Cmc Hospital, Vellore, T. N. — overcharged without giving anymedicine

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hi sir/madam,
my name is samba, i wife got jondus disease about 2weeks ago...i consult the doctor in tirupati then he refered to go to cmc vellore in TN bcz its severe case for the patient with 16weeks pregnency.CMC Vellore took case and gave us an oppoinment for next day then doctore gave me so many no of tests which is cost me about 12000rs then he simply gave me an oppinment for next week same day without giving any medicine and dite priscription...well thts fine if they need those tests and then next week they gave me no of tests which includes same test of last week one to compare the percentage of lastweek LFT wether it is reduced or i did't understand how come will it reduce without taking any medicine then they refer to take an oppointment and same tests today which is cost me totally about 17000rs and my expences finally they said its completely gone.( whts the thing is meanwhile we are maintaining proper dite for the disease thts why it is reduced.)...i did't understand why should i spent somuch time and money without taking any priscription and medicine.

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never go to cmc vellore ...i lost my mother there ...more than one month stayed as doctor i seen this hospital is only earning money...all staffs...specially nurses..behave inhuman ...i seen its having total system failure...most notorious ward is the surgery mother was behaving abnormally two days after splenectomy...her urine output was less than 300 ml in 24 hrs...i was frustrated requesting almost everybody from intern to the surgeon who did the operation to shift her to icu whole day ...i was crying ...but nobody was there to accept my words...nurses laughs when my mom shouts...but next day.when she become unconscious and statted gasping in the ward she was shifted to icu...and then the icu staff told that as she had cardiac arrest in the ward now chance is very less almost day she left a doctor i will say my mother was really neglected there..specially in the surgery ward...this ir really a very ordinary hospital...its earning because of its old fame i i advice all people specially people from west bengal and north east not to go there just to pour money to those stupid people ...there main income is from these places...they are very strict to get there bills ...that time they become private hospital...but when the question arises regarding reports and doctors visit then they become govt medical college...i have never met a real gentle man in the whole area in my one month stay...
Hi i am guna. i am 18 completed. i want to add my name in votes lits. what are the procedure i do?
Dear Sir / Madam,

I understood that a well treatment is given at CMC for HBs Ag. May i know the contact details and
some info to come and stay to take treatment? I am staying in Perambalur Dist, Tamilnadu.

Awaiting your reply, Pl.
Requested sir /madam i need an appoinment for my father health problem. i will checked near city hospital treatment but not solved in my father problem. pl consider to me and my father.
thanking you
from c.m.velusamy
Namakkal Dist.
cell No: [protected]
i have been sending mails after mails for sending my reports but in vain no answer.its the worse management procedure hopital number is 478555d
The total aim of Vellore CMC Hospital is to grab the money from the patients. I have bad experience in this, they have admitted the patient at 7 PM the next day they have discharged at 10 PM then they gave me the bill to pay the amount and discharge. I said we cannot go out if you discharge at 10 PM to pay the bills it took 11PM then I ran to book local taxi. The nurse said if you stay here after 12 o clock you will be charge Rs:1000. so you discharge not before 12 o clock.

Dear viewers, Do you think this is acceptable.
As per the treatment it is good. After the treatment the response from the nurses and the security people to say its worst. You will not stay inside the hospital.
They shows religious feelings if you are christian you will be treated well and the cost is also low. If you are other than christian you will be screwed up properly.

I am totally upset with their service. Their main aim is to grab the money by keeping the name of Hospital.

I am really sorry to say this because I had good opinion on this hospital. The first time I entered and faced this kind of problem so I could not able to digest it. It shows their cheap culture and stupid tricks to make money.

Dear sir/Madam,

I am in Hosur, I came for a SLE treatment last year to my wife for that i have one doubt, i called so many times, while i am calling i heard only recorded voice nobody attended my call then why they are giving the helpline numbers i don't know. this is too bad.

i am really sorry to say this because i had very good opinion on this hospital, i spent more than Rs 50, 000 last year for treatment, i feel very bad.
i also sorry to say about CMC HOSPITAL but its must to improove and can change reform your rules and regulation. we are well knows who is DOCTERS or student .your HOSPITAL display and says CMC IS NON PROFITABLE HOSPIAL . but its totally wrong you are trying to GRAB MONEY FROM EVERY PATIENT. if any patient step in to your hospital your RULES AND REGULATION is compulsory to test MRI, MRI PT, MRI BRAIN, MRI CMC SPECIALS. and CT SCAN also so many have test. its unfotunatly your cmc have grab A HUG AMOUNT each and every patient.its not justified your JESUS also not forgive you. we dont know in the name of jesus your hospital get permission from your god for grab money from evry patient. then your all staffs also only aim to wrok for complete his/her duty. they all are think how to complete my time and go back home. your hospital have opened so many cash countre for the intrest of patient but your staffs not working at the time. you can see evrery time they all are rotation. one they im also medicin counter no 3 and 4. there are already 30 persons are there in QUE LINE but there are no body in the two counter. after 5 minute later one person come here and says something in tamil language then he opened the counter no 4 then he ring up his mobile and shouted something in tamil langauge. after 10 or 15 later one person aslo come to counter no 3 the he take out key from his pocket and opened the counter no 3 and lugh the frist person is angerly and he leave soon.YOU CAN SEE your evrey staffs are BUSY IN SOMETIME IN canteen and some time busy in MOBILE. THEY HAVE getting a capable pay for his/her working. and patient party also want to ask somthing at counter they did not give answer and proudly says you go 101 and you can ask whatever you want. I WRITE THIS FEW LINE FOR YOUR CMC HOSPITAL WE NEED TO SEE A NEW CMC HOSPITAL. IF YOU WANT TO WORK SINCRLY IN INTREST OF PATIENT. YES YOUR ALL NURSES IS GOOD WROKING FOR THE PATIENT. so try to counselling once more its better for your hospital. if this condition have continue there are can be facing lot of problem. your hospital a reciept 9000 above every patient for testing MRI. THERE ARE 1000 ABOVE ADMITTED IN YOUR HOSPITAL THEN TOTAL RUPEES IS 90 LACS AND CT SCAN ALSO 7000 ABOVE TOTAL 70 LACS. ITS TO MUCH WE ARE ALL HELPLESS SO DONT TRY TO GRAB A HUG AMOUNT. SOME TIME THERE ARE TWO TIME THRICE TIME SAME TEST IS REQUREID BY YOUR DOCTER OR PG STUDENT. SO TRY TO CONVINCE ALL DOCTER OF YOUR HOSPITAL AND TRY TO TREATMENT A RESONABLE AMONT AND TRY TO TEST IF THERE RELATED OF SYMPTOMS. THANX
i also agree their aim is only grab money from pateint in the name of test screeing so . maine ye bad HINDI bolne walonki likhi he ki kabhi CMC JANESE PAHELE PUSLENA CHAHIYE KI WAHA KIS KISAM KA TREATMENT CHALRAHE MALUM HOGA CMC ME koito pucha hoga usise puslijiye wo log ka kiya TRICK HE . meibhi cmc me apna mother-in-law ka treamentkiliye jaratha pahele dinse mereko bahut gusa arahe cash counter se lekar OPD tak wo logka ak hi rule banake rakhahe ki pahela PAISA JAMA KARO FIR TREATMENT AGAR EMARGENCY MEDICIN KILIYEBHI PAISA PAHELA DENA PAREGA APKO USKI BAD ''Q'' LINE MEDICINE MILENGE.india me bahut sa hospital he agar emargency anesi paisato dichargeki bad denesebi chaljata he. uski bad admit hogaya general ward me uski pahelesi HB. 8.% to hb kumtha dusre dinse daily kabhi 4 kbhi 3 kabhito 6 botles 5 ml ka blood testingkiliye nikalarhe ha test karna jarurihe MEDICINE DEPT. ME TEST karke treatment deta he humbhi medicin doctor he manta hu magar uski LFT, KFT, SUGAR, 24 hrs urine.XRAY jab digonosis karnetak test kar sakta he magar ANA, Anti DS DNA anti SMITHS, 1GA 1Gg 1Gm two time karneki kiya jarurathe aur MRI aur CT SACN me 30 thousand se jada faltume lerahe uski brain me kusbhi problem nahihe firbi CMC ne ak kanoon rakha hoga isiliye MRI brain karna parta he ye bad sunkar DUNYAME BAHUTSA doctor he wo log cmc ki barime sunkar saram hoga. kam se kam sochna chahiye dorsebhi bahut paisa expenditure karke cmc per barosa karke araheto bahut se sochana chahiye kam se kam jarurat parneme test karna chahiye. aeisato nahi huw jab admit hogaya to testing kiliye dourna suru hojata he aour waha docter to kabhi kabhar dekha he treatment to student karahe itna serious pateint me ak PG student kiya dekhega aur ak student NEPHRO ki barime kya jan sakhega. hum ye bad high authority ko batana chatehe ki niche se lekar upertak instruction dena chahiye nahito ak din cmc ki upper bahut bara musibat abhi sakhta he agar docter ki negelact me ak pateint marjanese FIR lodge kar sakta. dusarongne sahi kaha aploka counter me 6 counter heto waha 2 adhmi kamper milenga jadase jada 3 adhmi 2 counterme akto resme rahega aour ak kampe rahega aur adhmito bahuthe couter agar pura kam karahitobi kam he. isiliye maine specially north east, west bengal aur UP bihar ka adhmi kiliye ye bad likhi he janese pahele puske jayiye waha kiya special he kusbhito nahi DELHI, MUMBAI aur gauhaty me bahutsa NEPHROLOGY, NERO, CHEST, MEDICINE, AUR SPECIAL SURGICAL BAHUT HE AAP USIME TRY KARO cmc me treatment KAM KARTI HE AOUR TEST JADA KARTA HE, TEST KARTE KARTE ADHAMI MARJATAHE ak dinme kam se kam 2 se 5 adhmi marjata he aaplogne dekha hoga jab main gate me AMBULANCE lagaya dekha hoga wo DEAD body nikalnikiliye he kusbhi nahihe lastly i humble request to supetandent of cmc please strictly advise to all doctors, nurses and staffs. im not interfare about your cmc but we also love and trust to your cmc so do something for JESU. AMEN
dr. r baruwa ki isibad me me full agree karta hu humnebi dekha he cmc hospital ki doctor aur staff ka kitana chalu he admit karnese pahele 30000 aur 40000 tousand treatment me arrange karna parega batayatha aur 2 week me 60000 thousand ka bill dena suru karta he itana test karta he ki patient ki hemoglobine low hojatahe aapnbe thik kahae ki wo log ka cash counter ka staff ka barime wo log admi he ki janawar malum nahi hota koi respect nahi koi bad pusnesibi jawab nahi deta wo log mahiname kitana pay mila hoga malum nahi hota itana proud keise hogya counter to bahut dekha he aour staff to do bahut kam work kartahe aur doctor ki barime kiya bolu hum logne 5 week undre doctor ne medicin me koi intrest nabhi liya daily testing aour screening me tntrest liya malum nahi hota patient bi aur problem detatha aur patient party kobi financecial problem hotatha wo logne kaise sochliya ki haraam ki kamaise kitana wo logka partbar khus rahe payaga jesus nebhi tum log kabhi maap nahi karega public ki thrato sochna chahiye lagtaheki cmc me upperse nichetak sab ishi dhanda me mila huwahe hum logne itna complain karnesibhi koi badlao nahi ayega ye baad cmcx ki bahr wala sabhi adhmi ne kahahe jindagibar me cmc me kabhi nahi jawunga aur jitna humara jaan pahechan freindship kobhi jane nahi dega ushe bahut asha hospital bahuthe india me treatmebhi itna late karneki koishis karthe doctor to kabhi kabi atahe aour student doctor banke ayega TUTOR ne treatment karnese kya faida milega. cmc guid line me cmc ka md, dm, nephroka srgn. bahut naaam published kiya he lekin ward ka underme kahahe wo logka DM<MD lagta kush anjjan log ka faida lerahe lelo tum log jesu ka namse patient ka blood khawo piyu kitan shal adhmika jindgai hotahe marneki baad kiya leke jatahe tumhara bible ne nahi bataya kiya. daily jesu ka parthana to kiiya he aour undreme adhmika khoon pineme lagnese jesunebi thiry tum logkobhi khus dega khaskar jisne insanko janbuskar takliba detatha aur uski kamjurime faida uthane walako jada din nahi lagega uski khusi jarur barbad hojayega ye me wada ke sad tum logko chellange karahung thora andaj lagawo cmc me jitna adhmi treatment karke chahe thik ho ya improov nahi hokar cmc se kitana adhmi khus hokar wapaj lota he ya naraj hokaer ya rulakar lotahe tum lo0g % lagake dekho.
Government should take action on the management. They will not provide any information about patient request. Even they don't say, YES or NO. Management says, speak at concern department, pleople at their depts asks to speak to doctor and doctor will never be available to patient care takers.

Doctors are really illiterate to respond to emails.
all the above accusations r completely true and it is happening on mass basis. even further they can also postponed your planned procedure saying doctor has gone on emergency leave. Don't know why govt. is on standby mode regard this complaints. may be the over charged price are use to govt. is stay silient. everything is arround god over here but it seems god is also on leave this days
i think gov should derecognize this hospital
on 22/07/2011 thurs day evening around 7.30 pm i took my son to KATPADI LAKSHMI HOSPITAL FOR COLD.
first they asked me to put a card which is RS 30 so only DOCTOR will see the patient so i payed and waiting for doctor after 15 minuts they called us and that doctor was busy with X-RAY report and for sake she checked my son. and i asked her to write injection. then she wrote and gave me the nurse asked me to pay the bill in the pharmacy. i went to there and the medicine was only RS 10- AND THE DOCTOR FEE IS RS 100/- SO TOTALLY I PAYED 130 rupees as doctor fee and 10 rupees for medicine.

IT is very sad that they roberry our money.but there is no good treatment.
so i request all vellore and katpadi people please dont go to katpadi LAKSHMI HOSPITAL FOR ANYTHING...
I am Jayaselvan, Coz Of Pain In my Testis I Went To CMC Emergency Ward.. But they told me to go to general ward.. there i got appointment after 2weeks only.. then met doctor he given some test costs 2500rs then he said i am having urine infection and given me some tablets for 7days which costs 10rs after 1 week again i took tests.. the infection didnt go.. then he given me injection for 5days.. again i took tests..then on 12.11.2011 met doctor he said the infection is become more n he is telling me to take test again..(to clear urine infection they r taking 45days till now it is not cleared.. coz of more infection only i came to admit in emergency ward then y the **** they told me to go to general ward) till now i almost spent 14000rs and cant able to go office for one month.. still i have pain in my testis.. My personal openion Never Go To CMC..

Treatment In Cmc Vellore — worst treatment

MY sister was met with an accident in vellore and brought to CMC vellore 18 th jan but she was admitted in the hospital only on 19th jan at 7 pm and there was no treatment for her the doctors ask us to discharge her and take her to home and the doctors who have to render service are not ready to treat her
it is a hospital full of stupids not doctors
Came to CMC Vellore with my stroke suffered husband with a lot of hope. Managed appointment of Dr Mathew Alexander (HOD neuro) with a lot of difficulty. But today after spending almost 15 days in Vellore and undergoing various tests we are going back literally without a prescription as doctor verbally told us that same medicines( prescribed by our doctor at Ranchi )will continue. Junior Doctor(neuro) and cadiologist(both senior and junior) were very caring and suggested some different medicine but Dr Alexander was impatient and his attitude was rough during our appointment, after undergoing all tests suggested by him(after waiting in queue for long hours outside) and just verbally told us to continue the same medicines. My husband was eager to know the reason what has caused the attack and the precautions that he is supposed to take .He also had some queries but was unable to place them as the doctor was in a hurry and was not paying attention to what the patient was saying.Very disappointed. We travel a lot, stay in hotels and spend a huge lot of money to take valuable opinions of CMC Vellore doctors and I find this totally unacceptable.

The same thing could have been told in a gentle manner and we do mind this kind of inhuman attitude of senior doctors whom we respected a lot and finally find that they are not worth it.
CMC is purely commercial hospital. there they will do no. o[censored]nnecessary tests. even they will not understud patients problems.
Hole staff single dialogue "i[censored] want to go sign and go in feather we will not give treatment in emergency also". i don't know as a responsible doctors will speak in this manner. this is not my first experiance with CMC, every time they will use same dialoge. CMC management should take action such kind of doctors, then only patients will satisfy

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