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 agroman09 on Jun 11, 2012

I had taken a Laptop and for that I took a loan from Bajaj FInserv Lending. I was promised that after 3 EMIs I will be getting a EMI card. Which I have not got. I have paid 4 EMIs. Not only this without the card being issued to me the loan is shown against the card in the website. This is affecting my credit history. I had given compliant against this to Bajaj FInserv Lending and I got no response. It took me 2 months to give the complaint as the website is so poorly maintained that I used to get a error everytime. I want JGJ to look into this and provide speedy solution.


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Dear Payal,

We have initiated the processof refund of excess charges of Rs.796/- through NECS mode.

Refund amout will be credited to your account in 4-5 working days.

With regards,

Bajaj Finserv Lending.

Bajaj Finance — Non Communication on the part of company and issuing of NOC for the further process of receiving Refundable amount

First of all NONE of the DELHI office NUMBER even E:mail I.d Is working.

NOTE: IF Is not related to your department Please forward it to ALL CONCERNED DEPARTMENTS

(FOR: BRANCH MANAGER ) Need statement for personal loan financed from BAJAJ FINANCE.
Branch Manager,

I am Sudhir Kumar Tiranaga S/O Shri M. R.Tiranga.My father has financed a loan from Baja Auto finance limited. the proposal no. is 401/133195 and we had completed all are monthly EMI for the loan. Their is an amount to be refunded by the company.

We have tried calling all the no. of Delhi office But none of the numbers are working.I had wasted hell lot of time find and contact no of such a big company.

And i am shocked that such a Big Brand in Finance sector does not have a working contact number.

It has caused me lot of pain contacting you. Finally i have decided to write to you through email.

As the attitude of the company is very bad and irresponsible because when the company has to take something they will reach to consumers door step and when it has to give back they never turned up.

I request you kindly send me statement detail with 15 days.
And Issue me the NOC as soon as possible.

If my request is not been proceeded with in 15 days will take further legal action against the company as it is a mental harassment been not listing to the consumer.
MYA Designs
Mb No. - [protected]
Sudhir Kumar Tiranga
Mobile No.:- +91-[protected]
Dear Sir/ Madam.

At the outset, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused. To help us expedite the process of resolution, could you please share your loan account number and phone number with us?

With regards,

Bajaj Finserv Lending
Hi, my name is Payal Salvi and my loan account no. is 5770PL00100792. I too am going through the same experience with Bajaj, I had an option of the EMI card on my Personal Loan login. I thought the Idea was nice and hence I went ahead and applied for this card by paying Rs.199 but for some reason it showed me payment failure. So, I tried it one more time but it again showed me payment failure. I thought about doing this next day as I anticipated to be some error on their Website, now the next day again I tried this 3 different times but it did not go through. I thought of doing it with a different Debit Card that I had and I tried twice again with that card, but no success. I am trying to reach Bajaj for the same and even wrote on the Experia page and also sent them e-mails on their (wecare) email address, but no reply from them. When i checked it with my bank they said that all the transactions have gone though and the money has been taken out of my account 5 times from the first Debit card and two times from the other Debit Card. This means practically I paid them almost Rs.1400 for an EMI card. When I called their Mumbai Office at Nariman point they told me they cant help me in this case and I need to contact their Pune office for such grievances and provided me with the no. for the same. When I contacted them a lady informed me that the money has not been credited to their Bajaj account and this is showing as a Floating balance and this will be automatically be credit to my respective accounts within 4 days, today is the 6th day and still I am calling them up. Now these people at Pune office attend my phone and keep me on hold for more than 10minutes and I finally get frustrated and hang up the call. They are making me call all the branches and I get the same answer from every individual I speak to stating they cant help me in this situation, when I asked them to connect me to a Manager they told me he is busy and he will get back to me. I have waited for the entire day and finally called them back at 5pm, they are playing hide and seek by not getting the Manager connected and as I said keeping me on hold for more than 10mins. This is a sheer unprofessionalism and pathetic customer service I ever experienced in my life. Even their customer care no. has only IVR options and no LIVE PERSON I can speak with. I also entered several options so that they can call me back as per their IVR message, and they even got back to me for a NEW LOAN. When I asked this individual about my complaint he said he cant help me and some1 from the concerned dept. will get back to me. This is really ridiculous and frustrating, the new customers applying for a Loan get a prompt response and resolution and people like me who have been customer with Bajaj Finserv Lending for more than 2 years now have to go through such an experience. This is a last written communication from my side and also a final warning to Bajaj Finserv Lening if my money is not credit back to my bank accounts, I will forcibly have to take a Legal route and I have more than 3 lawyers in my family.
I really want to get this taken careoff in a subtle way, but if Bajaj is going to frustrate me like this everyday then I dont have any other option left but teach them a lesson and setting up an example to all the customers who are going through such experience with Bajaj Finserv Lending, no matter how big the company is, they cannot play with your money and the service commitments.
Dear Payal,

Thank you for sharing your Loan Account Number.

We have already initiated the process of resolution of your query.

You shall hear from us in the next 48 working hours.

During this time, should you wish to contact us, please write to us on wecare@bajajfinservlending
mentioning your Loan Account Number in the subject.

With regards,

Bajaj Finserv Lending
This is the response I get from Bajaj Finserv Lending.

Request Details
Request Details 2257792 OpenON 08 Jun 12

Loan Account No. 4040CD00274918 Status Complete

Request Type EMI card related Product Type CD

Sub Request Type Cibil score impacted due to EMI card issue Closed On 11 Jun 12

Comment I have not received my EMI card and the loan is shown charged against the card. Its been 4 months and card not delivered. The website does not even show even dispatch details. I want my card to be delivered ASAP. I am reporting this to Jaago Grahak Jaago.

Remarks Dear Customer, Thank you for writing to us at Bajaj Finserv Lending We are unable to process your EMI card, in line with our credit policy. For any further clarifications, please write to us at Your feedback is important to us. Please take a few minutes to give us your feedback . [Feedback link] Assuring you of our best services always. Yours sincerely Bajaj Finserv Lending. Bajaj Finance Ltd For an easier and faster access to your account details, please use our new IVR (Interactive Voice Response) facility on our Customer Care toll free numbers:[protected]for EMI cards) /[protected]for all other loans). All of the following information and more is just a click away on our IVR: Loan Information EMI related – balance, last payment Statement of accounts NOC Security Deposit Refund EMI Card TDS Certificates Should you have any friends or relatives who are interested to avail any of the following types of loans, viz. Consumer durable loans, mortgages, construction equipment loans or business loans, please do refer our services. We shall be glad to assist them.
If they cannot process the EMI card then how come they are showing the loan against it. Also The website shows that I have used the card for Rs. 4830 and the available credit limit is Rs. 95170.00. Please see screen shot attached. This fraud. I want this to be removed ASAP and my credit score corrected. My Phone number is[protected]. I want a call on this.

I forgot to mention that on 02-Feb-2012 I got a text message from BFL which is as follows- Dear Customer, Thank you for applying for a BFL EMI card. The limit on your card is 100000. You will recieve your card once three EMIs on currrent loan are cleared.

At the time buying a product the sales person makes such big promises that EMI card will be given. Yo can buy any product at 0% EMIs. All this is bull . This is a Nation Wide Fraud. Cheating customers with false promises. I wonder how come the government is letting them do such kind of bussiness.

I have cleared all EMIs without missing any till date. There is no reason to decline the card. Even though the card is not issued its shown in use on the website affecting my CIBIL score.
Dear Payal,

We have sent You an email requesting for a Scanned copy of Your bank statement.
We Will process ahead post receiving It from Your.

With regards,

Bajaj Finserv Lending
This is the freaking email I receive I receive from BFL.

Regarding EMI card




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Jun 20 (11 days ago)

to me

Dear Customer,

Thank you for writing to us at Bajaj Finserv Lending.

We are unable to process your EMI card, in line with our credit policy. For any further clarifications write to us at

Your feedback is important to us. Please take a few minutes to give us your feedback .
Feedback on We Care

Yours sincerely
Bajaj Finserv Lending.
Bajaj Finance Ltd

For an easier and faster access to your account details, please use our new IVR (Interactive Voice Response) facility on our Customer Care toll free numbers:[protected]for EMI cards) /[protected]for all other loans). All of the following information and more is just a click away on our IVR:
Loan Information
EMI related – balance, last payment
Statement of accounts
Security Deposit Refund
EMI Card
TDS Certificates
Immediately after that I receive another email for a Preapproved Personal loan. Such is their freakin credit policy. They write to me that they cannot process my EMI card for Rs. 100000.00 and they can preapprove a personal loan of Rs. 125000.00. They have also sent me a account statement that the card was issued in May, which is never received. Its active and I am using it. See attached the statement.

Bajaj Finance Pre-approv​ed Personal Loan Proposal No: 4040CD0027​4918.



PL Offers ✆

Jun 21 (10 days ago)

to me

Images are not displayed. Display images below - Always display images from


Proposal No: 4040CD00274918

Congratulations !

We are pleased to offer you a Pre-approved Personal Loan of

Rs. INR 125, 000.00 /-

This offer comes to you with a host of exclusive benefits.

Benefits that help you meet your financial needs, be it for -

. Business Expansion . Children’s Education

. Holiday . Marriage in the family

. Home Furnishing/Renovation . Jewellery

. Medical Needs . Consumer Durable

All you need to do is simply SMS LOANS to 57575 or call[protected]Toll Free)/[protected] or reply to avail your pre-approved offer.

Assuring you the best of our services, always!

Yours Sincerely,

Ashish Sapra

Business Head - Cross Sell

We have launched the Bajaj Finserv Standard Charted Platinum and World Credit Card for our select Customers. Please call us on any of the above numbers to know more.
Unable to attach the account statement file.

Mailing Address
Customer ID 7042990
Linked Agreement No.
Total Loans 1
No.Of Active Loans 1
No.Of Closed Loans 0
Loan Amount 29, 000.00
ROI 0.00%
Tenure 12
EMI Received 9, 668.00
EMI Card Limit 100, 000.00
EMI Card Activation Date 05/05/2012
Last Disbursal Date 03/02/2012
First Due Date 05/03/2012
End Installment Date 05/10/2012
Advance Instl.Amount/Number 9, 668.00/4
Status Active
Future Installment Amount 9, 668.00
Future Installment Number 4
Future Principal Component 9, 664.00
Future Interest Component 4.00
Component Due Receipt Overdue
Installment Amount 9, 668.00 9, 668.00 0.00
Principal Component 9, 668.00 9, 668.00 0.00
Interest Component 0.00 0.00 0.00
Late Payment Penality 0.00 0.00 0.00
Bounce Charges 0.00 0.00 0.00
Other Receivables 0.00 0.00 0.00
Unadjusted Amount 0.00 - -
Other Paybles 0.00 - -
05/05/2012 Due For Instalment 3 (4040CD[protected], 417.00 0.00
05/05/2012 Pmnt Rcvd Vide PDC No.:E7185770/3-1 Receipt No.---- ( N.A.)
0.00 2, 417.00
05/06/2012 Due For Instalment 4 (4040CD[protected], 417.00 0.00
05/06/2012 Pmnt Rcvd Vide PDC No.:E7185770/4-1 Receipt No.---- ( N.A.)
0.00 2, 417.00
This is a system generated ‘Statement Of Account‘ hence, needs no signature.In case, any discrepancy is noticed by the Borrower in this ‘Statement Of Account’ it
should be brought to the notice at Bajaj Finance’s nearest Branch Office, or Borrower may write to within 10 (TEN) days from the date of last
entry made in the said ‘Statement Of Account’ failing which, this, ‘Statement Of Account’ will be deemed to be accepted by the ‘Borrower’.
In case you need any more information please do not hesitate to call our toll free IVR on[protected]. Do keep your Customer Id
handy for easy and quick access to your loan account information. If in case you do not possess this information, all you have to do
is SMS key words such as Custid or EMI or LAN to +[protected]. Alternatively you can also log on to our Portal – Experia
I applied for my emi card in the month of may but i didnot receive any card yet now.
My loan num is 4000CD00297556
i have taken a refrigerator during April month, 4 emis are over. but still i did not get my EMI card.
my loan number:1: 4040cd00103315
2: 4040cd00315747

id number: 4364464

kindly send the EMI card as soon as possible
contact number: [protected] / [protected]

address P Ramesh
#12, govindappa layout, near muneshwara temple, amruthahalli
Bangalore 92
sir, i applied bajajfinserv credit card but i didnot receive card my ac:4210CD00038389 kindly send my track
Dear Sir,

I have taken a Air conditioner in may 2012, 4 EMI's are over, but still i did not receive my EMI card.
you are requested to send the EMI card at the earliest.

My loan no. is #4910CD00030437.
Name:- Amit Kumar
Dear sir,

I have taken a product in April-2012, all EMI'S have cleared, but still i did not receive my EMI card.

Kindly send my EMI card as soon as possible.

My Loan no. 5810CD00015908
Name:- Mohit Kumar
Mob:- [protected]
None of u guys will get the card. Its a FRAUD. Please file a complaint in Consumer court.

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