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One envelop was send from pune on 23 may 2007, docket no. p06660447, but was not received up to 29 may 2007. What type of service is this and dtdc claims that they are the best service provider.
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Aug 13, 2020
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Stop your business.. go to hell..why you giving problems to customers.
I sent a courier from Thane-Maharashtra whose POD# was M25413617 on June 13, 2007 and still it has not reached its destination until June 19, 2007. A huge number of mails sent across to the DTDC customer care and the concerned franchisee also did not help me. This is the worst service I have ever experienced!
An important consignment was dispatched from our New Delhi Branch on 29.06.2007 towards our Head Office at Kolkata on 29.06.2007. Still now, we did not receive it. Using the tracking option, we get incomplete result which describes nothing. By ringing ew get different kind of informations, not matching with each other.

C/N. No. Z57445500.

As the delivery of material is urgent, we are facing a lot of problem.

People beware!!!
I have couriered one parcel from bangalore - pune on 12th july 07. It reached pune on 13th July as confirmed by the pune branch (shanker seth road)... but the religion branch in pune is unable to deliver it to the address and have kept the parcel with them for 5 days... i just called them and the person just banged the phone on me... i am not able to get them since last 3 days... GOD HELP ME!!!

Baby's cloths and toys have been stolen from the consignment#H40964435 which was booked from Hyderabad on 16th July. On receiving the courier in Lucknow the following items were missing:

1.Boy 's shirt (half shirt front open)
2.Boy's Capri pants (army camouflage print)
3. Rubber toys animals shape

This is a serious offense do not know how DTDC survives in this competitive world with this kind of service.
I had sent a courier to US from Bangalore on[protected] consignment No B36069305. I got a call from US after 8 days saying that consignment has not reached. When I inquired at the bangalore DTDC they said they have some problem in locating the consignment, and after one month they gave me another consignment No. N91339012 and the courier has reached US on[protected]. Due to the delay of one month and six days I lost a contract due to the negligence of DTDC. When I used to call the DTDC office in Bangalore they would pass on the buck to the next person or they would say contact this person or that person, when I contacted that person he or she would say that the concerned person is on leave or left the company and no body came forward to give a correct picture. I claimed for the damages done to me due to one month and six days delay and there comes no reply from DTDC inspite of my repeated mails and phone calls. Please if anybody can suggest me what can I do about this.

They don't have email addresses of the managers concerned or telephone numbers. Its a shameful thing on the part of DTDC for the gross negligence towards its customers. I strongly recommend not to use DTDC services.
This is the worst thing to happen. I sent a courier from Bombay to Cochin one of my friends items to their family. I sent on 9 June and they said 10 days which I was ok. But parcel reached on 20th July more than a month and VERY WORST THING is items were stolen. Any piece of cloth which looked good was stolen then imagine.

I was really frustrated when my friends family received all old stuff and for getting they have to go to all the way to main office. I was helpless. I think franchise steal because I paid for 12khs and franchise has made it 8kgs which indicates Franchise has clearly stolen it.

Do not use DTDC thats what is my experience.
I received a courier via DTDC.While the Courier had started from destination being of 5 kg. I received it as a package of 3 Kg. Many valuable items have been stolen from the Courier. Calling up the cust care and branch office goes in vain as they give improper responses.

I want to follow up on this, Please suggest what to do with the worst Courier service i.e. "DTDC".
My Consignment no Z56395696, started from source being of 5Kg. By the time I received it, it was only 3 Kg. In transit valuable items like Silk Saree and 1Kg DryFuits have been stolen.

I need to track the lost items, someone please suggest the procedure for the same.
A consignment was sent from Khatmandu to Varanasi vide Consignment No.N91133819 dated 30.08.2007. The consignment consists of DD for Rs.50,000/-

Even after 14days of time, the said consignment was n0t delivered.

Request the authorities to take immediate action.

Ashutosh Singh
I was told by some one from dtdc HMT nagar hyderabad that I received a letter from standard chartered bank 6 days ago and they could not locate my house. I gave all the details and yet the letter did not reach me. I tried to contact the hmt nagar branch--but failed to get its ph. no etc.. since it is not available with any one . Already 6 days passed.Please advise what is to be done.

Dear Sir,

I was regular user of DTDC having a good taste of service and faith
in DTDC. My faith got shattered last week. I was having a very urgent
paper to be sent to Delhi College of Engineering.

I contacted your franchisee at Vasundhara Enclave Mr Shukla. on
Friday evening around 5 PM and enquired if the paper can be delivered by
Saturday evening. He promised that it takes next delivery by 11 AM for
all local letter. So I booked the letters against Z56554930 and
Z56554931. To be safe I had sent to two professors the same.

Saturday I tacked the consignment and found that by 12 noon the
consignment is out for delivery. When it didn't reach even by evening on
Saturday, I contacted Mr Shukla he assured me that he will checkup and
will come back to me thru phone. He didn't replied till 8 PM. When I
again went to his shop, the shop was closed.

Next day when I contacted him on Sunday 11AM when he opened his shop,
he showed his inability and said nothing can be done. But when I
insisted fir the urgency, He referred me to Mr Chatterjee and said he is
head of the east operation and can get it delivered. when i contacted
him on phone. He was very rude and told me that you do whatever and he
will not help as DTDC is like this only. I felt very bad on service

In this odd situation I had to rush to the college with no other
option. The papers where to be deposited early morning in the Faculty

I hope you will look into the matter and this kind of delays and
harassment should not happen to the customers

Ashok Mittal
Subject : 1. Worst service.
2. No response from Mr. Ravi - CSS, DTDC

Loss : More than 25 thousands

Consignment Note: C21093190

Date of booking : 18.09.2007

Mobile No: [protected]
I also suffered from same type of problem . I booked one important document on[protected] vide AWB no. S 30313057 from CR Park ,ND to C.P. ,ND but till[protected] , it is not reached to destination .I surprised nobody knows correct phone no. to provide correct phone no. I experienced very bad .

R K Mishra

DTDC — damages not yet paid

Please find the letter below which was sent to DTDC on sep 06 (css.[protected]@dtdc.com),
DTDC has got one of the worse service one can imagine , this letter was sent to DTDC customer service and yet there was no reply and your coimbatore branch gave me assurance that the damages will be paid for the parcel sent, as the eatables which was sent was returned after 15 days and which was already spoilt but there was no response from your coonoor branch, please take a remidial action on this issue as not only i lost my parcel but on the phone bills which i incurred calling your coimbatore and coonoor brach every alternate day.

Dear Sir,

This is in reference to a courier( PNR : Q
[protected] sent from your coonoor branch , the branch
in coonoor gave me the wrong information that the
service is available in Hasimara Air Force Station ,
jalpaiguri dist,West Bengal.Thou i had informed them
if the sevice is not available, to return the courier
next day before despatcing it from salem to bangalore
in air but it was confirmed from your branch in
coonnor that service is availble and it will be
delivered to the addressee.

It was after 5 days of regular calls, they
stated that the courier will not be delivered to the
addressee as there is no service available. It is
really frustrating when something is sent important
and to be delivered in the shortest time is being
delayed and not delivered besides giving wrong
information and hope, , please look into this
matter and deliver my courier back to my address in
shortest possible time, as no one from your side is
able to give a exact location of my package.

Thank you
Kevin Nishanth
One envelop was given at DTDC office,Thampanoor,Trivandrum,Kerala,phone[protected] on 02 oct.2007 for sending to R UWI,OMAN.The envelop was not forewarded till 05 th oct.2007.After making somany phone calls they have forewarded to Cochin Aramex courier at 7pm.I wanted to know why they kept the envelop in the office without taking any action for three days .When I contacted the office for a reply his way of talking was not good. Still the envelop is in Cochin only. Please do the needful.

thanking you

What a worst service DTDC provides?
I think it is the worst service in this world.......

I have sent an envelope from Bangalore to Kollam on 1st october 2007, it has not yet reached Kollam.When I traced my envvelope I came to know that it reached Kollam from Ernakulam via manifest No #O0048952 and Kollam office sent it to the destination address via manifest No #48756 on 4th october
But it has not yet reached destination Address till 7th oct.

What is it???????

I says the authorities to take necessary actions to confirm the envelope reach the destination safe

It is a very very important document. I have trust in you that it will reach
Dear Ram Tiwari,

The PF withdrawal forms have been processed and sent to you by DTDC courier by docket no.: H40494773 on 07.09.2007 for following address




WAKDEWADI , PUNE - 411 003


I didn't recieved courier yet today.


Exit Indiapayroll

I am from pune on verge of losing an article sent by DTDC courier service to Mumbai. Its been 17 days now the article has reached no where, several callings to customer care and only answer I get is “the article is coming back due to short address” but the address was mentioned absolutely right and crystal clear on the article.

This is really a frustrating and very annoying experience for me with DTDC

Now I am middle of big email communication thread between DTDC officials, who are still searching and hung in the process finding my article.

After requesting again and again to take this matter on priority and deliver my item back to me ASAP, absolutely no response.

Sometime it looks so funny to me that I am begging DTDC to return my own article, but by now I am starting to believe that they don’t have it anymore, some of there people might have stolen it.

As these days they are only recruiting Thieves in there company.

Most of the Indian people are starting to think these DTDC people are not trustworthy anymore and these thinking will multiply more with time on brand failing to deliver quality service.

Also customer service guys promised to respond in 24 hrs but don’t get back even in 48hrs and I am really feeling sorry for myself why I choose DTDC at 1st place when in pune I got all big courier giants like first flight, blue dart, Aramax etc they might be little expansive but important thing is that at least your goods will be delivery satisfactory and now I even started to think that Speed post seems to be a better option then choosing DTDC Indian post might be slow like tortoise but will eventually win the race in steady and consistence way.

It’s been bad starting of year 2008 with a loss of RS 2500/- and that too with brand like DTDC.

I request you guys not to send articles or parcels through DTDC because they have employed all big stealers in there company.

Truth is Stranger than Fiction

I had dispatched a courier to Texas A & M University using DTDC International Courier on 5th of Jan, Airway Bill N91773069. Till 15th of Jan, the last update was on 8h Jan, Inscan New York.
A friend in California called up the Us office in NewYork, and they confirmed they cannot track the courier, and that I should file for claims. The Bombay office took another 5 days after this to acknowledge the courier is lost as they ahd yet to receive information frm the US office. ( someone like me, who is not even part of the company could do it before them.)

So I dispatched another courier from DTDC again, on 12th Jan, because the manager said she will send it via Alert for the same cost and promised me it would reach on 15th ( I paid for this one too as the Bombay office yet did not acknowledge the courier is lost , though I already knew if from The US office.)

NOW COINCIDENCE NO 1: New Airway bill number N91773060
(Only one digit difference)

So the courier dispatched on 12th stops showing any updates after 14th Jan, Insacn New York. I get frantic as the same story repeats again! My university would never believe me if I say my second courier is lost too! My friend again calls up the NY office and they give her a DHL tracking number for N91773060. (they outsource to DHL from NY) We get a DHL tracking number, and in the DHL refernce from DTDC, the reference number is Recieved from NY, 14th Jan, N[protected] !!!!!


They have updated it so on both my tracking numbers. Just simply jotted down, and I am supposed to believe that.
It is because of the 0 and 9 error that there were no updates on my N1773060 number after the 14th in NY. DHL said since DTDC typed that number, they can not do anything about the mistake.

At first I gave DTDC the Benefit of doubt as 0 and 9 are next to each other on the keyboard. But now when the claim both my couroers sent on 5th Jan and 12th Jan, recahed the university ob the same day 16th of Jan, I know what caused the mistake.


Also, wen the Andheri Office acknowledeged to me that the first courier was lost, they said it would take THREE TO SIX MONTHS FOR MY CLAIM TO BE PROCESSED!!!!!


This service might kill all my chances of an admission/ assistantship to my desired university as my application reached them after the deadline passed thanks to a useless courier service. I have a very good portfolio, and was hoping for an assistantship, without which I cannot afford a US education. But this DTDC failure has cost me heavy.

Toy — Still not reached it's destination.


This is to inform you that I have courired one pacel on 16th of this month to the below mentioned address
Mr. Pankajdas
HOOGHLY, W.B-712503

from Chennai, Annanagar. Still the parcel not reached it's place also not able to track the details through online. ET[protected]IN


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