[Resolved]  Cobra Group (Elite Management) — making people fool

BEWARE...Cobra group is a big fraud..ELITE MANAGEMENT in Chandigarh, sco 217, top floor, sector a branch over there.. Mr.Sreejith Nair is the head over there..guys dont go for interview i[censored] get a call...they will tell u that they wll gv u salary betwn 14000 to 30000. but its based on commission.. they wl send u to field to collect some donation on behalf of CRY or SAVE THE CHILDREN whc r NGOs i[censored] can collect a cheque of Rs.1200 from a person whc is d minimum amount u can collect u wl get Rs.200, means Rs.200 per support...ths is d commision u wl get ..they wl send u with some leaders who r already into ths business..they wl motivate u by telling lots of things..i[censored] ask about the salary thy wl never explain to u..they wl tell manager wl explain to u.. I[censored] get a call from ths company plz dont go for interview..u wl spoil ur career over thr..Mr. sreejith nair impress the guys specially gals by his looks and speeches..he keeps relation also wid the gals to retain them in d business...worst culture i hv evr seen in any company..field executive r making people fool by saying that they r d volunteers of CRY and SAVE THE CHILDREN organisation..infact they r d employees of cobra (elite management) and get commision for raising funds..out of Rs.1200,they get Rs.200, manager get Rs.100 and higher managers also get some percentage of that money..these people professional beggers..employees dont get any fixed salary from all over India cobra having around 80 cities like chandigarh,delhi,mumbai,kolkata,nagpur,pune,hyderabad, bangalore,ahmedabad and chennai..its time to uncover these big frauds..
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Aug 13, 2020
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REAP — Fooling Donors

One of the NGO called reach eduction action programme has been fooling all big donors like tata trust, mahindra, wartsila, volkart, disha direct and so many. It shows work of doing underprivileged upliftment. But it is not
yes boss ki smartness par mat jao apni akal lagao varna gaye bains pani main.
Thanx a lot...

I have received a mail from there for the interview when I asked about the job profile they did nt tell me anything...i have also doubt because they are not ready to tell me anything about the job related inqueries they said just come here...Thanks ...
This is absolutely right. No doubt u can earn gud money but at d end u have to go door to door like profesional beggars and ask for charity. Talking about the manager Mr Sreejith Nair, he is a big tharki sitting on a chair and ordering his people like anything. I have worked there for few weeks and I came to know in and out of company. Sreejith needs a reason to flirt or to touch the girls, talking about in his team only he flirts with Jaspreet, Aanchal, Monalisa and every other girl. After getting married also he is still the same. And moreover each and every employ working over there, none of their family is satisfied with their job profile. Either they have lied to their parents or the've not told about the profile. Now I dont think so that there is any use of earning money like this, afterall family also matters. Now talking about the money, you will get 20% out of one support and your manager will get 10% of the support and higher official will get 5% of the support and so on. This means out of 1200 or 1000 only 400-500 goes to the NGO. Thats why the company is making so much of money out of this. Atmosphere within the office is gud but outside the office everybody is each other, i mean no one is happy with other's sucess.

Now when you go for the interview, they will always give you a fear of loss by saying that we have limited no of vacancies and only few will be selected. But in reality they need people in their teams because to progress in this company you should have more and more no of people in your team then only you will be promoted to next level, thats why they start giving u fear of loss from the very 1st day when they take u out for the observation. When u go 4 d intrvw, abt 10-15 candidates will be w8ng for d intrvw like u out of which 5-6 will turn back next day.

In a nutshell guys I will suggest u not to go for this option coz I've worked over there nd wasted ma tym. I left the company not bcoz f I was not performing, i was a big tym high roller earning approx 15k-18k every single month. But at d end u have ur self respect and patience as well. There are times when people will complain about u in police for disturbing them without any appointment and there are times when people will abuse u and throw u out of their house. So i[censored] r ready to suffer all these things then u can join d company but dun spoil ur 2-3 months as I did.
even i got such a mail.. you all might be right
ya rit guys

i also recieve a mail join dat company but very 1st day i feel uncomfortable so i left dat, i think dats was a good decison which i taken dat time
even i have suffered a lot due to these bunch of [censored]s, i have not worked there but a frnd of mine got into their trap coz of their lucrative offers and her passion to get into a job, she is so dedicated towards her work, sacrificed her social and presonal life, got through so many ups and downs, faced a lot of challenges in the job other than family pressure as nothing fruitful was coming out of it and she was wasting more than 12 hours of her everyday and spending much more than she was earning in the process and used to get so tired physically as well as mentally that sometimes i feel that i m being feelingless by making her to wake up and talk to me at nights
The comments posted on this page are by those people those who were unable to understand this working system of this company. Tell me one thing guys it is easy to make fool of 2 people 3people 4people but tell me one thing that is it possible to make fool of 25 countries. The people who have posted some thing over this they are not having that understandable mentality. They can't do anything any where so they opted for criticizing the company because it is the easiest thing.

Even i can name these people those who have written comments particularly dhruv1122 & A-Z.

Do u people want me to to name those people???

Like A-Z just can only use parliamentary language not more than that. It shows his level of thinking.

These people just have left some identities in their comments.

They are not smart enough to hide there identities so how they can blame an big organization like appco group.

This company is just promoting our hard work. These are bunch of those people those who do not believe in working hard. They just need fixed salary without any hard work. Even no organization can do so for long time. So these people will keep on shifting companies by blaming them even they go to Microsoft.

The people those who have posted comments on this wall they will again react in a bigger way on my justification as it is quiet natural.

But i have no envy for those people rather i will suggest one thing for them, in stead of replying to my justification they should analyze their selves. Their comments cannot make any difference on the company but they will actually waste their time which can make a -ve difference on their carrier in job.
oh shutup! whosoever u are... tell me 1 thing... y dont u guys tell da very 1st day wot the profile is gona b... n da commission based salary takes whoe 1 week to disclose it to the new ppl... u tok bout hard work????? you need help.. join some company dat can actually help india grow n not this so called mnc o[censored]rs...THAGG company... ruining careers of freshers...

Every thing is disclosed in orientation classes prior to going for observation. Its not companies fault if you are not unable to understand orientation classes. Even when you are back from observation day everything is explained to you. You are also asked for quarries you are having.

According to me you should go for some english classes and improve your english. Because your language shows your level of thinking.

Your mentality is crystal clear from your language.

Improve your vocab and talk to me. Because i do not want to talk to people who use unparliamentary language.

Awwwwwwwwww...really???? hahahaha! n u need to raise your level my dear...tch tch tch! feeling sorry for u dude... do 1 thing...go out n start asking for donations n earn some money for yourself...dont waste your time.. or u ll loose Rs 200... hahahaha!
orientation??? which observation dude??? the thing is you dont need to use all these heavy words... Its of no use... Jaake toh tum saalon ne bheek hi maangni hai Donation k naam pe... pehle pard leta toh aaj ese dhakke nahi khane pardte... hahahaha! aa mere office mein tujhe teri aukaat dikhaun... unparliamentary language...hahahahaha! hilarious mayn! u need help!
Dude you need imprve your english... QUARRISS???? query dude... its query...:)
Hardworking and generous people may apply for a jobs in Elite...

Friends i am working with Sreejith Nair from Elite Chandigarh since five months..
i read complaints in this perticular sites.. i think, there are lots of mis understanding..that's why i felt to answer for it..

Recruitment stategy best one i ever seen in ever.. Because

1) First round : They explained every thing about the industry and the hierarchy, including sales and marketing and the field work and remuneration as per the performance. If you are good then the call for observation round..
2) Second round : First they give u orientation and send you on the field and show how to do sales and marketing, if you are interested and they like you, then you can joined..
From day one training started..if you have skills you can build team and you get promoted as a business owner.. No confusion no missrepresentation, I[censored] are good, you can do good.

About Sreejith Nair

He is the most hardworking and intelligent person, i ever met.
No dought, he is very strict and straight forward person, but it doesn't mean, he is a bad person.. He never compromise on dishonesty and laziness..
99% people in this organisation are freshers and they never had any experience, in working some where before.. naturally, when u fail in the organisation, you will criticize, that is what happened with most of my friends..
we most o[censored]s, having very good relationship with Sreejith and his wife. They are made for each other..very good understanding and down to earth..
We been invited couple of times by them to their place. we been treated so well that we cannot expect from our seniors. No dought he is very charm and having good pesonality and very very fun loving, but it doesn't mean he keep relationship with every one, as some of our friends mentioned.. See friends he brought up in Bangalore and Delhi, so he can't be a coservative person.. we should understand him. Even i am a good looking girl, but he never misbehave to me..
He always says nobody is bad for our jobs, some people are good for some other jobs.. all the best friends, i respect him alot, thats why i mentioned..
lolzzz so much fun here, , , , well i get this mail almost every day, , , , glad i switched over to this place by searching elite org on google

thank u everyone
i think no company's recruitment process can go as long as equal to 3-4 months.and still going on. till now, i have recieved about 50 emails from elite mgt chandigarh, for being shortlisted for interview. and such emails are being sent to all, ALL, ALLLLL of my friends.
if it is such a big company, and wanting to expand in india, then why they don't go to big B- Schools for recruitment processes?

their strategy goes like this : send emails to freshers(MBA's) for interview, select most of them. show them a lollypop of salary of 8-10 lakhs p. a. after 8 months training, in lust, take work from them like salesman for many months, in the name of training. after that half of them will leave it halfway, and then select handful from them as Bm(not sure). it is a good way to recruit salesman. isn't it. because salary paid during training is like commission from sales only.
my performance in observation round was very bad, still i got selected, why??? they were getting a MBA salesman.!!! they know that in lust for 8-10 lakh salary, they will take work from me, and afterwards say that still my skills are not good, and enhance my training period. meanwhile their product is selling na. !!
well hats off to that person who invented this idea of recruitment process to fool people.
whatever elite is doing is not illegeal, but it is UNETHICAL. shame on such a big company.

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