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Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
I would like to bring to your notice in the manner DLF has behaved after booking flat in their hyderabad residential project few months back. There was assurance that there will not be any increase in price but today I get a mail from DLF with following content.

We extend our gratitude for booking an apartment in New City Heights – DLF Gachibowli Extn. We take this opportunity to update you on the activities at site of the proposed project. The construction is in progress and a few photographs of the same are attached for your information.

You will be happy to know that the specifications of the project are being upgraded to make it one of its kinds in the vicinity. Due to this up gradation, an additional cost of Rs.400/- per sq. feet is payable and further there is a revision in the Township Infrastructure Charges (TIC) from Rs.140/- sq. feet to Rs.220/- per sq. feet.

Accordingly, the amounts due and payable by you are as under:

Increase in TIC from Rs.140/- to Rs.220/- per Sq Ft
Up gradation in specifications @ Rs.400/- per Sq Ft

Because of real state lobbies and power of large companies i can not reveal my identity so i need your help to investigate this matter and make sure DLF does not cheat it's customers like this.

Best Regards,
Cheated DLF customer

Complaint Status

[Apr 23, 2015] DLF customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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DLF — Stray Dogs

We are fed up of Stray Dogs all over the DLF Phase-III Town houses. Our Children are at Stake.All area is littered with filth and DLF is loosing its heritage day by day.
Please help and and get rid of Stray dogs.
You stupid people. You dont even know how to behave in society and you call dogs a menance. Train your children to behave properly and not throw stones at dogs. And clean your damn filth yourself - dont blame the dogs. remember they save your houses from thieves. As far as barking is concerned, make your house sound proof or shut your [censored]ing mouth.
I have received a similar mail. Can we do something about it?
The Chairman,
Subject: Sudden changes in New City Heights Project in Hyderabad

I had booked a two bed room flat in “The Summit” project at Kokapet, Hyderabad during the pre launch phase. The base price was Rs.2000 per sft for an 1186 sft apartment, which was within my budget. Also I was told that permissions would be due in another 2 months and the possession of the flat would be given sometime in March 2012.

Even before the two months could end, I was told that the Kokapet project would get delayed indefinitely and I was given an option to move to new project location at Poppulguda. I wanted to withdraw my money but on persistent efforts of your marketing team telling me to trust DLF, I agreed to shift to the new location at Poppulguda. The floor as well as the view for the apartment underwent some change. I thought it’s fine and signed the new application form as well as the transfer letter entitling you to transfer the money from DLF, Kokapet to DLF, Poppulguda. Curiously the letter also stated the following:

I/We also agree to sign the Application form for allotment of an apartment in New City Heights and abide the terms and conditions set out therein.

I felt some what uncomfortable with this line saying that I would abide by the conditions that would be set in the new application form. Your staff reassured me that this was standard clause and I should not worry about it.
I was also told that the permissions would be due by September 2009 after which I could sign the agreement of sale with the company (DLF)
I waited for September’2009 to December’ 2009 but the permissions had still not come. I was told by your marketing manager that it would happen by January’2010 and was asked not to withdraw the money since I had already waited for about 6months. I grudgingly agreed. Again I waited but permissions came only by March’2010 and in March I was asked to make the payment of the next installment. I made the payment before the due date of 25th March, 2010. I was told that in another two months we can sign the agreement for sale. I silently computed that now the possession of the apartment would get delayed by a year (assuming it would be given in 3 years).
However on 26th May, 2010 I received a mail from DLF stating that:

“”You will be happy to know that the specifications of the project are being upgraded to make it one of its kinds in the vicinity. Due to upgradation, an additional cost of Rs.400/- per sq. Ft is payable and further there is a revision in the Township Infrastructure Charges (TIC) from Rs.140/- sq. Ft to Rs.220/- per Sq.Feet”
Obviously I am not at all happy when I have to incur more than 20% extra on the price paid by me (Rs.2000 per sft). Just this act increases the cost by 5.70 lakhs. But this is not the only “happy” change. More was to follow:
“Further, due to revision in the building plans, the apartments of the following sizes only are available. As you have opted for an apartment admeasuring 1186 Sq. feet, you can upgrade yourself to any of the 3 options available, which are as under:

1530 sq. feet 3 BHK and 2 Toilets
1770 sq. feet 3 BHK and 3 Toilets
2126 Sq. ft 3 BHK, Study and 3 Toilets

Due to both these changes my cost now goes up by Rs.14.22 lakhs. Thus the apartment which was earlier costing me Rs23.72 lakhs (base price) is now costing me Rs.36.72 lakhs (excluding increased TIC by Rs.80 per sft). Obviously I get a bigger apartment. But the point is that I can-not afford a bigger apartment and for this reason chose the 1186 sft apartment.
The letter now asks me to do the following:
You are requested to please intimate your option within 10 working days from the date/receipt of this letter”.
“Accordingly, as per the options availed by you, the amount paid for the 1186 Sq.Ft Apartment shall be transferred to the opted apartment.

Now in 10 working days I have to decide whether I am ready to pay 54% more than what I could afford to pay. Obviously there is a large probability that I would say, I can’t and so you would return my money. Also DLF would pay me back my first installment, may be with some interest but in the mean time the cost of the apartments which I could fall back on has gone by 20% to 30%. The interest that you might give would not cover the increased cost that I have to bear to shift to a new apartment.
At all times, whenever I was asked the reason for booking an apartment with DLF even when no permissions were in sight, I always replied that with DLF at least you have the trust that what they promised would be delivered may be with a small margin of error. But when the biggest company in India, revises the estimates of apartment size and price per sft at their sweet will what can we say to others. I think I can-not fight with such a big company without having even a basic agreement for sale. As regards the application form, it seemed to be fully loaded in your favor but I still signed because it was DLF and not just any other builder. So I think the only option I have is to silently pay the increased amount or take back the money.

Trusted DLF
We all we will meeting at DLF office in Banjara hills around 12.00. So you can also join. Let all DLF customers meet at DLF office at 12.00 PM. We are also thinking of starting a compaign in media and across companies so that DLF can revert back it's decision of hiking price.
Yes, Let's all meet... We cannot be bullied by DLF. This apartment has become a pain to us.

Please keep posting on this.
Some members have formed a yahoo group for assembling people who have bought flat in DLF, new city heights. You can join the following group:


You can also look at their comments on the following link:

I am talking to a lawyer who thinks that we must file a legal complain as this is almost like a fraud. It will make a better case if all o[censored]s (affected parties) get together and file a case and reach out to media also.

I suggest that folks from Hyderabad should meet and talk about it on Saturday (29-May). We can meet at DLF office at 12:00 PM on 29-May
On Google join: [protected]@googlegroups.com
To your Management,
This is really a shocking response from a company i trusted blindly and and stayed with in the worst of the times and real estate market was in dumps due to recession.

I booked a 1186 sft 2 Bedroom flat and now I am being told that I will have to opt for a 1530 sft 3BHK or take out my money after 1+ years!!! This is something I wouldn't have expected from even a road side builder!! Price increase is another thing but totally taking out a specified category of flat!!!
Another day you may end up building a 5 star hotel at the site and ask me to either take it since I committed the mistake of booking a flat on that land with DLF or take my money back!!! Now first option is not affordable for me and second option is what I am not aiming for at all!!
Request you to please talk to your appropriate management and if you dont want to take this responsibility and understand our pain to genuinely stand for us and get the 2BHK flats back at any cost, please let us meet your right management face to face who have the authority to take final decisions!!
I hereby refuse your offer to upgrade to a 3BHK (since its not even theoretically possible for me to afford it with 12+ lakhs increase) and I am not interested in taking my money out with an exit option of a paltry 6% interest!!!
We backed you when everyone else was running away from real estate market, I expect DLF officials to return the favour and stand by our side to help us claim whats rightfully ours!! We are not asking you for anything other than what both parties agreed to not once but four times (in Kokapet, during shift to New City Heights, at the time when I changed the facing and floor of my original booking and at the time you asked for second demand note). Please try and keep people's faith in the brand that you claim yourself to be!!
You can spend millions on advertising (The In-Famous IPL) but can not stand on your word and deliver at agreed upon rates and specifications to your handfull of loyal customers in your first every residential project in Hyderabad because some engineer out there in your panel thought of putting in some volunatry upgradations in the project!!! Am pretty sure no government directive would have forced neither this drastic increase in the price and, for certain, nor the scrapping of 2BHK!!! Dont try to throw out middle class people from your project in the name of creating a world class project inhabited only by super rich!!!
We didnt beg you to sell these flats to us at the price of our choice!!! It was your choice to come to market with that price and we paid what was asked for!!! Its your moral duty now to stick to it!!!

Please consider your decision again to scrap 2BHKS and increase the base price.

Another victim
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Please file your case with Competition Commission of India same as the apartment owners of Belaire & Park Place. You have a very strong case of Cheating against DLF.

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