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23/C, Mahal Industrial Estate, Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri (East)
Mumbai City District
India - 400093
Landmarks:Near Paper Box Lane

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Regional Office
23/C, Mahal Industrial Estate,
Opp. Travellers Inn Hotel,
Paper Box Lane,
Mahakali Caves Road,
Andheri (E),
Mumbai – 400 093

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Awesome! This company provides an awesome customer support service, responds to our every notification, and resolves most of the user complaints.

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Kaya Skin Clinic — reactions on my body

 Priyanka Sharma02 on Mar 4, 2019
Regret the day i decided to get full body laser hair removal from kaya. Initially before the session they seemed to be very polite that no reaction or side effects arr there and it is all safe. I got my second session done on 15th january 2019 from preet vihar branch and since then i am reaction and marks on all my body. I went there to show that and then they prescribed me some medicines but still no improvement is there.
I mailed this complaint thrice and still did not get any quick revert. They all are so unprofessional that instead of getting me treated they just told me it doesn’t...
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Kaya Skin Clinic — no results from d treatment

 Neha Mohabe on Mar 3, 2019
As from d beginning of session no such improvement been seen on my face neither on my hair.
Huge investment made by me which i requested for installments but forced by kaya people to make it at once.
Now after raising my voice two times, i 've been suppressed by them telling their own dermatological terminology to me.
I feel like cheated.
I request now u people to refund my money back, otherwise i have to go through other route for justice....
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Kaya Skin Clinic — staff and services

 Uma Bagla on Mar 1, 2019
Hi, I m Uma I hv a complain about Preet Vihar customer care manager ""Bhawna"" she is very rude and money sick lady. I have taken laser services for arms, bikini and under arms, peeled, facials etc. I didn't use my service for 2 yrs as I was in the city. Now they don't entertain me well. They always say that the settings left are expired on the day of booked appointment. It happened twice. Bhawna os not at all customer friendly, always come up with excuses. They don't take actions on the stop. They are asking me to take a new package by making me face delay for my previous settings. I am highly...
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Kaya Skin Clinic — dissatisfied with filler treatment under eye

 Bhavnabh on Feb 19, 2019
I had undergone filler treatment for under eye sunkeness hollowness.. Completely dissatisfied with the results visited the clinic day after the treatment to which the area manager assured me to wait for fewdays and if the results are stillnot visible she would provide the filler treatment again at her own expense.
Completly flipping after 10days she refused to accept what she promised.
This has been the worst experience ever. Will never visit kaya ever!!!...
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Kaya Skin Clinic — veena chadha [Resolved]

 Veena Chadha on Feb 16, 2019
I was advised q switch, which was totally useless, exhorbitant amount was charged for six sittings with no significant improvement, also i was not informed of the option of four sittings, by parul who had attended to me. Total waste of money and fooling customers.
I had visited the clinic at ambience mall vasant kunj and the staff didnt bother to mention about alk the treaments. I was speaking with parul there, who just told me about this treatment which was for 21, 000 and not a single treatment costing less was told. Even after paying a huge amount, there has been not even 1% change on...
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Kaya Skin Clinic — you guys are a total fraud and cheaters [Resolved]

 sandhyayadagani on Feb 4, 2019
Why did you guys suggest me to go for pain free laser when you want me now convert to ndac? Just because you can get more money?
I was not informed that at kukatpally, you don't have pain free laser and even prp. But you made me to pay for it.

Instance1- they booked a slot at kukatpllay and made me to go to banjarahills who dont know anything
Instance2- they said they booked an appointment at banjarahills. After taking a leave from office to get the services and go to another branch, they say there was no appointment booked. On top of it employees there were extremely...
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Kaya Skin Clinic — disaster experience! [Resolved]

 Larisa Olanio on Feb 4, 2019
Yesterday it's a big mistake, i visited kaya clinic city center for basic facial with extraction, and made an appointment at 6:45 for the following day.in the afternoon the next day i received a call from the clinic asking me if i want to come earlier around 2pm as they have available slot to do the facial but this timing wasn't suiting me. At 5:55pm again i received a call from the clinic asking me to rebook my appointment for tomorrow in qurum branch because apparently they have issue with the machine and the doctor availability. I beleive that they were just running late and trying to remove...
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Kaya Skin Clinic — complaint regarding misleading customers and no improvement in face hair reduction it got increased instead of reduction. [Resolved]

 anju_12340 on Feb 2, 2019
My name is anju,
I have taken the full face and underarms laser 6 session package. 5 session has been finished but i don't see any decrease in hair growth (You can see the pictures taken by them). Due to face laser treatment, i have developed pimples on my face. At the time of purchasing of the package, the receptionist and doctor said that after six-session you will need a session in either in 6 months or in a year. Now they don't have any answer, why growth is increased? Doctor every time tried something new but still not getting any result. I have paid around 33000 but still...
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Kaya Skin Clinic — pathetic client service and false promises to sell their packages [Resolved]

 shanshr on Feb 1, 2019
Sold package to me promising that the points do not expire and can be used throughout life for any service in the future.
All points have expired within one and a half year of purchase; the company says they sent messages and so they are not liable to keep up to the false promise they made while selling the package.
I have been enquiring since i received the first message; assuming that it is some system issue as i trusted the clinic manager who had sold me the products; but it turns out that this company is a fraud and gives no hood to what the clients concerns are nor do they take...
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Kaya Skin Clinic — session got expired [Resolved]

 sbhavya_7 on Jan 30, 2019
I visit kaya regularly. One of my session which was scheduled on 29th novbut because i was out of town i couldnt avail that
Since 15th jan i am asking them for this last session but they havent arranged yet
Also my last left session is for bikini but my sole purpose for taking kaya session was to reduce my facial hair (Which has apparently not been reduced yet even after taking maintennace sessions)
Now i want to convert my bikini session to face (Which means side logs, upperlips and chin) where as bimla from kaya galleria told me that i can't take chin because in face only...
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Kaya Skin Clinic — outsmarting staff and cheats [Resolved]

 Sanya Dhankhar on Jan 19, 2019
I wanted to do facial hair reduction treatment. Staff told me the is some offer going on go for full body. I took the advice. I had only two sessions and now they are saying only 1 is left whereas i was promised 6. Wat is use of investing lakhs of amount over the yrs where they are just fooling and cry for. Giving apointment
They first cry out for appointment then make the work so slow nd kill our time. Also the is no female doctor at kaya adhyar clinic...
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Kaya Skin Clinic — cheating and misleading customer [Resolved]

 Nitika Joneja on Jan 4, 2019
The clinic at galleria market gurgaon is only concerned about meeting their sales targets and cheating and misguiding their customers. The clinic managers (Kavita and chanda) are also of no help. They only know how to make money. I had paid full amount for the package but later in between the sessions i was informed that there is a pending payment and without clearing the pending payment i cannot consume those sittings. It happens with me twice. I had to pay unnecessarily extra money. Even after paying extra money my packages were deleted. I have no option left other than filing dispute with the...
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Kaya Skin Clinic — indiranagar branch bangalore very rude [Resolved]

 Abhinik AN on Dec 29, 2018
Visited the indiranagar bangalore branch yesterday, i had a voucher of rs.1000. When i asked them to redeem it on a clean up they said they cannot because there is a difference amount of rs.10. Just for 10rs can such a reputed and big organisation loose a client?? Is this is what you inculcate in your employees?
I have been a regular client since 2010 - 8 years of a valuable customer who is now in the gold level since i have paid lacs for all my services. N this is the treatment i get from a staff for just 10 rs?. How cheap.
Moreover the look on their face and their changed attitude...
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Kaya Skin Clinic — multiple scars on the face after peels [Resolved]

 samiransg on Dec 21, 2018
I have been using kaya service for quite sometime now. However, on tuesday 19th december, during the peel service, which has some acidic ingredients, left multiple scars on my face. This is absolutely not acceptable. They tried to give some medicines / ointments when i visited them the next day, but that does not take away the gross negligence of the doctor and the unit on that day.
Now these scars will go with time, but i want heavy compensation from kaya so that they improve their internal processes accordingly to bring in better control and training of their staff....
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Kaya Skin Clinic — service and beautician behaviour [Resolved]

 [email protected] on Dec 20, 2018
I had visited kaya skin clinic louden street kolkata. Betucian vishali singh was there to take my session, she was behaviouing with me very casual, like her friend not a client, even she is using tum to address me her behaviour was so much casual towards me, even she forgot to apply mask by the end of session, she applied it after my reminder. After the session i had asked for feedback book she told me that u will got link through message and there you can give your feedback, but i didn't get any link.
Please trend your betucian to be professional and polit towards client, i am visiting kaya...
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Kaya Skin Clinic — laser treatment - hair increase instead of reducing [Resolved]

 SweetyJain on Dec 19, 2018
I underwent full body laser treatment and paid 1 lakh for the same. Instead of hair reduction my facial hair has increased and skin texture has deteriorated.
Earlier i had flawless skin and now there are rashes and acne. I have undergone more than 20 sittings for face and the facial hair has become thick specially in chin area.

I feel cheated and regret that i chose kaya for this service. Either i want my money back or provide alternative solution. My email id - abacus. [email protected]
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Kaya Skin Clinic — treatment price increased and rude behaviour [Resolved]

 Gesu Mittal on Dec 19, 2018
I want to share my experience with kaya clinic, pacific mall, subhash nagar, delhi

I visited the centre on 17 nov after taking a web appointment. I was interested in taking laser hair removal treatment for upper lips. The centre manager, paramjeet quoted a price of rs. 12, 990 and when i requested her to check if any discount was possible, she told me rs. 9093 for 6 sessions. I took a trial session and told param as well as the therapist (Shabana) that i will come after a month for my first session.

On 17 dec i got a system generated reminder message from kaya for my...
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Kaya Skin Clinic — cheating on money [Resolved]

 Rejjohmen on Dec 10, 2018
I have been using Kaya Cochin programs from 2016 to 2018. I had also happily referred 2 individuals to Kaya who has used their programs. As per Kaya referral policies I am bound to get 3000rs to my Kaya account which I had to go back and forth for months to get this amount. And finally they credited the same into my account in Nov 2018. A day after, I get a message saying these points were used against some payment that was pending on a session I had taken in 2016, which I had already paid for. I had visited the Cochin store numerous times for doctors visits and booking sessions and never once mentioned...
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Kaya Skin Clinic — kaya service for laser and peel [Resolved]

 Monika Piplani on Dec 9, 2018
Hello, i have availed kaya - instaclarity laser and peel-advanced service for rs 35000 from kaya skin clinic-sector 18 noida. I have undergone 12 sessions in total in 4 months. But after the completion of sessions, i have not got atleast 20 percent of result, instead my skin become more worse and getting severe acne. This is so depressing as after so much commitmentts by kaya representative and spending too much money, i get no results and skin becomes worse a (You can see the pictures taken by them). After talking with manager over their, they said you can take some other treatments which were...
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Kaya Skin Clinic — very much disappointed with the treatment [Resolved]

 Monika09 on Dec 7, 2018
Dear kaya,
I took a treatment to reduce pigmentation on my face in jubilee hills kaya. When i started taking treatment initially it was fine but later on i dontknow what they had done on my face i started getting pimples over my face which i never got pimples in my entire life till now. I told those doctors and employees who are working there but they are very least bothered about this, they are not responding on this, they say all stupid reasons which are not acceptable at all.
I raised a complaint, dropped a mail to kaya but i didnt get any reapond. Still i have some sessions but...
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