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This an Personal Trainer Show, which is after person name Mr.Arfeen Khan, The Person claims he is the master motivational trainer who is endorsed by Bollywood Star Hrithik Roshan, He also has video where Hrithik has been specially roped into his show to praise his apperance.All the claims are obsolete and this mere dubious money making business, the fact was very clear when this Person started advertisement on Social Networking site when I personally clicked to learn about the Person it was directed to his website for claiming free Ticket for his show, Fortunately A message appeared that the Ticket will cost Rs.500/- and other Two Tickets are Free and claiming you will get blue print program free further I paid them & got 2 free tickets one for my friend.In the Ticket Nowhere it was mentoined the Ticket I paid was paid ticket infact it was written a Free Ticket to my surprise.
Further I was so excited and got to the Venue, The Big Surprise!!! The Show cancelled as I walked down the Hall, the Watchmen told you are not allowed in the Hall this show is cancelled for unavoidable consuques, I thought It was some thing beyond reasons So kept quiet.But No mail for cancellation for show, that was hectic .Further Next Day some person called me on my Cell from Arfeen office claiming I have selected specially for Next Show and told me to Book Early for VIP ticket on Front Row But I was determined to Kick thses people out, Theyy try to call my refrence firiends and also try to shell out money, I already warned alll of My friends to Disconnect these Calls.
And the story goes on the shows were cancelled and nobody complained, But today Let me convey this message to general Public to avoid this person & act upon it who is making money without hardwork this is true Fraudster.

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[Apr 05, 2019] Peak Performance Events / customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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I have also paid around 9000/- for some course but it is going to be around 3-4 months and I have not received a single call from Arfeen Khan Team even after reminding several times on email.

Always confirm me that it is going to be held in next month. when next month comes, nothing happens.

I request you all please dont waste single penny on this person ( Arfeen Khan). He is not true to his words.

Even he sells his book in double price during his show while his book is available on amazon on half of the price.
Geena1's reply, Jun 11, 2019
You really need help I think you should really attend his program and get yourself coached . So many people have had brilliant experiences, your obviously a liar.
Here is my experience with this program:

In general they campaign in facebook, I find this ad in FB and applied for this which is free of cost, they have 2 slots 9-1 and 2-6PM, I booked 2-6PM I went along with my friend. During registration before meeting they interact with u, and know about Ur background, then on projecter screen they shows arfeen Khan videos, all videos 2, 5, 8 min videos, one beuatyfull lady explain about that videos and in last clip their real face shows, they ask for coaching of 10 week program, which is cost 4.5L, they offer it at that day around 1.5L. this is 100% Fruad program, truly experienced in Hyderabad Radison Hotel.
Stevebaldwin's reply, May 8, 2019
I am a little concerned that you say it’s your experience when u never experienced the course????
How can you say it’s a fraud program when you never took the course or program.

I feel this hate mail because I experienced the whole program and course and I can truly say it’s probably the best course I ever took because it gave me results and it given me direction and more clarity in life .

The changes in me in the last 6 months have been truly unbelievable
Trishaal's reply, May 8, 2019
Are you upset because the beautiful lady didn't succumb to your overtures?
Geena1's reply, Jun 11, 2019
Your a greasy slime ball who reeks of competition, you obviously are jealous because your a nobody. Get yourself coached, I recommend you join his program.
I am amazed by some of the comments on this forum as being THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF FAKE NEWS.!!!

The haters will alway hate.

The courses are of he highest standard and give great results for those who implement the courses.

I have not seen any course for rs9000 and I have never seen a book being sold in the presentation..

It’s laughable how easy it is write anything you want on this wall without vetting it first..
I have been attending Arfeen Khan's Seminars for 11 Years now.

I attended his first seminar 'The Secret Millionaire Blueprint' in the year 2008 at my hometown Rajkot and have attended most of his programs till date.

My life has transformed because of all these programs. I took action according to the guidance given by Arfeen and therefore I got all the benefits that were promised in the programs.

I feel blessed to have a mentor like Arfeen and I certainly disagree with that all these false claims about his programs and books.

Along with me, thousands of people have attended Arfeen's programs and got 10 times the value we paid for,

The key is, with what intention and attitude are you attending the seminar. That's what matters.

Anyway. I strongly disagree with all these false claims and complains here.
I have taken up his program from last october. It is a program where you are posted to your limits to bring the best of you. I was supposed to finish it in 3 months, but I could finish it only in 5 months. But still arfeen and good team extended their support and I am a successful coach now. They actually deliver more than what they promise.

I can see that the people who have complained here are people who didn't even join the program. I have not seen anyone who experienced the whole program complain.
After you join the program, arfeen has set up amazing mastermind groups where the other people who joined the program come together and support you.
John Pradeep JL's reply, May 8, 2019
Typo *Pushed to your limits
I started attending seminars and programs of Arfeen since 2016, and my experience has been a stronger trust and belief in humanity and a massive discovery of human potential.

I found a mentor in Arfeen at the worst phase of my Life, not only did the man support and guide me but has always been there like a guiding light for thousands o[censored]s.

Little did I know that a program can change my Life so drastically!!

If it wasn't for my mentor Arfeen, I would have written complaints and cribbed about my life like the rest of the people who have written negatives here.

From his books to his programs to all his teachings, it's simple, effective and result driven, it is not for people who would not want to experience transformation and change in life.

I can only say that a person who is so genuine and authentic in his teachings and has impacted millions of lives should impact a billion more lives, and may his greatness be experienced by one and all, and if you are fortunate enough, you will not be the one to ever complain :)

Rahul, I have attended Arfeen Khan's sessions for years now and am absolutely surprised about your experience. Arfeen has changed my life and has helped me to take my life to the next level. I have signed up for the Coach To A Fortune program as well and don't resonate with anything that you've said. I think you're just sour and suggest that you get coached by Arfeen as he is India's best! They don't sell the program for 9000 and they don't sell any books there.

Rahul, it's not nice to lie about anyone. Remember, karma is a b/tch and you will get many times the negativity that you are spreading. So man up and seek help instead of spreading false rumours.

Arfeen's team is helpful and Arfeen shares more knowledge and inputs than you (with your disastrous English) can probably understand
I am horrified by how much some people can lie!

I started attending Arfeen’s seminar when I was 15 years old, I was insecure, lost, clueless, under confident... Today I am 21, I am Coach, Ted Speaker, You tuber and someone who’s impacted people.

I truly believe that you get what you’re looking for in life! I’ve never seen anyone who cares about people the way Arfeen does.

But like they say- Haters and going to hate so god bless you guys! I hope you realize that what you’re doing by these fake comments is taking away the opportunity of a lifetime from others..

Spread love and you’ll get love! Lots of love!
It's really painful to see such hate posts for someone who really think and do so much for others, Arfeen is one of the most genuine person I met in my life.
I always say getting Arfeen as my mentor is the answer of my prayers.

It's been almost 2 years knowing him and everytime I meet him, I get the courage to deal with life better and a mission to make a difference in others life.

There are people who are hate agents and always believe in pointing out on others with negativity.

Dear hate agents of Arfeen, Trust me guys, when in few years you will not achieve anything in your life by blaming everyone, even yourself... PLEASE COME to Arfeen, he will surely unwire your brain, he will not judge you or blame you for writing negative comments against him... He is that compassionate and he is much much above you, which you cannot even measure with your level o[censored]nderstanding.

I have joined one of Arfeen Khan's program almost 2.5 years ago. During this time, I have been able to not only transform myself, but also transform the lives of hundreds of people. Arfeen has conducted his sessions with integrity and has almost always shared much more than what was required.

I think these false posts about Arfeen and his program are either by losers, or by his competitors. After all, they haven't experienced the massive impact that he delivers...they have even submitted false information about his course and the prices (I have never seen a Rs. 9, 000 program and his book being sold at his seminars).

There is a saying 'Haters will hate'. I just hope that they take a small part of their negative energy, put it into being a part of Arfeen's program and experience the magic of life, rather than crying in the corner. Get a life! Man up!
For all the haters of Arfeen, I would only say that you have missed the mentorship of the most amazing mentor due to your hatredness in heart.

Having joined his courses, I have got a direction in life. Have got a chance to meet him during the training sessions and he is totally a man of ethics and his words.

I don't think I would have been able to get amazing breakthroughs in life without his guidance.

My gratitude to him for all that I have achieved.
This is really painful to see these negative comments against the person who spread so much positivity in others life. Arfeen is one of the most genuine person I met in my life, who is a perfect example of humanity, humbleness and kindness.
I always say, Arfeen is the answer of my prayers that I got a coach and a mentor like him.

He helped me to look both inward and outward, and helped me to bring a balance in my life, its just a year and a half.

Dear haters, when you will be tired spreading negativity in others life and yours too, PLEASE COME to Arfeen he will rewire your brain without judging you. You will never be able to reach where he is, where your thoughts ends, his starts. That is why you have got these negative feelings.
Peace & Love 🙏
Well, I am not going to talk about the course as I haven’t experienced it but I would like to highlight something. As I write this I have just come back from a 4 hr session my a trainer at Novotel Hotel in Delhi. In a nutshell it was a pleasant and a rosey session coupled with hard core marketing by Arfeen himself specially towards the end. Honestly, I think they all do it. But what was sad was his team hard selling it by putting people down when they are leaving without enrolling, now that’s stooping down to another low. That’s unethical and highly unprofessional, in fact there was a point where I thought I might give it a shot but by the time I got to see the final few bits on offer I was like no, no matter how good the program is if your team is like that it’s pathetic. Coaching is a sacred and pure business, where people sometimes pay any amount to receive training and guidance, and when I see a big name like Arfeen falling to that level to enrol people it’s shameful. All I can say is be wise.
For all those people who do not attend the seminar, just walk in and comment, salute

There are very few people in this world of his caliber, he’s a man of a fantastic mindset and if you allow yourself to learn, sky id the limit

I vouch for him and he is a game changer, taste the pudding and then comment ( isn’t that fair ? )

The more you attend his sessions, the more you learn .

For all those people who have commented, are you guys even genuine participants or competitors? Or have you guys been planted by competition? Am just asking

Recently I have attended a free programme in Westin, Gurgaon. This is very much true that, nobody can write a comment about the hole programme with out joining/attending the course.

Actually I also wanted to join the 10 week programme, but it was out of my reach, because the price (1.5 Lakhs) is extremely high for a retired person like me.

May be I'll be able to join the course in future when Mr. Arfeen drastically reduces the course fee for a common person like me.


It’s such a great program! Only an absolute idiot wouldn’t join. I bet you this guy putting the bad review is competition. Buddy get better at your job and stop putting people down.
I have recently attended the Program. Undoubtedly Arfeens Process elevates us from where we are to where we want to go. I have implemented the process and saw the enormous changes in my self.
Without completely attending and commenting a person and process is always wrong. We will come to know the value of it as invaluable only after implementing on ourselves, ... before that we see only cost of it. I believe Undoubtedly Arfeen khan is a rare personality who has mastered the science of life.
Arfeen is a dedicated Trainer! He is a great mentor.I am glad i did his course and could spend some time with him
during the Mumbai mega event. he had just become a dad but did not cancel the show-we are all human
-if a show got cancelled it doesnt mean that the trainer lacks sincerity.
Its interesting to see how Arfeen Khan's team has taken over the comments here. That in general is my impression of his program - you pay a lot of money, and then you have no choice but to completely buy into it. One gets the feeling that these supporters - some of them quite young - are naive. I don't doubt that Arfeen is genuine - but the way the program is structured is simply wrong.

I have paid for his course, and let me give some honest feedback: Your materials are poor quality, and your calls are badly managed and a waste of time - long on promises but literally no content. it is utterly disheartening to attend those calls, where you see that the participants who have paid for the program have no clue what they have gotten into. Far from inspiring, it is a reality check. Basically, they want to train you to be a coach, but sell the program as a self help program. Huh ? Justifiably, people are confused.

Folks, time to eat humble pie and understand that things are a lot less rosy than you imagine them to be.

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