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 keerti v
sir, i live in bhopal.i travel daily in star bus but bus never comes on time special 12 no. bus, also in all the bus, conductor never gives tickets to the passenger.All passenger wait sometimes more than 2hrs for bus due to improper timings. waiting for appropriate action against this as soon as possible.

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sir i like to travel in star bus but in november you start metro bus but they do not start one day isee your bus depo but about 16 buses has been stand please take action on delay of service and start buses

road rail bus — bus fare calculation

Roadraj bus from jalpaiguri to siliguri. Time morming 8.40am from jalpaiguri.Bus number WB 74-7468. bus conductor name ZAHORE collect extra fare to me my & husband compare other regular passenger. i am asked him & he replay very rufe language.
sir i live in kolar road nayapura i am working in bmc matamandir office. In the new rout chart we don't find direct bus from nayapura to matamandir please suggest me what I can do.

I am to much off trouble by City link bus

They never come on time, Fare is too high as compare to local buses Im residing in Shalimar and My office is at M P nagar. My office timing is from 10:00 AM, & i keep on waiting from 9.30 to 10.30 for city link bus and daily im getting late for office. services on road is so poor when i Compliant to city link bus driver, they argue with me and started abusing, all the bus conductors never give ticket to the passenger. Customer care number is not working. City link bus is to serve people not make head ache...

So its a kind request to take action on piority and plz arrange the proper timing city link bus for Shalimar to Boad office
Sir, First thing i want to say is that all the Driver and Conductor should have the proper dress code and should look like that they are on Duty

Fare is too high as compare to the Distance, the minimum fare is RS. 5/- which is not fare as the Distance is just of Rs. 2.5 /-

The Stop which you have found that is also need to change as all the stops are not convenient to the Passenger.
why r u stop the city link at the rout 4(the star bus whose number is 12)from nehru nagar to habibganj??????????/plz start the new city bus in this rout ..we have suffer from great trouble
I really appreciate introduction of the new buses in bhopal. Routes need to be rationalised. Bus route from TRILANGA TO SAKET NAGAR needs to be changed.
It should go to Board office, and crossing chetak bridge, new ISBT, Habibgunj railwaycrossing, DRM office etc to saket nagar.
Brief reasons are:
1. Bus stops at railway crossing wasting time for everyone.
2. It will provide a link for people residing at Trilanga, 1100 Qtrs, to Board office and MP nagar.
3. There is no bus to MP nagar after 11 no has been stopped.
I would like the corporation to introduce buses on new routes as suggested below:
1. A circular bus route starting from Habibgunj Railway station [ISBT Side] to chetak bridge, Habibgunj rly station [Arera colonyside), Railway crossing, 1100qtrs, Hotel Mgmt, Bittan market, Subhash school, Matamandir, New market, lily talkies, bhopal rly station (platform 1) and Back.
2. A circular bus route starting from University. Habibgunj Railway station [ISBT Side] to chetak bridge, Gautam nagar, Subhashnagar railway crossing, Ashoka garden, Bhopal rly station (platform 1) and Back.
3. Similar to New Delhi, we can identify one circular road naming us Inner ring road, and another as outer ring road and ply buses in a circular manner.
Inner ring road could start from New market, via link road, to Board office, then Habibgunj Railway crossing, 1100 Qtrs, Shahpura Lake, Kolar road junction, Chunabatti, MANIT, back to New Market.
Outer Ring road also could be identified.
4. This should be done to cover New bhopal and Old Bhopal seperately.
Your city buses are a big revolution in Bhopal.There is need to increase the fleet and public campaign should be launched to reduce the ever-growing number of private vehicles particularly 2-wheelers.People should use your comfortable city buses instead of their own vehicles. But due to the wretched mini bus system prevailing in Bhopal for last 40/45 years, people have abandoned using buses and have become solely dependent on their own mode of transport. This attitude needs to be change as there are such good buses available to them.Aassive campaign is necessary with strict ban on mini buses.Hope this would be done by govt.agencies as well as NGOs also.
You should introduce a whole-day ticket like Mumbai.
Thanks again.-S R Wakankar, Bhopal
Sir, I want a monthly bus card service in new buses of BMC in Bhopal. Is it possible ..? Reply soon ...
Sir, I want a monthly bus card for city link in Bhopal but company not provide such service . If it is possible then reply soon.

I am to much off trouble by City link bus

They never come on time, Fare is too high as compare to local buses Im waiting for bus at Ashoka gardan thana . My Academy timing is from 08:00 AM, & i keep on waiting from 7.30 to 8.00 for city link bus and daily im getting late for Academy. services on road is so good . but bus driver not stop bus krishna campus choraha, sir please declare stop krishna campus (hinotiya ) all the bus conductors give ticket to the passenger. sir now not update website i want to see routes details bus sr-8 Nayapura to Kotch factory.

So its a kind request to take action on piority and plz arrange the proper timing city link bus for Nayapura to Kotch factory.
sir, i live in bhopal.i travel daily in star bus but bus never comes on time special SR-2 no. bus, conductor never gives tickets to the passenger because 1 bus moving form katar hils to mp nagar on time 10.25 am. please much buses move on this road on timing 10 to 11 am . waiting for appropriate action against this as soon as possible.
Hi. I am Kartik Patidar. I like City buses most. They are good, puntual, and they are providing us the true service for what the value we paid. Thanks a lot for your services. I am and I will be your regular customer. Now, I am going to have ur smart card soon.
225 city buses have to ply under JNNURM scheme but only 105 buses are plying.Why? When remaining buses would come? They need to come as early as possible.On Coach Factory route more buses are needed.Similarly on Bairagarh route also.
These grand city buses should go right into Rly Stn premises and take passengers from there.There is ample space on Platform No.1; there a circle can be created around which buses can move like the past days. This would give big relief to people coming out of Rly Stn and going to Rly Stn for boarding train.Hope this proposal would be considered by the BCLL management.
There is great need to strictly ban the mini bus system in the Capital.It is a pity that mini buses are still running in Bhopal when all people want them banned.Certain elements of the administration are in league with the mini bus mafia and they don't want them banned and that is the problem.Mini bus system is a blot on Bhopal.
-S R Wakankar
i am happy by seeing the introduction of the new buses in bhopal and it is revolutionary step taken by the present government but this service can also be improved with some amendments.
1.first of all BUS STOPS must be constructed on the road.
2.and there must be dress code for the staff of bus on the duty.
3.and one of the most important suggestion i want to give that the route where there is mush passengers travels in the buses you should appoint two conductors in one bus so that ticket can be given and collection can be made easy and quick.
4.And buses must be maintained properly and regularly so that the standard can be made long lasting and by this cost cutting will be there no such big expenses will done on buses
These buses have changed the life of the ordinary men in bhopal and brought them much sought after relief.Otherwise people were so much harassed by the sinful minibus system that it cannot be expressed through words.The full sanctioned fleet of total 225 full-size JNNURM large city buses needs to be made operational as soon as possible so people can have relief from the daily problem of city transport.Hope the BCCL management must be quite active in this direction and soon Bhopal would get all these 225 city buses.
2. A grand City Terminal is also needed in Bhopal like Benglore. It should be somewhere close to the Kushabhau Thakre ISBTin Habibganj.A first class city transport system in the Capital is most needed and BJP Govt would see that this is done it is hoped.Mini buses must be banned completely. How and why this is not happening is a mystery indeed.There is a big lobby behind this minibus problem and they keep this anti-people system alive.As long asmini buses are there, the new city buses would suffer financial loss also.For the success of the new system, a strict ban on minibus system is necessary.Hope this would be done forthwith.Mini buses are a black spot on the fair face of Bhopal.Wish you best luck for the success of the new city buses.Everybody is proud of these buses.Thanks.-S R Wakankar
hello sir,
i am the student having coaching at bittal market &coming from kolar road. but the buses take turn from 10 no. i fond that from that route two star buses r there TR-1 & SR-8. there for i am requesting u plz make abus route to bittal market circle to metro plaza to national hospital to narmada hospital because so many students r in trouble after the coaching at 9:00 pm plz i hope u take needful action
It seems that some troublemakers have made their way into the organization and disturbing it by indulging in strike etc.When buses don't ply, common men face a lot of difficulties so it is extremely necessary that this does not happen.These city buses have brought immense relief to people of Bhopal and this essential service and city bus network must grow and expand.
The vicious Mini Bus System which has become bane of Bhopal, must go and needs to be banned forthwith.Why govt. is not banning these rogue mini buses is still a big mystery.They (the mini bus mafia) seem to be enjoying great political and administrative clout, otherwise, this anti-people system of transport would have long gone.
Bhopal City Link Purple Management should not bow before the blackmailing tactics of these elements and must deal firmly with them.People of Bhopal are wholeheartedly with BCLL/Purple and want more city buses in the Capital.Thanks.
-S R Wakankar
Remaining 120 JNNURM city buses which have not yet come, should be brought soon and introduced on roads.Still there are parts of the City not covered by city bus service, these parts should be brought under the city bus network.
2. Root no.8 needs more buses as it remains always under heavy pressure.The road beyond Subhash statue upto Coach Factory is always congested and shopkeepers as well as people also park there chairs/vehicles etc on road, making it more difficult for the buses to ply. It is very much required that this part of the road is thoroughly cleared for ever and people and shopkeepers strictly warned no to block the passage of the road.Valuable time of commuters is wasted due to this as buses move very slowly due to these road blocks.
3.Mini buses are still there; why they are not being banned is a great mystery.Mini bus system must be banned for ever if we want this new system of JNNURM city buses to succeed.Mini buses are a blot on the fair face of Bhopal.People have suffered immensely due to this Congress-created problem of mini buses in the Capital.The mini bus mafia must be put to end once and for ever.
4. A grand Benglaur-like City Bus Terminal is needed in Bhopal also.This can be built in the premises of KT Inter-State Bus Terminal itself, as it provides ample space for both the terminals.
-S R Wakankar

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