, i get a message as :

" We are unable to find record basis the details you provided. Please call us on 080-46636363 for resolution."

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Eureka Forbes — Regarding issues

 atulpund25 on Nov 22, 2016
Dear Sir/Madam,

My Eureka Forbes Customer ID: 6000097832

I have registered complaint through online portal of Eureka Forbes on dated 7.11.2016 at 5.07 pm regarding damage of the tap and the service request number is 2000359294 also the water purifier is under warranty period.

We had purchased Dr. Aqugurd Water Purifier for getting pure water, but from last 6 month they are not able to give after service to me. Every time after registering complaint through online portal of Eureka Forbes, I need to mail them still there was no response from their side.
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