[Resolved]  Amanora Park Town — Cheating by Amanora

# Delay in tune of 2 years.
# No compensation for delay.
# No authority on the house you stay.
# No satellite television allowed.
# Still the township dirty and will remain the same for next 4 years.
# The customer care doesn't simply care for any of your woes.
# Too complex rules that u wont feel that you are staying in a home, its more like staying in a hotel.
# They will make your life hell
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Aug 13, 2020
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Let me clear first from my side that I am not criticizing amanora, I am just trying to put forward my points as a customer.
I have already purchased a 3BHK in amanora and its possession is after 3years(2013-end).
I booked this flat as I was amazed with the gardens which are built for “so called” amanora citizens.
The common gardens which are inside this township are supposed to be for “amanora citizens” this is what my common sense tells me and that’s why the owners of the flats inside amanora township are paying one time maintenance and as well as monthly maintenance. One for common gardens and roads and other for cluster specific gardens.
(the one time maintenance cost is almost 3.5 lacs and monthly maintenance per flat is 4K)

Now when I see the progress of the site after 6months, the common gardens are getting used for weddings, receptions, shows and similar events.
It seems that the garden is going to be used by “close relatives/contacts” of city group authorities or by the rich people who can afford 5 to 10 lacs per day.
There are at least 6K families are going to live in amanora township and if those many people don’t have access to a common garden even after paying for and which is actually built for them then it’s useless.
I Believe this but what is the guarentee of my money(4500)... reply ur comments to my ID...! I'm waiting??????
I purchased a flat in Amanora. In addition to all the above points, please keep in the mind the following:-

Their management are a bunch of political thugs ! They feel they are unaccountable and untouchable (which they are to a certain extent). Since the past 2 years, they have written to flat owners that they will compensate for delays in the form of interest. Now, they are turning back on their promise & are refusing to pay compensation or interest. Their office refuses to reply to any complaints in writing so they call you up & try to stall you & then when push comes to shove, they will even threaten you that you can do what ever you want.

For aspire towers which were sold as premium 1-10 towers they are adding additional 2 towers with apprx 500 low budget flats and the ameneties of 1-10 premium towers which are as it is not adequate for the 10 building are expanding to the 11 and 12 towers.

Only rosy picture till you purchase no compalint resolving or attention to citizens once the units are sold.

While sellling the marketing team says everything here would be cheap. Besides the units everything is costly. Check the maintainence charges one will prefer to save the capital and can stay easily in a rented flat in the manitainence charges.

The mouth publicity is so bad that they are starving to sell the flats and are giving away cars who are bringing new bakras.

Stay away from this property as after selling units also Amanora feels they are owners since the agreement is 999 years lease. You will soon find them making frequenty visits to the consumer courts.
Totally agree with Mr. Bhore. Amanora management is charging the citizen 3.5 lakhs as one time maintenance fee for the cluster maintenance. Plus, they are renting out the common garden areas for weddings, events, music shows so frequently. How can the Amanora management then charge the citizens almost 35-40K per year for infrastructure charges? For an ordinary citizen these recurring costs are very high, at least Rs. 6, 500 per month. Tell me, which society (not even Magarpatta) charges maintenance fees that high? On top of it, they are charging some Rs. 500-600 per month for water and then some more for that stupid electric vehicle used only by those staying on rent as buyers have their own cars/bikes. If they continue like this, the only things they will earn is bad name in the market resulting into serious crash in property prices.
I am also another buyer who is thoroughly disgusted with the attitude of the management. My flat has been delayed for 2 years and after promising compensation in writing & in the agreement and verbally, they are now turning around and saying the management has decided not to give any compensation. They also refuse to respond to any complaints or letters in writing or by email. They keep calling people to meet with the so-called senior management for "sweet talk" but no action is ever taken. They claim the flat is ready for possession but the building is in no way habitable. I think we all should get together and file a joint consumer complaint and expose Amanora to the press for what it really is - a project by political thugs who think they are untouchable and above the law !

Same thing happening with me right now. I approached marketing office at Amanora asking about compensation for the delay, no positive reply has come. I gave written complaint too, nothing has come out so far. I agree with above comment, we should join hands to solve this. I am residing in Magarpatta since 4 years, it's been good experience.
First they told us installments of flats will be after each 3 and 1/2 month now they are asking it only within 1 and 1/2 month how any person can his manage his own finances .At Least they have not told untrue things to customer.And also we asked them to give payments schedule for payments but they haven't handover it to us untill now...
I m having complaint against amanora cable connection. .the cablebis nt working properly frm year . I complained many times but issue is nt solved . Amanora managment is responsible wor dis . I nees imigiate permission to install my owndth connection
Though I personally am not a fan of walking everywhere, keeping all places accessible by walkways has its fans. Security I must admit is really good. Overall, I would not call this place perfect, but it is definitely much better than most places out there. I am happy to have made the decision of living in this nice township. Personally visiting and enquiring is much better.
Amanora Park Town's name is all over the city and hence, I thought of this place when I wanted to buy a home. Firstly, let me tell you all that different people get different experiences. So getting your own opinion is better than blindly listening to others. My experience while dealing with the people from Amanora was satisfactory. They were always polite and were well informed about the projects.
The worst is yet to come folks the fittings are plastic dont last even a couple of months the pipes below the sinks and wash basins are plastic telefone pipes although in brochure they mention premium jaguar fittings has anybody ever seen telfone spring pipes below wash basins and kitchen sinks SEE IT IN THE PREMIUM AMAZING AMANORA thats the amazing part.the steel brass fittings/couplings that would last one normally 20 years in flats purchased 20 years ago are now PLASTIC and crack in afew months without usage.dont be surprised if due to singaporean/thai/japanese/ architecture AMAZING AMANORA WILL BE NOTHING BUT PAPER HOMES.because thats the norm in those countries.must see pics you will have never seen this before that in A LESS THAN ONE YEAR OLD FLAT NEVER USED the coupling below the kitchen sink only in AMAZING AMANORA, TO ADD TO THE WOES BEING SHOED OFF BY the civic center that" you should check it during possession.or buy a coupling pay us fixing charges and we will do it for you." well, folks how many o[censored]s and among our parents had to buy a new home and start changing and buying plumbing fittings in less than a year and how many builders have stopped giving the steel brass fittings couplings below kitchen sinks and wash basins?HIRE A PROPER CONSULTANT WITH CIVIL ELECTRICAL KNOWLEDGE to take possession from amanora, so that you can sue him later bcz amanora has mouth shutters at the civic center.YOU PAY YOU ARE A FOOL.In this mad rush and craze for properties and its appreciation builders can sell and get away with anything.They are definitely making HAY (GOLD) til the middle class madness(sun) shines.GOD KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN amazing slum AMANORA IN THE future, they are focusing more on advertising and fooling more people than delivering the goods and services.And all would agree that in the exhorbitant maintenence they charge one can stay outside on rent and enjoy the benefits/interest on saved capital.I am sure in this mad rush property race among starved middle class Indians shortly like the united states the market will go bust and properties will go for foreclosure.Also due to the non ecological, non sustainable, environment and agriculture destroying business and money boosting gimmicks, day is not far when people have to eat the cement of such so called PROPERTIES because there is no produce, fruits, crops, vegetables, flower cattle and poultry, lets stop discouraging such practices so that such "bulliders" are not fattened
Construction quality is sub-standard. Sippage stared within 01 year of possession. First from the roof of the toilet. Now from the roof of the bed room. Tower No. 25 in the 4th Floor is my studio apartment. The customer care does nor care for the flat owner's woos. Repeated complaints for last 3 months yielded no results.
It's not a humanly living with stink from the leaking roof as well as the horrible look the roof bears.
I agree, they are CHEATS.
All owners should make a forum and drag them to court.
Smita M.
Amanora is charging exorbitant infrastructure charges to its citizens and 10% extra for flats that are rented out without giving any extra services for these extra charges.They explain it as a normal practice all over Pune in such township and housing society which is lie because neither Magarpatta Township nor Nanded City do this and definitely the charges are not so exorbitant.I agree to all the complaints and lack of customer service.
Absolutely right.
They never bother for citizens.
Their behaviour is rowdy and devoid of minimum courtesy.
It's a worst ever society I have ever lived in and I suggest everyone to please not even think about of moving to Amanora. There is a serious issue with stray dogs entering the building premises in night and feasting on the garbage left by the residents. This is a serious hygiene as well as a security issue. I complaint many times in Amanora office. Sent many emails to Amanora management with pics but management is shameless as they did not even reply to my email. So please think twice before moving to this society.
Please validate their wisdom:
1. Amanora is a privately managed, it means that you are on a Lease. They maintain the infrastructure and will charge you every year. This is
different from other societies wherein the people who are owners of apartments and form a society, they will elect a chairman and few other positions and come-up with a maintenance fee. At Amanora you will sign an agreement and accept that you will pay yearly maintenance, but no where in the agreement it says that you will be charged if you stay in your unit or you rent it out. Recently they have started charging the units which have been given on rent. The justification they give is that its a common practice in Pune and they will charge no matter what. They give so many different reasons to everyone. Just look at their justification sent to people on rent:

1. It may please be noted that the charges, which are additional 10% of the maintenance charges are being charged in accordance with the common practice prevailing in almost all the societies at Pune and not peculiar only to Amanora. Please also appreciate that we never intended to cause burden to our citizen and hence did not charge it initially for three years since accounts were not finalized owing to infancy of township being starting stage. However now that the accounts are finalized it is noted that the township is in debt by Rs. 7.5 Crore due to excessive expenditure in all sectors on maintenance of central common services.
2. Additional infrastructure that is collected due to hike from existing Rs. 2 to 2.35 after three year is on account of CPI published every year by RBI and is applicable all citizen irrespective whether or not their property is rented. Please note that though the price index is published every year we did not charge this to citizens for first three years in which case it would have been Rs. 2.75 instead of actual Rs. 2.45 which has further been reduced to Rs. 2.35 and which is the current charge.

If you have stayed there for the first three years, you would know what kind of hell you were staying in and now they even want to extra charge for that period also.
One more thing is no matter where ever you complaint, no body will listen you.
Amanora Township Tower 25 was handed over 3 years ago but still the Occupation / Completion Certificate has not been give to the resident citizens of this Tower.As per law this is termed illegal.

Tower 31 was handed over 2 years ago here too the Occupation / Completion Certificate and has not been given to the resident citizens of this Tower and they too a staying illegally.

We have followed up with everyone from top to bottom but there is no action or reply.

Campa Cola society in Worli and now the collapsed building in Narhe near Pune where too no Occupation / Completion Certificates were provided by the builder have left the flat owners without any rights to their legally purchased flat is a case in point and hence its important that all citizens in Amanora ensure they have the Occupation / Completion Certificates before they take Possession of their flats.This is very very important.
They dont give a damn for the so called "Citizens" ... There is no high authority that will come to listen to you problems. They have hired incompetent, incapable, rude, vernac staff, who think they are doing you a favour every time they are approached. what attitude, as thou they are Gods guift to mankind
Firsh they change the layout plane, Then was pressurised to take possession of my flat... incomplete... no gas, no door lock, no video phone, no intercom, seepage in the bedrooms, taps given in my hand to fix, etc etc... and to follow up with them was a night mare. Repeatedly follow up with the useless marketing team ... they guide you to the incompetent possession team ... who guide you to a telephone number of a "Help desk". Till date its more than 4 months ... there is no proper door lock. Only lip service. Its so sad to be a part of this pathetic park town !! Shame on you City Corporation ... why dont the seniors talk to us. You dont deserve your jobs !! Only Lip service... and demands for money !! You are not doing us a favour ... we have paid for our homes.
Kersy Anklesaria.

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