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MUMBAI - JOGESHWARI (W), Maharashtra, India

I'm a resident of Chauhan Classic Tower in Captain Samant Marg, Near Agarwal Estate, Jogeshwari (w), Mumbai - 400 102.

I would like to bring this to your kind notice that the road of Captain Samant Marg i.e. near Agarwal Estate in Jog (w) is in a very bad condition.

The road is full of potholes, mud & stones. It is very difficult to even walk on that road.

Whenever it rains there is also water logging on the road.

Due to the bad road conditions, the auto rickshaw drivers are also not ready to come there. The auto rickshaw drivers complaints that the is road is very bad & we will not drop you there.

There has been no development of this road since many years.

I as a citizen of India, request you on behalf of all the residents of Chauhan Classic Tower & all the buildings besides the tower to please take some actions to repair the road.

We are facing very much difficulty due to this bad road condition.

Hope you will take some actions soon to repair the road.


Thanking You!
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Public roads — contractor is not cleared the roads properly

Dear Sir Madam,

This is regarding the Developments in Ward: 22 HeroHalli in Yeswatnth pur - Dasarahalli limits

It is good to hear that there are lot of development activities in Herohalli ward(Thunganagar and Kempegowda Nagar).
Specially in Road widening and drainage & water supply works in this area.

Thanks to the Politicians & commissioner and Thanks to the concerned LeadorOfficials.
For sanctioning required ammenities to these wards.

I would like to bring to your notice that Engineers contractors have shaked hands and eating away all the money allotedspent on this,
With out being done the 40% of the work properly. The respective amounts are released to respective people(Contractors by ).

Some of them are as follows.
1) AS per the plan the the road width is 30 feet, But the Contractor cleared / widened to 20 feet only showing 30 feet in the books
2) As per the plan the drainage lines need to be digged atleast 3ft3ft(width height), For the shake billing they have digger 1.5/2 ft with out being properly levelled.
how the water will go/ with little bit of rain, The area will be submurged with water.(With out drainage lines, it would have been better with a nature level)
3) Wile widening the roads, they have not even cleared leveled the roads properly
i.e They have not removed cleared 'Sheds' which are constructed in the ceter of the roads(Inspite of many enquiries they have not removed the sheds, as these people are bribed not to remove the shieds. Even though it is effecting daily public life, Poeple have to take alter nate roots to reach these areas)
They have not cut the trees on roads which are come up at the center of the road, Even though it is effecting public transport,
the engineer contractor shaken hands, When ever public ask about these, They say some non sense answers.

4) As per the plan the metling work sanctioned for 15 feet, But contractor as put only for 8 ft and they have started before clearing(obstructs) leveling the roads.
Another Example

The stretch that connects Marol Military Road ( Andheri East ) to Saki Vihar Road .. has become a nightmare for people residing in the area and for the people who uses the route daily for commutation .

The entire stretch is gone so bas that there is literally not an inch of road left . The port holes have gone so deep in certain areas that water pipelines have been ruptured and are left leaking .

There are piles of road making material lying on the sides of the road for months but work doesn't seem to start .

We have faced this issue all through the monsoon .. situation doesn't seem to improve . Now even the Auto walas refuse to go through the route

Pls provide solution
I just wanted to know if there has ever been a response to these complaints. If yes, please let me know.

I want to take up construction of a road in chandivilli studio road area.

Warm Regards
Mohan Vamsi
mumble mahanagar palika
andeheri(west) K (WEST)
mumbai 400058
sir not only i am completer more than 100 residential and car owner because behind st blase church a small road join to s..v.road opp amboli rly fatak west side (near noor boilar)
on this road there ar lots of illegal shops like saira seles & services sony elacronic, j.k.tailers toilet ( this shops on the bmc cheamber)
there ar no essu this is illegal because .be four some year thear are no one shop . this shopkeepers making shop and taking liseans without any assessment bill, or any proof
there are problem to pass our vaicals from sociaty to main s.v.road.small cars also difficult to pass from this way there are one hospital ambulance are also not passing from this road because this unauthorized contusion befour this shopas thear are no probleam to pass school childern rikshas
please teak the action or we shoot a short film which we want to disply on star news we our membar is aditar
demolish this construction ( JANMANAS, SANJOY VIEW,


Where is servicing & repairing center in pune send details
Respected Sir
I the resident of santacruz east would bring to your notice that the 6thgolibar road right from the bridgeside till end is in bad condition the paberblocks are place in a very bad ways its the common road for the elders, kids and all common people .

The road is not atall leveled people sprain their legs very often so many time people have complained to the H/E ward for this but no action has been taken .

7th road road towards khar subway is occupied by hawkers on the pavements where will the people walk due to heavy traffic in mornings and evenings people face many problems .Every few days and some new SHOPS on the road how can BMC give permissions ...

Please do the inspection of the road and do the needfull as early as posibble before the rains start ...


A Resident of santacruz EAST ...
Would like to write about the area that I reside in 7 bungalows - Varsova to Andheri, There is water logging which makes it impossible for people to drive. Why is it that the BMC only deals with the situation only after the rains and not before the rains. Rather than waiting for the rains to fall and make the roads from bad to worst, can we not have the roads improved before hand. I have just started living at Andheri 7 Bungalow Varsova, and the foot paths are filled with hawkers, there is no place for public to walk, the Metro work is also in progress, public transportation is poor. Getting a Auto is difficult, Best bus service is poor. To add to it the roads need to be evened up. Most of the people are walking on the road instead of the footpath as the footpath is for the hawkers. Even the Andheri station is filled with hawkers, can there be no way of regulating the system at the Station, even to enter the station is a difficult task. What is the BMC doing about all this, how can there be hawking zones at places where the Station, Bus Depot, Auto Stands etc. The sub-way which is made for people to cross at the Andheri Station is filled with hawkers and all kinds of menace. The lighting is not proper, it is dangerous to walk through it. When it is made for pedestrians to cross from one end to the other, there is should also be proper security and lighting and made clean for using the subway. There is no signal arrangement at the Station, so traffic is moving in any or whatsoever, direction it feels like. What is really happening to our city, when are we going to be a disciplined people, we are a people all out to break and bend rules in any way we choose. I have even seen motor cyclist riding on footpaths ? When are we going to be disciplined people?

A Sad Mumbaikar
there is a constant water logging in the building plot 160 and surrounding area in sindhi society chembur, as guttter line is not cleaned in near by surroundings area and road is also in a bad condition out side buiging and out side sindhi society gymkhana, kindly do some thing for this.
i am residing in cheete camp trombay mumbai our E sector kadi road is not proper repair form last 15 year every coming and tacking road maps and length and not coming to repairing the road cont person Reshma [protected]
Full MUMBAI needs repair. there is not a single suburb without problems. this can be achieved only with genuine road contracters. Our system is so corrupt that this never happens and we suffer... ENDLESSLY.
I agree Completely. Full Mumbai needs repairing. Even though contractor start repairing they will debug and will leave the work in middle because of their corrupt mind. Check out roads in Gujarat State, you wont find one single potholes on road, even in narrow lane, smaller village. All roads are up to the mark. Thanks to Narendra Modi. Modi Please help Mumbai too. Maharashtrian government should learn at least this 1 good thing from Modi. We are the payers who pay taxes for such kind of road :(
Full Mumbai needs repairing specially Kondivita Road in Andheri(E) near Seepz.

I daily travel from this Kondivita route to Powai. There are so many potholes that its very difficult for a person to walk. You will definelty get back pain even if you are travelling in your personal vehicle or in any vehicle (car, Autorichshaw, scooter).

The road is full of potholes or I shall say this is not at all a road.

Old age people, Pregrnant Women, Handicapped people I recommend you please please do not travel by this road.

The structure of this road is not recent one but from June 2011(1st rain in Mumbai). Till next rainy season if they do not repair it, It will become hell in Andheri Mumbai.

Even though road contractor start repairing they will debug and will leave the work in middle because of their corrupt mind. Check out roads in Gujarat State, you wont find one single potholes on road, even in narrow lane, smaller village. All roads are up to the mark. Thanks to Narendra Modi. Modi Please help Mumbai too. Maharashtrian government should learn at least this 1 good thing from Modi. We are the payers who pay taxes for such kind of road :(
Pay attention to this and pls repair the roads
i gunwant jain staying at j.p.road andheri west near andheri station this road has been become a hell for us due to on going A-G metro project.after being complainting to your ward they says its in MMRDA hands we can"t do anything. there is lots of water loging in so small rains we cannot walk properly and there is lots of deasese spreading day by day.so we request clear this road as soon as possible so that we can atleast leave here.
Hi, I stay in andheri e near the pumphouse highway.the service road is in a severe condition..wherein there is no one looking at the road...the sewage line has broken down because of which the entire road is shattered and the main service road has broken into two halfs in middle..and the policemen...instead of reporting this issue and taking care of this..they have just kept there barrells covering the road..
On top of this..the water from the sewage line is coming out on the entire road and the road is all of water lodging and that too from the toilet line that is passing from that way..so..there is a lot of health issue that is happening in the surrounding as well as traffic happening only because of this...i want the government to wake up now and start the work at this place..
Dear Sir/Madam

Today I was driving along the Parleshwar road in Vile Parle where I noticed very dangerous pothole at the entrance of Aditi Restaurant. The picture does not give clear picture of the danger as it is hollow place right under the layer of Paver blocks. And alongwith repair or even before that the department would like to make report as it is not mere quality of work but something beyond that.

Kindly treat this matter as most urgent as it may endanger cars, the drivers and pedestrians.

Caringly yours

Best Regards
Request you to help the public with the pathetic condition of Road at S.V. Road, , Malad West. The divider used on this road is just a Gutter top. The material used by company is second hand material just to earn some amount unethical money. Many persons are suffering only because of that unorganized divider. Many vehicles are getting damage and people on bikes are getting injured because of this. Location is S.V. Road, Shankar Mandir, Near By Jakaria Road, Malad (West). I may request you either to use proper divider or remove this material. This maerial is used at many places on SV Road. I don’t know who has approved it from BMC, any way I am going to raise this issue in media as well. I am attaching photos for your reference.

I am living in Qureshi mohalla tata nagar govandi Mumbai 400043. there is very bad condition of street (gali) and gutter even one can walk properly. In that chawl living many family and there many senior citizens and handicap people. condition of gali is very worst and gutter should over flow no person cannot walk properly how can old and handicap people can no can take any action nagarsawak also not taking visit we are suffer from many other problem but its one of the many problem hope some take action to developed tha gali and gutter

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