compaq presario v3000 — problem is not getting solved for no display.

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To, respected sir
I have compaq presario v3000 having service pack v3155au suffering from no display since last three months.
I have gone to ur service station five times but still my problem is not getting solved.Every time i go they will replace some part n tell now it is ok but within few days the problem reoccurs.i have got motherboard changed once in your hp service station n so many times got formated but now also i have got same problem again. This time also they are replacing the motherboard but how many times do i have to get it changed.
Now i am fad up of your laptop as i have to give my post graduation exams after three months n i m reading on net but due to the above problems i m not able to read because every tenth day problem comes back.
So this time i want clear result or else i dont want your product n plz if it is due to amd processor and its heat in the indian conditions then plz dont introduce such products in india.
I am waiting for a good reply from your side with clear conclusion as i have heard about your hp service...
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hi guys ... same thing happened to me..
i have compaq v3133au.. for last year i used it almost like 24x7 for downloading purposes.
just 2 days passed above the warranty period, it got dead.

i got it repaired from nehru place delhi twice. but it still keeps on showing same symptoms.
i u go to hp service center they will ask 12, 000rs to replace with new motherboard with 3 months of running warranty.

main problem with laptop is that the ic's(intergrated circuits) gets melted due to heating issues. laptop not meant for running
more than 2-3 hours.

so i am thinking of dissembling all it parts and use it..
Compaq has literally cheated approx Rs40000/- as the laptop V3025AU has stopped functioning as the display has gone for a toss... I believe there are a lot of people in this thread facing the same issue. Why dont we take some action against HP for providing substandard products in the Indian Industry? Let me know if you guys plan on doing such a thing
i have a major complain against hp/compaq notebooks.i got the compaq presario v3000 last year and i got the display problem within 6 month..what the f*** is it ..i had given to ur f***all service center in mumbai...they said that they changed the motherboard n now its fine...n after 2 month i got the same problem like the ligths are getting on but their is no display..and i m in saintpetersburg (russia) and their z no f***ing service center ...i m so mad behind your company laptop...what u think that paying that much of money for the your f***ing laptop is a joke for u people ..i think i should tell other people that its better not to buy ur company laptop..rather than prefering low configuration goodd company laptop...after all this now i dont even have your f***ing guaranty...i want a reply form your motherf***ing company...dont expect that i should even write a good and sufesticated words for ur company after the problem with the laptop my studies f***ed up because of your laptop...who so ever is reading this m telling u that dont buy this company laptop that is compaq/hp ...I WANT A REPLY WHAT SHOULD I SUPPOSE TO DO...I WANT A COMPUNSATION FOR THIS...BETTER YOUR COMPANY SHOULD EXCHANGE MY LAPTOP OR GET IF FINE WITHOUT ANY PAIN ON THE ...WAITING FOR UR REPLY
mera compaq presario v[protected]au) with windows vista Service karane ke bad se buhut ziyada slow hu giya he
xp agar dalen tu us ke driver sab hp ki sait nahin milte
please help me
thank you

i change operating system from vista to xp. now i have a problem that the sound driver is not working . pls help me
I agree Compaq V3000 i have a 3133au and i have changed motherboard after the warranty period paying hefty amount but still the laptop comes back to same issues as heating and fan issue etc.
I really feel this particular model has been badly designed and the company should give some compensation to all its customers. Either a rebate or some money in return.
Can we legally do something?
i have same problem my laptop hase hp-compaq Presario V3000 than i have put in power than autostrat & can not dispaly, notstart plz hellp me
i've recently filed a case in in consumer court regarding the same trouble ... any intrested to know abt the procedure contact me [protected].
i've recently filed a case in the consumer court regarding the same trouble ... ay one intrestd to know the procedure pls contact [protected] ...
i gave a complaint on my dvd drive through sms. got the responce . they told that they will send a software but still i did not get it. so could you please contact me . my number is [protected]
I am agreeing with you completelly!!! I already filed a complaint with the BBB against HP for keeping my computer for over a month now ( and this is the third time I sent it in alread ) and they keep changing my delivery date. Every time I call they are so rude, and I can never get anyone to help me. I ask for the manager so many times but he is never available, and I call in the afternoon...which means they are available.
I told them today that I am calling my lawyer if I don't hear back from them today.

We definately need to do something about this. The computer obviously can't be fixed...IT'S ON A DAMN RECALL LIST!!

urghhh this is making me sooooooooo mad.

I have been facing the same problem with my Presario 3225AU laptop. I have got replaced my motherboard last week and facing the same problem again.

This is disgusting. And this will 100% get repeated frequently I'm for sure. I agree that HP has extended this warranty for a 1 year. But what after a year? Chargeable?

What's our fault that we have purchased a Compaq laptop?

Guys, I am going to the Consumer Protection Department with all the blogs and the hp published articles on their sites. We have spent considerable amount on this and we can't tolerate such a frequent problem. Top of the problem such a frustration that it sometimes spoils my whole day.

I know, it will result into 'NOTHING' but if we raise our concern together we might get some way out and find a permanent solution.

Please revert back on if you are from India & want to join me fight this battle. We should get some justice. Let's see how much 'Jaago Graahak Jaago' plays the role.

Regards (with extreme frustration)
Dear friend I purchased comaq V3000 four months ago with amd processor. The screen is showing small dots here and there. This is making display ugly .Tell where i can solve this problem in hyderabad. Compaq company should maintain standards in making products. Other wise we will say no to Compaq and go for DELL.
I am also purchased compaq presario V3000 V3424AU. while it was in waranty period, i faced problem with HDD, they replaced and gave back. after that they changed DVD R/w.

Now my battery gone, from last 4 days my display is not working.

Then what kind of product HP is producing, What they are thinking whether we purchasing for use and throug.

Hi, i have compaq v3000 series. though i have not experienced the problems that you all are stating above (touchwood) my laptop does get heated up like a blast furnace, and it just turns off, i have to wait to let it cool and then i can use it again. i checked the HP website regarding this problem (seems to be some problem with the algorithm of the fan) and then changed my BIOS to the latest one that they have posted on their site. still the same problem persists. still havnt taken it to the service centers. have any body faced a similar problem and found a solution for it? if so i would like to know how it was solved.

i too have the same display n boot problem with my compaq v3000 pls do some thing to this

I too have bought the same product in October 2007. It has been barely one year and few months gone (warranty period is over), the trouble you have mentioned has began to occure in my laptop. Its screen use to be blank. After long trial and error it is rebooting. I don't know what type of product is that.

I too want the company should take some necessary steps so that it can avoid such things in future. It should also take essetial steps so as to retain the customer, and the customer loyalty.

I am an MBA student, I too depend on the laptop and net for my studies, but it really giving me trouble, due to this I am loosing confidence in this particular product of the company.

Yours sincerly,
Birendra Kumar Markey
Ya, I have the same problem.
I dont know what to do? I went to them and shown it they are saying this product is not good so change it. then they said the motherboard is the problem. now i planned to change it. please i ask you DONT INTRODUCE LIKE THESE KIND OF BRANDS.

Compaq — carelessness and no response

no contact and response from Mr.T. S. Bawal, company name FRIENDS COMPUTER, Bhopal. i have given my compaq laptop 2 months from now and there has been no response from there. I have called them 7 to 8 times every time they say we are working on it is this a customer that to a student should expect from your company its a shame for ull that you dont deal with such hipocrates. tell me what should i do. inform me before i take further serious action on ur company. ill tell my friends not to take HP. Other brands are far better like DELL.

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    compaq presario v3000 - problem is not getting solved for no display.

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