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 rapid_venkat on Jan 4, 2011
Ya You r exactly right we went on a package for dehi-shimla-manali package we didnt recieve facilities which were told to us.second day it was stated about 5-6 places in delhi but they send a worst vehicle which took seven hours to reach agra.only we were able to see agra that too tajmahal.The next day he gave a worst room in shimla which it was near lift an irritating hotel which was on the top floor where there is one lift to go to the first floor and the next lift to go to the second floor.then we need to climb 3 floors by steps.and it will be like a mountain.that too you need to pay 15 rs up and down for climbing in lift for the first floor and luggage extra.the next day we went to manali and we spent two days.none of the package person met us and the driver got 20000 thousand from us through phone conversation.last day is at we started to delhi we all settled in the cab at the last moment there came 2 person that they should settle all the amount in manali itself and as there were heavy snowfall there were heavy the vehicle started but they didnt allow us to we two left from the cab as he told that he will drop us to the vehicle where it left.And we didnt have cash as we planned to do credit card we left there was no power supply.he made us to wait for 2 hours were the vehicle went 5 last all the amount was settled and the last day the rooms should be booked in delhi as mentioned in all the amount got settled we were scared whether he will give rooms for us.he promised that he will give rooms.atlast the payment was made and he told there is no vehicle to drop. as the manali is full of snow none of the vehicle were ready to take us.he is such a fraud guy he never took us so we walked for about 5 kms.then we went to delhi the next day and he told that he cant give us rooms.there was two people involved in this drama one fraud name is vikas and another fraud name is Aman Mishra they both are such a culprits.they both planned to get money from us for the rooms without informing the owner.there was no response at all.this vikas will tell amen is not agreeying and this amen will tell vikas is not agreeying.then we got the owner number then we talked to him directly and got the rooms as mentioned in the package.there was no drop to the airport as mentioned in package as well. So guys please dont believe this two poisonous guys be aware of vikas and Aman not book packages beleiving them it will be hell for you as none of the facilities will be provided as mentioned.

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Hi friends,

I recently booked Honeymoon Pkg. by "Bharat Booking Holidays" .They provide very good service and at very good price.Volvo bus "Swagatam" are the best, their drivers are well behaved, buses are in excellent condition.This is my first visit to Manali. Stayed at " Naina Resort " for three nights and really enjoyed my trip.The " Bharat Booking Holidays" Staff was just great. Professional, funny and polite.

Overall I can recommend this 'company ' if you want a safe and cool stay with good service. all the best for your visits to Manali.

Mrs. Suhana


Dear Sir,

We have lodged a complaint with CORE against HOTAL NEW BHARAT as under but till date there as no solution given. Kindly look into the matter and advise.

Complaint Id: 14706/3/2010 Filed On: 7/9/2010
Title: Hotel Services Status: Pending
City:: Nainital
Sector: Services Segment: Other Services
Complaint: Dear Sir, We had been checked in this hotel on 02/07/2010 early morning. First hotel people booked us cab for for site seeing in 1400.00 which was too high as we were not showed placed which were promised, we complaint but they did nothing. Next day Geaser was not working, even after several request for hot water for bath no body has listened, we had to take bath in cold water and as result caught cold and when we asked for tea at night around 11 PM, we got excuses only. While checking out we were asked to pay taxi driver Rs. 500 where he took Rs. 600 as it was advised by hotel staff, this is such a cheating. I t was sounding that these people are making plans, how to take out more money from your customer through misguiding them. Hotel should staff not to ask for tip as this is not the way of hospitality. As services were not up to the mark so we are not going to recommand your hotel to anybody. We want refund of Rs. 3300.00 which we paid to hotel through online transfer.
DamageOccured We got cold and cough as we had to take bath in cold water. We paid much to taxi driver for day tour which should not be more then Rs. 700.00.
Required Relief We want refund of Rs. 3300.00 which we paid through online transfer.


Brand Information
Brand Name: Misc Service
Contact Person: -
Designation: Manager Email Id:


Dealer Information
Dealer Name: Mr. Hitesh


Complainant Information
Name: Lalita Yadav Email Id:
Address: A-I/64A, 1st Floor, hastsal Road, uttam Nagar
City: New Delhi Mobile:[protected]


I completely disagree with this situation as every thing seems to be far more worst described as nothing it was there.We provided a vehicle that was a tempo traveller and everybody is wellknown about Delhi traffic, secondly 4-5 hrs go easy on Delhi-Agra route but as driver informed me no 7 hrs were wasted and that too for sure not due to vehicle fault.Secondly, as everybody knows Shimla is a hill station and no vehicles are allowed on mall road, VIP permissions are required for that and then also only Govrnment High Posted officers vehicles are allowed.But, that lady Venkat was not ready to listen anything.Secondly she has paid for one starr hotels and she is still asking for lifts to each floor in the hotel.You better understand that what you pay is what you get?Then, they moved to Manali.I know that they dint did any sight seeing in Manali for two days, and I admit that but very importantly I want to tell you people that heavy snowfall was occuring there and thousands of vehicles were stuck in jams.Our own Volvo buses were stuck and we even went to 4 kms away in snow to take our clients to their hotels and kept moving all 2-3 days moving to different hotels completely freezed as people were not able to reach on thier own.We understand our customers and did level best to satisfy our customers in that time when no hotel was accesible.My feet were frozen but still I was in the hurry to make my clients reach their hotels safely as soon as possible.Some vechicles even met accidents as it became very slippery due to snow.My point to explain all this is that neither it was my fault nor Venkat's.IT WAS A NATURAL CALAMITY.And, in between all this what Venkat did was, she asked hotel guys in which she was staying that clear the snow on the road and she will pay thousand bucks to them and WITHOUT INFORMING US SHE TRIED TO LEFT MANALI.And, fortunately I knew somehow that her vehicle is stuck in jam.I sent two office members to ask herto come to my office where one of their tour member argued when asked for rest of the payments.Finally, they came to my office.Electricity was not there, I know but fot that also she is blaming for me only which is completely stupid.She told me that she had told Vikas to book the room but Vikas told me that she did but Vikas has told her that extra payment you need to do.The point is she told Vikas that Aman has told to book the room and told Aman that Vikas has told to book the room.Anyway, the list is endless.SHE IS TELLENG US THE CULPRITS BUT I FEEL BAD FOR HER THAT SUCH PEOPLE CANT ENJOY ANYTHING BACAUSE THEY DONT WANT TO"
What I want to say is that I took only 25% of the total amount of the package in advance and kept my words.and when I had paid all to tempo traveller all to hotel on my own.AND TOLD VENKAT TO PAY 20, 000 TO DRIVER AND TOLD HER THAT I WILL DEDUCT IT FROM THE REST OF THE PAYMENT BUT STILL SHE WAS FINDING STUPID REASONS TO ARGUE, I DONT KNOW WHY?, .The time came to take my rest of the 75% amount from Venkat, she took the benefit of snowfall as everybody was hell busy and tried to ran away the second last day without informing.
I have hundreds of clients moving through our company all over India and if one or two are not satisfied then you better understand that hows the ratio going? and I am working in Travel business from a long time.What I personally learnt from this is that"WHO DONT WANT TO BE SATISFIED THEY ALWAYS FIND MISTAKES EVEN IN THE BEST AND I AM CONFUSED EVEN GOD COULD MAKE THEM HAPPY OR NOT???????"
This is actually rediculous.I was ready to pay for 3 star hotels also.Bindu who was working she told me the hotels will be very comfortable in single star we have taken single star. that too i saw most of the single star hotels itself in shimla which was too gud.y cant they book rooms in those case i would have taken old people how they can climb such floors and that much steep. u know they sent us the photos and all in such a way that all the rooms were like 5 star.and when we went there we were really shocked to see those rooms.And for ur kind information amen nobody came and saw us till i met u and by phone call only these people asked us to pay money to driver and evrybody whom we doesnt know and also we didnt know office was there in manali till ur guys came and asked us payment.why cant u come and meet us and say u need to make the payment when we were in rooms staying in hotel.And for ur kind information i have confirmed to vikas only and then only we started from manali.if u want u can confirm from vikas.that time he told for sure i ll book rooms and without informing we didnt leave.did any of u met us and asked even a word whether we are feeling comfortable first of is not a matter.we have wasted our precious time in our busy schedule.first of all have a correct communication with u people itself.and we have asked vikas whether they have charge he told it will come under package itself when we were in manali.and u know amen in front of u only we spoke and u also spoke to vikas to book rooms.then vikas also confirmed by telling me and u that he has booked rooms.then i called the customer care person to confirm whether u have booked rooms or rooms were booked according to customer care.but when we asked that hotel person they told the rooms were not think whose wrong it was.see i dont want to argue for anything. u know guys their people itself are teling rubish about themselves to us.their people are themselves telling like for hotel they will tell the rooms will be booked and then they wont book.And that owner is such a nice person i have talked to him and he gave rooms without even asking a single question by scolding some guys by calling them in phone.everybody will feel the same when they book packages with u.i can challenge u people.we know how to enjoy our life.ok u know need to give any comments on ur soul u know u have done wrong.ur soul knows whether u have given facilities in such a way to mention this sentence WHO DONT WANT TO BE SATISFIED THEY ALWAYS FIND MISTAKES EVEN IN THE BEST AND I AM CONFUSED EVEN GOD COULD MAKE THEM HAPPY OR NOT???????"
GOD BLESS US ALL VENKAT!!! and god know wat u have done us.definitely god will take care care of it.we have a hell out of money i only sponserd for ten people dont tell i tried to run away witout paying money.and ur hotel people itself told stories and stories how all u cheat people and in wat all u will cheat ok try to live honestly.dont get everybody's curse. everybody will book package to u and everybody will repend later for sure.
For the owner:
The main purpose for this to give this in internet is many things are happening without your knowledge but take care of it.this is wat is would say. You please notice each and evrything.and u can say they didnt do anything without my knowledge in order to save ur bussiness.a big no to all my comments which is mentioned above.and also this is the same which was mentioned by others also who came and stayed in the hotel other than our package members.thanks for ur response and for immediate step which was taken by u to provide us rooms.i ll also send this to the owner mail id as i doubt whether this will be showed to the owner
I just trying to book holiday tour with Bharath booking. now I am afraid to book with them. As iam travelling with family I cannot take risk.
Kanak Raj
Hi I am Ashish from lucknow. I done the query about 3 Nights/ 4 days holiday package of manali (Naina resort). Mr. Suresh had send me mail of all details. After read that Venkat I am afraid to book my holiday. If I will ready, I will pay all the amount after checkout from manali.
HI All, The only problem which I faced with Bharath booking was with the Volvo Bus "Swagatam Holidays Pvt. Ltd.". Travel with "Swagatam Holidays Pvt. Ltd" volvo bus was the worst experience of my life, It was the trip for Delhi Manali, Volvo seats were in their worst condition I was like pushing back and forth on the volvo seat whole night. After reached on Manali, I reported the issue to "Bharath booking" just to make sure whether the return journey is not with the same bus operator, but to my surprise i had to face the same issue in my return journey with Swagatam Holidays Pvt. Ltd . The only complaint with "Bharath booking" is: they even didn't think to resolve my problem, their attitude was like as i was not the new customer for them so they are not taking care of my issue.

I also stayed in the Naina Resort, though Bharath booking claims that Naina Resort is a luxury resort but in actual it is an Budget Hotel.
very poor service in hotel comfort inn manali provded by bharat booking holidays,
Dear friends i am really Shocked to See the Reviews put up by Mr.Shushil and Jeetu as we had no Clients by this name.Surely its an cheap act of any other Travel Agent or Hotlier to Spoil our Company name...
Hi all...i have been in Manali and Shimla on Honeymoon trip through Bharat Booking..It was nice experience to be there..Bharat Booking gave us excellent services though out the trip..We stayed in Naina Resort in Manali..This hotel is ideal for honeymoon couples located on hill top surrounded by apple orchid..Food was good service was Shimla we were in Sukh Sagar Regency..Nice hotel..Even one of my friend also been there with Bharat Booking.Good co-operative staff..I advise all to go with Bharat Booking holidays...Thanks Bharat Booking Holidays to our honeymoon trip memorable..
Excellent Service.
Good Food..
.very good location
bole to ek dam ...Jhakkassss...
Enjoy your holidays at NAINA RESORT...

Hi i am Ayier from Pulakkad in Kerela, i went on a trip with bharat booking in March with my Family and friends for 6 days to Manali. First i was afraid gong there without Knowing Bharat Booking but, they made it happened in a happy way.Enjoyed a lot my trek Route to Jognanni Fall and Gala dinner with Music.Staff was Cooperative and even Assisted me in Dancing on Local Songs...ha ha.My family was really loving it and they still talk about it.Ever plan for Kerela Just Give me a call...Thanks
Hi I am Ajay Gupta From Indore, i asked to all of viewers(readers) please dont book any holiday packaga th Bharat Booking Holidays its a very cheater company. They do Fraud with customers. Hotel Shivalik Regency is a very Ghatiya Hotel.
Friends i don't under stand y these False Statements are put on the net against are Company, This is not the First Time that I have got an review with a name with no records in our Company.First also we faced the same problem with the Name of Sushil and Jeetu...Cheap act of some other Hotelier or Travel Agent.
I had taken a 4n/5d shimla-manali tour with bharat booking. looking from a broader perspective rather than complaining about small issues, i would probably not go with them again. they are good as long as everything is going fine. but then those are ideal conditions. they do not have proper mechanism to handle situations when things start going in the wrong direction and the customer is unhappy. they keep bouncing the dissatisfied customer from one representative to another just to brush off the blame. though sounds funny it looks like they ensure that the dissatisfied customer leaves even more dissatisfied. they do not have proper coordination and control over the hotels and cabs. and having other bigger tour operators i would definitely skip bharatbooking even if it is cheaper.

btw, i have seen the denial comments of some bharat booking representatives to accept their mistakes. i am not a travel agent nor a competitor to bharat booking but a customer who left dissatisfied and putting honest neutral opinions originating from our experiences with bharat booking.

BHARAT BOOKING HOLIDAYS PVT LTD, One of the worst Hell booking holidays in India. Peoples running this business should urgently shut down their cheating business straightway. But still they are running means they have no SHAME. Last year i had visited Kullu Manali, on the begining of the Journey the Bus was first class. On the last day of Journey, The bus seems to be a sleeper coach instead of a 2 x 2 seater bus, as there was no Back seats. There was no classification of Hotel rooms, BBH charged me 25000 Rs for 2 days and 3 nights for a Delux Ac room and had given me a normal Ac room. There stay was hopeless and there Hospitality was immoral and shown the illiteracy of Bharat Booking. its better to visit a place and book hotels on your own instead of trusting these fraud peoples.

As per your Mentioned Name Mr.Parnay there's no Client by this name, and really the Company is feed up of these PROXY Client Complaints.If You are really the Client who traveled through our Company Please Mention the Invoice No...

Secondly the Bus Type in which you are saying you Traveled in Was Sleeper but sorry to say that we Don't have any Sleeper bus service in Complete Himachal as Government has banned it.Your Another Point comes for Ac Rooms, but there are no Ac Rooms in 99% hotels in Himachal.Then your Most Amazing Point that your Package was 25, 000/ for 3 nights and 2 days.

Our minimum Package for 3n/4d is for Rs.9, 500/ and Our Four Star Package Comes for 21, 000/. we don't have any Package for 25, 000/ and that also for 2 days and 3 nights.

Dear first of all you should Confirm that you are One of our Guest or any TRAVEL Agent.All the Points you mentioned above are False.

Hi Guys,

I visited Manali last month. I really have an awesome time with my partner because every facility is available in the hotel Naina Resort . The food was ultimate, restaurant was excellent, hot water is always available in the rooms, staff of the hotel was very co-operative and very quick in their services. I really appreciate the efforts of management of staff. "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" that is true statement which is best suited to this hotel. The terrace view of this hotel is amazing. We can see the real images of our nature from terrace view and through our rooms also. They did provide transportion and hotel and guide every thing was perfect and reliable.
Thanks for make our holidays memorable.
We group of 12 persons from Bangalore took trip to SHIMLA-MANALI-CHANDIGARH during the period from 15.8.12 to 21.8.12. All our tour programme was handled by Ms.VANISHIKA, Sr. Tour executive of M/s. Bharat Booking Holidays, Manali. The tour went as planned without any hindrance/difficulties to our team. The hotels selected was good and the vehicle with the dedicated driver (Mr.Mukesh) accompanied by guide Mr.Lucky were very kind and co-operative. In spite of bad whether in ROHTANG PASS area, the driver was so courageous and was encouraged us to complete the tour as per schedule.

It is worthwhile to book the programme thru M/s. Bharat Booking holidays and with the reasonable price, smiling staff at the Manali Office. I wish them a success and others who wish to travel to north states can definitely be benefitted by this agency.

KN Raghavendra
HAL. Bangalore

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