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 Abianand on Jan 25, 2012
We the victim of abinaya construction were cheated by coupon forgery on 25/01/2012.. They called us and said that you have been chosen by luck and then they said that you have won Rs 45000 gift voucher and you can purchase any home appliance for 45000. They asked us to come to their place in tambaram iyasami street near icici bank. When we went there they compelled and forced us to join their CELEBRITY CLUB scheme, nearly three different people came and negotiated with us and forced us to join their scheme,they were giving us mental tension for about 2 hours continuously without any refreshments,when we avoided their scheme they tried to brain wash us.As we were strong consumers we were strong in our decision we wanted Rs.45000 voucher to buy home appliances.At last when we did not accept what they said.They brought us out and and gave a small gift box worth Rs 50 and a coupon which entitled free goa trip,but actually it was not free,it was not worth at all.
We also have taken photos and videos of the people negotiating with us if you want the photos please do let me know
my e-mail id is aabianand@gmail.com

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sushen constructions pvt ltd — additional statement

Cell No.[protected]

Please kindly send the details of outgoing call history

Thanking you,

construction — call details

Cell No.[protected]

Please send the call details of the above said Mobile No.

Thanking you

construction — get this message

i am raviraj i was got this message are your mobile no has won you $ 750.000.00 in the 2009
shell nigeria live international mobile draw to claim emil rev morgan nelson.
i am not understanding this message so pls explain to me exact what is this meaning by message?

Even I got the same call from Abniya Constructions. We need to warn shop's like Reliance Trend who are encuraging such activities (Not sure if they do it knowingly or Un-knowingly). But we need to report this to the right athority & get them remanded for the fraud activity.

Thanks & much appreciated.
Yes, definitely i too have bad experience in Abniya Constructions they did the same thing to me also on 10 March 2012, really i was fool that time because i took my parents to their place, at last i feelt ashamed of myself and also i thought some how to punish them but i can’t do anything with single i should have some companions’ like you friend. Tell me how to punish them, definitely ill come...
i have got call on yesterday, my husband rejected because it might be fraud, and i check in net and came to know they are fradulent. thank you very much for your post..otherwise we all go there and wasted our time..
My husband got call on yesterday. This sunday we plan to go their place. check in net and see your post about their fradulent.You saved our time. Thank you very much for your post. It educate many people like us. Continue your social service like this way.
Today we received a call from Abniya Constructions saying the same info. Thanks guys you have saved your time and energy. Some thing must be done about this thing
Thanks to Consumer Complaints Website.
I would like to go with mig_ragu, we should try to remand them for their fraud activity.
Guys really thank you for your posts, I got call from junk company and just wanted to check on the net, thank god you guys saved our time and money
My wife also got a call. Thank you guys for your post.
They are not stopping their cheats. Stupid fellows.
omg.. i have also received call from them and said same blah blah to me.. am wondering how they are cheating innocent people.We should warn Reliance trend guys to not support like this fraudlent. Thanks everyone for saving time and get to know about this BS.
I got the call from them today[protected], to receive the gift coupon and kitchen set. They said that they have selected from the lucky from 35 Chennai Book fair. I crossed checked this with BAPASI who conducted the Book fair. They said it was a bogus call and asked me not to go. They said that they will register a complain. Thanks for the people who shared this information and making other peoples aware.
I got the call to receive gift coupon worth of Rs 45, 000. I know that nobody can give you a gift to any unknown person. When I expressed my in ability to attend with my wife she merely asked me to send my friend with his wife. This itself indicates they planned for cheating.If prize is really for me, how can I ask somebody to receive on my behalf without any proof.They cannot cheat people like this. We should not be greedy.

Ketkaravan kenaiyanaga irundhal keppaiyil nei vadiyumam -- PROVERB.

Only fools can believe that you can get Ghee from Ragi.

Let them promote business honestly. The day is not far off they will be out of business soon. I am cursing. Every body's curse will have its own cumulative effect.
Yes guys, I do suffered the same today. Thanks for sharing, this helped to finalise its FRAUD CALL
Me too got the call from them.Anyway i checked the net and by reading this i came to know that this is a fraudulent call.Saved my precious time.Thanks guys for keeping updated.
Today i recevied a call from same company. can i go or not.
Like you people I also got a call yesterday and i cross checked with BAPASI who told us that it is only a prank call. Thanks for your posting.
You are all some handful of brave people on earth unlike me.
I have posted this complaint after i became the victim of abinaya coupon forgery.
Always check on the internet to escape prank call.
I am very glad to help atleast some people.

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