[Resolved]  compaq presario v3000 — problem is not getting solved for no display.

To, respected sir
I have compaq presario v3000 having service pack v3155au suffering from no display since last three months.
I have gone to ur service station five times but still my problem is not getting solved.Every time i go they will replace some part n tell now it is ok but within few days the problem reoccurs.i have got motherboard changed once in your hp service station n so many times got formated but now also i have got same problem again. This time also they are replacing the motherboard but how many times do i have to get it changed.
Now i am fad up of your laptop as i have to give my post graduation exams after three months n i m reading on net but due to the above problems i m not able to read because every tenth day problem comes back.
So this time i want clear result or else i dont want your product n plz if it is due to amd processor and its heat in the indian conditions then plz dont introduce such products in india.
I am waiting for a good reply from your side with clear conclusion as i have heard about your hp service...
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Aug 13, 2020
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Its like mini oven, good 2 use in winter season
rahul this side
actually i have taken a laptop from your dealer
galaxypc4u, pl sharma road, meerut, uttar pradesh, india
it was just 6 months and there are so many technical problems i am facing with my laptop, in the form of motherboard, dvd writter, touch pad crashes i have visited the service center so many times but i was not entertained by any one over there, i dont know what was the logic that ur employes take it so lightly and i am suffering a lot becoz my laptop was in service center from last one month. can u please give me any guideline to resolve my problem.
please provide me any phone number through which i can sort out my problem.
and it would be better i[censored] give me a call on this number
+91-[protected], +91-[protected].
i am waiting for ur reply
send me as soon as possible.
I bought a Compaq Presario V3133AU notebook from a HP reseller in Trivandrum in November 2006. In December 2006, after one month of expiry of warranty, it went dead. When I enquired at the reseller's office, they told that almost all the 3133AU systems that they sold were coming back with the same complaint exactly after the expiry of the warrranty period. Is HP manufacturing such products to last just one year? I got it repaired in December after paying Rs. 6000. In January, it again had the same complaint and I had to repair it spending an equal amount. Now in March, it is again showing the same complaint. The complaint is that the screen blurs and then the system goes dead.

I had selected Compaq taking into consideration its brand status. Now I really feel pity for my choice to have selected Compaq. Let me tell you, as an aside, one of my close friends took a Compaq PC and it too went dead exactly after 1 year. What does this prove? Luckily, it was a PC, so he could get the motherboard replaced with that of Lenovo. But mine being a notebook, I cant even do that.

I am working in BPO to fetch an income to sustain my studies. Now, the scenario is such that I have to get money as debts to pay for the repairs of this notebook every month.

I am about to take the notebook to HP authorized service center in Trivandrum. I do not know how long I am going to continue with this process. The worst part is that, I have exams coming up in April, and this system is affecting my exams also, as it had affected my January exams. I am really so depressed at my decision to choose Comapq.
I also brought a compaq presario v 3000.After 3 months it is showing the same complaint
Yes, Compaq is cheating the consumers by selling such substandard products in the Indian market. I too had an experience of the same sort.

I had bought a Compaq Presario V3133AU laptop and it went dead exactly 20 days after the expiry of warranty. Till that time, I used to suggest Compaq laptops to my friends and relatives. Now, when I started enquiring, I could find that this problem with on-board graphic chip was a common one with all the Presario 3000 series laptops and even desktop PCs (One of my close friends experienced it; it too was after 1 month of expiry of warranty). The service centers were fed-up with Compaq Presario laptops and they were sending back people who were not willing to change the mother board.

I somehow pursuaded a service center to repair the laptop for me by paying Rs. 6000 for replacing the chip. Then, one month later, it again showed the same complaint. This time also, I got it repaired by the same person and as soon as I got it back, I exchanged it with a Lenovo laptop. Now I am happy that I was able to get rid of my biggest nightmares.

I would advise, from my personal experience and also from what I have seen with my friends and also from what I could gather from the service centers, that one should not go for Compaq products in the future if you want to make sure that you get a service worth the money that you are spending.

Here I quote what a Compaq dealer to me, "Previously, Compaq was good... but after HP took it over, they have started compromising a lot on quality... now it is better to buy Acer or Sahara laptops that buying Compaq..."

Here, I would also like to mention about their poor Customer Service.

I had registered complaints in Compaq website and made calls after calls to HP Customer Service in Chennai. Once they promised to do something for me. Thereafter, they refused to attend to my calls and I even tried calling the cellphone of Mr. ***** (I wont mention the name here). There was no response. Such is their customer relations.

Therefore, please think over twice before you decide to buy Compaq PCs or laptops.
After reading the complaints of all you guys I have realised that mine is not the only case.Coming to the point and not speaking about the bootup issues and all the other problem we are facing with compaq3029v.I have had to replace my motherboard twice during the warranty.And both the time the whole procedure on an average took three months.So my laptop had spend 3 months in the service centre out of 12 months of warranty.And as I had feared just after my warranty within 2 months the laptop wont start again.I went to Hp and they very conveniently gave me a quotation of 16000rupees to replace motherboard.I emailed my problem to various consumer protection organisation(you can get the email id from google) forwarding a copy to the hp authorities.The cowards within the next day called me to say that they will take my case as a special one and would be replacing it free of charge.So guys go through the consumer court way, it works like a charm!!! just a few email corresponds and hp came on the track..I f i would have got this idea i would had been foolish enough to pay a fortune to replace the motherboard, I hope this is gonna helpa a lot of you guys...take care byee...
I too have a Compaq v3000 laptop and it too has the same problem of no display. I was a bit lucky that it happened within the warranty period. they replaced the motherboard, processor etc.. it repeated two times and this is the third time i'm finding this problem.

If i go to the service center it is at least 15 days to get it repaired. And the problem repeats after another 15 days. What is the use of having the laptop...?

I'm pretty scared after reading the comments above. the Hp has to do something.
i have totally different experience ... my system board replaced by HP in just 3 days ... Rs. 0 /- paid for the service ... they also suggested me to extend the service by 2 years ... but i have to pay rs 6000 /- for this extended period ... i think it's worth ...

i m from Mumbai & service provided by Astech Infotech @ Mahalaxmi 400011 ... Tel . 4981919
yup...v3000 was totally got a problem..mine also have a problem with mobo...have to try solution from you all...(T-T)
this compaq presario v3000 notebook is a bull to use i bought this in may 2007 still not even a year passed its mother board is gone from the past 20 days its sucking mi time and everything it can no customer care nothing they just keep saying yhis problem that problem i m now sick of this and its i think useless to write here .one must go straight to consumer court .this site has been made to make us stupid just its here i think i[censored] dnt call me in 2 days at [protected] i think u havent had drunk ur mothers milk to face a customer...
with love to compaq and chinese materialss
I'm also one of the so many victims of v3000 compaq blunder. Exactly the same trauma I went through with my compaq v3155au, whatever others have mentioned in this thread. When I took it to the service center I hear the same stories of motherboard problem & could cost me 20k bucks and all that. It's only 1 yr. & 4 months since I bought this laptop. I'm feeling bad that 2 of my friends bought compaq laptops on my recommendation. At the end I have 2 big lessons learned. Of course 'never buy compaq laptop' is the first lesson. Second one is 'Never go for AMD which gets heated up so badly & easily'. Now I would try my level best to persuade my friends not to buy hp/compaq laptops/PCs. Now I'm thinking to buy a Dell Inspiron laptop. Hope it mitigates my bad experiences with compaq laptop.
Yes all of you are perhaps right, i purchased this compaq presario V3133AU from a retailer in pune with an years warranty, after about an year, it started showing its true colours, there wasnt any display whenever i tried to power on the laptop, it showed nothing, i contacted service center as i was lucky with the warranty still under a month from expiry date, they replaced the mother board, and since then they have replaced the same for about two times, its a kind of a horrible experience everytime i get a motherboard replaced soon after a month or so it again plunges to a dark screen after powering on.

Though i have persuaded people to go for dell and lenovo lapotps as the design is a lot better..

Now i will sell this for whatever i can and look on to get a new laptop but not compaq.

Compaq is a big cheater..i gave away my first salary i waited and saved for 3months to get it .And this is what it did to me.
Hi Everybody,
The problem : does not lie with Compaq's machines but with the Operating System - Windows Vista. Nevertheless, Compaq should make efforts to provide it's customers with value for their money !
The solution : Install Linux Ubuntu and you will be more than 'just satisfied' ! Honestly, it runs like a dream on Compaq's machines (as well as on any other brand). Added to this you get tonnes of valuable software for FREE, so you can say goodbye to VISTA aka - Viruses, Intruders, Spam, Trojans, Adware !
hi there, I am from the US and experience the same problem with the compaq v3000 series laptop. Compaq got my laptop early April for warranty repair to replace the motherboard. I was originally supposed to get my laptop back April 22 but they moved my delivery date 4 times now. They kept saying back log on parts each time they delayed the shipment of my laptop. Basically, Compaq (HP) is obviously selling substandard laptop regardless of what part of the world you are in. They also have very bad customer service. I asked to speak to a manager several times. I was told that a case manager will call me but none called. I think we should all file some kind of formal compliant or take Compaq/HP to consumer court for a lawsuit to send the message that they can't be doing this crap...
dear sir /madam
i buy compaq presario v3000 series laptop and i didn't got the driver cd of my laptop
now i format my laptop because its got virues in it .
i got some driver from net but there are some devices which are install in laptop.
so please tell me how get new driver cd or can u give me the address in internet where i find my all devices driver of my laptop

Puri Compaq ki series hi Madar chod hai.apni amma Chudawa rahe hai bhosdi k...aur yaha Ladko ki mari padi hai...
I think Its kinda secret market strategy that compaq does. I bought compaq presario v3000 a year ago in South Korea. Last week the problem occur in my laptop. It could not boot even to BIOS, the screen was blank, but the LED is lighted, HDD and DVD drive is working . Since my laptop start automatically (LED, HDD & DVD) when I plug the DC adapter into my laptop, I predict the trouble is in mother board. I went to HP customer service in Singapore yesterday, my laptop is being diagnosed. In case I should change MB, they will charge S$ 500+. The warranty is expired.
Since there are a lot of similar problem i found on the internet, I just gonna say BYE BYE to HP that i was love it. Wont by hp products anymore.
dear sir, i have buy a compaq presario v3000 laptop. and there is a problem with my charger . i went to many time in hp customer care but still my problem he just like previous. i am facing this problem last more than one month and due to charger absent i am in very trouble. with this problem my laptop is just like an showing hing which does not work nly that you ca see.
hope that you will help to us for solving his problem.
thank you
avinesh kumar ahirwar
6, amit nagar
devri road agra-1
Mine is a 3155AU, same no display problem since one year of purchase, got my motherboard replaced three times in hp service centre, luckily all this is happening free of cost even after warranty, and even after 3rd change im still getting display and boot problems, worst products from hp, i think they should start repalcing this series as they have identified a know hardware issue even in their website( why should consumers suffer like this after paying for the laptop, i hope somebody from hp listens, till then change motherboard every two weeks...waste of time, transportation, value... yes the computer is getting personal now !!! anybody who reads this pls dont recomend or buy an hp product .

HP Compaq -presario V3000 — No Booting Process,nothing displaying on screen

Sir, i purchased presario v3000 compaq in sep 2006, serial no is2CE6310SQS.nOW ITS GIVING PROBLEMS ..AS NOTHING IS DISPLAYING WHEN I STARTED MY LAPTOP...may be booting prob ..i took it to servicecentre n they r saying to change mother board..but i hv heard that company is extending the warranty period of this series n repairing in free of plz tellme can i change my mother board in free in jaipur.

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