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Kapils Salon — beard trimming

 Siddant Raina on Dec 17, 2018
I had gone for beard trimming, though my beard is little hard which he knee when he saw and touched it. When my trimming was done, he had to use blade or ustraa to make the down line neck portion to be shaved which resulted in cuts. But i have done this in many salons even in enrich bit this never happened and what they charge is 350 bucks for such a poor service and carelessness and unprofessional people.
Why should one pay so much for such pathetic service....
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Kapils Salon — making my hair style worse

 Manju Chavan
Date: 12/9/2017 - kapils salon, viviana mall, thane

I got a hair cut, as suggested by their beautician (Anita jogi). The next day my complete hair style got messed up, and when i went back and complained about the same to the receptionist (Namrata bhagtani), she told me that they can't do anything now and if they do, the complete responsibility will be mine if anything happens to my hair style.
This means that they will do anything with my hair and i have to accept it. Is this kind of service worth paying so much. This behavior is not acceptable.

I need my hair...
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Kapils Salon — Fraud People

Total WASTE OF TIME. TOTAL BS.The WORST EXPERIENCE I had today. Got free service from shopper stop which is total waste and when we go to salon to get it done they have no time to do and once they start doing the service they force us to do additional service as well. I told them to do free basic haircut and confirmed with hair stylist as well but he did some useless haircut and had to pay for it which i haven't told him to do. Didn't even give the Bill for the service which i did not even want them to do....
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