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I had sent my courier last sunday.. 20/11/2010 and today its 27/11/2010 but My family has not received the courier yet.. Its 7 days.. This is happening the second time with me.. At customer service no body picking up the phone.... I called up Bihar.. Muzzafarpur where online its showing that the courier has reached Muzzafarpur..but Sanjay from Mujaffarpur says dont talk to us.. we dont have any courier... without checking it.... Its for Madhepur so check it from there...This is what Mr. Sanjay says. I asked for madhepur flash number but he said.. I dont have it...This is the consignment detail show on flash website:-

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Consignment No. Booking Date Destination Type Manifest No.
116524499 22/11/2010 D AAH_DEL/221110/1/BSM/D/369
Consignment Status Forwarded on 23/11/2010 PCS 1
Receiver's Name COD Amt
Remarks ToPay

Consignment Movements
Date Status Forwarded To Remarks

Blazaflash is really painfull. From next time I am not going to send anything through blazeflash.
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Blazeflash — Missing Items from Parcel

I ordered a courier (Blaze Flash) on Monday 15th around 2:20pm, the consignee is in Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. My Order No: 205176058. Today is Saturday, and when we contacted about the courier at your vishakapatnam branch, they said they have the courier and will send the courier today. But till now we have not received the courier. This is really very slow. The consignee lives in city near main railway station but this won't make the procees slow. And when Finally I received the parcel.

But sorry to say that one item was missing. Actually, I had sent 4 items in a shoe box, I wrapped 3 rubberbands aournd the show box lid with brown tape, sealed the shoe box with brown color tape so that the rubber band even it brokes the shoe box lid is intact. Then I wrapped the show box in a brown color paper and again the corners were wrapped with brown tape. Shockingly, the wrapper was tampered but cannot makeout just looking at it. When you see it clearly it clearly seems that someone has cut the parcel by opening from the lid, cause when the consignee got this parcel, and they checked that the box was wrapped with only one rubber band and the second was a brokwen one and the lid that tape was cut. Please look into this matter. One more I would like say is even the item thats missing costs merely Rs. 90 - Rs. 110. But still its really very disgusting such things happen.
I went through the same experience
I am so pissed off with their attitude of not helping the customer after this all happened that i actually wrote it on a blog

I hope i get my content back

Blazeflash Courier — Courier sent but not received


I had sent some very important document from Ghaziabad to Lucknow on 21st May 09 and it was told to me that by 25th it would reach the destination as there is a weekend in between. But the document has not been delivered till date i.e. 29th June 09. I called up there customer case and booked a complaint R-310 but no response from them as they are not able to trace the packet as of now.

Then I send a mail after regular followups to the mail ID on their website and got the response next day asking for the reciepient address but after that day i.e. 16/06/09 no help, no reversion till now.

Mail followups :


Please find the address as below.

Awanindra Shahi
* Address details deleted*

With Regards,

Amit Shahi

From: chairman []
Sent: Monday, June 15, 2009 3:44 PM
Subject: Fw: Pathetic service


Kindly let us know reciever complete address to further expedite the matter at our earliest


----- Original Message -----
From: S.D. Aggarwal
To: Chairman
Sent: Monday, June 15, 2009 6:29 PM
Subject: Fw: Pathetic service

----- Original Message -----
Cc: ;
Sent: Monday, June 15, 2009 4:39 PM
Subject: Pathetic service

Mr. Agarwal,

I hope that you are doing business not a fraud, but your Team seems do not agree with you. I being a customer of yours is totally frustrated by the type of service been provided by your esteemed firm. I had booked a very small pakket from Ghaziabad to Lucknow (AWB No. 203830270) on date 21/05/09 and today is 15/06/09 and all of this time I have been trying to locate the parcel but its pitty and no one to help.

I still fancy my chance that you people will read this mail and would be trashed as all the others as if you would be seeing this type of mails then your service would have been atleast bearable. I would also like you people to try your Customer Care number once i.e. 011 43560800/1/2/3/and so on. It is really frustrating. I had spend multiples on call then what I spent on sending the parcel.

Finally I would like to inform you that I will be suing you and your company as due to you and your people I had missed my offer of the lifetime.

With Regards,

Amit Shahi

This is really pathetic, please suggest the next action on this.

Amit Shahi

Blazeflash — Blaze Flash bullshit courier service

Blazeflash is the worst courier service i have ever encountered on.I mean it doesn't deliver parcels in time,always late,and even after being late,the culprit company members even steals the consignment and still dare to advertise as a trusted courier service.I personally is victimized with this service bearing a mental agony.I was to receive a parcel from my fiancé and her mom has send me a t-shirt and jeans from Dausa to Kolkata having the id no 296965920.Although i didn't know about the items first.So when i received the parcel i didn't have any idea about what items there were inside.Albeit the delivery man asked me for money because he was so kind to deliver the parcel(which i remind all of you is illegal,because he is paid only to do that work,damn those irresponsible, dignity less, money hungry,unprofessional fellows).And so i was satisfied that after so many days the parcel has been delivered.But afterwards came the original shock.When i talked with my fiancé i came to know that her mom has sent me a t-shirt and a jeans of hers choice with the two serwanins i have received, and a box full of chocolates worth more than rs 1500.I checked again,and there is none of those items and to think they are so proud that they ask for extra money from the receiver!!!!!!Her mom has send those items loving me as a son.And now she is in a great state of agonizing shock.What worse service can a courier service deliver.Ems Speed Post is far better than this organization of goons.My opinion to all is to never ever hand over a single parcel to deliver to these moral and mortal human in disguise demons!!!!!
I have not recieved courier which was to be recieved on 16/10/2009 from delhi to indore.
i sent some important documents from lucknow to bangalore on dt. 20.10.2009but it has not delivered till today dt. 12.11.09.contacting from local office they are not giving proper answer and even not attendiing my call. now what we have to do? can we go to customer care for complaint reply soon.deliver add.-RAVINDRA J.NAWATI, DOORDARSHAN KENDRA J.C. NAGAR BANGALORE_56.DOCKET NO.-297122215. - R.K.GUPTA

Blazeflash — packet couriered to me on 8th feb 2010 not delivered

This is in regard to the packet which was sent to me by my brother from merrut on 8th of feb to delhi having POD No 299931052.
This packet has not yet reached me. .
None is even concerned about it.
After two days when we enquired about the packet they gave us the reference no R433 and told to talk to Ms Nisha,but of no use.I called her, once she picked the phone and told it is not getting tracked and will confirm me in few hours but after that she didnt call back nor she is picking my phone.
This is a horrible experience that no one is even replying about the packet
I kindly request you to please look in to the matter as this is not acceptable with such a big company of yours.

this is the request posted by me to the company.

Blazeflash — Consignment 219406984.

The above consignment was delivered from Delhi on 15th June and the couriered had not reached us till now after chasing up with BlazeFlash and writing emails, we came to know the courier had been delivered to wrong address and now they are refusing to give it back.

The kind of behavior is not at all professional on the top they are saying in our system it is showing delievered thus your courier is delivered do not know where they have delievered. Request you to please help us on the same and please do not use services of such unprofeeional and unethical companies.

Blazeflash Courier — Late delivery of parcel & Bad service

pl give me yr contact #

my other parcel Doc #118368829

Booked from Delhi on 4/3/11 has also not reached to me till now on 9/3/2011

pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for GOD shake take some action, I m going mad here following with yr all brabches,

please somebody give me contact # of yr CMD would like to hv Chat with him.

This Mail already given two days before, till now the parcel is not delivered.

Please refund this amount also.

please for god shake save the customer not the franchazee
My another parcel booked from delhi vide docket # 118368573,

on 3/3/11,for Shree Varahi Medical& surgical, Gandhinagar Gujarat,

not received the parcel in Gandhinagar till 1.00 PM 7/3/2010,

On calling 09825079002, ahmedabad,

he informed the parcel has come to ahmedabad Office and u hv to collect it from office,

I need this parcel in Gandhinagar most urgently that is why we hv booked thro courier paying Rs 1200/-

Please Help me immediately.

I m trying all yr customer service Nos but all r busy or lift the phoe and keep me waiting till I cut the phoe

Blazeflash — courier not delivered,mishandling,indifference and rudeness of the courier person

A courier was sent on 28.03.2011 to be delivered by 30.03.2011 as informed by the courier company.The fellow never delivered the courier.despite repetitive calls i was given a deaf ear by the courier person in secunderabad.His rude attitude and indifference has forced me to lodge this complain.

Blazeflash — irresponsible

this company is very realtive did courier my important medical reports on 10 march 2011 from delhi but its being one and half month and they didnt deliver my consigment number is 209167185 .when i call them sometimes they didnt pick and sometimes they try to go far from this.i dpnt know what to do beacuse this is my very important medical reports because i am in bed rest from last 6 months.

my parcel Doc # 215628767

Booked from Delhi on 03-Nov2011 and has also not reached to Bangalore till now on 11-Nov-2011
Let me know the status ASAP

Thanks ...Akhilesh Srivastava

Blazeflash — Non Delivery of courier

I had booked a courier for delivery in Ghaizabad for Gurgaon on 10 Feb 2012. But after booking of courier teh consignee address had changed. Blazeflash didnot deliver not informed me of tha same. I have been writing emails and making phone calls for retrival of my courier but in vain. I have spent 3 weeks trying to chase my courier. These people have stollen mein package and have only given me false assurances and lies.

Blazeflash is one of the worst courier service providers.

Blazeflash — Irresponsible Behaviour


I would like to bring this to your kind notice that I have been following up with Blazeflash (Delhi & Bangalore) office since last 2 weeks to get an update on my parcel delivery 210592457 and till today I have not got any update. This parcel was sent on 23rd June and was supposed to get delivered on 25th June. I have got the worst experience of my life from Blazeflash. Everytime I call for enquiry, I am provided with another number to call on and the treatment given to customer is much below expectation.The staff instead of understanding the urgency are talking rude as if I have not paid for the services. I really found that the staff really need to learn customer handling skills and also to understand that we are giving the business and expecting at least good services. Rude, ill mannered behaviour and not listening to customers is not what we expect.

Hope Blazeflash will improve if they have some Vision.

Blazeflash — Horrible Services by Blazeflash Courier

A consignment was booked for me from Patna on 16/12/12 - Consignment Number - *235035733*. It reached Mumbai on 18/12/12. Till 25/12/12 its not delivered. 100s of calls have been made to all possible locations and officials. They are rude in response. They make false promises and do not deliver on what they promise.

The delay has caused huge problems to me as the consignment carries important docs that i need in Mumbai.

This is a horrible company without system, infrastructure or organizational capability. People should stay way from the company in their own interest.

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