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I have decided to leave the school and appllied for TC, but school is charging around 9k as the first terms for the childrens applying for TC during April 09, since they claim that they have informed during nov 08 to apply for TC for the childrens who are leaving the school, but we dont know that we leave in April 09 due to officical reasons, there can be some minimum penalty amount .This may be full year fees in many schools.Hard earned money are taken by schools just like that .
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This is to report about the Arrogant and Threatening action of the Mr.Rajendran Principal of SDAV and Ms.Geetha, Principal of DAV School, Adambakkam.

I furnish here below the details of the incident happened at the School premises on 08th June 2013
My Daughter is now studying in 12th Standard at SDAV School. She was the student of DAV school run by the same management in the same premises since LKG to 10th Standard, and completed 11th Std at SDAV school.

We were called by the Management to attend the Parent’s meet today at school premises. Based on the verbal call sent thru the student, self along with my daughter visited the school by 9.00AM to attend the meet. The Parents meet was not conducted in proper way with all the parents. We were asked to wait outside the hall where the meeting is being conducted and individual parents were called separately for the discussions. During the meeting we were asked by the staff member to pay an amount of Rs 34.900/- towards fees for the academic year 2013-14, and further said that this total amount is to be paid by cash only, in single payment, and Installment payments on each term are not allowed.

When asked for the details, I was informed that the break up amounts is -Tuition fees: Rs 29, 900/-+ Note books Charges +Rs 3800/- + Uniform Charges Rs 1200. When asked for the written communication for the Fee structure, they refused to give the same. Further they said that the receipt will be given for Only Rs 16, 000/ and the balance amount will not be acknowledged by any receipts. I was asked to meet the Principal for the further details.

When I was walking towards the Principal office, Mr.Rajendren (principal of SADV) and Ms.Geetha (Principal of DAV) were found on the way talking to somebody near the office building. I approached him and politely asked him for the clarification.

Mr.Rajendren said that, as a general public we were not aware of the school requirements. As the management has to pay heavy amounts to many peoples to run the school, they have no other option but to collect the Un-accounted money from the parents. He had listed many honourable persons including Local councilor, Municipal officials, Local police personal, Education department official and director, political leaders etc, to whom they will take care. Hence they will not issue any receipts for the partial amount being collected.

I once again informed him that, even though fee amount demanded is seems to be higher I shall pay the entire amount as stipulated by the school, but requested receipt for the total amounts.

At this stage he suddenly turned violent and stared abusing me with un-parliamentary words, and shouted in Rude and arrogant manner. He threatened me that they will send out my daughter by issuing Transfer certificate and will not give any conduct certificate also.
When I questioned about his misbehavior and threatening attitude, Ms.Geetha and One more Person Mr. Saravanan (Brother of Mr.Rajendren) also started shouting against us. Mr.Rajendren and Mr. Saravanan attempted to beat me up, but was prevented by some other staff, who gathered around. Ms Geetha called security staff, and soon we were surrounded by a group of persons lead by Rajendren and Saravanan, and they were trying to attack me once again. Mr. Rajendren challenged me that he will go to any extent and threatened again that I will have face dire consequences if we question him.
Ms.Geetha intervened and shouted in a very rude manner that she will not allow my daughter to enter the school premises any more, and will ensure to dismiss her immediately.
We were forcefully, Physically, Pushed out of the school premises.
We were shocked by the total rude attitude of the School management, and the arrogant attacking behavior of the team lead by Mr.Rajendren. We were caught in-between a group of rowdy like persons and were helpless, had to run out for our safety.
We could not digest the attitude of repeatedly threatening the student and Parent by means of issuing TC, Just because we asked for receipts for the amount to be paid.
The Insulting treatment and Physical attempt to assault, we had met at the school premises in-front many staff members and Parents had caused great amount mental agony, tension, and we are very much worried about the further study and future of my child. The safety and security of my child is also found not guaranteed under the un-lawful Threatening leadership of Mr.Rajendren and his team. My daughter is frightened and afraid of going to school.
It is highly regretted that The School which is supposed to lead the students for a disciplined character, is turning into a Un secured violent spot for the Student and Parents.

Could anybody suggest further action, It would be appreciated if all the parents come together for a united representation.

Its true. They are not educationists as they claim through all VOICES but EXTORTIONISTS who bask on the funds being spent by discerning parents.

God Bless Indian Education System
Other than education they teach rest to kids

they are enjoying in others money, Even if you want to get some general information the official staff treat us like anything
Yeah, I agree with you. Its hard earned money,
The school management has minted a lot of black money in this way,
I think you might have known about the development of this school,
Its actually turned into a family property.
Their family members have share in it.
SON-Principal (worst man I've ever seen)
SON's WIFE- Vice principal.
Its really worthless school,
I'm sure they all will get caught one day.
They must be punished for torturing children and this black money issue.
Not only this school, mostly all the schools which gets a good status and fame in city, Do the same thing, They charge higher fees or they pulled out money from the parents pocket,
And this is also a new type of family business.
Myself and my sister has studied in DAV school for 2 years. This was the same problem that my sister was facing when she wanted to get out of the school. At last when we applied for the T.C., my dad had no money to pay the fine and get the T.C. So my uncle just fake printed a T.C. and got admission in another school. My sister is now studing in 2nd year college. For extortionists and ppl who snatch money, this is the only way out..
dav school adambakam
in name of DAV they earning lot they collecting only cash and fees too much if see the toilet and class room facilities very bad, toilets sinking always, no proper facilities, in school arena health and safety is very bad for children i dont know how the govt, given approval for this school, DAV school Adambakkam management not experience in school management, THIS IS TRUE STORY one of the children taken vomit in class, there was a cleaner(old woman) she cleaned that vomiting area she took a phenol liquid for cleaning, that old woman she did SURPRISE she took one child water bottle, she poured phenol liquid in that bottle and cleaned that premises but she did not cleaned that water bottle she given to that student
the child student she refilled the water again she drunk in school she went home she fell down at home her mother was crying she taken to hospital with her child that mother spend rs2000 and next day she spoken to school management they response is very bad because DAV Management not educated and more over if u see the class strength and each class very pathetic and see the infrastructure is very bad pls see the First standard sec A, B, C, D, E...see the building pls and take action that school
each and every parents happy if take action against that school

adampakkam dav school famous in highest cost education.ordinary people cant think abt this.childrens and parents are treated as bad.please find the issue.this education totally opposite all the rules.taking action soon is the only remedy otherwise money theft cant control...
thanks for the reviews. I was thinking high about the school. Now changed my mind of getting admissions for my kid...
Ya, i heard about that school, they only concentrating on the fees. They didn't take care or to improve the qualities of studies, infrastructure, atmosphere. The name only DAV, but its totally ... what am i say? ...
This is actually true. Very very bad school, concentrate only to extract money from parents, don, t worry about quality of teachers especially pri and middle level. principal is fit for nothing only she can shout at the maximum.
DAV school adambakkam is not a DAV school (Arya Samaj).

It stands for DA Varadachari school.

I agree on all the alegations on the school. One thing is sure that when there are people ready to get cheated there will always be some people to cheat. This is the lesson that we as a public should learn. There are so many other good schools in and arround Adambakkam. I really do not understand why we go and stuck in to that den (DAV Adambakkam). Teachers are not helping the students to make them understand and only parents are to struggle to get their children best in the class. Even in higher class when a child performs better the contribution of the DAV teacher would be only between 10-20%. It is only the child's self contribution and parents initiations is helping the child's studies.
ya its true.I am studying in this school.Dont wanna mention the grade.The facility is not upto the mark considering the fees, especially toilet is sinking very badly.And i saw an comment questioning why people put their wards here.
The only reason is good marks.

Whatever we speak about unfacility the training here is excellent.Might be it is below par in DAV.But the training what they give in 10th and 12th std are magnificient.Its true that they may torture you to a extent that you may even think of running away, if you keep these torture aside and concentrate your life will be good.And this is the reason why this school is top ranked.You ask why people come to this school when there are other good school.The only only reason is the marks they get.
Adambakkam DAV is a big mess. The attitude of the Management is very autocratic and i dont know why the people are so crazy about this school when so may schools around are making equally or rather better academic results. DAV is waste of time... !
school is great years before... students strength has gone across the limit ... on proper vocabulation ...

no one talk english i am 100% sure. i have studied here iam 100% sure about it .. give a chance to a students who is not studying well by giving him a biolgy group the can't do it .. aimming only for state first.
not thinking to improve all the students ... no extra curricular activities all are waste...
improvement in only buying car like scorpio, innova, i10, swift...this school will ask craft money for craft work from 6std to 9std for the 3 term for 2terms they will give .then for the 3rd they will not give...

only left is some great teachers such as praemala nisss, , , , pushkala misssss etccccccccc

god save this school from principal and give principal post to the above mentioned teachers

RONIT 2002...
i certainly agree this comments, if u see the class room the strength is more so they said it is changed to shift for that they shld reduce the strength are built few more class room and allot accordingly which they never want to do there only motive is to gain money out of less maintenence, stupid thing
if u see the toilet ladies they always use to fight each other to clean the children, poor kids they come sometime without cleaning, improper hygenic is maintained if the kids fall sick they are penalized for there leave too,
poor teachers they are not able to manage that much crowd of kids in one class room, horrible, if u see the classroom the water will be ozing from the wall gaps

horrible, even in sunny whether it will be too hot, and kids are feeling horrible

waste management and bad admin people

there are few ladies as staff for along time who also look mean and treat parents in an illtreated way
SDAV school Adambakkam (well the school's Higher Secondary branch)has been conducting Expert's Classes (compulsory extra paid classes after school's working hours, for this teachers are hired from coaching classes) they rush the portions and it's a waste of time(for students) and money(for parents). Of course gain of money for Management and Professors.


Experts class can be made optional, because most of my friends attended off campus coaching classes even after attending the compulsory Experts classes. I am always thankful for the coaching that permanent teachers of higher secondary, gave us during the last 4-6months of board exams(that's the time when we really started studying)
my son studying there. it is strange that management is not reacheable for any feedback. if we approach teacher, they strictly say, please talk to management directly. Funny thing is, teachers say, 'management dont listen to teachers'. if some authorised person takes action on reading this many number of comments will be useful

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