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Stray Dogs — number of stray dogs in our area has increased

 shaheda135 on Jan 15, 2018
I am a resident of baggi khana locality in himayatnagar area. Here the number of stray dogs has increased a lot some of them are suffering from diseases as well. Locals from the back side basti are hiding them when dog catchers are coming to catch them. Its not safe for us to go out from evening to early morning because those dogs are barking and roaming in locality. Most of us in this area works in night shifts we feels scared to go out and while coming back in the morning. I request the municipal authorities to kindly look into this on priority basis. Thank you....
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Stray Dogs — complaint about stray dogs

 Parth Godguru on Jan 8, 2018
Hi i'm resident of sec-23 and here stray dogs has suddenly increased in number. They live in packet and litter everything's from dustbins. They even attack any person they find alone. Even they are cause of many accidents over here, as they suddenly come up in roads and vehicle met with an accidents while saving them. Even today, i dog hit my car when i was coming from office. Govt. Should take immediate step for this concern as this is for there and our safety also. I can understand that dogs are men's best friend, but stray dogs are really causing trouble for everyone of us. Please take appropriate...
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Stray Dogs — street dog

 JAYANTHI M on Jan 5, 2018
Am living in adambakkam, surendra nagar, 6th street. There's a ferocious stray dog (Red one with a neck tag) chasing bikers and walkers in the street. This one is seen in the 6th street, 3rd cross, surendra nagar, adambakkam, chennai 88. Please do the needful to remove these harmful stray dogs roaming in the streets. Also, i did notice that in surendra nagar 6th street, lot of tagged stray dogs that were captured from other areas are freed here, causing menace to people around. Please take necessary action....
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Stray Dogs — remove stray dogs

 Sjn1503 on Oct 15, 2017
Hi we stays at wood stock house no. 128 2nd floor, nirvana country sector 50, we r fed up with stray dogs as when ever we enter this society these dogs start following and tryies to bite.

If not safe to walk om roada because of these dogs.

Please remove these dogs from his society so that we can live peacefully.

Sourabh jain
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Stray Dogs — stray dogs are chasing people and running behind vehicles

 Sindhuja B.D on Oct 6, 2017
There are 2-3 dogs in our lane, whenever we start from home, we only think about those dogs, its a huge problem. Whenever we start to office or step out to road, these dogs began to chase and run behind my two wheeler. And because of this we speed up and scared of meeting with accidents, please control them or solve this problem by any means.

Children and senior citizens are suffering so much...
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Stray Dogs — lots of stray dogs in vishranti city extension

 Shivanisood on Sep 22, 2017
Sir m residing in vishranti city extension gazipur road zirakpur near savitry 2. This area is full of stray dogs n number are countless of them
They remain bark in morning & eve all the time and attack on every other person. We have small school going kids as well n that really scared us. Plz send person n vans to pick these dogs away from here....
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Stray Dogs — Stray dogs in cb cid officers colony, hydernagar-500072

 ark_09 on Jul 12, 2017
Dear sir/madam,

There is rampant rise in stray dogs in cb cid officers colony, hydernagar-500072 and giving sleepless nights. I request you to please send stray dog catcher and eradicate the problem for which act of kindness, i shall be grateful to you.

Lane#10, meadow land apartments
Rama murthy nagar, cbcid colony
Hydernagar, hyderabad-500 072...
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Stray Dogs — Removal of stray dogs

 Aayush Kamani on Jun 4, 2017
Dear sir/madam,

I reside at kamal kunj, vidyanidhi marg, jvpd, juhu west. The lane outside our building is not lit and in the night there are 4-5 stray dogs who continuously bark, run after cars and people and also scare children.
Request your urgent intervention in removing the stray dog menace and do something about the street lights outside a residential building. My wife finds it unsafe to get out of the building because of the both above mentioned reasons.
Thanking you,
Aayush kamani...
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Stray Dogs — Stray dogs capture

 Triparna Banerjee on May 31, 2017

I am living at 4th cross road Sector A Amruthnagar Bangalore 560092, and the amount of dogs increased drastically and they bark whole day due to which we cannot sleep in the night, also they are damaging private property my car is damaged scratched and my car cover is torn into pieces by these dogs.

Please capture these dogs immediately....
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Stray Dogs — Menace of stray dogs

 stareen on May 24, 2017
This is to bring to your kind notice that I am a resident of D-block South City Ludhiana. There are‚Äč numerous stray dogs roaming around in our streets. They have made it very difficult to pass by. They bark at every passer by. Today one of them but my daughter of 6 yrs age. They are a real menace for residents here and people who visit us or pass by.Pleaseeeeee see into the matter and help us get rid of these harmful stray street dogs.
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