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Eureka Forbes — Defective water purifier delivered

 Lubs on Jul 23, 2016
I Mohamed Patel purchased Dr. Aquaguard Classic on 11/7/16. No person turned up for installing the same until followup. From the time of installation Till today after so many complaints n visits by technicians the said machine is not working. Kindly replace the same else refund my money. If the matter is not taken urgently I will have to approach consumer court for causing mental harassment. Order no. 201101996. The technician has also reported the machine to be faulty through customer care complaint but no response....
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Eureka Forbes — Wrong guiding by a sales person of eureka forbes

 k.v.pavan on Jul 23, 2016
Gouse Pasha a sales person whose employee code is 9096657, came to me when i called about amc of my ro enhance water purifier of eureka forbes. He came to me and guided me and convinced me to change my water purifier with aquaguard geneus plus. He convinced me that geneus plus is good one in health point of view. He promised me that he will take our present Eureka ro water purifier for rs.3000/- and fix the new purifier of geneus plus. He made me to book the geneus plus purifier online and the product also delivered to me 5 days back itself. Now he is not responding and not taking the old one. Because...
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Eureka Forbes (Eurosmile) — Failure to give service.

 sarang1520 on Jul 22, 2016
Contract number - 25008193
Customer Name - K. Somarajan

I have availed a service contract with Eurosmile a Eureka Forbes service unit on 2/11/15 for the routine quarterly service for the aquaguard purifier installed. The cost of the contract is 4190 rupees.

The service center have failed to provide even a single service since the contract was availed i.e. 2/11/15....
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Eureka Forbes — Enhance ro+uv - new piece not working

 ragsad on Jul 22, 2016
Complaint id :88304333
Hi eureka forbes,
New aqua guard enhance device is not working after installation (Service request: 96141169). The water is leaking and the tds regulator is not working the installation person acknowledged the problem, but said another technician will come to check.
The installation was done yesterday afternoon. We spoke to the manager at that time and assured that a senior technician will come same day itself to check the problem.
However, no one came.
We had to raise a separate complaint yesterday evening (88304333), the technician visited...
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Eureka Forbes — Aquaguard (magna) water purifier is not working since 6th july 2016

 gangadharaiah on Jul 22, 2016
Dear sir / madam,


We have an aqua guard magna model, customer id 1011572659 which we have using from long time, and we have registered complaint on 06/07/2016 as complaint no. Is 0088041152 this machines there is a problem in pcb (Adapter) from 4th july 2016. Your bangalore office service engineer mr. Nagalingana gowda has came and checked and he told me there is a problem in adapter & i will replace it within two days. Due to shortage of material he was not able repaired the machine. Such a wondering you people didn't have spare like a single adapter....
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Eureka Forbes — Not satisfied your eureka enhance ro+uv+uf+tds water taste & service

 ashu0102 on Jul 22, 2016
I am rajendra singh i have purchase eureka enhance ro+uv+uf+tds dtd 17-june-16 from m/s lamba electronics, kalkaji ji new delhi-19. After purchase shop keeper book for installation request. After that i have received the sms from your side request no-9927973197 dtd 18-june-16 allocated technician name mr. Namish. After that calling some person he told me installation your ro i am assuming mr. Namish calling that time inform me coming evening. But he was coming 7.30 pm, i have told that person this is not correct time he says sorry. I have checked that person not carrying all equipment like tds checking...
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Eureka Forbes — Delay in service of water purifier

 sritejampra on Jul 21, 2016
Premier marketing at hassan, karnataka are dealers and services people for aquaguard products. My experience is their service standard is woeful. Aquaguard people are getting a badname because of service delays. Clean drinking water is an everyhour necessity and if you can't service on the same day of service request what is the use? It is already two days and still they are not coming. Top honchos of eureka forbes if you can't give service on the same day, you are bringing a bad name for tatasky. Please warn them to fall in line or change your dealership....
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Eureka Forbes — Poor amc services and lackadaisical approach in customer care

 Kaushtubh Bhatt on Jul 21, 2016
Dear sir, i am wg cdr bhatt resident of 20a/286, arjan vihar, delhi cantt. I have been using ur aqwaguard product riviya for the last 7 years under amc arrangement. My customer code is 1006630825, i would like to bring the following for your kind attention and intervention.
I am really very disappointed by your service centers giving services to our area.
For the last one year dispite complaint ur rep never attend complaint on time. I had to make repeated request to attend the problem. My serving was due on 30 june 16 but ur rep mr rajesh didn't turn up dispite several request on...
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Eureka Forbes Ltd. — Geneus RO

 Fanthome on Jul 21, 2016
I have taken a service contract with eureka fofoes for two years for my aquaguard geneus ro on 13 november 2015. And paid rs.9050. I made a service request on 06 july that was attended to. However after the technician left, the ro started leaking and so i made another request.. No one has attended to date in spite of registering multiple requests to attend. The ro continues to leak and i have to place a bucket below. They msg that technician has attended and problem solved every time i lodge a request, when actually no one has come. I feel harassed and cheated and request you to guide me how to...
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Eureka Forbes — Non compliance of service contract receipt no. 10 22745580

 B.S.Banafar on Jul 21, 2016
From: b. s banafar
A-20, century colony, ddu nagar raipur, (mob. 9425285438)
I have been availing service contract with the above mentioned co. since purchase of water filter. the said company gets the services done through local franchisees at raipur (chh. garh). my last contract was on 17-11-2013 for a period of 3 years. i regret to state that the services being provided have been very poor. i have been mentioning my dissatisfaction in the "service request activity report" duly accepted by cos. representatives followed by calls to their franchise and their customer care no. 18602661177....
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Eureka Forbes — Aquaguard classic water purifier not functional

 sgprasad on Jul 21, 2016
Customer id - 1012139179
Customer mobile : 9995776654
E-mail id -
Customer name : s g prasad
Company/firm : eureka forbes
Invoice no : 9315100451 dt 08.07.15
Delivery plant : near sarada mutt, college junction, kollam
Product name : aquaguard classic water purifier.


Aguaguard classic waterpurifier supplied in jul 2015 was not functioning to the satisfaction of the customer. many correspondance in the past has not yielded any friutful results. e-mail sent to customer care of eureka forbes...
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Eureka Forbes — Dr. aquaguard magna hd ro+uv, eureka forbes invoice: 7165922908

 hsb123 on Jul 21, 2016
Dear madam / sir,

I made a service request ref.: 9922851246, for my water purifier to customer care couple of days back and on 15jul 2016 an engineer visited my place but he did some cleanup job, but couldn't care to check the refills/cartridges nor open the machine for any malfunctioning, now my water purifier has stopped working and there is no drinking water coming out... we even asked the engineer to kindly do the service properly but he insisted there is no need...

Further, the irony is, im trying to reach out eureka forbes via tele customer care, online service...
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Eureka Forbes — False promise by salesman

 SArefin on Jul 20, 2016
I am writing to you from salt lake city, kolkata. We had purchased a water purifier through one of your sales men mr. Santanu sadukhan on 22.07.2015 with an order number 175049867. We had been using various models of aquaguard ever since i can remember. Before the date of purchase of this particular model we had been using another aquaguard with amc taken for three years which would have expired in 2017.
So during sale, mr. Sadukhan said that he would add on the amc to the new aquaguard along with two years of free amc for the new one. But after repeated calls, he is yet to give us the letter...
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Aquaguard Eureka Forbes — Aquaguard ro installation

 balveer85y on Jul 20, 2016
Hi team,

I bought one aquaguard ro 4 days ago and requested to customer care for installation of this ro at my home.

Now after 4 days, still i did not get any call for installation.

I tried calling customer care again and again but every time asked to wait for next 2-3 hours, still no response for this installation.

When i tried calling local customer response center, i am getting the same response from the representative that i will be getting call in next 2-3 hours....
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Eureka Forbes — Money debited but product not delivered

 A. Vijay Kumar on Jul 20, 2016
On 28th june 2016, i have ordered aquasure cartridge at eureka forbes website. The next day i have received an acknowledgement email about the booking with a reference number 8000093932. Its almost a month and the product is not shipped yet.
Called the customer care 10 times, done chat online 3-4times, written email to customercareofficer@eurekaforbes.Co.In 3 times, all useless services. For a 500/- product i wasted lot of money and time and till now no one responds over emails or do a call back, as assured by the customer care.
Surprisingly, couple of csr said, they cannot see my...
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Eureka Forbes — Aquasure dx

 Nikita Banka on Jul 19, 2016
I, nitin chaudhary, have lodged a complaint for non functioning of my water purifier on 12/07/2016 (Complaint no. 160-b120030). The representative came on 13/07/2016, checked the purifier and told that the circuit has broken down and needs to be replaced. He also said that this will get replaced in 2-3 working days.

It's been a week that my purifier has not been amended and it's still said that it will take 2-3 days more.

How can a company like eureka forbes doesn't have such an important component. It's harassing as why would we should prefer eureka forbes over other...
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Eureka Forbes — Aquasure installation issues

 Krishna Chintha on Jul 18, 2016
Hi, I am writing this email with lot of frustration that has been created by Aquasure technicians.
Technicians mishandled and misbehaved with me and my wife in a filthy language.
The product fell off on the very first day at my wife's feet hurting her a bit - luckily, she escaped.
it took 5 weeks of battle to get the replacement done and today (18/07/16) and it is set to fall down anytime.
When called, Suresh dint pick the phone, tried others - Idhris (9059407604) & Ravikanth (9347415290) is brutal and does not have any decency/intimacy towards the customer and he...
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Eureka Forbes — Regarding three years maintenance payment for water filter

 amma16 on Jul 18, 2016
To whomsoever it may concern
This is to inform you that we have taken three years service contract from eureka forbes contract receipt no 23670695 for model ivory dx and paid a sum of rs 3630 cheque no dated 284995 on 29/6/2014 which is valid till 28/6/2017.
From 2014 dated till today no one has come for any maintenance after our repeated calling on toll free no, kalyan eureka forbes no and the person who made the contract.
We have been mentally drained, and our spending our precious time and money by calling eureka forbes numerous time.
Being a branded company we are...
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Aquaguard — RO on Jul 17, 2016
From last few days water supply from my ro was very low and on 15 july it was stopped 100% then i had done request on customer care of aquaguard on 15.07.2016 with reference number 96104167 and on today 17.07.2016 with reference number 96116934 but still now no one came from company to sought out this problem and we're buying water from market for our daily needs...
Ro is still under warranty of 1 yr....
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Eureka Forbes — Service not available

 tumpa1972 on Jul 17, 2016
I have ro water purifier of eureka forbes. i took 3 yrs arc. 10 days back its maintenance done by company technician. from very next day water leakage started from incoming valve. also over flow observed from sediment filter. again informed to customer care. they provide docket no-88088229, id no-1012239612. but did not attend the problem. after repeated call to service center they are not responding.

My contact no - 9040095172/9874027023
My address - b/1 sonartari appartment, lichutala, chandannagar, hoogly, west bengal-712136....
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