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 Sunil Massey
Dear All ,

Please note that I am sending you the proof that Mr Thomas on behalf of AMC has cheated us -because he has planed and knowingly taken money from us that he made my wife member of AMC on 11.02.09 and sold AMC cookware to me, on 11.02.09 which is not correct and They come first time to my house on 11.02.09 taken all cheques and all,whereas this was our second time to know about this kind of new cookware system (first was in a exibition) and within 7day's we have cancel the order even writen to your office as well ,the same mail I have copied below for your referance and after that as per the company policy we have personally informed him that we don't want cookware and membership and written also to your head office before the stipulated time frame, but we have not received any communication from company. And then and in the month of June after calling to Janakpuri Office -Mr Ajay said we are sending MR Rajkumar pls give back the Cookware and we will return the money and we confirmed with Mr Raj Kumar aslo he said 100% your money will we refunded by company. So i would like to request you to refund my full amount ASAP. or give me your response in this case.

with respectfully submitted and to get a favrable responce ASAP.

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It is a cheating business. They are cheating the ladies. business...
Niranjan from chennai... lost rs 6000 in this cheating


I am Senior Manager in UCO BANK Industrial Area Jalandhar Branch.We have got AMC for computers with WIPRO JALANDHAR Office.We lodged a complaint with Jalandhar Office for Computers not working.The Co. representative visited us on 4th November but did not set right the system and promised to install operating system on 7th Nov.2010.Today is 9th and my computers are not working.What is the use of AMC with a world renowned company.We are totally unsatisfied with the WIPRO Service.About three months back the people of company lost my whole valuable data.Please help at the earliest.

KL Manchanda
Senior Manager
Good Morning Mr.Paul,

May I know the reason for which you tried to return the AMC cookware?

We are planning to purchase it...
The cost fluctuates greatly.
They take advance and then do not refund in case of cancellations.
I had a similar experience in Ahmedabad.
Hi, there I am planing to buy AMC Cook-ware for my new house with modular kitchen cum Hall facility. I first time saw the Demo in an use less exhibition. Few of the stalls were good including this AMC stall. Mrs. Hemamalani a BM Club member very good demonstrator took my No. and did not call back.

However one Lakshmi assisted By DM club member Mrs. Sharada visited my friends house with more energy their motive was more to teach us about the product and its usage. they have hopes that we will buy in near future.

I have few things to say no doubt I appreciated the :--------

Quality...304 Grade...Surgically used steel...Naturally little costlier than the regular steel used in the manufacture of steel cook ware

since high grade steel there is no porous on the surface so no particles are left in the cook ware hence no carry over of stale food

No carbon is found in the cooking because no over heating due to thick base which is very unique in AMC products, so no heart attack ( no carbon safe hearts)

Stacking, placing Lid on the vessel, no water, no oil, less heat (Gas reduced)

Quality Demonstration, with decent approach ...

All these nothing comes free or normal rate or little above the average take two times but why 400 to 500 times the normal rate. I really wanted to buy the complete set but very expensive.

I agree this is the cost of good health but reducing the cost U can increase the sale...good luck

Ranga. R

AMC — for inquiry

please repair the middle side of the bridge of shahpur,which is very danger position....& the bumps of nehru bridge also....
awaiting for as early as possible reply...

call me for more detail
MANAN SHAH-[protected].
i'm very happy with the cookware in all aspects, apart from the price part i'm very much unhappy.

i'm looking to go for a full set of cookware for my kitchen as i seem it is the life time health care(investment) product, its looks, performence, durablity, simplicity and so on.

but @ any cost if AMC people should see to it that the price of the products to be reduced and allow the custemers to go for it with out any second thoughts (cost wise)

please allow AMC cookware (product) to reach every house and help in building a healthy nation.

and please try to avoid consultants in promoting the product coz it will be the first step in cost reduction (commission part can be evacuated)


Thejaswini Ravi
i do not agree with this totaly, just for one such case we have no right to blame the entire AMC. /many consumers have been benifitted with the same. i have a friend who had no idea of working, she joined as consultant and she is remarkable doing very well. Does any one have any idea how AMC has changed her whole personality, she was always been insulted by her inlaw's and her own hubby. Once she joined as consultant she gained self confidence, she is now a branch manager, imagine how an ordinary house wife who was just limited to only her kitchen, has borken the barrier.

Not only this, inlaw's who had medical problem, are doing better, other than earning's from AMC she is a role model to all the women in her colony.

i can list out the benifits;

can cook vegetables without water, can cook non veg without oil, the technology is such that u can save energy, time.

i can name 10 friends name who are using AMC for nearly 10 years. So please for only one such case do not blame the entire AMC team.

Mahalaxmi - bangalore
Company and product is good and reasonable, but some extra-ambitious consultants misuse and manipulate and go out of the company policy and ditch innocent customers. There are n number of women who have been trapped by so-called Divisional managers of AMC for eg: Mrs.Libya, from Visakhapatnam branch, she had given false promises to those consultants under her for their promotions and incentives and benefits that the company offers when the consultant sells the product and gets customers to enrol as consultants, she booked different AMC cookware sets from those references given to her by consultants and customers, misused the addresses, got cheques of people unknown to the customer as co-applicant, she did this for her own coveteous gain and benefit from the company. Since the co-applicant cheques are made up by Libya and submitted to the company for processing, the cheques obviously gets dishonoured, and the buyer gets notices from the lawyer for due payment of the set along with 24% interest. Innocent customers who trust such managers and consultants are duped and put to great tension and worry, sleepless nights, as the amounts are too high, the cookware that is least is about Rs.10, 000/- There are consultants and customers I know who deposited their gold ornaments worth Rs 1 lakh to 5 lakhs just to clear the amounts of the cheques that have been dishonoured. The company is genuine, product is good, but the company is failing to identify such fradulant employees and thus defaming its own image. I urge the top management of AMC to look into this, specially the Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India AMC branch, and put Mrs Libya to task and investigate the whole process and her way of deceiving people, despite all her frauds, she received a promotion as Branch Manager for Rajahmundry 2 months ago. She has ignored those innocent consultants under her whom she deceived and left them with huge amounts of loans to be paid, some of them are even under depression and want to end their lives, they are mostly house-wives. So, Please dont get carried away only by the product, but test them thoroughly. Its better to avoid such people.
Esther- Vizag.
I have owned an AMC complete set for the last 35 years. It sill is in very good condition and has been used as it should. These sets are made to last a lifetime. unfortunately I will have to sell my set as back then they made them with aluminium bottoms, which dont work on induction and should not be used on ceramic cook tops. I am sad to say that I will not be able to purchase a new set as they are just not in my budget. If you can afford the set I would recomend it very strongly.
i have given amc 20cm lid for free servicing.But the customer care unit didnt give us any bill regarding the submission of lid.We asked for the bill and MR Jagan and Chandra Sekar from chennai office told that we will take care When we go and ask now they are telling us without the bill we wont give the lid.Please take neccessary action regarding this. customer care executives are very fraud and they are cheating a lot.
hi i m afaque based in mumbai, saw the demo of AMC cookware and purchsed a classic set in dec.2010. since i m using it i m satisfied, becouse i m geting full nutrician food, and i m saving 5 liters of oil monthly and gas cylinder too.
we also saw the demo yesterday and are really impressed. but the price range is very high.cant make up our mind.
i had a horrible experience after buying AMC cookware. The company falsely claims lifelong guarantee. When there is a fault, the company execs stop taking calls, speak to you rudely and in my case point blank refused to replace the part saying they had done it twice already. then why promise lifelong service ? In india they are out to cheat unwary housewives . Beware buyers !!
Dear All,

New set AMC cookware is ready to sell, We buy but still we didn't used .

plese call [protected], Hyderabad.
Dear customers,

This is sameer from AMC if you need any service or any new product feel free to contact me [protected]. Thank you.


Quick Service — AMC

AMC was given to quick service in june 2011 for hob,chimney and RO.It covered 4 services and charged 1800 but till date only 1 service has been given.Called him many times ,sent reminders through sms but everytime he promised and did not send anybody.His shop is in Madhu Vihar Market Phone no. is [protected]
Dear Service Provider

I have given classical set for lid change in Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore office on 15th October 2012 and got the acknowledgement for the same. They told me it will take Minimum one month, already 2 months over, no feed back, when I went and enquired, they are telling, Factory has changed from Peenya to Attibele, because of that it is getting delayed. How Many more days it will take to get these lids. Please sr. officers look in to this and provide us the good as well as quick service to customers.

Basically there are two models. One is the sales through the shops and other through a pyramid system, which is referred to as network marketing. In the home based pyramid sales system the cost of the product is to be jacked high enough to payout the whole pyramid marketing infrastructure. Hence products sold through these consultants will always be at least 3 times the price of a comparable product. In US a good 8 quart (sufficiently large approx 8 liter) multi-layered vessel with lid will cost $100 (approximately Rs. 5500). Sometimes you can get it for 30 - 50 % discount. If you are paying much more than that then it is a mistake. Compare with prices of Masterclad, All Clad vessels. They are the best in US.

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