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[Resolved]  Carz Hyderabad — Horrible Service at service center

Dear All,

I have a Maruti Zen purchased around 10 years back and which is very dear to me and my family.

I have planned to paint my car and get it completely loaded up so that I can still have my sentimental car with me and also the car looks good.

One of my friend has suggested me that Carz near Hitech city, Hyderabad provides good service, so I decided to give my car over there and I have told them to paint my car so that it looks neat and good.

They gave me 2 weeks time by which they said they will finish off painting. But I was shocked by the response these people gave me after taking my car. They never called me or updated me on what is happening on my car. I had to call them after 3 weeks to ask about the status of the car. They said the car will be ready in couple of days.

Even after 4 days, these guys never called up, so in the 4th week I went to the showroom to check out what was happening. I was shocked to see the condition of my car. They just painted outside body of my car and it was complete mess inside the car with all paint marks and stuff. They didnot fix any of the stuff properly and when I opened the bonnet and the dicky, the car was not painted and it was horrible to see all that.

I was pissed off and asked them what did they do and there was no reply. Then one gentleman came and said he will set right everything and asked me 2 days. Even after that they never called me or were answering my questions on phone properly.

I had gone there exactly after 5 weeks and I had to get my car as I was dependent on it though the work was not done to my satisfaction. I had paid 27,000 for the horrible work they have done.

I repetended giving my car at CARZ after seeing so much bill and not happy about the work they have done. Any road side shop can do the same painting at less than half the prize these guys charged me.

I request everyone not to trust and give their cars for repair at CARZ, near hitech city, Hyderabad.

The horrible part with this service centre is they don't even have a feedback form to inform them what they are doing.

Overall its a horrible experience for me at CARZ and it is not value for money at CARZ.

Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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I totally agree with you on the service from Carz at Madhapur. The below is a similar experience for me.

Am totally unhappy with the service form Carz. I have not been given an estimate in the first place, at least the technician satyananrayana has not done a trial round and there is no concept of preparing a job card to make an estimate of the repairs. The manager sachin kept lying about the delay with the insurance, however my understandign was the insurance company iffco tokyo was promt with the survey and related reimbursements. The manager sachin was a sheer waste, he is totally lazy and untruthful. IN SHORT ITS BEEN MORE THAN ONE WEEK NOW, THERE IS NO CLUE AND OR DATE BY WHEN I GET BACK MY VEHICLE. You wouldnt believe i havent even got one call from carz service center mentining the sataus of the serive and or problems they are working on. Even more pathetic is they keep telling me work is going on but never a date by when the work shall be completed.

I work for a reputed IT company, i will make sure other coleagues in my company DO NOT GIVE THEIR CARS FOR SERVICE AT CARZ and face similar problems like me.

I would be most happy if the concerned people at realise the problems customers are facing in the madhapur branch, with ineeficient people like Sachin and Satyanarayana.
Dear Mr. Srinivas Nadella,

At CarZ, we take customer feedback very seriously. Unfortunately in your case, it appears there has been a shortfall in the High Quality of Service we are well recognized for.

Following this post, I have personally reviewed your case to identify areas for potential improvement and incorporate relevant procedures to avoid any recurrence of similar instances in future.

Every customer is very important to us. We are eager to have the opportunity to rebuild your trust and loyalty. Kindly do return / answer the calls from our customer service team or provide us with an alternate number where you can be reached.

Please note that customers can always provide both positive and constructive service feedback on our website under Contact Us > Service Feedback.

Vijay Gummadi
I hope Mr.Vijay will address all these issues and bring in change. I am planning to give my car for some repair this week end

I had a similar bad experience as well. Took my brand new Vento to their Jubilee Hills head office for accessories. Even after 6months I continue have issues with their fitments.

First they changed the stereo brand from JBL which I paid for to another brand when they installed without my approval. Then for several weeks they didn't get the power locks installed as per promised. I had to constantly follow-up with them. Finally, when I asked for refund for the car locks, they magically set-up an appointment for next day in their office. I sent my driver and they end up installing another brand than what I paid for. Again with out my approval. This time I had to escalate to Mr. Vijay to get it resolved. But the accessories manager was so arrogant and adamant even to admit his mistake. It definitely seemed habitual for them to sell you one brand and swap for another.

Now that I finally got all installed, my issues begin

1. Trunk wouldn't close properly and I have to really slam it to close due to their lousy job. I took it in and they fixed it but adamantly refusing to say they never touched trunk. Not sure how reverse camera and reverse horn were installed in my trunk :)
2. Passenger power window in the back stopped working but they refused that it was their mistake. Took it to dealership to get it fixed. Guess what, the cable was disconnected during installation of accessories. Dealer fixed for free
3. Passenger front seat started rattling and I thought it was a bad seat since I just bought the car. Took it to dealer and turns out when Carz took it out for putting my seat covers, they broke the threads of the screws causing the seat not to sit properly. Now I have to get new rail at the bottom as threads on original railing were damaged by Carz sloppy people.
4. After 4months, display starting showing some warning lights. Took it to dealer for checking. Guess what? Carz at it again. They did a bad job of wiring for the new stereo system I bought which was causing some internal shorting.

Hope the saga won't continue with more future issues on my brand new car!!!

I highly NOT RECOMMEND Carz for anyone.

I regret to note the inconvenience caused to you.

We work with respected local distributors for sales and fitments of car accessories. Such outlets co-located on CarZ premises (including the one at Jubilee Hills) are independently operated by 3rd parties and not by CarZ. However, should any concern be raised on our premises, we work closely with the Customer and the Independent Operators to facilitate effective resolution of concerns.

Please note that customers can always provide both positive and constructive service feedback on our website at
Feedback posted on our site is accessible directly to the top management. This allows us to identify the customer, review their concerns and take immediate steps towards effective resolution.

In every customer lounge of our service locations, detailed contact information (including name, phone no., email) is listed to allow for concern redressal. We request our Customers to kindly bring any issues to our notice as and when they occur to allow us to serve you better. Timely reporting of concerns allows us to develop effective solutions while memory on the services performed and case history is still fresh.

If there is any thing we can do to facilitate your concerns with the Accessories Operator, please feel free to contact me at[protected]. In spite of your concerns, I and my team are eager to convince you of our service offering, standards, ethical business practices and make you our valuable Customer.

Prasada Rao
GM, Operations
On behalf of Team CarZ.
Doing homework on mechanics and shops to get some repair work done on two cars. Looks like the reviews are mixed on carz... seems easier to do it yourself if you have all the tools!!
I agree. I gave my Wagon R for service in the Madhapur Station. After the service, I took the car, next day it would not start. I called the guys and asked them to send some one. The mechanic came and announced that the battery is dead and I need a replacement. I was surprised as the battery was just 12 months old Amaron. Still, believing them, I paid INR 3500 towards a new battery. The new battery was installed, voila, within two days, the battery went dead again. Again, I called them, the mechanic came, this time they announced that they put wrong capacity battery and need to put 42 one. Therefore the new battery was again put, they asked for INR 700 more which I said I would pay in couple of days as I wanted to make sure that this time it works. Again, after 5 days, this battery went dead.
Now, the service station says that they need to replace the alternator at a cost of INR 7500 plus INR 1000 for fitting. This when they charged INR 9000 for the service and than INR 3500 towards the battery. It seems my original one year old battery was fine.So technically I was made to pay for something I was not required. Please note that before the service, I never faced such problem with the car.
As of now, I have parked the car in Madhapur Service Station, and I am waiting for them to put new alternator. They have promised to deliver in two days. I got my FORD vehicle serviced at the same station and it was all right last year. Wondering what has happened after the recent round of PE into the company. My vehicle is still with them so its a risk putting it here but then INR 20, 000 for minor service for a wagon R?? That's too much man!!!

Manoj Gautam
Please note that this is not a complaint as I was pretty happy with the way my Ford vehicle was serviced last year by the same people, just an observation, will keep you all posted with the developments in the case.
The matter is resolved in a most ridiculed way. After spending around INR 20, 000 on total service ( to be fair for battery replacement and new alternator they charged me around 13000 only), finally the conclusion was that after market stereo is causing the problem. That they did after my insistence on checking the fuses of AC and Radio. So I disconnected the radio. The reading light they disconnected.

Never Again CARZ for any bloody thing.
I was thinking to go for service and replacement of Clutch Plate of my Maruti Alto. After reading the comments, I don't feel like going to Carz. In this case I would prefer to go to Maruti Authorized center only where atleast I never faced problem in last 7 years. This time I was thinking to save some money but not at the cost of service.
Finally after a month, same problem recurred. Going to Maruti Authorised Service Station now and planning to file a case against these guys.
I highly recommend NOT TO GO FOR CARZ..Mr Vijay, the CEO seems to be a fraudster with immoral business tactics. They do not keep promises despite of taking months of time..BAKAR CARZ
NEVER EVER CHOOSE CARZ..guys this is a fraudster company with no cautious
All service centers will have these problems as not all customers will not be satisfied but, it looks like in the span of 3 years there was no improvement in their car service nor customer service. I was thinking of giving my Civic for service here but a free reading all these comments I am going to take a reverse gear on my decision. As I can even afford a service less car but, not some frauds ruining my car, time and money so, I will go for another service center who even though charge little high but, are more responsible and experts
I had similar experience and one of the worst.
Four times i gave two cars for service and all the times bitter experience. One time the driver was refusing to take cheque and was refusing to handover my car key.
I thought the service may improve next time and since can't judge them by single experience, kept giving the cars for service and each time bitter experience. This time they took my car service. They said i will be informed about estimate. 3 days and no information. After 3 days and that also after repeated calls, they give estimate and then they tell me i have to pay 30% advance for the work to start. They said will handover the car in 3 days. Again after 3 days no information and things remain where they are. Again after so many calls and gave a sms to MD Venu. Mr. Venu looks extremely busy and he never bothers to call. His assistant calls and says car will be ready by last saturday. I called on Saturday and they tell me its not ready and they will inform me exact position by 4 pm on saturday. After that no information till now. Gave so many sms to all managers and Mr. Venu. No response. Mr. Venu thinks this is "US STANDARD " services which he claims proudly on his website. Since so many days we are managing with car and for working couple this is a huge burden. I already informed by sms to Mr. Venu that this is last time i am going to give car at CARZ. For that also no response from his side. My car still at CARZ even today.
i had terrible experience today
Carz bennargatta bangalore

i gave my car for starting trouble
its took 12 days
they quoted 40000 claiming malfunction of various parts

i trusted and paid

but within one day, suspension streeing all starting giving trouble

i gave car back again, and still no repair after 3 days

he send me bill for battery cgnage rs 7000/-

Mr nagesh told me, parts not available so not repaired, but i can see for few parts of suspension, i was already charged around 10000 in first bill, what i paid ( rs 40000)

they just changed battery and took 3 days

i asked for earlier repair explanation and mr nagesh had none

i denied to give more money and asked for refund

and then

he threaten me on phone, told me that he will break my car glass and engine
his recovery agent came and threaten me with dare consequences on road

i have to call cops and wasted 3 hours

i dont have words to explain this all, i never expected carz brand will act like small road side garage and treat clients like this
Hi, I was giving my Hyundai i10 fir denting painting to madhapur Carz. However looking at these reviews I don't think I am going to give them my car. Also will not advise others.
I to have a bad experience with carz in near gachibowli . i was plan to give car to service for inspection as i am buying the old one after analyzing the car they prepared a list of items to replace ...the executive said he will come back in 5min start inspecting the vehicle we nearly waited 45 min he didn't showed up . we ask the other executive about him he is calling him and updating us he will come in 5 min. he didn't showed after waited another 20min ...we left from the carz ...
Actually is not even one star. If you have some respect for your car then do not let Carz touch it.
I have a i20 petrol. I asked for a engine oil change and consequences were AC gas leaked, mileage heavily dropped. I have huge confidence that the engine oil put was of sub-standard quality.
Well, seeing so many complain post of past and still no improvement in service, I can conclude that Carz is a good show and bragging but no real ground work.
Love your car no carz!
Seems like Carz Services will never improve.

The WORST Service.

I had sent my Santro for a complete make over.

They kept on promising dates after dates for delivery of our car, first it was 17 July, and then a long list of reasons .. came back and said it will be surely delivered by 6 August.. missed again and at last after so many promise came to show the car is ready on 26 August with a wrong number plate and some things still to be fixed.

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