Chevrolet Spark — Defective suspension, Axle hitting the chassis defective ac, humming noise in cabin misleading ad on fuel efficiency

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 Dr Jimish Modi
I have bought a brand new Spark Car on 24th August 2008 in my wife Pallavi’s name, from Ashtavinayak Auto, dealers of General Motors India Ltd, after seeing their advertisement in the media & studying the flier which we got from the dealer on taking the test drive. We expected that we would be given a good car, but after the car was delivered I found that we have been delivered a car with a lot of defects. Enlist;

1. There was a lot of rattling noise in the cabin when the car was running.
2. The suspension was also rattling as if it was loose.
3. The dash board was also creaking & rattling.
4. Everytime the car turned to left or right esp worsened when the car passed over a very small pot hole or raised road joint; there was a loud metal clanking noise.
5. The rattling would get worse if the car went on paver block roads or even a small pot hole on the road & road joints.
6. Engine vibration felt in cabin

I took the car back to the dealer & complained about the defects they said the speakers of the music system were not fit right. The rattle is because of speaker tray. All I felt assured but one day after the car came back all the complaints resurfaced so I took the car back on the 30th August & wrote to them ( Letter attached) They kept the car for 3 days & returned saying the problems were completely rectified. They told me they have replaced the defective suspension (vide Work shop Bill no 000456)
I asked the dealer why a brand new cars suspension would have to be replaced on the second day of delivery & had you not done any predelivery inspection on the car when I was given delivery on 24th August 2008? The dealer claimed they have done PDI on 100 items as per their procedure. It was not a satisfactory answer to my query.
After just 2 days all the complaints resurfaced. I took the car back to the dealer the dealer confirmed that there is a major defect in the suspension. I wrote them another letter on September 05 2008 & handed over the car to the GM dealers Representatives asking for a replacement.
Instead on the 12th of September 2008 the car was given back saying the suspension has been changed again & the new & modified suspension which has come from GM was now fitted in the car. I was told the other problems will be solved after first service.
After a week of running the car all the old complaints again resurfaced along with a few new problems, enlist;
1. Humming noise in cabin
2. Bubbling noise from compressor when it starts
3. Engine knocking on breaking especially when the car is slowing down in low gears
4. Spongy braking in spite of fitting sophisticated ABS braking system. Worse in slow moving traffic the braking is wanting so have to keep too much distance while driving in traffic.
5. Driver seat belt clicking noise
6. Very low average instead of the claim by company of 16.7Kms/ltr in media ads.

Misuse of Car: The car was completely misused by the dealer in all the days that it was with them & the odometer mileage confirmed that the car was used by the dealer. I had given them the car with full tank of fuel (vide copy of cash memo of petrol station) when they gave me back it was empty. The odometer showed that while the car was in Ashtavinayak autos service station a total of 300 kms were clocked. I have complained about the same in my various letters to Ashtavinayak.

I asked the dealer to replace the car they said they can’t do it but will ask zone Manager Mr. Sandip Deshmukh to see the car & take a decision. Mr Deshmukh came a few days later & took a test drive of the car acknowledged & confirmed all the complaints & requested me to give him a chance to set things right. I asked him for replacement of fuel & to take up the matter with the dealer why they have used my car for more than 300 kms. He said he will get the car completely assessed by the technical team from GM & get all repairs done & will also replace the fuel lost by me. He also said that if the complaints persisted after his personal attention they will replace the car.

The car was taken back on 30th September 2008 by Mr Vikram & after test driving he listed all the complaints he had felt were there. Vide the Pick up note attached. On the reverse he has listed in his own hand writing.

The car was delivered again on the 7th October 2008 claiming that the technical team had thoroughly looked into the car & found all my complaints justified & that there was some adjustment & loose fittings of various parts of suspension etc. The clinking noise from the front suspensions was due to the shorter turning radius given to the car & smaller axle but now all that was also rectified. The car was returned with invoice number 002271 dated 07 10 2008. Even though the fuel replacement was authorised by the GM person the fuel indicator was showing empty. I asked Mr Bosco who had come to deliver the car about it & he said there was a problem with the fuel station so it will be replaced when the car comes for first service.

I was asked to sign a Satisfaction note which I did along with my comments assuming that all will be ok. After one week all the complaints resurfaced even worse than before. I texted many SMS to Mr Deshmukh but there was no response from him. He would not answer my phone calls. I wrote him an email twice but there is no response from him.

No Receipt for money paid: I have not received any receipt for the money paid for the Cashless Ownership Offer listed under the column of Chevrolet Promise in the flier, informed about the same to Mr. Deshmukh but there is no response.

The first service is due but since I have told them I am going to Consumer court for redress, the company is not sent a representative to collect the car for servicing.

I have since made a lot of inquiries with other Spark owners while driving on the road many have confirmed facing similar problems. It seems there is a complete designing fault or something since the car is not getting repaired after all that has been done.

GM has been completely negligent & insensitive to my grievances. They have given me a defective car & have been very deficient in providing after sales services. My communications with GM & their dealer confirms their negligent & defiant attitude.
I urge your office to take up my case & help me get my money paid for the car along with the accessories fit in the car, RTO registration & taxes, insurance charges, All EMIs, bank charges & penalties for foreclosure of car loan, the amount paid for cashless ownership offer along with compensation which the consumer society deems adequate for all the physical & mental harassment & blatant violation of my consumer rights.

Thanking you

Dr. Jimish Modi
For Mrs. Pallavi Modi
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Chevrolet Spark — Misleading Ad

I booked a spark from Ashtavinayak Motors on 8 th March 2008, GM released an Ad stating if you but acar from 8 th -301 st march all that you need to pay for the next 3 yearts is cost of fuel as they will maintain the car, On asking the dealer & my subsequent conversation with Mr Sudarshan Sarma of GM he said i would have to Pay Rs 10000 to avail of this offer . This amount is not mentioned any where in the Ad not even in the fine print.This is taking the consumers for a ride

Chevrolet Spark -GM — Services not provided as declared in ads

I bought Spark LT on 14/10/2007, from Shiva Motors Ghaziabad, but now they are not providing any services as promised at the time of buying the car.The reason they are citing is that I did not collect any written documentation from the dealer.The helpline no is not providing me with any help as they are not providing me with any email id or complaint's team no. Rather they are exactly advising me the same thing as told by Shiva Motors

Chevrolet Spark — error in "" site

There is an error on "chevyspark .com" site.
If a person tries to see Spark in different colours using one of the tabs provided, it doesn't show the car in selected colour.

thak you.
i want to know if you have gone to consumer forum, and what was the end result,
the same complain is mine also and i decided to go to consumer court.
please coment
That is because you dont know how to use it.
You will get a spraying tool to colour your car.
try it and spray your car with selected colour.
Your complaint is of concern to me as my car is purchased about the same time as yours 20th.August 2008, and has done just under six thousand kilometers mileage; however, i have been instructed by the service centre to replace my two front tyres with immediate effect, as they have worn down.
Your complaint has made me realise that perhaps there is a fault with my car as well
Infact your mail become an eye opener. I was palnning to by a spark last month. fortunately one of my friend told me that do not jumb into trouble as the spark has some design problem. So I went on reading the reviews got openion from owners etc and finally droped my idea of purchase. 60% of the openion I got was negative. So when you are investing the hard earned money pls do R&D. Dont go after the word of sales representatives.
Anyhow you approach the consumer court to get your car replaced. Do not agree nothing less than the replacement of car. Write as many complaints to the cheverlet officials from bottom to top.
Thank you for your valuable informations on your experience
Dear Mr.Joshi,

Your story is unfortunate. I owned Spark in Nov-2008 & till date i haven't face any noticeble problem. I think you have got a Deffective or/already used car (might be damaged in accident?). But as a car Chevy SPark is really nice product... Extremely silent engine (Best in class), Good stability above 100-120Kmph speed with A/C on highways. I have completed 10000+ Km on my CAr... & really very satisfied... I already driven Wagnor, Santro & swift... But Saprk is nice Car. It has also got JDPower Best initial Quality Award (i.e.No. of Problems Per 100 cars in initial 1 year). You can check this on search engine. I can understand your pain & will like to know what happen further.

Thanks for sharing your experience.
Dear Sir,
I am fully agreed with the comments of Mr. Modi. I hav also purchased Spark in Sept. 2008. I have observed almost the same problems with a doubt that dealer has sold a used car to me.

Sanjay Tripathi
one of the worst evern driven on indian roads. It only drifts towards the left and friends, it's not an alignement problem, it's a design defect...Never ever remotely think of buying spark. I curse everyday the day I bought spark.
Yes fully agree with the no QA (Quality assurence) of the world's No one gigantic auto company. GM India is worst in handleing consumer's problems that is after sales service. They are saling the cars having noisy axles and break hardening problems right at the showroom gate at the time of delivery. It is very clear that no pre-delivery-testing/checking is being done by GM India, safety standards are also being not considered seriously by GM India officials. It is extremely shocking that GM is unconcerned, unfriendly, non-cooperative with their customers, not expecting any Miracle to happen. Chetan Kumar [protected]
i too have spark n bought last year i am too getting problems with suspension and engine, there is large sound from engine like some suv is bieng driven also while driving there is constant sound from rear wheels also its brake system makes noise it has been driven only 3000kms.i have sd this complains at autovikas service stn moti nagr, delhi several times but they i think dnt care about coustmer complaints.also car milage is issue it only gives 10 to 11 kmpl, also sometimes gears get stuck and its very dangerous.iam really disgusted to buy this gm car spark

Chevrolet Spark — rat entering into the car during night

Sir ,
A rat is entering into my car 2010 spark LS . In the morning the car is full of faecal matters.When I complained at the service centre the are telling they cant do anything and asked me to catch the rat


Sir, I purchased a Spark CAR from M/s S. C. Auto Ltd, Thane (Maharashtra) in December 2010. I have some problems with my car. In this connection I want to ascertain whether my car was properly checked by the dealer before delivery. Please help and guide me.
i am from bhutan...i have different problem with my car spark. i had a light accident, since then i have two major problems. the male-ware light is always on. so i took the car to the Chevrolet center, but there was nothing detected. due to this, the engine get off the moments i start the car. so every time i start the car i have to raise the accelator. the other problem is when i get moving in same gear, i get jerk from the car. the male-ware light is still on though it has been 2 moths after accident. can any one help me.
Pet a CAT!!!
Hi Folks,

Iam facing the same issues you uys facing.I have taken the delivery in the year 2010 of May and iam getting the a very huge noice from the engine if i crossed a speed of 60 and more than that.I have given a camplaint against it but he told this is now solved.But the problem is still the same.There is some noice comming from the right side where i could see there is a problem in the A/C belt.There are also some noices inside the body.

I will appriciate if you can close the production and try to fix this issue ASAP.
well i also hv some problems
1-car deviates towards left side when steering wheels left free.
2-rear break cylinders are not working properly.
so i think very few customers r satisfied.

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    Chevrolet Spark - Defective suspension, Axle hitting the chassis defective ac, humming noise in cabin misleading ad on fuel efficiency