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#91, Level 1, HRS Chambers, Richmond Road
Bangalore District
India - 560025

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123/124, Ispahani Centre, Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai 600 034 Tamil Nadu
Tel: +91 44 3300 8000
Fax: +91 44 4504 0440

Cochin International Airport, International Terminal, P.O. 683 111, Kerala State, India, 3rd Floor, Pulinadu Building, Altantis, M.G.Road, Kochi 682015
Tel: +91 48 4235 9600

New Terminal Building, Tiruchirappalli International Airport, Tiruchirappalli 620007, 18/3-5, The Ivory Plaza, Royal Road, Cantonment, Trichy 620 001.
Tel: +91 41 3145 40393

18/3-5, Ivory Plaza, Royal Road, Cantonement, Trichy 620001
Tel: +91 41 4540 3934

Tc 15/1945, Kamala Towers, Vazuthacaud, Trivandrum 695014
Tel: +91 47 1233 9249

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Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Air Asia — worst service

 Nimi7 on Mar 7, 2018
Aren't we humans? My boyfriend had a flight at 2:30. He was there before the flight could take off just that the counter was closed. Why would you not let him in? Just because of few minutes? What kind of service and treatment is that? This is the worst airline i can ever imagine! It's not so easy to pay for the ticket. Why would you guys not even consider him even though the flight was right there. Isn't customet treatment important? Aren't your emplyoees trained about the relationship they are supposed to keep with their customers? I am so much sure that it isn't just my boyfriend that had to...
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Air Asia — damaged baggage

 MarinaB on Mar 7, 2018
Dear sir/madam,

I travelled on two connected air asia flghts a day ago and when i arrived to my destination i realised my suitcase was wet from outside and inside, and the contents of my luggage got wet too. The suitcase was handled with such negligence that it led to the contents of my suitcase to be damaged too. As a result, i did not have any clothes to wear upon my arrival to new delhi, my final destination. I have photo proof available, if needed on behalf of air asia.

Following this event, i hereby request that you provide a financial compensation for the severe...
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Air Asia — check in

 Jok on Mar 4, 2018
I’m complaining about the treatment of my son by ml71896 at melbourne airport when he went to check in to fly to da nang stop over in kl, he had a copy of the letter for entry in vietnam on his phone cause i had the paper work & i was flying there from perth & meeting him in kl, they wouldn’t give him his boarding pass as none of them know the rules, they only have to sight the paper work, but no they made such a big deal out of it that i was already in kl & on the phone for over an hour to them, i had to send bout 5 emails to them just so they could hold it in there hand, the thing is you can...
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Air Asia — refuse to board the flight

 ebo on Feb 28, 2018
Dear sir madam,
On the 22nd of feb my partner (Melody baluyo) from philippines flight z2940 from mnl to kl was refused passage by philippines immigration reason of traveling alone she was coming into the country as a tourist for 4 days to meet me at kl and then returning.

She received a a note from immigration stating that she required a letter of invitation or a consent form. Now this was the first time we both experienced this situation, so there for she did not travel.

What are my options on the above situation, do i get my monies in return or a flight credited...
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Air Asia — complaint against fraud

 jitesh kapoor on Feb 27, 2018

I have booked tickets for my honeymoon with booking code / pnr : wp4bhq
& flight no. : xt 853 but that was cancelled due to volcano eruption. However later they offered me 2 options to avail
1. Move flight: change to a new travel date on the same route within 30 calendar days from original flight date without additional cost and subject to seat availability

2. Credit account: retain the value of fare in a credit account for future travel with airasia. The online credit account to be redeemed within 90 calendar days from the date of issue
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Air Asia — not letting me check in 2 hours prior the international flight

 Mrs harry on Feb 26, 2018
I had a connecting flight from india to new zealand today at 11:15 pm. I went to airport two hours before the flight for check in and they closed the counter. I have all the proofs of me being there by 9:15 but they closed the counter at 9 pm when it is clearly mentioned in the email that counters will close 1 hour before the flight and i was there two hours before i urgently had to reach newzealand but they dint let me in. Now i need my refund i'm highly disappointed with the service....
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Air Asia — flight missed due to air asia

 Divyashetty19 on Feb 26, 2018
Dear team,

Today me and my friends had connecting flight from bangkok to dubai.
Due to delay in departure of air aida flight #fd 3042 from phuket we missed our fly dubai flight to dubai.
Ideally it is air asia mistake. So they have to own the mistake and refund our dubai flight money or book next available flight for us.
Really disgusting service. They don’t understand simple language.
Yes, they are very good in blame game. It’s really embarrassing. This is clearly exploitation of customers.
Need resolution from morning 5:30 am we are running...
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Air Asia — cancellation request within an hour of a booking done with a mistake

 Kajal Singla on Feb 15, 2018
Hi. Recently i have done a booking with air asia airlines. The dates of the booking were wrong when i checked my ticket so i called airasia customer within an hour for fully refund cancellation as there was some mistake but they told me that cancellation fee will be charged.

Being a traveller of airasia airline i expected some kind of support from them. I mean there should atleast be some time like 1-2 hours when u can call them for free cancellation.

I told them that they have done it for one of my friend but they denied it. My friend had called them for free cancellation...
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Air Asia — refund for airasia duplicate booking

 Nisha Susana John on Feb 10, 2018
Air asia has kept hold of my money for no reason.

We booked the ticket and money got deducted but did not recieve any ticket confirmation.

Called customer care in india and was informed to book again and money will be reimbursed.

Booked second time and again money got dected but no ticket.

After some time i got both the tickets. Attaching my bank statement to show money deducted.

Booking reference 1 : xksp8c
Booking reference 2 : vgjzjb

Complaint references of the forms i already raised.

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Air Asia — baggage charges paid

 Jeyapandi on Feb 9, 2018
My flight booking number: wpbr7q
Name: jeyapandi subramani
Date: 26.02.2018
Yesterday i add extra 10kg luggage and paid 2740 rs. But airasia website showing not paid. But already paid on online netbanking in sbi and below i attached my evidence of netbanking. Please check this paid or not in your side and send me full ticket on my mail as soon as possible...
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Air Asia — missing of laptop bag in the airport

 Aradhana Agrwal on Feb 6, 2018
This is bring to your kind notice that i have misplaced my hp laptop bag near conveyor. Inside that lappy bag there was lot of important stuffs like mac book air, charger, 2 hard drives, and rest alot thing.
Here by i request you to check the cameras personally so that i can get my bag back.
The deatils are as follow:-
4th feb sunday 7:30 flight from banglore to ranchi
Aradhana agarwal

Thank you...
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Air Asia — refund request

 Ramakanth Pudipeddi on Feb 5, 2018
My pnr kkk3sc was booked by me for my brother in the wrong name. Instead of gorti gautam i booked in the name of gorti gaurav. I did not know about the change in the name system. I called up customer care and pleaded them for the full amount refund, but they talked to me very rashly and cut down the fne. I am again requesting to plz refund me the full amount as i regularly fly in air asia. Some privilege should be given to your regular customer...
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Air Asia — refundhhvjvc

 Er Ashish Sethi on Feb 5, 2018
His mail in regards to refund of my amount of booking from air asia from delhi to bali. As flight got cancelled due to volcanic eruption in bali.

Here are the flight details.

Delhi to bali:
Pnr: hhvjvc

Bali to delhi:
Pnr: vpc1va

They provided my the credit-shell in air asia account, but i need my money in my account, as cancellation is not my mistake and not done from my end.
But the customer care executive is saying, i am not able to get my money back, they told me you need to fly from air asia anyhow, other wise money...
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Air Asia — false advertisement for making money

 Mamta Sarawogi on Jan 31, 2018
The jobs posted are false. I got a job from air asia airlines, they asked me to deposit 9600 for interview. Then told that you are directly selected for the job, they asked to submit more ₹35000. This is totally spam. Please don’t rely on I had already deposited 9600 in syndicate bank. When they asked for 35000 i consulted others.
The number of the person is [protected]. I want strict action to be taken against this. Email id is
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Air Asia — harassment of an elderly couple on board flight no. i5 1584

 santwana.poddar on Jan 29, 2018
On 27th january 2018, my elderly parents were to travel from bangalore to hyderabad by the air asia flight no. I5 1584. Their plight began as they reached the baggage check-in counter to check in their two suit cases, each of which weighed much less than the permitted limit. As my mother is unable to manage any load independently, they had packed in their cabin luggage in a single bag which weighed only 12 kg, 2 kgs less than the permitted limit. On checking the weight of the cabin luggage, the ground staff of air asia told them that they needed to carry their cabin luggage in separate bags. My...
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Air Asia — incorrect bookings not refundable on Jan 27, 2018
I booked 2 tickets online and the date was incorrectly booked both times i was billed for the changing of the dates and the second date was not available for change due to flight in 48 hours, i contacted air asia by phone email web chat and they were not willing to help me fix my problems with my online booking. I am not able to make the flight i was booked on and i loose my money $440 return bali to perth...
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Air Asia — passport expiry check by system at check-in stage

 Nilesh Mandani on Jan 26, 2018
At the time of taking / booking system accept passport which are grtting expire after 3 months but not at the time of check in. Its worldwide rule then why authorities are not checking such airline for doing this. Its clear intentions to earn by airport authorities and airlines on cancellations. Second, there is no refund process on counter. Its business loss at air asia but believe me it's customer loss....
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Air Asia — frequent delays

 Woo on Jan 25, 2018
I am booked on AK714 departing Singapore to KL on 25 Jan 2018. The flight is delayed twice lasting now 2.5 hours. This is not very yet. I am still in the airport waiting. Hopefully no more delay or extend delay time.

I have many time encounter delay with airasia but this must be my longest wait. I could have make a return trip from Singapore to KL. I tried logging into airasia complaint web thereafter click on the complaint eform... Guess what... It never load..
Could not even lodge a complaint at their site. Wonder why they have it at the first place. This is not a prank....
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Air Asia — fraud airlines airasia. sending me invalid tickets and then instead of helping me asking me more money

 rohitrider on Jan 24, 2018
I made 2 bookings with airasia. 16th feburary from kolkata to bangkok. Booking number jt3qre flight number fb 121. And 18th feburary from bangkok to kolkata. But i recieved invalid tickets for 16th feb kolkata to bangkok and 18th march from bangkok to kolkata. The tickets are wrongly dated. I have tried contacting airasia support its totally worthless. They are doing fraud and not even ready to help or hear you. Kindly help me.

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Air Asia — asking 250 bucks for seats

 AbhishekSah on Jan 23, 2018
Flight i5-1825
Date - 23rd jan
Pnr - msgiqh

I am terribly disappointed with the service from the lady who was at the boarding pass counter. Was asked to pay 250 buck for taking seats in any other row except last row. After boarding i can see there are so many empty seats in so many rows.

I need an answer "why air asia is using such cheap tricks to earn more money." and "why do passenger need to face such last minute trouble."...
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