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[Resolved]  Fraud Consultant — Fraud Consultant

Cyborg Informatics

EF-19, Salt Lake City, Tank No. 8, Kolkata- 700064, and West Bengal.

RAKESH PRASAD is a fraud it consultant in Kolkatta please aware of him
so that you will not loss the money unneccesarly.

He dont belong to any company he just tells that he is manager from any one of the company.

Below his is no.




Fraud Consultant
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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Cyborg Informatics is big fraud company runned by a person rakesh
He has done the payment for one of his cleint
Hi friends please dont believe rakesh, he is a big fraud he cheated n number of customer, he will take the upfront amount and he will not give the work load itself; and he will take the upfront amount on his friends account number. and also his company is not registered . and when ever the customer will call is mobile will be always switched off.

please dont do the business with him. he is a big mother [censored]er.
Hi people he dint made the payment to any one of his customer. just he will says i made the payment. and he will show the challen and making fool to the customer.
Hi all mysore people dont do the business with the rakesh form kolkatha. because he is a big fraud .
yes very true rakesh prasad is a big fraud from Calcutta, he will ask you to deposit money on name of mr arjit roy in icici bank or Mr. Shreedhar Bahadur Gurung in Punjab Nationnal Bank, he only have some sample data that he rotates from one center to other center. and he don't have common sense, he thinks that all other person's except him are mindless. he keep telling that he have sum bank project and all stuff. its all fake. he is just behind to collect money. nothing else than that. once you take any work from him he will make force you to out source to others like friends n all . he will commit you that he will pay you for that. but after all fake is fake. he will convince you or try to do that on any level. he is such a a$$ hole. SO BEWARE OF GETTING BITTEN BY THIS D0G.
Hi Friends

I dont have any intention to make any fraud with any people but i got this info that all myssore people who are related with staney sir they are make a fraud posting in consumer complaint. so i just inform that my liabilities of the myssore people is mention below:

Yashwant: 35k return for the sign up cancell
venkatesh Sir: 19k comission for sign up
Staney Mercer: 7.20*30000= 2.16lacks + 10000 which paid extra.

Because those people are make the post they are not in any business relation with me, but they posted it. no issue for that and not a matter of worried the money this week all person money will be transfer in there account please send you account number once again. i will also never interested to make the business with any myssore people related with staney or any above mention persons, so please read this mail. i dont want any call from any one related with those guys. please if people are not interested then let me know by mail i will clear all the amount. i just check the clarity of every one, suddenly i was mate an accident so the oppertunity comes to me i am not able to make the payment within the time i got the news that the posting was started. so no issue, and about staney sir i also got so many of news that he have taken total amount from mahadev sir but i never ask him but till i can tell that he is very good to me and all the situations. i will move for the outside for some of the voice and the non voice project with advance payment so i will be little bit busy on next week started from 22nd feb. so on this running week i will make the payment. i also post it on the consumer forum so i just inform to JAYESH, SWAMY, SUNDRESH that if you are not in a business deal with me directly then dont post for any one after getting any kind of information, also dont use slang then it will be really create a bad issue for you.

thanks for your patience guys.

Rakesh i[censored] r the genuine then why u dint paid the money to the customer, and y u r not providing the work load to them. i will never leave u to do the business daily i will post the add against u, untill and unless our gusy want to get the money, , , , , , , , , , , , u mother [censored]er dont speak as a gentelman...

dont think people are fools, what u will think about ur self, i[censored] have guts come to karnataka we will [censored] ur base, , , , , , , , , , lKB, , , , , ,

realy i am telling u i will not leave u to do the business

ur killer
Hi people please dont do the business with Rakesh from - kolkata... he will speak like any thing with the customer. he not do the proper business with the customer... he dosnt have any customer, he will not give the BG also first time he will tell i will give the BG but he never give that,

When ever u people call him he not pick the call, RAKESH IS A BIG FRAUD IN THE INDIAN BPO MARKET

Because of like this people the genuine company will also loss the trust with the customer,

Hey daku rakesh realy i will never leave u da.
Hi Everyone...please donot do any kind of business with Rakesh...he talks very well giving all kind of assurance to the people until he gets money depositted in his friends savings bank account. When requested for money he will not pick any of his calls. He is a big liar...he donot have any company registered against him...

PS : We have done a thorough background verification against Rakesh through a 3rd party person and the result is HE IS A BIG FRAUD IN THIS INDUSTRY...DONOT TRUST HIM IN ANY WAYS.

Hi Rakesh, If you are really genuine first make the payment to those people whom you have committed. ...dont think you will get away from this...we know how to trace you and get the money back from you...OK...
To all people...Please do not leave Rakesh...there is a hunt going on for that ...and we are in a process of informing police and CCB guys to find him out...It will not be difficult to find him...and once we find him he will sure be behind bars along with Abilash...
Hey Mr Daku Rakesh make the payments to all the client and just give the money of all the people whom you have taken money from...before it is too late...Once you are caught you will be friend of Abilash in jail...I know that you dont have that much power to come out of jail once you are inside...If you donot make payments in few will be friend of Abilash...
Hi guys...I would like to thank one of our friends in this Industry for cancelling his deal with that Rakesh...Abbe kaminey rakesh ...i am sure you will see these updates every often...You have not made payment to you are proving that you are son of a .........God will show you the real difficulty in better commit suicide before you get trapped...biggest sinner on this world...sala...Do you ever have a Ration prove that you are a say you have a passport and you had been to Malaysia, Honk Kong, Singapore etc...this week you will go to Delhi is are not fit be stay in Slum...better commit suicide... Your parents should be ashamed of themselves to have such a fraudster as their son...I pity them...

Guys one of his other techniques is that he says he goes to Malaysia, Singapore etc...donot believe him as he is not eligible to get even a ration card why talk of passport...
he keeps changing his nos...saying my mobiles are getting switched off...I met wit accident etc...
To support that he may also chat in gmail in the Vikram...not sure if this person is really present or not...
Below are that rakesh's numbers...BEWARE...
Afer reading all these it is upto you people to do business with him or not...
Arre kamine Rakesh...teri ma ki...I dont know how much slang i need to use against you...i m jst spoiling my mouth...You are fit to commit suicide instead of seeing all these...If you die I will be happiest person on this earth...If you ever come in front of me your will be out of shape...thats for sure...
Dont worry your gud time has gone...your bad time has will never do business are fit to beg on the road...Atleast beggars have some courtesy to lead a gud life...they ask for money are a who cheat people for money...I curse you that you and your family will suffer if you are surviving with others money....
Let me see how many days you will enjoy sale...gandu, chutya...tu agar mard hai to sabko paise vapas karega...nehi tho chuty hai thu...kaminey...

For any one who is trying to do businsess ...please do not any kind of business as I have personally lost lot of money from my kind advise Rakesh is big fraud consultant...He has cheated all Mysore Vendor...
I agree with all these people...Rakesh is big in this Industry...he jst stops receiving calls and after many days he says his mobile is switched off etc...for me he said he had met wit an accident and claims he had lost his money and all...If he is really genuine he would have paid all these people...and he would hve made sure noone o[censored]s wil be unhappy...

To everyone...who ever is trying to do business with him...please contact me ...I will give all the references for the people who he has cheated...He is the biggest fraud on this earth...
Hi Everyone...Please be informed that Rakesh prasad from cyborg died in accident recently...So any one claiming to be rakesh is a fraud...of course ...he himself was a per our information Rakesh died in a bike accident...I am happy about it...
abbe chutya Rakesh...i m sure you will be see all these updates on you...We never [censored]ed your sister o[censored]r mother to pay you money simply like that...I am sure God will be seeing all your criminal activities to punish...You will realize one day when your sins will be taken by your parents...

I curse you that your family and you will die suffering severely ...Gandu...Chapper loafer..

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