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[Resolved]  Dr Batras' Positive Health Clinic Pvt. Ltd. — Bad treatment by Dr. Batra,Want to claim the amount for treatment

I started my skin treatment(Acne) at Dr. Batra's clinic, Gurgaon 2-3 months back.
He took the whole year amount of Rs. 9000 for the treatment.As Dr. Batra is a famous clinic, therefore I trusted them.But after taking treatment for 3 months, the condition of my face became worse than even before.I started gaining weight and i also had certain side effects.I have now stopped taking the medications from his clinic.The drugs which he prescribes contains steroids which have many side effects.I therefore want to claim the amount which i paid for the treatment as I have stopped the treatment .I want my money back which they are refusing to give back.Please help me regarding this so that I can get my money back as this is a big amount for a middle class person like me.
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Dr. Batra's did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the client have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned. Dr. Batra's customer care service
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We dragged Dr. Batra to consumer court for no results.
Copies of refund provided by Dr. Batra as per court directive can be obtained.
Contact [protected]

Do not hesitate for your rights.
Jago grahak jago.
i very much agree wid u. my parents faced a similar treatment in positive health clinic. when they visited them for consultation they said tat u ll definitely get ur hair back. we guarantee u. then after 3-4 months my dad dint see any difference and when he went back and asked them they showed their true colors by saying we never told u tat u ll get ur hair back. we jus told u that there is a chance of getting ur hair back. these people behave very nicely until we give the full payment and after tat they treat us like dogs.
well well, dr. batras, they are not really doctors they are just a bunch of homeopathy workers who have a procedure of first fooling you through their marketing skills loads of advertisements, , , right or wrong and just an average type cost rs 8000, so you feel as you are balding "chalo yeh bhi aazma lete hai" but at the end of a year you feel you paid rs 8000 plus for 10gms of sweets " 2-4 rs ki meethi goliyan 8000rs me" this is what they do, , , and this is how they make money..

i don't know about hair restoration, its not very common but looking at virendra sehwag, harsha bhogle, i feel there are good reliable doctors out there as well and definitely these two people did not take treatment from dr.batras ...the fraudis
the only way u can get your money refunded from this (these) is by approaching their any clinic on either sat/sunday, usually days when lot of new patients come through advertisements, and then shouting and making a scene in the reception (dont be fooled to be ushered in any cabin by any senior doctor). I know this because i was one of their ex workers and left because of double standards in the management concerned and their lack of sensitiveness to employees and patients alike. why making a scene helps is because they fear that u would take away a lot of their potential "bakras." Just to let u know that anyone who got refunded here, was very tough on these guys, rest the softies never got a penny back apart from promises and fake assurances.

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The user did not respond to the messages. The review should not be taken into consideration.
I also went to Dr. Batra's for acne treatment about a couple of years back. But all that I got was a severe hair fall. People who are facing such kind of skin/hair problems, my advice to you is never go to them for consultation, coz they brainwash you to such an extend that you end up paying the bill for the entire year. That's the reason they have this free first time consultation. Today when I think of all the crap reasons my Doctor told me which might be the reason for my acne and how they will cure it, I feel so stupid. Please people, I know acne, hair loss such kind of issues are really frustrating and hence it becomes too easy for these cheaters to make you pay for these issues. But you will only end up losing out your money, the problem will stay. Hence be happy with what you have, exercise, go for yoga, meditate, all this will give you peace...try using natural products like Olive Oil (which works great on acne and hair fall), before taking any decision browse through the internet for reviews and then you will understand what to do...

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The user did not respond to the messages. The review should not be taken into consideration.
thanks all ..its eyen opener for me..i was about to take appointment from Dr. Batra at Gurgaon. Could you please help me by suggesting the good skin specialist in gurgaon. I am having itchy rashes on my body. please advise.
Agree with you...dr batras is not worthy..
I am suffering from Psoriasis from last 1 year. In month of October 2013
I have taken appointment In Dr. Batra's clinic in Dehradun and met with
Dr. Priya Pandey. She assured me that we will cure your diseases so I
kept trust on her words and I paid 9500/- fees for a year in advance for
the treatment. Well In Feb 2014, I shifted to Mumbai and met with Dr
Ashok Dhandhukia in the Andheri W branch near Infinity Mall, I thought
probably i'll get releaved but nothing has happened till date.Now I
don't want to continue their treatment I want my money back. Please help
me to get my money back.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. This is highly uncharacteristic of our staff, as we pride ourselves on our services and diligently follow work ethics. However, we would like to hear your problem out and correct the wrong from our end. Please provide us with your full name and patient ID, our representative will hear you out and suggest a solution that satisfies you.

In case you directly want to reach out to us, please email us at [protected]

At your service,

Team Dr. Batra’s
I went to pachsheel branch of Dr batra's and Mr. Arpit met me over there and told me that transplant is the only solution. He asked me of 80000 rupees and after discount it would be 65000 but only for this month. Should i pay or contact to some other specialist...
they are total fraud. i know ive experienced it. I don't know how medical council is allowing such fraudulent cheats to continue practising medicine. they are shame on doctors
FOOLED BY JAMMU DR BATRA's. I had also also been fooled by these saying that the other doctors prescribe medicines that contain a lots of chemicals and they only treat the acne for a short time as they only work from the outside but their homeopathic medicines works from the inside the skin and will treat the acne forever and made me pay 9500 rupees in the Dr batra's in Jammu.i am only a student but I was obsess with my acne so I started taking their medication and it's been 5 months and my acne had gone bad to worse 3-4 acne come on my face everyday for no reason.noe my cheeks are full of acne.i am so sad.i didn't had much acne befor I went to the Dr. batras.whwn I told the Dr that m having more acne they say that I am using something or having any bad food.i didn't saw any progress from the first day but I thought it might be taking time so I waited and waited but what I got after 5 long months and paying 9000 is a whole lots of big red acnes. I regret so much.

Dr batra is the worst experience i ever had, they claimed to treat my hypothyroid and acne problem, but by taking their treatment it only got worst. My face looked even more worst after taking treatment, and my thyroid level incereased. The clinic only focused on asking me pay money and not my problem.
Dr Batra's Customer Care's response, Jun 7, 2016
Verified Support
Dear Natasha Saachi,

We are concerned to note your grievance. We value the time and trust you have invested on us. Kindly share your clinic details along with your patient ID and we will definitely look into it.

Dr Batra’s® Team
Highly unprofessional treatment of Dr Neha at Paschim Vihar, New Delhi Dr. Batra's centre. Highly volatile and hyper Doctor. Refused to give me the treatment because Dr.Batra's app offered Rs. 99 as the consultation fee and at her clinic she charged Rs. 500.
App scheduled my appointment on 1st September for 8.20pm. I reached the centre on time only to see the clinic was shut.
The executive Mr.Shoaeb was in constant touch and assured me of the availability the next day. On reaching i filled all details which took me 20 mins.
When i said the app showed Rs 99 to b paid at the clinic, then Dr. Neha refused to give me the consultation n said that she would not treat me.
How unprofessional. I asked her to speak to Shoeb and she boastfully said that she was the centre head and she will not call a mere executive at the headquarters Mumbai.
My mother and my two days' efforts, time and money for to n fro is wasted. Plus extra baggage At the end of it all i had to carry home.
Kindly take an urgent action.

Dr Batra's Customer Care's response, Sep 7, 2016
Verified Support
Dear Shivani Bhalla,

We regret the inconvenience caused. We value the time and trust our patients invest in us. Please share with us your contact number so that we can look into your concern and revert you at the earliest.

Team Dr Batra’s™
Experienced and got cheated. Frauds! Waste of time and money. Go for another option if you don't want to worsen your condition
Dr Batra's Customer Care's response, Sep 7, 2016
Verified Support
Dear Sir,

We would like to hear from you. Kindly share with us the clinic details and patient ID so that we can look into your concern and provide you with the appropriate resolution.

Team Dr Batra’s™
Dr Batra's Customer Care's response, Oct 5, 2016
Verified Support
Dear Sir,

We have made note of your feedback. As requested, kindly share the clinic details and patient ID so that we can look into your concern and provide you with the appropriate resolution.

Team Dr Batra’s™
Complete waste of money and time.. very unprofessional and unethical behaviour by the staff's..
My entire family is getting treatment with Dr. Barra Bhubaneswar clinic.. I had monthly appointment of daughter for yesterday however since I was not able to visited the clinic today I taken an appointment for 6.30 pm. When I visit to the clinic at 6 o'clock no body is there at reception and I asked Mr. Jena who prepare medicines that I have an appointment for today at 6.30 pm then he suddenly told me that your medicine has been prescribed.. wait It will take time to make medicine.
When I asked that I have appointment at 6.30 pm and I have not yet met to the doctor then how come he prescribed the medicine... Then he said then you have wait as patients are there with doctor.. I am waiting there from 6 o'clock to 7 pm. The patient who was with the doctor he came then I asked Mr. Jena please ask doctor that I am waiting but still he said that you have to wait .. when doctor has seen me he called me then asked that how come that guy says that you have already prescribed the medicine before consultant..
Here doctor don't know that Mr. Jena has going to prescribed the old prescription..

It seems that the guy has completely irresponsible and cheated with the patient.. if I am not asking to visit the doctor then Mr. Jena supposed to give me the old prescribed medicine. . I don't understand whether Mr. Jena has knowledge of importance of medicine and health..

Now I have no faith on your staffs that whether they are giving right medicine what doctors prescribed or not...

Kindly take this matter very seriously as they are playing with patients life..

Even why you are giving our prescriptions it's our right to know that what medicine we are given by the doctor.. I urge you that instruct your team to provide prescription to their patient..

If next I will be misleaded by this type and not getting my prescription then I will go to the consumer court..

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