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We had booked for journey with Air-Asia from Singapore to Phuket for Nov. 26, 2008. On reaching the airport we were informed that the flight was cancelled and our booking was transferred to the next day i.e. Nov. 27.

Again on Nov. 27th the flight was cancelled. In addition to this our flight from Phuket to Bangkok was also reported canceled due to closure of the Bangkok airports.

Both our tickets were canceled and we were assured of credit refund on credit card.

We have been regularly writing e-mails, none of which have been replied by Air Asia. The refund has also not been credited to my card yet.

Air Asia has no call centre in India. Even on calling their call centres at Bangkok/Singapore there is no proper response.

Please advise e-mail id of some competent authority whom this matter may be referred to.

Complaint Status

[Nov 20, 2014] Air Asia customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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As per above complaints, we have also booked our tickets from Bagkok / Krabi and got an intimation of flight cancellation due to political unrest and after following up on the same and sending numerous mails, there was not response from Air Asia, we are really frustrated as our money is also blocked on the same.

Pleae advise us the contact number inorder to trace the same.
I totally agree. Air Asia have a huge way to go with customer communication and time frames. I was also told 30 working days for my refund but still waiting.I even contacted Tony Fernandez Blog site and he personally contacted me insuring I would receive my refund ASAP. The customer service officer has been difficult to communicate with me. Getting very tired of this service. Its not good at all. If Tony Feranadez reads this site., I challenge him to do something about these complaints. For a start employ staff you are communicative and dont make up dates and stories. Refunding passengers for indcidents like political instability at airports is something they should see is not the problem of the passenger.

I have been traveling to and from Malaysia for over thirty years and now reside here with my wife and child. I have businesses in the UK and Malaysia and still clock over 200, 000 air miles a year. I have traveled Air Asia on several occasions over the past few years and received the service expected from a budget airline.

Unfortunately my trip to Laos on the 19th of February 2009 with Air Asia turned out to be one of the most disastrous and humiliating experiences of my life. Being disabled I made sure that I informed the ticket center at least 48 hours prior to my departure that as I am unable to climb stairs that I would require the service of their “Ambulift”. The gentleman at your call center confirmed that a note had been put on my reservation and told me that I should report to the two desks that would handle my request and a wheel chair. When I arrived at the airport with my wife and son, we checked in and went to a desk which was right at the end of the check-in desks and was, I believe numbered sixty something. The Malay guy at the desk confirmed my request for the “Ambulift” and then told me to go to desk 41 for a wheel chair, which I did, also telling them that I had requested the “Ambulift”.

After going through passport control I was pushed to the gate only then to be told that the Ambulift was not available. This was some 5 minutes before boarding and at no time prior to this was I informed that it was not available. To add insult to injury I was then questioned as to whether I had even requested it.

To get me on board the aircraft 3 of the ground staff carried me and the wheel chair up the stairs which was not pleasant for me and most strenuous for them but I was on board an we flew to Vientiane only to find that I had an even worse problem there.

After several attempts it was decided that I was too heavy to carry down the steps in the wheel chair and one of the ground staff then grabbed me and attempted to carry me on his back which resulted in me on the floor of the aircraft after he dropped me. I suffered severe chest pain and it was only when the air crew came to my rescue that I was able to stand back up again and get my breath. To cut a very long story short, there was no way that the staff were able to get me down the stairs and I ended up crawling down to the runway on my hands and knees. To add insult to injury several people boarding another aircraft stopped to film my decent on there video camera’s. With apologies from the aircrew who seemed to be most embarrassed, I was wheeled in to the terminal with my suit covered in dirt and dust and my hand filthy.

I can honestly say that I have never been so embarrassed and humiliated in my life.

Air Asia had over 48 hours to advise me that A. The Ambulift at K.L. was not available and B. That there were no facilities in Vientiane for disabled passengers.

I sent a complaint to Air Asia on the 4th of March 2009 and every week since but have yet to receive a reply.
I posted a blog just over a week ago with regards the treatment, as a disabled passenger, I received from Air Asia following a trip from Kuala Lumpur to Laos with my family. Being someone that believes that others should be warned if an airline can not, or does not provide the services that it offers, I related my long tale of woe and castigate Air Asia for its failings. I am now however pleased to report that I am, to say the least, most impressed with the response that I have received from Air Asia following my complaint. I did not receive a long list of excuses, my problems were not blamed on computer error or even worse something that I did wrong. Air Asia did what most big companies never seem to do and simply said that they were sorry and that they had got it wrong. Not only did I receive a written apology, several telephone calls from their call centre but I was also telephoned by the Guest Services and Operations Manager Eddie Tan with a full explanation of what went wrong and most important, what Air Asia were doing to ensure that it wouldn’t happen again. OK anyone can write a letter and anyone can pick up a telephone to shut a complaining customer up, if your lucky but I actually received a heart felt apology from Mr Tan that was genuine. It would appear that ground crew, check in staff and even cabin crew were interviewed regarding the incident in an attempt to pinpoint the areas of failure. Like a lot of things a few miner errors, someone entering a wrong code here, an unread fax there, were compounded into one major cock-up of which, unfortunately, I was the recipient. It’s nice to know that young as Air Asia is and as large as Air Asia is becoming, it is not taking the stance of a lot of airlines and that consider disabled people as a necessary evil that can be treated like and that Air Asia has the guts to say, we were wrong, we’re sorry and we will make sure it doesn’t happen again. Apology accepted Air Asia.
Air asia is fooling around airlines. I, ve been fooled by their customer service to pay the air fare twice. The first payment they claimed they have not got my payment due to system error. And the customer service confirmed me that no double charge may happen. However, after check to my bank statement, they realy charged me twice. i sent my complaint attached with my bank statement on the next day. I have called many times and they just keep delaying. First, they say 14 days processing time. and then another 30 days.after that, another 30 days, its almost 4 months!!! and i still have not get any response from them. really bad service!! And another problem is they don't have office in singapore. everytime have to call air asia in Kuala Lumpur. And the customer is very rude.
The problem with Air Asia is clear and simple.
As long as you actually use the flight their is no problem but do not even bother to try to get your money back. Once it is paid you can kiss your goodbye

Last year in November I booked a return ticket from Jakarta to Bali. The return flight was so incredibly delayed (> 5hrs) that I purchased alternative tickets on Garuda Indonesia. Upon showing the Air Asia staff the boarding passes of the GA flight they processed my refunds (as stipulated in their regulation for delayed flights) with the promiss that I would be credited for the full amount (2.6 mln RP) on my cc.

I have not received my money back till so far and after asking, begging and pleading them to get me back my money. I get the same respons all the time….”we are looking into it…”…yeah right…for 5 months already.

My take-out is clear and easy: once you handed over your money to Air Asia it is gone no matter what they stipulate in their refunds policy!
I had the most unpleasant experience with Air Asia. With no prior knowledge of its service quality, I booked Air Asia for connecting to Krabi from Kuala Lampur. I was supposed to retuen from Krabi to Kuala Lampur on a transit visa, which the immigration authorities in Kuala Lampur assured is valid, and then from KL to Delhi via Malaysian Airlines. In fact I changed from Thai to Malaysian because it was saving me some time. The ground staff at Krabi Air Asia Sales Counter(Jiranan P) refused me and my young children boarding passses on the claim that the transit visa is unacceptable. She refused to check with KL International airport immigration which issued me the visa. Ultimately I had to buy fresh tickets on Thai Airways to Bangkok, stay overnight there and then fly to New Delhi.
I've never encountered such rude and unhelpful, arrogant behaviour from any airline staff. I think Air Asia is the worst airline that exists, out to fleece passengers with no sensitivity to service.
They cancelled our flight to our honeymoon destination costing us an arm and a leg to rebook late with another airline. When I got through to an assistant on the phone to ask why we had not been refunded she pretended should couldn't hear me properly once she looked into my case. I am angry and frustrated and will NEVER EVER fly with them again they cancelled our flight in April and it is now November still no refund and no apology.
I have met Air Asia staff that shout at guest when the problem was simple because Darshin Velayutham, ID: MAA 5327. She did not give clear information on how to check in an oversize baggage, just keep telling passenger to "go to counter R16". When tried to clarify, she becomes so unprofessional and started shouting at guests but still no clear explanation given. At last only we know what she meant is " put your luggage on the conveyor next to counter R16", but we already felt so angry being shouted and humiliated in front of so many passengers. I wonder if she understand what is the meaning of "go to counter R16" or not? some more told us to "go and complain lah". This is the attitude of Malaysian ?????
E.g. Air Asia customer service!!
Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to you with feedback following my two Air Asia flights yesterday on 3rd March 2010. Yesterday I travelled on Flight FD3617 from Phnom Penh to Bangkok at 16:55hrs, and subsequently on Flight FD3240 from Bangkok to Chiang Mai at 20:40hrs. During both flights I was highly concerned about the poor level of spoken English by your cabin crew, specifically during the Safety briefing. I understand that the Safety Briefing is a legislatively required and essential part of pre-take off preparation. Unfortunately on both flights, the crew members' spoken English language was so poor that we could not understand a word. The briefing was spoken very hurriedly with barely a breath between words. We were however, not in a rush to take-off. We were unable to distinguish when the crew members changed language from the Asian language spoken (perhaps Thai or Khmer?), to English and during the first flight, my husband and I could only comprehend 3 consecutive words at the most. I understood "seat belt sign" as "seeeh beaa saaah". The second flight was marginally better with us able to distinguish up to 4-5 consecutive words. However the majority of the briefing was completely impossible to understand. While I am a frequent flyer and have sat through many safety briefings, I found it very disconcerting to not be able to understand the staff. I understand the safety briefing is important in ensuring that passengers know what action to take in the event of an emergency. One common sentence spoken frequently on other flights I have taken is; "in the event of an emergency, please follow the instructions of your cabin crew". From my experience of Air Asia flights so far, I have little confidence that this would be possible and I fear this would ultimately risk lives if English speaking passengers were not able to effectively communicate during an emergency. I was extremely concerned to find that Air Asia appear to not take this safety briefing so seriously as to ensure that the crew members can speak comprehensible English. I strongly recommend you pass this complaint to your Human Resources department in order to feed into their recruitment and training processes. As a business person myself, I can assure you that it will be of high concern to your Directors, especially if it is impacting the integrity of the Air Asia brand. The poor level of English definitely does not make your passengers feel reassured. Having read Air Asia's core values, I find it highly ironic that listed first is "Safety First". This has definitely not been communicated in the experience I have had. I addition to providing you with good feedback for your business, I would like to make clear my personal perspective. The experience has damaged my view of your business and I feel that the concerns highlight that you don't value me as an English speaking customer. I have more flights to book around Asia for both my husband and I, before our return to the UK at Easter. I would appreciate any explanation and/or gesture of reassurance that would convince me that it is worthwhile to continue using Air Asia. I look forward to hearing your response. Best wishes,
Ms Hill. (London, UK).
Dear Ms. Hill,
Thank you for emailing AirAsia. In response to your email, the level spoken English of cabin crew on flight FD3617 on 3 Mar 10 PNH-BKK and FD3240 on 3 Mar 10 BKK-CNX. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and we valued your feedback. We have forwarded your concerns to the relevant department for further improvement communication skill and slow down when conduct briefing especially safety briefing.
However, we would like to explain you that the safety briefing given to passengers especially, for passengers who are sitting a bit far away from the briefing scene, might be disturbed by the noise from surrounding. Thank you again for your comments and we look forward to serving you again in the next opportunity given.

Sincerely yours,

Orapan Thorathep
Guest Support Team
I have lodge a complaint on 11.02.2010 under reference no GSM10B07699 regarding my online booking, today is 27.03.2010 one month and two weeks gone but the case is till pending. Also I have send several reminders to Air Asia customer support but they don’t care their customers even I have forwarded this attention to following members of Air Asia but the case is still pending

Anthony Francis Fernandes
Group Chief Executive Officer, Director
Kamaruddin Bin Meranun
Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director
Tassapon Bijleveld
Chief Executive Officer, Thai AirAsia
Mr. Dharmadi
Chief Executive Officer, Indonesia
Jasmindar Kaur
Company Secretary
Nyok San Chin
Head - Business Development
Hock Soon Tan
Head of Go-Holiday
Kin Choy Lau
Regional Head - Information Technology & E-Commerce
Ashok Kumar
Regional Head - Strategic Planning and Airport Policy
Kathleen Tan
Regional Head – Commercial
To The Management of Air Asia

I booked a flight from Singapore to Kota Kinabalu for the 31.03.2010 at 8.50 pm about three weeks ago and today the day before my flight I get a sms saying that the flight times has been changed to an earlier time. Me and my wife we are working so we booked the night flight as it would be convenient for us and also we have other plans for the next day. Now that the flight time has changed we have to change our travel plans too. We have to come to the airport three hours earlier, is Air Asia going to compensate us for this time change. Dose Air Asia think we are jobless so that flight time can be changed at will. This sucks when flight time's are changed. When I spoke to the Air Asia representative on 30.03.2010 here in Singapore he said that the flight time was change because of the maintenance. If Air Asia flights are having unscheduled maintenance service's that mean the planes are not flight worthy. All flight have there maintenance scheduled so it will not effect the customers. Unscheduled maintenance mean Air Asia flight are in a bad shape. When we called the Air Asia representatives they are offering alternative dates and travel time or cancelling the ticket. What is the use of alternative dates and travel time. We booked the flights for a purpose to be at a certain location at a given date and time. Do you think we are mad. Air Asia dose not have any responsibility towards their clients so they change the times as they please as they don't have any discipline. This will be my first and last flight in Air Asia. No wonder Air Asia is a Malaysian company. I will never recommend this flight to any one. Customer satisfaction is nil. The service provided by Air Asia sucks………

If ever there is an award for the worst Service Air Asia will get it….. So think twice before you book your next ticket in Air Asia


Unsatisfied Customer
Hi all,

Seeking for advice here that did anyone here encountered itinerary changing problem with Air Asia due to the the recent political unrest in Bangkok. I have booked my air fare to Bangkok on this coming end of July however due to the serious unrest in Bangkok, i have planned to change my destination to Hong Kong. According to Air Asia's blog, the said request will be attended by them only if the traveling period is from end of April to end of May. What about the recent 3 months period after May? Is that possible to change it now without any penalty charge as the air fare to Hong Kong is less expensive now. If they only open the offer to the passengers on the exact month of the traveling period, no point of changing as the air fare will goes up when the booking date is getting nearer to the traveling period.


terlampau marah dan sakit hati hati dengan layanan buruk oleh staff yang bertugas counter R16..saya tidak dilayan...tidak mendapat jawapan yang tepat saya dibiarkan menunggu begitu saja ...
For all future customers considering booking any flights with Air Asia, do not be fooled by their promo offers, think again and go with another airline, otherwise you risk losing your money, and even when it is completely their fault they will NOT refund you. I had booked a two sets of flights one leaving Phnom Penh to Bangkok and another from Bangkok to Phuket, once the money was taken the itinerary was received with flight times from Bangkok leaving before I had even taken off from Phnom Penh, this in my view was as a result of their web site defaulting to certain flight times when on promo offers. So via their web site I changed the flight times to only get a a 5000bht fine for the change. I complained and got nothing, they would not even pass the call through to the supervisor, claiming it was my fault and they were point to point carriers. My view is that this company operates on a policy of dishonesty, a dishonesty that can only come from the very top, and therefore will permeate its way down to the staff on the call centre, who will just do what they are told. Well I can assure Air Asia we will never travel with them again, and for all those readers who think this may have any effect on them I would draw your attention to Air Asia's own blog, which they have very neatly managed to get to the top of Google, in it they say we are all whiners without a cause, it is our fault and not theirs, they are saints for listening to our unfounded claims and we are the ones to blame and they should be the ones hailed as heroes for putting up with us!! What is the point of a complaint department? They clearly think they cannot do any wrong.
The power of the internet is actually in the hands of the innocent and the many...I strongly suggest to any businesses or travelers who have a need to be somewhere on time, for business or connecting flights, to think again when doing business with this company, your short term gain can be very well be a long term headache with no recourse, book with professionals like Thai Air or similar, never ever ever!! Consider an airline that is prepared to cheat lie and then blame you.
I would like to think that any concerned and unbiased complaints representative would pick this up and deal with it. Why would I book a ticket for flight when I am still in another country waiting to get on one of their flights.
am going through the same process, but have still not got my money even after 4 months. I would suggest go to the Face Book page and file a complain
I have been suffering at the hands of Air Asia for enarly two years and finally I had to take a vow that I will never travel by Air asia if I have the chance. I have managed to keep this promise for the last four months. I was a regular flier with AirAsia flying atleast three to four times a month from Kota Bharu to Kuala Lumpur and most often continuing to Penang and back. Being a business person, meetings are of great importance to me and because of Air asia's inefficiency I had to miss meetings a number of times causing real stress on me and loss of my income. Will Air asia compensate the loss of my time and income. Never? To top it all, I have had to spend nearly a fullday due to cancellation of the Air Asia flights at the LCCT airport which is full of flies and stinks o[censored]rine .
The worst was the behaviour of the airline staff. It so happenned that due to an emergency, I could manage just three hours gap between the flight from Kota bharu to KL and KL to Penang. As usual, the Airasia flight from Kota Bharu was delayed and I reached the check-in counter about 50 minutes before the boarding time. I was shocked when I was told that I could not check in as the counters were already closed. I told them that I had come by the Airasia flight which was delayed because of no fault of mine. The staff was extremely rude. I was travelling alone and was to go by the last but one flight for the day to Penang. I was told that the ticket cannot be adjusted for the next flight and that I had to take a new ticket even if I had to go by the next flight. I had to stand in the queue for a ticket for the next flight for nearly two hours and finally I was told at the counter that the flight is full and no tickets are available. The next flight was scheduled only next morning. I was supposed to attend a meeting cum dinner at Penang at 9pm followed by meetings at 8am the next day. I was at a loss as to what to do.As a lady travelling alone, I had my problems. Finally, I managed to go to KLIA from where I got a ticket a very high price from the Malaysian Airlines and I could at least attend the meetings next day. Of course no refund also. This much for the help from Air asia. I really do not understand what the airlines get by harassing people this way and usurping their money. I am not sure how it has received the Award for the best airline. May be some underhand dealings.
Case Acknowledgement - CAS-348399-WB50FB CRM:0001368

Since Jan 2011, Airasia decided to terminate the flight from Brunei to Kota Kinabalu which i had purchased since nov/Dec 2010. I recevived a letter from Airasia that i will receive my refund on the later stage. Patiently, i waited till Feb 2011. No Refund or mail about it. So i emailed them. No response. No calls over months. I repeated resend them the same letter with my booking number etc.
Till i finally found out that a couple friends of mine purchased the same flight with me using their credit card and cash voucher given by airasia. They received their full refund along with their vouchers.

I got frustrated. I started sending mails to any email address i can find. Till in Mid May 2011, i finally received a call and email that they can only refund me the amount i made using my Credit card but not the voucher i used.

I replied back that This is not my fault. the flight was cancelled. And the voucher was not a gift nor lucky draw. It was a compensation voucher for the previous trip i went. The flight got delayed for over 8-10 Hours.

I felt that i was being coned at Airasia. Not only they refund to pay me a few hundred ringgit on the vouchers. they hardly respond back to customer and It took more 5-6 months for a response back. I am seriously having doubt on their management. For one of the largest airline in the world, and yet, they cant even repay back customer refund accordingly.

complete disappointment. I urge all viewers to think twice before purchasing any tickets with Airasia.

at the international airport asia — my husband

Dear Sir/madam my name is mrs winsome paisley pavel i'm from jamaica my husband is from the united kingdom who is traveling to your country asia not for the first time he is traveling there he is a marine he travel all over to work he was there in malaysia last year where he apply for a visa for me to come visit him there before he went back to the uk and yes they grant him the visa for me to come their so he post it at the post office to come here in jamaica to me but the post office said that they can't post is with out he have to sign it so i contact my husband there in the uk and tell him what the post office had said that he have to come there to sign the pacel before they can send it to jamaica so i call my husband in the uk and tell he has book is flight to asia so he can sign so we can meet there in asia but at the international air port they stop him because he was with 30.000 pound that money that he has it is for hotel accommodation and car rentals until i'm ready to go back to jamaica but they think he is some terriors but he not he as email the post office to come there for them to tell the immigration why he is traveling to their country my husband has say he can not understand their english well i dont know if this is the right department i'm writing to please can i get some help or can you give me the email of the immigration their in asia so i can contact them? thanks for your concern my husband name is warren pavel

mrs winsome paisley pavel

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