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DTDC Courier & Cargo Customer Care

DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd.

DTDC House, No. 3, Victoria Road
Bangalore District
India - 560047

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

+91 80 2536 5032  [Customer Care]
+91 80 2536 5039  [Customer Care]

+91 80 2551 4461  [Customer Care]

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Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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DTDC Courier & Cargo — they dont know to whom the courier must be send not providing courier boy information and misleading the conversation

 Anchit2121 on Feb 18, 2019
The person working at the DTDC courier are such a fool that they even don"t know to which person they have to hand over the courier as they first called me that where to deliever the courier i confirmed the address but waited about half an hour outside my house and than also the DTDC GWALIOR branch called me and told that the person have already delievered the courier i asked them about to whom it has been delievered they replied to some person standing there they also dont know and asked me to enquire to whom the courier boy has given i enquired about this so the person standing there by replied...
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DTDC Courier & Cargo — order received for delivery at home but not delivered at home

 Akanksha Dhanopiya on Feb 17, 2019
My consignment no - v51360685, kasimpur - aligarh,

I have send a consignment to aligarh, the agent promise that he will deliver it at home, but it is not deliver at home, the consignment was delivered at dtdc service center.

& today is the marriage ceremony at customer's home. But

Then the agent called the customer to pickup their consignment from the service center otherwise consignment will return to the origin..

How cheap & bad services are provided by dtdc, dtdc promises something else & doing something else.

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DTDC Courier & Cargo — misbehave of dtdc staff

 Raja Nag on Feb 17, 2019
I booked my parcel from bangalore to get delivered to imphal. First of all they delayed 5days to notify me about my parcel. As if it was lost. Secondly when i called staff of dtdc bangalore as well as imphal... They misbehaved with me and spoke in an unprofessional and inappropriate manner with me. Atlast i had to call to several numbers to know about my delivery. As there was no proper update online. When i could track the parcel was already in imphal since 3days. But nobody took initiative.. And they denied to deliver it to the given address. Instead the person asked me if i m in so hurry than...
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DTDC Courier & Cargo — misbehaviour by one of staff at imphal dtdc. name of the staff is madhumita

 Raja Nag on Feb 16, 2019
My shipment was about to reach imphal by 14 th feb 2019. But when i went to imphal dtdc centre to enquire about the matter the staffs present over there told me there was no delivery boy. I asked why? Then one of d staff named madhumita stood up and was literally shouting at me that it is not there responsibility to see if delivery has occurred or not. Imphal dtdc is the worst courrier service in the country and it’s staffs are so ill mannered. I want to ask the managers and other offficers is this how you guys treat your customers? I will never recommend anyone to use dtdc in future. And strict...
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DTDC Courier & Cargo — not yet received

 Nadeen on Feb 16, 2019
Not delivered. Recipient was not present.
Even though address and contact no is correct
They didn't call or came here even once.

Please kindly resolve this issue.
My consignment number is m 73217070

Shipment tracking history
Date activity location
Fri, 15th feb'19|13:46 hrs rto processed & forwarded tohub cochin hub
Fri, 15th feb'19|11:52 hrs rto processed & forwarded to hub cochin hub
Fri, 15th feb'19|10:17 hrs rto received at hub cochin hub
Fri, 15th feb'19|10:15 hrs not delivered (Could not attempt...
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DTDC Courier & Cargo — product missing

 akhila1612 on Feb 16, 2019
My order was not delivered to me yet and when i called dtdc employee yesterday delivery he told me that he delivered the product to some else, today he is saying that the product went return again he is saying that there is sign on the sheet saying that the product is delivered, but i didn't received it yet. Can i know what the dirty things are happening with you people, is this how you react with customers....
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DTDC Courier & Cargo — my shipment was stolen by dtdc

 Gopal sindhe on Feb 16, 2019
Dear sir,

It's my humble request please don't insist any customer to send any courier services of dtdc.

Dtdc group is not having any ethical and moral values. I have lost my consignment worth of 50k, details mentioned below.

I am requesting through your media help me to get justification for this fight. I need my claim or consignment back. I have raised this complaint to franchise as well dtdc office but not received any single satisfactory answer. They asked me to raise a claim they will process but after waiting more than 30 days they said it's not...
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DTDC Courier & Cargo — not delivered parcel to address

 Ankitdabral on Feb 15, 2019
I couriered a parcel from hyderabad to mumbai on 8th february and paid rs120 and was told it will be delivered within 3 days. But today that is 15 february i went and asked so they told it was going back to hyderabad as area was not serviceable but it was serviceable when i asked. This is not they way to work my parcel went to pune even though it should go to mumbai. They not even called to given number once....
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DTDC Courier & Cargo — parcel not delivered [Resolved]

 Mehtaruchu on Feb 15, 2019
I have couriered a parcel from jaipur to delhi, tracking id Z82221989 on 12 february 2019 and it was supposed to reach on 14 february 2019 but it's still showing "in transit" since 13 february 2019. It contained stuff which has to be delivered on time. I have also made a complaint on DTDC and was given a case number 13909679 . The helpline number is also never answered. It's a very disappointing service. I haven't expected this from DTDC. Please solve the issue as soon as possible and get my parcel delivered today only....
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DTDC Courier & Cargo — product not delivered

 Madhukar KM on Feb 15, 2019
Tracking id d47958332 is showing (Receiver shifted from given address - (Cir) from[protected], when made a call to customer care on 14th to get an update, they registered this case on priority & promised me the same day delivery to the given address, but so far no delivery happened nor no call made.

Again reached out to customer care today, and now they need some time to get a update, but they are not sure how much time required to get a update.

Courier came to pune on 9th feb, but 1 time delivery attempt made on 11th, and now today is 15th, would really appreciate,...
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DTDC Courier & Cargo — food items stolen

 AkhilaReddy176 on Feb 14, 2019
My parents sent food snacks by courier from warangal to allahabad via dtdc courier one pack of snacks and four laddoos are stolen. One packet is tempered and half of its contents are missing. This is highly disappointing and horrible service from dtdc. I want reimbursement of this. I was loyal customer of dtdc after this not anymore. I cannot believe how you expect customers to trust your service.

Consignment number: d4968077
The package was billed for 3.5kg box has dtdc barcode sticker saying 3.2kg and contents weigh less than 2kg....
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Dtdc — doc not receive

 Lucky80033 on Feb 14, 2019
Hi, My tracking no is Z92586499
The parcel was dispatched on 02 Feb from Delhi to Udaipur (Rajasthan) I tried tracking several times but it is showing as no data available since long days. I am unable to find any update. There is no customer care number also for dtdc.
Tried calling the dtdc office many times but no one is answering the calls also.
Please resolve the issue. Why there is no status on the website? My contact number is [protected] and pin code number 313004...
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DTDC Courier & Cargo — consignment not delivered and return damaged after 25 days

 Sarang2687 on Feb 14, 2019
M65361336 consignment booked by dtdc courier for kolkata location. They didn't deliver and didn't inform to me the return. When i enquired about the same they didn't given proper answer. I received their mail after 25 days about closing of ticket without delivery of consignment.
Delivery location was hostel canteen which open for 24/7 still they are giving improper answer. They doesn't have good customer support where we can enquired....
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DTDC Courier & Cargo — courier not delivered from one week

 M Ravi Theja on Feb 14, 2019
I sent a post from kurnool to hyderabad on 7th feb 2019 till now it is not delivered, that person told that was misplaced,
It has most important documents
Please take necessary action who were the persons regarding this negligence
Otherwise i will file a case in the court of law
The tracking id is h85830476
I want to know the reason why it was going to delay
Why you are very irresponsible
Don't you have responsibility...
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DTDC Courier & Cargo — not delivered up to in 10 days. from bareilly to lucknow

 Jeet Diwakar on Feb 15, 2019
I dr ramakant dandriyal send a courier on 4 feb 2019 from bareilly to panna dental lab lucknow but that not delivered up to today date 14 feb 2019. That courier is very important for me and lab. After calling they told courier delivered too early but it not till now. Courier was send from civil lines bareilly.
Kindly check and take action for it.
Thanking you....
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DTDC Courier & Cargo — courier undelivered and not delivered to the other specified address or not send back

 rakeshkumaryadav112 on Feb 14, 2019
Dear sir

My courier having tracking no of dtdc courier and cargo is:- z82796685 and this shipment is pending hold or undelivered at jaipur hub for last 9th of feb. I booked courier on 4th feb 2019 from tapukara bhiwadi industrial area 301707

And its not delivered at the specified address till time. I wants to contact at the customer care for complaints but the contact numbers provided at internet and somewhere else are all not working.

Its very urgent for me, and pls look into the matter, if the specified address is not found or you cannot wants to go...
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DTDC Courier & Cargo — parcel not delivered since 16 days

 Varsha Babani on Feb 14, 2019
Hi. I booked a parcel for mumbai from gwalior on 28th jan, 2019. I wanted to get it delivered asap, thats why i booked it from dtdc.
But dtdc provides pathetic services.

I was first told that the parcel will be delivered by 1st feb, 2019. Then on 6th feb, their dealers said that the delivery could not be made and the parcel is returned back because of the incorrect address. He said it will be delivered and charged money for it. On 6th he said the parcel will come back to gwalior by 11th feb. Today he told the parcel is still in delhi and has not even reached delhi. The parcel...
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DTDC Courier & Cargo — regarding change in delivery point (destination)

 Navneet Arpan on Feb 14, 2019
This is to intimate you that i navneet arpan has booked one parcel to be deliver to the sbi sapru branch, lucknow (Destination) from eluru (Rr peta, source, andhra pradesh) vide consignment no: h85731055 dated feb 12, 2019. However, the day later i came to know that the courier has been routed to delhi, on being enquired, the dealer admit its fault of entering wrong pin code. Sir, the courier contains important documents which has to be urgently sent to the branch, but due to carelessness attitude of the dealer and irresponsive to correct his mistake, the courier will not be...
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DTDC Courier & Cargo — complaining about your office's owner

 aayush babbar on Feb 13, 2019
Hey buddy!i am very sad for complaining you about your courier company. actually what i want to say is that i got a parcel from paytm payments bank. and i got a text message from dtdc that i had recieved the parcel and the courier boy had successfully delievered the parcel.but actually i didnt got any parcel.and when i complain to the owner he said that do whatever you want i will not do anything for you. and i said him that u are wrong but then he started blackmailing me that he will file a suite against me for creating nuisance at my office which i think very bad for you all. he said me to keep...
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DTDC Courier & Cargo — shipment is undelivered

 Adrija Paul on Feb 13, 2019
Hi, my tracking no is d46386354. The shipment is undelivered i don't know why is it delaying so much. Even i'm not getting the appropriate information regarding my tracking no. Could you help it out? It has been more than 4 days that they the consignee has not received the parcel yet! The shipment is only stopped at transit. Plz send relevant information regarding this....
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