Bilkish — credit card harrushment

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Dear concern,

The below mention person is disturbing me with some credit card number which don't even belong to me. He is demanding i have some outstanding and need to pay off. He is haariousing me like anything. Please look afrer.

with best regards
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Credit Card dues — Any Rights ( Law) of Credit card

Dear Sir,

Is any rights ( Law) to credit card Dept, Freeze bank account, For Recovery the money.

Please Help

Shree Patil
Indian Government have to look into the above matter seriously, becasuse the above Bilkish Associates mother are really harrasing people like anything recently i heard some people were died due Bilkish staff harrasment, we are living in independent coutnry and each state government should demolish Bilkish Associates,
First of all i would like to say mind your words no one is deliberately doing this to any Defaulters of the bank. If you cannot make a payment inform the bank as soon as possible as you know your own financial situation very well. Once you start defaulting in your payments you will no more e a customer to the bank but a DEFAULTER. Instead of blaming others why they are harrasing you try to find the reason behind them harrasing you. To tell the truth you people yourself donot turn up to the bank when the bank approaches you, you think it is a harrassment.You people are the main reason for recession. Think about it if some one owes you money you harrass them but when you owe the money and the bank delegates these authorities to other agencies you think it is harrassment. Frankly tell me how many of you have the guts to go to bank and inform your situation. None of you. Just want to take the money utilize it to your best, spend it lavishly like your own money donot even think and run away from the country. Just by using fility language makes you a cheap person. If you think we that government should take this up then it should be started from the scratch. Lets go through your credit card or any liability product statment to see how true are you to the bank and the country. Once again let me remind you donot use foul languages.If possible go to Bilkish and lets sort it out face to face to find whose fault it is.
Really They are harrassing the peoples, I knew personnaly. I was lossed my job in March 2009, from dubai. This Bilkish people several time harrassed my father and mother they living alone in kerala and when I was gone for a job search in North India.They are saying all the peoples are defaulter and cheater.

No one is a defaulter or a cheater. The total recesions afftected in each people living in the world.
If some one is not paid their due means, they are not cheater. If they will get a good job dafanitely they will start the payment. Also banks can give some discounts to that people.

Another thing Why the banks are not directly approching the peoples. Why they are using this type of fraud organisations. ie, Banks also culprits. Banks have no right to give loans without any security. If they are given the loan on the basis job/ salary means, they will pay the EMI up to getting salary, when they are not in a job/ salary, how they will pay. Banks should have to wait. Banks have no right to harrass the peoples. We are living in a Independant and democratic country. not In Nepal or GCC countries where the King is the last one.

Government should seriously look this matter and controls these type of organisations who's harrasing the people.

Bye One of the affected person
I want to only put one single approach to this.
I was absolutely paying on time.
My employer ran off during recision.
I did not even get my end benefits, and I was given option either to sign the form and get visa cancelled or run around, so i did that and managed to come out of uae.
Even after coming back i tried to pay but, not able to manage after couple of payments.
Now i am desperately searching for job and once i get the job I intend to pay.
What is the protection I have, can I go ahead and complain and how many more people want to complain along with me please post their email to me at i will personally get in touch and lets take it. We are indians and we have our rights to live good life.
Dear all,

Be very careful dealing with Blikish Associates please see this I found in Indian express .

The Terror Squad (ATS) arrested a suspected Pakistani spy on Tuesday for allegedly passing on vital information about Army establishments to the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) since 2005.

Karachi resident Fahad Imam (30) was arrested from Mumbai where he had been staying since August 2008. Significantly, Imam has voted in this Lok Sabha elections — he has a genuine voter identity card issued to him in a fake name from January.

The ATS has recovered documents related to the Army, Personal Financial Information, maps of prohibited areas and a diary containing names and addresses of people living in different Indian and Pakistani cities from Imam’s possession. Besides, a driving license issued from Sikar in Rajasthan, a mobile phone, a motorcycle and money receipts of the Western Union Bank from Pakistan have also been found on him
he DIG, Rajiv Sabbarwal (ATS), said: “A Class IX dropout, Imam s revealed that he was recruited by one Debt recovery agency “Blikish Associates”, an ISI Sister concern in Karachi in 2004. After an extensive training, he was sent to India through Wagah border with a Pakistani passport on April 16, 2005.”
During interrogation, Imam said the ISI official had given him a ticket of an India-Pakistan cricket match to be held in Delhi. He had crossed the border on the pretext of watching the match. He stayed in Surat and at last in Mumbai’s Bhaindar area. Imam had visited to Shimla, Ambala, Patiala, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Agra and districts bordering Nepal to collect and pass on information through email and fax.
hi every one no need to worry with this mother holes just u need to do is when they call you just talk the way they are talking my friend is a lawer and my uncle is a CBI cop i have checked the rules in indian norms they dont have any rights to harras you if they are harrasing you just ignore if you are responding they will pressurise you so guys and friends just chillllllll they may harras you that they will send a legal notice which is just to make you afraid and make the payment nothing but they will hire a lawer with a small fees and do this while taking credit card and loans there is no any such agreement that if the debts are not paid there will be a legal action in gulf cheq bouncing is a crime so if u r not going back to duabi or any gulf country just be relax and ignore there mails and calls if you responce the will call you and disturb you...waiting for your replyes
I was a defaulter with one of the banks here in dubai.One fine day i received a call form Bilkish.The names of the person who contacted me are Jackson, Tabrez & Arun.These people asked me to do the payment.I accepted it & asked them to give me the instalment basis payment sysytem.They agreed & i paid the outstanding dues on my Credit has been 1 month now that no one from thereside is responding to my e-mails or calls.Please let me know what can i do in this case.Your suggestions will help me alot coz the money which i paid was with very difficult.Can i approach any authorities here in dubai regarding the same so that they can help me out???Hope u all undersatnd my concern

Thanks & Best Regards
From Dubai
to add to the above article, i had been following up with them for NOC from bank.They promised to me that it will be delivered once i pay the final instalment.But no response.Are they cheaters?????
These guys are real mother jsut ignor their call they are getting high commission from the UAE banks for doing this Indian gorvement has to realy look into this sinc who ever have left dubai with out paying their debet is due to global recession i was in dubai and i know most of the families who ran away living their houses, cars on loan what else they got to do jobs got lost big companies terminated them with short notice every individual has to see his security so the only option for the people who where on lone was to run for which dubai gorvement did nothing since they them self were on big lone with world bank for which they even got help from most of the gulf countries and they will never come up for atleast 15 years from now but who is going to help individual ? banks do not care for all this they want their money back with interest auto genarated fines etc and they have started hiring gundas like BILKISH ASSOCIATES to get back their money for which indian gorvement has to take firm action since they can not harrase indian people since its not money from reserve bank of india and stop activities like bilkish associates.
Hi Dear i have taken loan in one of the dubai bank and came back to india now the bilkish people are harraseing me what should i have to do and they send me legal notice to my residence address with local police station FIR please help me out with this issue my friends
when the banks isued credit and loans recklessly in dubai they should have taken a guarantor but they only took a blank cheque and this should have been monitored by the central bank on the extent of loan given to a person by different banks and checked his salary details . The banks were merely trying to amass profits through this plastic lucrative business . rather than deposits and savings .
Secondly this is covered by Insurance .under the UAE Law when a person loses his job and has intimated the bank the bank has to verify it through their legal section and recover it from the Insurance company in the UAE
Otherwise immediately file a police compalaint Criminal case and arrest the defaulter the UAE court further decides the sentence given and finally relieved of his liability. banks have to then recover it from the insurance company

Banks using agents is not withiin the purview of the law in another country
File a police complaint FIR and drag the agency as well the bank to the court and stop their operation

Beware these reports will be reported to the local legal authorites/RBI and published in the local Nespaper . your activity is absolutely illegal
Bilkish staff are insane, phsyco. Ignore them and their phone calls, they like to harass as they are getting commissions because of person like us.

Guys approach the bank confidently. Explain them your situation and the monthly income criteria, accordingly get the settlement. Bank also give installment which is easier for us to pay. But make sure you clear the settlement amount before your visa expiry.

GOD bless all.
hai to all
Dear All,

I have workded in UAE upto last year. I have bank personal loan in RAK Bank.

Due to recession company sent back me to India with cancellation of VISA.

Now I have received mail from BILKISH, he asked me to pay remaining amount and they are ready to help me.

As of now this state what i have to do?

Whether can i contact to that bank or shall i proceed with BILKISH.

If i deals with BILKISH, will he return all documents and NOC?

or Shall i contact bank regarding this?

Is any legal issues need to take?

Please guide me and need help from you all.

The Bane of Debt Collectors like Bilkish and gang

Losing a job in Dubai is exasperating and the fear of intimidation and embarrassment forces some to rush back home. None of these can be called Brave hearts yet they are Indians our countrymen.
Few leave behind financial dues to their bank through a lot of unsolicited benefits thrust on them during their profitable tenure.
These benefits in the form of personal loans and credit cards become a burden of concern and without a proper job to support repayments their anxiety becomes alarming. They are mentally forced to take the easy way out before it becomes too stifling to stay and face a menacing threat of imprisonment
These unlucky folks return home only to soon realize that their woes are yet to begin.
Bad investments, mismanaged funds, incomplete house constructions, incompatible ruthless job market, alienated family and friends, unfriendly neighbors are only some of Gulf Returnees predicaments.
Their life turns to a nightmare by besieging debt collection agencies, who capitalize on their misfortune to scrape a pound of flesh from these decomposing ruins.
The modus operandi of these debt collection agencies is primeval. They are callous, uncouth and reckless. There can be more than one caller claiming to represent a Dubai bank and their calls may come from many locations around the country.
Without any basic introductions in a foul mouthed authority they inquire about the bigoted soul. Attending such a call will leave the recipient and his family concerned and sleepless for few nights. The caller will also introduce an extra voice or two during the conversation claiming to be legal experts explaining their opinions of this delinquency and promising redemption on co-operation.
Some send their representatives to residences armed with a faded photocopy of outdated statements, or a group of names and figures to frighten the living souls of that house. These emissaries of terrorization never even carry a visiting card or any other document as proof of any identity.
Few even carry carefully doctored printouts which they flout to the gullible about unheard Reserve Bank of India authorizations urging medieval type of persecutions and extreme torture against defaulters. They will use all sort of pressure tactics to intimidate the wretched naive to submission.
They assuage a way out for the debtor through deferred payments made to them.
The shaken NRI hardly questions his savior on how his part payments will bail him out of his outstanding troubles or how his money will be transferred out to Dubai from India - a country which has certain restrictions on foreign currency transfer. He tries to come to terms to the consolation of finding a friend to hang on while drowning little realizing that the screw to upset his future peace has just been tightened.
As soon as one bone collector seems to have toned down new voices emerge from the telephone making the frail and elderly of that home cringe with consternation. It can be the same person or his associates calling with different identities for an easy kill.
The poor NRI defaulter lamb is after all quite ready for slaughter.
It is quite incomprehensible how our law fails to detect such miscreants and bring to book these despicable operators who have no legal sanctity.
How can such human filth be allowed to feast upon the pride of our countrymen who are already feeble with their downbeat status?
The law of the land stipulates foreign funds can be transferred only for studies or business or for specifically approved purposes. Yet these scourges go about making victims of countrymen already in the periphery of mental deformity.
Is it not obvious to our authorities on this developing racket in our country in the name of debt collection for foreign banks?
None of these debt collectors have any jurisprudence or legal sanctity except coerce the submissive by infecting fear. Their actions are nothing short of robbery or blackmail.
Isn’t it time our Government or the Cops took cognizance of these nefarious activities and did something about it.
It is quite obvious that the funds from this intimidation are dispersed among the players of this wicked game. This extortion money can also be expended to other unaccounted and illegal activities.
By the time some sense of reality strikes the NRI he has already been sucked out of a good part of his original dues without any result. Living out a jail term in Dubai would at least have saved him and his family from all this trauma and aggravation.
There is no justification to the wrong the expatriate NRI does by misusing his credibility and trust while working in the foreign country but he has the rights to be judged in a civilized manner and to be heard legally about his misfortunes that has caused this maim. After all we are not citizens of a banana republic. In case of being judged a felon the person should be prosecuted by the law of this land for his misdemeanor rather than being manipulated to humiliation and intimidation in the hands of these wicked operators who would enjoy a hula dance over a decomposing carcass. .
A stern executive response of this land can alone put this scourge down and save some of our damned souls from doing anything extreme.
Let the law of our land take charge to provide justice to all. These traumatized souls need to bid again for a fresh life with their left over energy.
That is the least we can do to thank them for their productive good times abroad.

bilkish — credit card outstanding harassment call

I am getting harassment call from bilkish from Hyderabad; they are keep on asking about credit card outstanding payment which is not belong to me. They keep on harassing us. Please help me out refer below details
Mobile Number - [protected];Landline number - [protected]; mail id -
they actually helped me. by offering solutions that not only resolve my settlement disputes but also gave me chance to overcoem the travel ban obstacle as well. Thank you MR suf for your efforts
Bilkish Associates really help people to pay back their dues..they offer some convensing deals which help u in paying ur dues...i am very thankfull to bilkish associates they have helped me...if anybody needs help u can mail me at ...

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