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Eureka Forbes — Aquaguard magna sold to us by providing wrong information

 nhsfk on May 25, 2016
Respected sir, I had visited your stall at BKC.There I booked for a demo for aquaguard magna.Next day Mr Anil Tripathy visited us and after examining the place he told us that this purifier will work at your place without the pressure pump.But today Mr Temkar the company mechanic came for installation and said that the machine will not work without pressure pump, and for that we will have to spend rs 2700 extra, which we cannot afford it.i told to take this back and return my cheque. But Anil is insisting us to buy another booster purifier, which has no storage. I am not interested in buying that,...
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Eureka Forbes — Non attending of complaint since 13/050/2016

 sandy12bsnl on May 25, 2016
Sir, I have complained about non working of Acqua Nova which is under AMC upto March 2017. After repeated complaints the technician came on 19/05/2016 and changed the candles. Since then i.e. 19/05/2016 the acqua Nova does not start and on repeated compliant no body turned up and i have to buy mineral water from market . I have not seen such a worst services and i have to literally request them daily to send technician. Kindly look into this .

Sandeep Kapoor
2566/A, Mandir Wali gali
Shadipur, New Delhi...
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Eureka Forbes — Aquaguard Compact Water Filter Change

 taherpat on May 25, 2016
This is regarding our Aquaguard Compact Model Water Filter which we would like to change, I have been requesting this through messages and telephone calls but everytime I am being assured of my request will be taken care of in next 48 hours, so far no one has turned up.

This is really frustating for us despite being made so much effort.

8082299333 - REQ

I again request you to follow up on my serious compliant and oblige.

Thanking you....
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Eureka Forbes — Wrong product shipped (Service quality issue)

 Shriram Ramdasi on May 24, 2016
Hi, I have purchased Eureka Forbes Dr. Aquaguard Magna HD UV+ RO+ water filter online on 15/05/16 by making payment of Rs. 17490 (order ID: 0998033109). However I received Aquaguard UV worth Rs. something 12000. After complaining (Ref no - 95521018) about the wrong shipment Eureka Forbes said will replace correct product on Monday 23rd May. However we did not receive replacement by 24 May eve. This has been a frustrating experience since the interaction with CC has now a days become cumbersome and such pathetic service.
Eureka Forbes please do the needful as soon as possible since I have...
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Eureka Forbes — Non delivery of promised post sale service

 TNC Sekar on May 24, 2016
I purchsed the aquaguard enhance green ro through their sales outlet functioning at #365, ii floor, 14th main, shantiniketan layout, arekere village, bg road, bangalore-560076 on 13 03 2015. (Their dc ref: 25165809and order ref: 256054628).
At the time of booking the order the group customer sales specialist mr. Mohan kumar said that there would be 2 free services in the first year and for the second year there was a special offer of 3 check up+ service free for those who booked in march 2015.
This was given in writing to us on the bill.In the first year they did only one service...
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Eureka Forbes — Service complaint 87190801

 ronakaarav2016 on May 23, 2016
Dear team

Complain number 87190901

As above I have Aquaguard purifier of Eurekafores as it's not working I had lock my complain on high priority Base on thursday 19.5.2016 of above complain number.

In these I had call on Friday to confirmation that if any service technical will visit today they assure me he will by today but after 3 pm I call again and talk to Mr.Nilesh Sr.excecutive but he also take responsibility that in evening our technicians will visit.

After on Saturday morning I call and again in service center and again talk to...
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Eureka Forbes — AMC complaint on water purifier

 lsgopal on May 23, 2016
Under AMC contract no.22373965 dt.18/06/2013, for subject empty; company has been totally irresponsible and shown callous attitude with no accountability in servicing and attending to complaints. The co;'s outsourced agents are unskilled and irresponsible and try to harass customers rather than supporting them with no data being monitored on complaints and having no information on their system about anything, w.r.t. Product, customer etc;.Even Eureka Forbes do not have any info about product, contract, customer etc; in their system and no follow up on their outsourcing agents .The co; do not even...
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Eureka Forbes — Pending uvlight part replacement more then 2 years

 Suriyas_25 on May 23, 2016

Can you escalate to higher management of eureka forbes, we been told with in week uv light part will be replace, it was really socking to know that complete amc period it was not working each time service engineer from eureka forbes, say's light indication is remove and not required, but they say uv light is working by seeing the uv bulb, does not confirm that light is working on filter...

As per the amc service, it was no given and only one time filter replace so far, next one due still,

I want the standby filter with same feature, if...
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Eureka Forbes — Water purifier service issue

 CharlesJ on May 23, 2016
I have the genius model of aguaguard and since last 04 days i am rasing the complain but finally of no use. No one turned up till date.

I have registered complain online, through phone but all in vain.

The commitment of 12 hrs service is all waist and bull as if they are not able to give service in city like mumbai what will be situation in remote location...
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Eureka Forbes — Amc fraud by eureka forbes...

 manoranjan tripathy on May 23, 2016
I have availed amc for my acua sure water purifier (I berry) model. I have paid an amount of rs. 3500.00 for this. However, when my product stopped working (Since march 27), i have made a complaint in the costumer care for repair on mar 29.Initially they kept the product for 1 month. Now they are neither repairing the product nor replacing it...

So i want the amc amount should be refunded to me. They stopped responding...

Manoranjan tripathy
New delhi...
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Eureka Forbes — Complaint for repair of vacuum cleaner

 mannvinod26 on May 23, 2016
I had lodge twice complaints on customer care vide no. 86785158 & 87189589 on 54/4/16 and 19/05/2016 respectively but no revert message or call received in this regard.
If such a repute company deals with its customers in such a way after selling the products it will definitely brings bad name to company
O please look into the matter and send an engineer to repair vacuum cleaner which was purchased from your company.
Its urgent
Vinod mann
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Eureka Forbes — Non functional water filter

 adalarasu on May 23, 2016
I had emailed to you a problem that i ma facing with forbes. My complaint status update no. Is 1280129. After registering a complaint, 3 personnel's one of whom was a manager of the forbes co. Did come to my place and informed me that a replacement was to be installed at my house, however it was 8 days since they have come. However till date that is the last i have heard of him.
I therefore request you to please look into the matter., and revert back to me.
I must confess that it is really annoying that in spite of paying the money in full, i have to face such trouble.
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Eureka Forbes — Aquaguard magna hd, ro uv

 amarnath rao on May 23, 2016
I have purchased the aqua guard from the sales executives who had come home and started calling us after the demo continuously agreed to it and purchased aqua guard and also vacuum cleaner, the issue is with the aqua guard i had an similar issue a couple of months back the water doesnt store and the out flow is too much so i raised a complaint and the person came and told the purifier is gone and replaced it ever since then it worked properly for a month and now i have the same issue i had called the customer care on 18-may-2016 and raised a complaint (Complaint # 87176618) they told me that with...
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Eureka Forbes — Water purifier not working from last 4 months

 Sameer Kondlekar on May 22, 2016
I have a amc with eureka forbes and last 4 months I am struggling to keep water purifier working n number of calls logged and several time engineers are visiting but all efforts went in vain. I have entered in to AMC to get purified water but it is not working at all and top of it unskilled worker from local agency broken internal part and now from last days it is leaking

I don't want to continue the AMC and I want refund since it is comprehensive contract with no use

Sameer Kondlekar
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Eureka Forbes — Aqua guard enhance

 Anicenewton on May 22, 2016
Two months back i registered a service request that the water quality is not good. The technician checked and said filter is not working, need to be replaced. I paid 3500 rupees and replaced. Again the water quality is not good and the technician now says the filter is gone again. I don't know what the hell is going on with eureka forbes. Should we just need to pay 3500 bucks every two months for this machine? I checked with customer care but no convincing response. Please help!

Service request no: 87231741...
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Eureka Forbes — Aqua quard - water not clear problem

 vikram ranka on May 21, 2016
Customer id - 1000570454
On may 15th, i had raised a service request for water slow and water not clear issue. Same day engineer came but he left saying some spare parts he has not brought and he will get them within two days. He pointed that if he does not come in two days register a complaint. Post 15th may, i had register several complaints and reference numbers are 87019143, 87081841, 085162315

Though my machine is under amc, they are not responding and i had to incur rs 100 to get daily three cans. I wants compensation from eureka forbes for making false promises by their...
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Eureka Forbes — Malfunctioning of water purifier reviva

 Ambalam on May 21, 2016
Reference: complaint no.87119387 dated 14-05-2016.
Even though eureka forbes has entered into an annual maintenance contract, in respect of water purifier reviva, vide, contract no.10 24918236 on 28-05-2015 for a period of 2 years from 28-05-2016 to 27-05-2017, against the payment of rs.8270/-, it does not bother to render the service expected of it; in spite of repeated request. As a result, my family is suffering without water to drink. This deliberate act of failure on the part of eureka forbes to render the service for which it has collected the money in advance, by way of the amc; tantamount...
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Eureka Forbes — Aquasure Pearl UV model

 anitha1234 on May 20, 2016
I had purchased an Aquasure from QRS Kottayam in Aug 2014. Now the water is coming in a very slow rate from it. I had registered a complaint via moble. (Ref No 8711403) My Registered Mobile No is 9447161813. Customer ID is 1011336497. The problem is not yet resolved. I had called the Customer care via mobile on 14/05/2016 and they have assured to resolve the problem within two days. But no body has yet attendned my problem. Kindly look into the matter....
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Aquaguard — Complain problem not solve

 sandeepkumar12 on May 19, 2016
मेरे एक्वागार्ड का पावर केबल काम नहीं कर रहा है। दिनांक 13 मई 2016 को एक कंपलेन कस्टम केयर नंबर 0612-3212795 पर दर्ज कराया जिसका नंबर 87099783 है। उसके बाद कंपनी के दो कर्मचारी जिनका माेबाइल नंबर 9955433307 और 9308731896 से फोन आया। लेकिन उसके बाद सर्विंसग के...
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Eureka Forbes — No response even after 12 days of complaint

 deepaktulsiani on May 19, 2016
Complaint number : 87014878
Customer id : 1010931801
Complaint date : 08th may 2016
Description : adapter needs to be replaced
Customer name : deepak
Model : aquagurad - enhance uv + ro
Even after 12 days of complaint, no one eureka forbes contacted for service, customer care executives (Viz, chaitra, sandeep, etc.) gave number of managers (Ratan raju and rao) that were not working or either switched offed all the times.
Raised the complaint around 15 times and customer care executives out the call on "hold" every time and wasted nearly 300 ruppees...
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