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Dr Batra's — refund my money

 Advitey on Sep 17, 2018
Hi i have just joined dr batra clinic for hair fall and paid them for one year as homeopathic medicine take time to show results... After that i have read lots of negative reviews about his clinic so i have decided to take the refund back... But as no one refund the money easily so i m filling complaint...!! Secondly i have images from indian kanoon where someone filled case against dr batra.. And court not only refund the money back but helped in getting compensation amount read the attachment..!! So i want my money back...
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Dr Batra's — refund my money

 Advitey on Sep 17, 2018
Hi just a week before i got trapped with dr. Batra 12/9/18... Just started treatment but stopping immediately after reading reviews about his scam worldwide...!! And came across a legal case against dr batra in 2013... Where dr. Batra paid compensation... I got late coming across such reviews though i have paid money but would like the refund back..!! Dr batra paid compensation for fraud i just read this news from 2013 on 17/09/2018...!! Look at attachment before visiting dr batra...!!...
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Dr Batra's — worse clinic to choose for treatment

 aj_akshat on Sep 15, 2018
The worst treatment for sinus and hair fall i have ever get is by dr. Batra from laxmi nagar branch, dr. Priyanka as they never wants to help you and they are just to make money only. They are not interested in your problem as they take complete medication fees of them before the start of treatment so that in future you couldn't do anything. I am going there from past 11 months but nothing is cured in my case instead it got much worsed than before. Wish i have never take treatment from them and i will suggest to everyone that never take treatment from there....
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Dr Batra's — didn't found any solution after 2 years payment and extra multivitamin tablet with proper diet including protein etc.

 Priyanka Bhateja on Sep 10, 2018
Dear team,

Reference to our meeting with dr. Batra and i was promised that she will help me for issues of hair fall. But after 2 months condition is worse than last time. But still again 2 months gone with diet and multivitamin. I already told them list of diet also i am taking but still didn't find reason of hair fall from your end.

Yesterday's hair fall count : 150 after comb and i count that strands.

Till date i didn't received response on the reason even after taking protein n vitamins diet with tablet.

Last year also i faced same...
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Dr Batra's — refund for an extra booked appointment

 HARIOM SHIVHARE on Sep 8, 2018
I was trying to book an appointment for me on your portal on 31 aug 2018.
As i proceed to pay money and completed the process it showed an error, then after i again tried the same process it again showed an error. After few minutes both the transections got successed & it charged 500/- rs (250+250) and two appointments got booked for me but i wanted only one appointment. It all occured due to technical problem.
I have taken one appointment on 1 sep 2018.
Kindly please refund me for one appointement that got booked extra.

Details about me are following :-
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Dr Batra's — my acne treatment goes wrong even doctor is not able to find the cure and continue giving me wrong medicine

 Sheetal Lohiya on Aug 30, 2018
When i visited clinic of dr batra the ensure me of 100% results and insisits me to take 1 year plan . Each passing days its just want worse there is one point comes where ny face is getting damaged due to allergies even doctor cannot predict want is happening and even started continue with wrong medicne my face turn into black from red. I want my money back as they surely insure me that my face will be clear but just nothing happens but due to there wrong medicne my face getting worse it took me 1 year to clear it out which doctor had damaged it. I just kindly requested you as i am 20 year old kid...
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Dr Batra's — money refund

 Tania Jain on Aug 29, 2018
My name is tania jain. I am from chandigarh. I have been taking treatment from dr batra's clinic 9 sector chandigarh. Doctors said me to take grow hair session.. I took hairfall treatment worth 12000. Then i have gone through grow hair session worth 27000 and have even eaten all supplements instructed by them.. They said therapy will help in hair thickening bt it doesnot do no.. Am highly unstatsified.. I require refund for one year treatment and grow hair therapy fees.. I have spend around 50, 000 rupees on treatment... All waste of money......
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Dr Batra's — refund required.

 Khushboo Katyal on Aug 27, 2018
I want to discontinue the treatment since its been almost an year and i havent seen any improvements. And they took money for grow hair therapy which they said will help in hair thickening but as taking a review from the patient it doesnt do so. So i require refund for 1 year treatment which is pending and grow hair therapy fee also.
Am highly unsatisfied with the treatment....
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Dr Batra — money refund

 Swati Joshi Pandey on Aug 27, 2018
My name is swati pandey. My patient code is[protected]. I was having skin allergy on my body. I was taking all the medicines regularly but was not getting any positives results and even becoming worst as my itching on body also increasing. I asked my doctor dr sonam kaushal about this. She changed my medicines but i was not satisfied. As i have paid 16000 rs for no good results i want my 10000 back as my medication starts on 3june 2018. Bill no :vsl/18-19/184. And now stop my medication from august 2018. Please refund my amount....
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Dr Batra's — spam calls

 Roshan Gardi on Aug 26, 2018
Dear sir/madam,
I am registered under dnd.. My mobile number [protected] from pune

I am getting spam calls from automated call response from dr batras mobiles phones and other numbers... I am getting number of calls per day... I never ever registered my number any where with batras... If they dont stop spam calls to me without the difference of day and night i will lodge a complaint with the local police station... I want them to unsubscribe my mobile number [protected] immediately from their spam calls... I dont want any of their services.
Request you to help me in...
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Dr Batra's — hair fall

 True experience on Aug 18, 2018
Dr. Batra’s hair treatment reviews
The reader today i am going to share dr batra’s hair treatment reviews. From the initial day, i was worried that i may go bald as my father and the day i realized that i was losing lots of hair and my hairline was going back the day i was searching for the best doctor with natural treatment service

I was frustrated with my life and hair loss was there

I started searching on google for the best homoeopathy treatment in west bengal.
(The google search result was dr batra the best clinic in west bengal)...
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Dr Batra's — regarding refund

 Marinerarpit on Aug 18, 2018
I have taken four sessions with dr. Batra’s since last five months. I am taking proper medicines following all the diet procedures. But my hair loss is increasing day by day. I borrowed money from my friends for this treatment. But i am disappointed with the medicines and treatment. I have told to the doctor also. They changed my medicines but still my hairs are becoming more and more thinner. I have given full year treatment fees. Kindly charge my for the sessions that i have taken and please refund the remaining money....
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Dr Batra's — treatment of hairfall

 Tasleem khan01 on Aug 12, 2018
I took treatment for my hairfall 1 year ago from dr. Batra's clinic jhansi by dr. Priyanka. I took medicines for 4 months and during these 4 months my hair got worst than before. I paid rs. 24000 for medicine and meso therapy. When i used to go for meso therapy instead of dr. Priyanka my meso therapy was done by one of the uncle who worked there as guard. I have worst experience of dr. Batra's. I request each one of uh plz don't go dr. Batra's clinic for treatment otherwise uh will gone loose huge amount of money as i did. I am very disappointed i want my money back as soon as possible.😈😈😈😈...
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Dr Batra's — to refund my hard earn money

 Ganesh Khatua on Aug 12, 2018
Dear dr batra and team, as i have a problem in hair loss and i had visited you in last month, but your consultant prescribed me after the fake checking at your bhubaneswar clinic. They had given me some tablets ony for two or three months after showed me various schemes. It was my foolishness that i had paid 20, 000 rupees. For me its not a smalll amount for me and very importantly my hair loss is increasing day by day. My pt code[protected]

So my request please refund my money after deducting all ur consulting and medicine charges.

Thank u...
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Dr Batra's — worst service provided [Resolved]

 Rock Willthor on Aug 11, 2018
For first month follow up i went to the clinic after treatment, medicine are not available in that branch for getting that medicine all round i need to traveled one branch to another branch that’s ok but on second follow also their done same mistake medicine are not available now their are saying that after one month medicine will come... So how can i get proper result if this kind of services.

No time sence, my appointment time is on 3pm after waiting 45mins then he called me.

Please take action immediately and make sure next time it will not repeat.

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Dr. Batra — dissatisfied with their service

 makwanachandni on Aug 8, 2018
Worst experience that i ever had. It was a year back when i went to dr. Batras clinic, khar west mumbai and took their treatment for my hairfall for 1 year.
Out of their 12 months service i just used service for 4 months and missed some of the appointments but 75% payment was done from my side and now when i'm visiting the clinic again they are giving me some other plan with higher payment and asking me to forget about the 75% payment that i did earlier. I mean i just don't understand what kind of money fetching service is this and they just don't care about the payment that i made earlier...
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Dr Batra's — worst treatment of acne [Resolved]

 Kamana Agnihotri on Aug 8, 2018
I have been taken acne treatment in 2017 from dr batra (Kanpur civil line) with dr vishal my patient code[protected] worth rp 15000 for 12 month, after passes few month i get relief in my acne but this tym its 11 month i have again acne on my face m very upset with this i feel he fully cheat me, when i told it to dr vishal he said you take again 1 yr package why i take again package when i see no any result on my face its too costly and fully waste money around 30 to 35000 with package, product, test. I'll never recommend anyone to take treatment with dr batra he only cheat her patient....
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Dr Batra's — unwanted calls throughout the day [Resolved]

 devarsh sharma on Aug 3, 2018
I am receiving around 20-25 calls from dr. Batras clinic in a day. It is very annoying and at times i have to check my phone during important business meetings. If spammed again i will definitely register a complaint in the local police station and to the trai as well. I cant provide you the numbers as they call from multiple numbers. Even after telling them to stop calling again and again i still receive numerous calls every day....
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Dr Batra's — I don't want to continue my treatment [Resolved]

 Salmaan Qureshi on Jul 31, 2018
My patient code is 006866. My treatment about to 6 months but i didn't feel any kind of improvement. Every time they call me just gave me a different medicine and they always take lots of my time mean in every apoimment approx 2 hours. My case handled by dr tulika jain and office in mahagun metro mall vaishali ghaziabad. I am sick of it and don't want to continue my treatment. I want my money back.. And will never recommend anyone to treatment from there.....
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Dr Batra's — hair loss [Resolved]

 sarika khosla on Jul 31, 2018
After one year of hair loss treatment from dr batras homeopathy clinic, there is no
Improvement which was promised to me before starting this expensive treatment
I was told that there will be sure shot results as i have come to them at an early age of 17 years. I have gone through all the tests recommended by them and have even eaten all the supplements instructed by them....
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