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Dear sir/madam,
Please note that i am frequenter at the said place but other than inox attached toilets, the rest...


I bought a slawar suit in October 2007 from:

City Centre
Shop #10, Phase 1,
Salt Lake
Bidhan Nagar
Kolkata - 700064

we paid Rs 2099/- and the product was defective, immediately I took the item to "Fi", who kept the product and promised to fix the defect, after two reminders and nearly 20 days we got the product back only to find that nothing has been done to fix the defect. Again, we took the item to the shop who kept the item and promised to fix it, after nearly a month the product was aparently ready. To our horror when we went to pick up the item nothing has been fixed again! It became all too aparent that the shop was playing a time game without any intention to fix the same or offer a refund, on confronting the shop personnel they agreed to give us a replacement, however we had to wait for a week and return again as the shop did not have a tag for the item also they tried to squeeze us out by saying that we only paid Rs 1999/- for the item intead of Rs 2099/- and approached the whole issue with a matter of fact attitude. Thankfully we had the credit card statement which proved the amount charged by Fi and we returned to the shop to produce the same, they had to accept the same. However when we chose a product which was Rs 400 more that that initial purchase, they refused even a 1 paisa discount saying that they cannot help it. It took us five trips to the shop ..petrol, parking and most importantly time to get one purchase sorted and the shop is acting like a bully.

If I am not mistaken- retail outlets are obliged to refund money in the event a product is defective which Fi is not willing, it is even unwilling to offer any discounts etc. to compensate the customer for an exchange. It has been three months since we bought the product and no solution seems to surface and looks like giving in to demand of rogue retailers in India as the practice has been for ages. We have been now issued with a credit note on demand as we wanted to buy time to get opinion on this issue and make a formal complaint.
Aug 13, 2020
Complaint marked as Resolved 
These type of retailers should be made to pay heavy compensation to customers to make them realise that customers are the reason for their existence and not the other way round.
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