CSD Canteen — not enter any person with my mother

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 anil kumar
Dear Sir,
I am ANIL KUMAR. My father was ex-army man.He was retired from army in 1986. He was expired in 1996.After
expired,my mother used CSD canteen card for purchasing material from army canteen at sec-37,noida (U.P.).But only one person is allowed to enter noida army canteen .Now my mother is very old woman and her physical condition is not so good.She cannot move anywhere with-out help to any place.

So I request you Sir, when she will go to the army canteen.please allow to enter with her family one member.

I am very grateful to you.


Anil kumar
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I have heard that it is an ofence if a civilian possesses Defence liquor got fron CSD Canteen. May you help in telling the relevent Law, notification, order etc. prohibiting it. Does law prescribe any punishment also for the Defence personnel who transfer such liquor to civilian. Moreover, what shall be the position, if transfree happens to be relative of said Defence personel. Kindly also mention about the laws governing CSD Canteen.
Respected Sir,
Kindly read this mail with patience and caution. Now I am going to reveal some secret problems to be dealt with. The problems are related to corruptions done in CSK Canteen, Trichy division.
From our canteen many liqour bottles have been corrupted with the influence of the manager. A dealer buys 10 bottles for 400Rs.Even inside the canteen kitchen they are selling in pegs. They are minting money through this illegal business. All the bottles are going out with the knowledge and prior permission of the manager. The main culprit is A.JOHN LOUIS. He is the security in tanjore canteen. Now at present he is in trichy canteen.He is the right and left hand of the manager.At 4 o clock he will leave canteen before his duty time is completed.Only with his knowledge everything moves out,
The customers who apply for smart card will use paper cards until the smart card is given to them.With help of those numbers from the paper card the customers buy goods.After the purchase is over the paper card will be locked.Per day not even 10 paper cards will be circulated but they prepare 20 to 30 paper cards and buy lots of liquors and sell it outside illegaly. This is done with the help of the manager. The person who possess a little computer knowledge can find all these corruptions easily.
For Eg.On 11/03/2010 only three paper cards have been entered.


GRO[protected] Late.Mariyappan
(P.C no.02426)

GRO[protected] Late.Jaganathan

[protected] Chauhan Ajmal

But there are more number of cards been entered, they are


[protected] Sivakumar
14264168A 06875 Sivakumar
[protected] Shanmuga vadivu
0007 JC196014 A.Sundaram
[protected] A.Louis
[protected]A Nithyanandham
[protected] Nithyanandham
[protected] R.Krishnasamy
4774A 219965A R.K.Samy

This smart card maintanence is done by Mr.Kaalamegam. A 67 age old man who is working since 2003 but the shocking news is that he is not a canteen staff. He is the binami of manager Mr.Balraj.
Manager G.Balraj and Kaalamegam will not give smart card to the customers at once.They will use the customer's smart card for 2 to 3 months and buy the goods and sell them outside. There are some brokers who get commision of about Rs.100 per Rs.1000. Per day they sell goods worth Rs.50, 000 and gain a commision of Rs.5, 000. Their average commission per month will exceed more than Rs.1, 00, 000. They have 2 to 3 contractors for moving the goods.Everything is done with the knowledge of watchman LOUIS. He collects Rs.500 per negotiation.From the year[protected] each customer was given seperate card for liqour and goods.But the watchman will only give goods card and keep the liqour card with himself.When the customer claims for the liqour card they give a new one. If you raid the manager's house you can get 100's of liqour cards. They have minted more amount of money with the help of these liqour cards.The culprits are Radhakrishnan Asst Salesmen in Tanjore, Rajendran from Vasantha Bhavan Hotel and Kamal. They are all the Binami's of the manager Balraj.
Rajendran knows all the staff's of the canteen.He acts like a Asst.Manager and gives orders to the staff's.He has more than 10 Officers smart cards.
There is a woman who worked in Nagapattinam canteen as a sales woman (Tamilselvi) is now transfered to Trichy Branch.She is at present working in liqour bill section. She joined here with the manager Balraj's recommendation. She even don't know to type her own name in English but she gets the Highest Salary among the canteen staff's. Likewise Jaya a person who worked in Namakkal Canteen is now transfered to Trichy. Another influencial person is the unloading man Pandiyan. He moves out the liqour bills with the help of Tamilselvi.
Pandiyan, Tamilselvi and liqour sales man Ravi with the help of the watchman Louis is doing this illegal business. Manager Balraj is the sole owner of this illegal business. Manager Balraj will correct all the staff's who comes on inspection by taking them to some holy spots and brain washes them.He will give them box and boxes of Money. He always uses vulgar words to abuse all the staff's. Nobody will open their mouth against him. If they do so he will book fake cases on them and send them to Jail. He has corrected all the Policeman by giving them liqour bottle's.
The manager Balraj will give all the loading and unloading charges not in money but in liqour bottles. If a customer misses his smart card in the canteen they will keep it to themselves and if the customers ask for the missing card then they will ask them to bring the F.I.R copy and then ask him to apply for a new smart card.
For Ex. Missing Card Numbers...

[protected] GDSM
SMART CARD NO. LA[protected]

15784756F- GNR- R.J.SELVAM
SMART CARD NO. LA[protected]

At the same time the smart cards of the expired persons is used by them for 2 to 3 months and then only they hole the cards. Through a single dealer the manager gets more than Rs.1, 00, 000 money. Under his undertaking there are 5 canteens. So he gains more money which he burries in the underground of his house.He has spies in every departments.Nobody can complaint against him. If done he will easily find it out.For each postman he would give 2 liqour bottles per week. This is because nobody should write to the higher authorities against him and if it is done they will give all the letters to the manager Balraj himself.He will give 4 bottles for the despatch clerks in the station head quaters and ask them to neglect all the complaints before rooted to higher officials. He is acting like a good person after commiting so many crimes.Ther are many Ex service man without a job but he has appointed a 67yrs old culprit. Is this fair? In the coming Month he has appointed many new candidates. They will also work for him. Then the canteen will not be saved at all.
Dear Sirs/Mams,

This is Hony Lt.Thangavelu.V, the Ex.Army man. Usually we will purchase things from Army Canteen in Pune, Now we need to buy an AC in LG. We need to know the Procedure for buying, sending the same to our Native and we need to install the AC in our Native Madurai.Kindly provide the details with procedures for the above mentioned details.

Thanks & Reagrds,
Thangavelu V
My father is an ex-airman. However, we have still not got his canteen card. Please guide what is the procedure to obtain the same. I live with my parents in Delhi.
Thank you

Army force — dealing with money

I am receiving mails from one army person dealing with money.. he has got some amt of money n told me to pay some amt to the diplomat to receive the cash from him... i thought they are cheating me but, they has send me the passport n everything to deal with this process..... that person is asking me to deal with this process.. can i deal with this .. Whether its true or not.. pls help me... send it to my mail id as soon as possible .. vigneshvicky22@gmail.com...
my father is in IAF and right now he is posted in Gwalior. here in gwalior canteen staffs do not give the free gift items that is printed on the product. when we aks them to give they simply refuse. onfact we had complaint about this to canteen manager also but it seems as they all are together and he himself refuses.
Respected Sir,
I am a resident of Madurai. My father-in-law expired as early as on 1983 and as his wife, my mother-in-law being the legal heir is purchasing goods from the csd canteen by using smart card. As she is ill, i went to the shop and with the permission of a Commander there, i purchased the groceries for the first time. But, i went to the second time, my mobile was ringing, when i was attending the call, a man came there and shouted by using unparliamentary words (I dont know about the ban of cellphones in the canteen and there is no board showing that cellphones are prohibited inside the canteen) . I was questioned him as who are you? but the man with anger shouted me and ask me to show the card and who is the card holder. I told that its my mother-in-law's card, as she is ill, i came for purchase. But not being satisfied with that, he shouted at pitch who is accompanying by others who are working in the shop and even though i am saying that i am a P.A. to Hon'ble Judges working in the Madurai Bench of Madras High Court. Without even heard and without even listen what i am saying, he used unbearable noise. He shouted at me, who granted permission for u to buy goods and i explained that your manager and the commander permitted to purchase the same. At the same time, all those who are working there gathered there and enquired about the same. One of them said that you have to give the authorisation letter from your mother in law. I replied that I am unable to bring as my mother-in-law is hospitalised. My question is that without having an authorisation letter, how can they permit me at the first time. At the first instance, they told that we allow you to purchase the groceries but not the liquor bottle. I also agreed for that and bought only the groceries. Are they are working for the welfare of the army people. If that be so, they have to give respect to others. But in the canteen situated at Visalakshipuram, near Armed Reserve lane, Madurai, they didn't give even a single word of respect to those who come there. However, they are utilising the groceries to those who are close to them and sold it as they want without control of any body. Is there any Superior Officer to give complaint about this. No body came forward to give complaint. Avery one know about the mishandling of groceries and their attitude. if they give complaint against them or questioned them, the workers suddenly shouted them and ask the buyers to get out of the shop by snatching their cards. Because of this, the smart card holders, amicably buy their goods by tolerating all these. And one more thing is that no one in the shop give the free gift items with any product. If we ask for that, they simply say while you are checking your goods, our staff will give it. But at the time of checking, they simply check it, at last they chased to leave the shop at once.

Sir, if the mistake is on my part, they will explain about them and do the same. But without doing so, they are behaving rudely without even heard us. Is there any justification. If this is going on, much prejudice will be caused to us and our rights have to be protected. In India every one give respect to elders and women. But people who have to follow the same, have failed to do so.

Sir, kindly give a reply to my queries and what steps i have to take for this.

P.A. to Hon'ble Judges,
Madurai Bench of Madras High Court, Madurai.

My mail id
I am writing this to bring to the notice of the authorities concerned regarding mis management at the Vajra Station Canteen Nawanshahr (Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar). The canteen has more than 8000 members, but the space is not sufficient. One has to stand for hours in line while waiting for his turn. Then the staff do not cooperate. They entertain the persons coming to them directly through the door while entering the cabins. More than five six persons are accompanying a card holder, specially the persons who are not supposed to be in the Canteen. There is no check. People serving in civil establishments bring with them a number of persons, and they used to stand in line and drawing stores of their choice.

There is one counter for delivery of stores, for ladies, officers, JCOs and OR, which creates a lot of inconvenience. This needs to be streamlined. The employees in the canteen daily take one full gunny bag of stores without producing their cards.

The working of the canteen needs to be streamlined, specially entry of unauthorized persons, and issue of stores. The Hony officers are JCOs for all purposes except pay and perks. Why they are allowed to use the counter meant for officers. If JCOs can stand with ORs in line, then why not JCOs with Hony rank.They in no way have become senior to the JCOs. Illegal sale and excess drawl and preferential treatment to selected one is also to be curbed. I hope this will have some positive effect.
I am ex- army person as a naik. I was discharge due to low med cat after
11yrs 6 month service. I got service pension + disability pension Rs 7412/-
at present working civil contractor, so i was book the indica through C.S.D.
but tell me you are not entitle due to less of service. so take action give me reply other wise i will approch to honable court.

ex-naik prem babu sharma (prem_sharma704@yahoo.com)
please tell me how to apply nominee of csd canteen ( general & liquer)
the canteen staffs are very arrogant and indifferent towards such an opinion of allowing a family member instead of age old widow of an ex-service personnal, and i was much aggrieved of such un natural acts of the canteen staff of canteen at kollam, kerala state...Adv.Kaikulangara J Suresh Kumar, Kollam 12, Mob.[protected]
dear Sir,
please let me know how we can get army canteen card.

my father was in army and expired in 1988, since than we dont have any card to avail this service dedicated to army personnel.

now i want to make fresh application in this regard in name of my mother, can any one please help me to about the process of getting new card.

My father served for 2nd World War. He had his canteen card and we were using it and on 1997 my father passed away and my mother was using the card suddenly my mother was unwell and she had a heart problem she is 80+ during this period we didn't use the card and its expired now since the market prices of food is very higher and the income is lower. We had gone pole to pole for the renewal of the card since from 2000 still it is not renewed. So i kindly request you to help us to get our card renewed. My email ID: kuttinvictor@gmail.com and my Mobile: [protected]. Waiting for your reply.
iten index number 0090346, Shower Gel Palmolivce250gms are sold at the priceof Rs 80-13(Rs Eighty and paise thriteen per piice but the retail price printed on the item is Rs60-00(Rs Sixty only) in CSD Fortwilliam, Kolkata.Please look in tro matter and corrct the price and arrange to refund the excess amount charded
Thanking you,
my email id is paul1957@rediffmail.com
MY MAIL ID IS sachin.mishra1991@gmail.com. plz send the further query.
Yes, all these things are correct and it is also seen and observed that the items which comes to CSD either of inferior quality (B Grade/IInd quality). Their are also goods which have more price inside CSD and less in civil market. Behavior of the staff specially where staff is civilian is very rude. There is no forum where complaints about such malpractice be done. Despite the availability of items in store, items are not kept in recks/counters for purchase. Such items are given to only important person.

Please tell me the correct person with address who deal with csd canteen complain because i have a complain against CSD Canteen SONIPAT HARYANA. The Staff of this canteen including the manager made a GUNDARAJ in this CSD and they are chalanged to customers that we can not do anything against them for this a have written a complain in their complain book and intimated to Brig Jagdish Chander but till date no action has been taken so kindy tell me the correct procedure of complain where the action is beeing taken against defalter.


Ex Sgt Narender Singh

military canteen — grocery not available in canteen

sir groceries are not available in military canteen ,whenever i go to canteen i cant get so little groceries,wat ever i ask they are telling it is not available pls look into this complaint soon the canteen is in kanjhikuzhi,kottayam
yeah i agree with this complaint.The aged needs to be accompanied since they have hearing problems, problem of carrying their groceries etc.

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