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 vishal agrawal
I work in Aram Nagar - 2, Andheri (W), Mumbai. The entire area is filled with mud. It is sheer negligence of BMC to leave the area like that while workers and residents have to swallow grams of mud every day. When will we understand our duties as citizens and organizations. This negligence is simply shortening the lives of hundreds.
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We are the Members of the Amit Industrial Estate situated at Parel Near Gandhi Hospital Under F/South ward of BMC. We have been stoped water supply since 10/02/2010. We have wrote several letters and reminders to the F/south ward officers and Enginners oF Water Depatment. But still since somany day, letters n walkins at the Dept. we are still helpless and with out a drop of water. Even the Drinking water supply is not their. We yet dont know the reason and the solution towards this...! Kindly let us know how shall we go forward and what we should do further.

inlegal partison at tara tample lane coner near bombay biscuit shop ganesh bilding opp dr d. b .marg police station, mumbai 400007

pranjali computers

so please ACTION against pranjali computers

sir iam the chirman of sdivinay mandir . our mandir celebrating holi festival from last more than 25 year . near that place untrorized stall contruct that stall obtruct our holi for next year
sir iam the chirman of sdivinay mandir . our mandir celebrating holi festival from last more than 25 year . near that place untrorized stall contruct that stall obtruct our holi for next year add. Adinath socity no 2 hanuman nagar vikhroli park site mumbai 400086. iland mark infont of sujata hotel naer amut nart road N ward
Respeted Sir,
I am residence of kurla (w) belgrami road sidh mahal bldg, L ward would like to bring to your kind notice that there is some work goin on pipeline the mud has been dug out.
as the road is small and mud is keept at the side of the road from 8 days its has become very difficult for us and shopkeepers to manage.we requested each laborers and contracter is no where around but realised that our words feel in deaf ears.bussiness is been ruiend for shopkeepers the mud is causing lot of problem so please come into action and releaf us.
its difficult for residence to get in and out of the building as mud is kept in the way. its a mount of mud and the dug is 10 feet deep.there is no contracter or supervisor the work has been stoped due to pipeline is bustered.all the filthy smell and mosquitos are caused due to iat.and even the mud is at is own place, even the mud is wet which causes again germs and mosquitos.there is a Doctors dispensary and a Medical shop so patients face lot of problem please take some action who so ever concern and remove that mud.
Respected Sir,
I residing at kurla (w) siddhmahal bldg. Sir, in front of the Bldg. there is dranage pipeline wok going on and the road has been digged, first some workers came and started digging the road then suddenly MANSE kariyakartas came and stopped the work because there was no space for parking their VEHICHELS. The work was stopped for 8 days suddenly the work started and all mud was thrown in front of the bldg. gate and in front of the shopkeepers were there is no space to even move from there. After requesting the workers for picking up the mud the workers didnt listen after some shouting they brought some trucks and started digging and put the new mud in the truck int he trucks. Sir after that it is 8 days the old mud is on the road only no body is bothered to pick it up the contractor is not ready to visit the site. Sir kindly take some action as early as possible because we all residential and shopkeepers are facing a lot of problem. The contractor nor the BMC NOR THE GOVERNMENT IS going to pay the losses of the shopkeepers nor the residential. This shows That if MANSE kariyakartas came say anything that listned on the spot because otherwise they take agreesive actions, but if a COMON MAN requests no action has been taken. JAGO BMC JAGO MANSE OFFICE WALAYAN SATHI PARKING LA JAGA DAYALA SATHI TUMHI LOKO JAGA DEYO SAKHAT PAN EK AMM ADMI SATHI TUMHI KYA KARO SHAKTH NAHI AMHI PAN MUMBAIKAR AHOT ZARA LAHSHYA DAYA JAI MAHARSHTRA JAGA BMC JAGA. JAI HIND
Respected sir,

I have made complaint several time about a nursing home in my building named "Jaiambe" nursing home using water supply of society, even society secretary help nursing home to give water as a use of resident supplier not as a commercial supplier, and even supply of water three time a day, and they supply other member twice a day, reason insufficient water supply from b.m.c. Even they cover illegaly society space covered, we complaint to secretary, he started using bad words, and try to beat society members.

So u are requested to do the needful as early as possible.

Thanking you.
Sir this is to inform you that i am staying in yari road swapneel nagar ghanekar compound, sir the condition of our chawl is very bad it can collapse any time, we have given written complaint to B M C andheri but no action was taken till date, yesterday one big block fell on the ground luckily no one was injured, but we are staying in high risk, please send somebody to check on this.
We residents at Manish Nagar Four Bungalows, when we need to cross the intersection
between the inner lane and St Louis Convent Road, have add to walk over a permanently overflowing effluent waste water. Besides causing immense hardship to all who use this road, residents are quiet because of the local thugs who control the stretch. Numerous complaints to BMC have been of no avail. Will some person in Authority who reads this request intervene and resolve this issue.
Dear Sir,

It was regarding for garbage in Vijay Apartment (Annex) Building. We are already inform front building to remove the garbage but they are not taking any action regarding for that garbage. That garbage is belong to front building the repair work going on front Building the name of that person is Mr. Javeri. We are already in in front building manager Mr. Chetan. But they are no response and we are also inform to Mr. Jhavri but he is also not removing the garbage. As we know that Maleriya & Dengo is there we are worried about that please try to help me regarding for that. Please revert me back in [email protected]

inlegal partison at tara tample lane coner near bombay biscuit shop ganesh bilding opp dr d. b .marg police station, mumbai 400007

pranjali computers

so please ACTION against pranjali computers

The Deputy Municipal Commissioner Zone V,



From-All members of Madhuri Apartments

Subject: Unauthorized Enclosure of Garage space in the above society premises
by occupant of Flat no. 602, in M West Ward.

The complaint dated 5/9/2010, and handed over personally to DMC on 13/9/10.


As per the verbal direction of DMC to the Ward office to AE(bldgs.& factories)the unauthorized
enclosure was found removed for about seven days but the same has now found been re-erected by
the occupant.

In this process the pillars of the Garage supporting the Building structure have been damaged.

DMC Zone V is kindly requested to direct the Ward Officer to get the same demolished and to remove
the materials to the Ward Office to prevent it re-erection. In this connection it may be stated that the
occupant is an unauthorized occupant of the Flat no. 602 and the Garage premises referred to above. If
deemed fit MRTP action may also be initiated against the occupant, for this unauthorized enclosure.

Matter of concern

When we lodge our complain with you some loyal employee of your department informs the occupant
and the occupant immediately removes the fence and keeps the in the Society compound. When your
official visits, the garage is without the fence.

To avoid this situation and to protect from further damage of the pillar and endangering the building
structure we request you to forward us your personal Email so that in future if required we will lodge
our complain directly to you with photo graphs.
Check a R.J. Gaikwad Trust Souchalaya At Anandwadi B.A.D. Road Wadala (E) Mumbai 400 037
it was a under BMC Now it is trust how isit we don't no & second thing the people r in problem bcoz
those who trusty r fighting each an every one person get harassments give money otherwise don't come here plsssssssssssssssssssssss checked personaly BMC officer

thank you
My self a resident of sidhivinayak chs, uday shree rd is posting this complaint because of the increase of flies and mosqiotes in our area i.e.bhandup village(e).So i request you to handle this situation ASAP.
bhandup village east
Hello Sir,

I am a resident of Mira Road opposite to Thakur Mall near Pandurang Wadi, i really had a request regarding the garbage.

I dont see any garbage truck coming to pick up the garbage, i would really request you to please send the truck daily and what ever charges are there it should be charged to the people staying there.

I am requesting you because there is only one way to pass from there and the rubbish is lying at 2 places and the people they throw the rubbish there everyday, but no one comes to collect the same.

I would really appricate if you can undertake my request.

Thank you...
my name is prashant babar and i have some problems in dahisar (west) on Jaiyant sawant Road thear are to footpath howkars one is the panvala and other is tea vala in this time lotoof rickshow stand thear so paasar cant walk and drivers spits on the road proper adde gurukul tower main gate near and one is opposit please do this need fully. your faithful
The subway at Haji ali is sheer dirty and stinking, people sleep there and treat as their houses, they spit on the floor on the walls is very difficult to use it.STINKS is not the word .Do you ever visit it?Yes, I see your staff come and sweep but whats the point, either don't allow anyone in there to sleep or sell goods.Its high time some one took an action and kept it free for us to use it.the sewers stink and there mosquitoes and flies hovering it is flowing the water with all the paan spat etc..Its utter disgusting.Heaven sake either shut it down or take strict actions.
Its high time you woke up!
thank you

Many times I have come across One person who always collect daily bhada from the poor hawkers, who cannot even make their own daily earnings.

The person shouts and fights with the hawkers saying that "Tumara jab Municipal Gaadi aati hai aur tumara mal lekar jaati hai, tho kaun chudata hai, kaun Municipality walo ko paisa khilata hai". Sir, it is just a disgusting to hear these words from that fellow.

It looks very cheap. Kindly keep a watch on the person, where the hawkers sit at the outlet of Platform no. 8 of Borivili station (West) at evening 6.30p.m. to 6.45p.m. A lady is selling fruits next to pani-puri stall and wada-pav & bhajia stall.

On 12th January 2011, I and my friend was eating pani-puri, in front of Nokia shop, a fellow looking smart but still his attitude did not suit his looks. He was continuously grumbling and shouting at the fruit selling old lady and the lady was continuously crying saying, "hamara abhi tak dhanda ka survat nahi huva tho iska paisa mangana suruvat huva ".

First thing, Is it right that Municipality take bribe. I know the hawkers are wrong because they are unlicenced, but what about the person taking bribe and spoiling the name of the Municipality. Kindly take immediate action, otherwise the Muncipality will be under Consumer Court and the dalal should be given heavy punishment from the police.
dear sir,
my name name is ABDUL REHMAN i have a problem in bhendi bazar 261 sab safe E.R road
mumbai 400003 near my shop there is an hostel fajendar in the hostel terace the work of colouring cloth
has being done due to this their problem in gater chember due to this mosquto grow and deseas are spread
please do some thing
Respected Sir,
Ref.Complaint No[protected] dt.2-7-2010 and No [protected] dt.14-4 2009.
The action against the concern parties not taken even notice U/S 381 BMC Act issued and the period more than two month is over. By not paying the proper attention the condition of Flat become worsen and deterioted and damages day by day. Pl. instruct R-ward Central, buildig And maintainance Dept. to do the needful at an early date.

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