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[Resolved]  Colors Tv — NA AANA IS DESH MERI LAADO

the serial Na ana is des meri LAADO , has been glorifing the evil by showing the wrongdoers unpunished for all the crimes they commit.It is incomprehensible as to what are they trying to project of the society we live in and the law and order of our country.Request to please change the storyline and show that law and justice is still practiced in the society
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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I strongly agree on the point that the CV's r gloryfying only the negativity on the NAIDL show & r taking leap that too without the lead pairs...What is the use of the show highlighting such negative aspects of the society if the team is not able to give the proper solution...Stop the crap & show some sensible issues with the proper solutions...
completely agree with it the show is full of negativity all thy show is tht always the lie wins n truth dies thy hv started the show against the evil practices or in favour of it now is the limit thy r tking the leap n tht too widout lead actors wht's the need of the leap when the show is doing gud on trp charts there r many things to explore many tracks r left open ended so y thy r tking such a step nobody is going to watch the show widout aditya n natasha n after 2-3 months thy hv to wind up the show due to falling trp's better do it now finish it up rather than tking a big risk.Laado CV's r big fools better check out their brains thy r working properly.
i strongly agree.thy r tking the leap n tht too widout lead actors wht's the need of the leap when the show is doing gud on trp charts there r many things to explore many tracks r left open ended so y thy r tking such a step nobody is going to watch the show widout u Raghav n sia (aditya n natasha).so plz don't do that.
me too agree wid u all... they r taking the leap very fast...ya thr r many stories to be completed... frst complete them... plzz... nd if wish to take thn take of sum 4-5 years... bt with the leads of d show... ADIYTYA REDIJ ND NATASHA SHARMA... plzzzzzzzz... plzzz...
I completely agree with the complain ...Since starting they are making fun of disclaimer that they oppose the evil practices on woman ...but never shown that good winning over evil ...there is only one winner ..that is AMMAJI ...who is always wrong .. now they want to show that Gajendra who killed a girl and raped his wife is going to set free by the High court ...why ????? will wrong doers will ever get punishment in this serial ...its a big question ...

They admires negativity ...Raghav who has reformed now & trying to bring awareness in the veerpur people will be killed as creatives want to take leap ...

what type of social message they are conveying that " I[censored] r wrong doer ..u will live long and I[censored] r a good person u will have to die " so don't be try to good i[censored] want to live longer "

They are taking leap without showing changes in the believes of veerpur people ...

Its a goog show which can create lots of awareness amongs the people ..but god knows what the hell they are doing
Colours are mostly showing only negativity in their serial. There is never positive. They bring back only the evil character and keep on glorifing the evil people in laado. Aditya and Natasha are such a good pair and good actors. But their potential are never shown. I wish Adi and Nats come in some good romantic new serial where their talent is used. Let them stop this stupid laado serial where in there is no justice.
Colors is going crazy. Banners dont make a serial hit, but it is the actors, acting & story line up. If they think extreme negativity attracts people, then they r wrong. At the end of the day people sit down to relax during which they watch these serials. Lado has wonderful actors & actresses but if they dont have a good storyline then this serial will be in trouble. Merely killing popular characters for a twist & unnecessary leaps will not save the serial however hard they try.
I agree that show started saying that they are against all crimes to women & all, but they never showed that they are with them.Also the serial always talk about wrong doings, lie, never truth wins.Now its going for a 20 years leap, please stop this leap, we dont want a leap now.Hope it will go according to truth & stop leap.
I agree ...They introduce a track where a social issue is raised like gotra issue, maritial rapes and many others ...but what is the end result every time the wrong doers are set free and enjoying and womans are blamed that why the hell they open their mouth to seek justice ...

They have showed that Gajendra who murdered maid earlier and now raped his wife is sentenced 7 yrs imprisonment ...but soon will be set free by the high court ...A simple question to c.v's & CH if they don't want to punish wrong doers then why the hell they raise issue ... and now in the leap process they want all the negative character to survive and positive Raghav & sia to die .
why can't they simply tell us that there is only one winner in their show ..that is Ammaji ...we will won't ask any question ...

I am feeling cheated as I watched this serial in a hope that some day or other good will won over evil but here it is not happening ..

I sincerely request u people to look after this matter .they are making fun of disclaimer ...what social message they are delivering ...
I am so dis appointed with colors attitude ..They have killed ...Raghav and sia ...and all other evil charcters are alive ..why the hell thye have done this ...continueously spreading nagativity ...

Is there is any end to torture on womens in Laddo
i m so disappoint to see & hear dirty language used by persons in serial "RISTON SE BADI PRATHA" Please take it seriously otherwise what will our society learn from these serial. Thanks
na ana is des lado ka time change nahi krna chaiye big boss is so boring i request 2 colors chanel pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont change d time na ana is des lado at 10.30pm thanks
you are requeste to please change the time of serial i.e na ana is des meri lado becoz we are working and we don't have a time to watch it in the afternoon. we are wathing this serial from started so please change the time of this serial. thanks
you people r overly showing the promos of serial ''CHAL''...stop showing back to back... it seems sooooo boring...n damn sure it will be...
plzz...cant bear it any more...
Worst serial ever ill file a complaint against colors for showing such disaster.
You insane director show us some positive things apne man ki gandagi mt dikaa
Hai. Am an daily viewer of colors chnnel .please star the serial ek sringaar swabiman.It is one of my favrte..not mne for my all friendals

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