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[Resolved]  HIRCO - Hiranandani Palace Garden Chennai — Taken money and HIRCO does not provide any details on building start or possible handover dates.

1) HIRCO has been taking 20% of payment (about 9-10 laks) fro every unit booked.
2)HIRCO refused to put the projected building start date or possible handover date in writing as part od agreement
3) Cust Service people never provide any information/update to customers.
4) Project delayed beyond 4 years
5) all cust reps are termintade bu HIRCO to break the continuity of cummunication with customer.
6) Few cust reps, Nidhi Khanna, Hiren Mahta, Arti Kansari , Roy Choudhary, Tarun Mukeherjee,
Ramnik Choudhary (US) never even put in writing what they say. All their commitment are over phone only. Email will never have any comittement they made over phone.
7) Project updates to customer available from media rather than from HIRCO.

8) HIRCO had started taking money for phase 2 and beyond since 2007 with no comittemnet to start phase 2
9) None of the amentities promised (cost factored in th unit price of apartment) are being developed.
10) All their agreement will not stand legally and are one sided.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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I truely customer unfriendly Company. Intrested in making fast money. Does not protect customer concerns. Not bothered in commitments. Do not honor commitments. If one has entered Hirco its like a rat in rattrap. They will notch you. If we are good human being we should ensure our friends and relatives do not fall prey to Hirco unfriendly methods and do not suffer. Lets start a circulation and circulate the Hirco attitude to all our friends & relatives and request them to circulate further. If we can acheive even 25% success in this very soon Hirco will realise how fast they are loosing their credibility. We will offcourse seek media help also. I will be lodging my complaint with the consumer court in a day or two. I am finalising my draft. I am also a victim

Money — get price

my father recevied asms on 22 july 2009(u have won 250000gb pound on intl mobile draw uk)
address- at-sahaspur
agree with all the observation
There are several other customers haveing same issue.
HIRCO does not mainitain details of payments made.
HIRCO charged interest for payment already made.
HIRCO charges interest for delayed payments due to delay in loan approval. Loan approval is delayed since HIRCO does not have/delayed providing the required documents to banks like Reputed State Bank of india.
same issue
Agree with above experience fo people.
1) HIRCO is very good until you pay them 20% money.
Then starts the cusrcus with tem.
2) No details will be provided
3) Only time they will provide details is when they send demand notes for money
4) No sign of school or amenities as mentioned in the project.

Customer service right from Relationshit manager to VP wil never respond or even if they respond all vagus answers wil be provided. Nothing written only over phone.

I hope someone take them to consumer court / print media and HIRCO stops this cheating of public money.
New customers Beware of HIRCO cheats.

1) Dont pay money in a hurry to book apt, they lie when they say they are sold out just to get into booking fast.
2) Take all details in writing before paying any booking money.
Penalty clause for delay from HIRCO, Approval or evidence of application for approval, construction plan with details of month, year to start and finish.

They have been taking money for building for which HIRCO has not even submitted approvals.

RTI can be used to get the details from CMDA.

Please please dont pay money get trapped. Many folks have been cheated.

Please dont get cheated in the name of HIRCO. Someday I hope the Hiranandani gets the oppurtunity to learn counting (count the bars in a jail) in a jail.

He is cheating people of money.

This is evident from the fact in just 1-2 years they have so many projects in so many cities just to get people money.

They will be doomed just like Ramalinga Raju of Satyam.
New customers beware of HICRO mal practice.
1) Dont make any payment without getting information in written agreement
2) Sales will always push you towards paying the initial amout then you are inside their trap. The real natire HIRCO start then, you will be made to sign many documents which are one sided towards HIRCO.
3) If you are looking for invest, ment HIRCO is the worst fro that area. Look for other options.

PLEASE do google search for 'HIRCO palace Garden Chennai Customer complaints' connect to existing customer and analyse their issues before you get trapped into HIRCO.
HIRCO comes with scheme to cheat customers.

Now pay more money and pray HIRCO will give you building.

Somthing they call 35 65 plan.
Pay 35% withing 30 days and wait for 8 years to pay rest and get apt if they finish it.

Do the math pay 35% upfont wait 8 years . Dont fall into trap.


Hiranandani fellows are deperate to cheat.

They have cheated thousands of customer in chennai and now expanded to blore, and few other cities.

Its just matter of time someone files a cases and this fellows are stopped from cheating customers.

For the name and brand they claim, reality is nowhere to acceptable. Even small time builders are better than these fellows in many ways.

All the above complaints are 100% true... one should rethink while investing in HIRCO. I have booked my flat 2years before and taken 20% money around 13laks while booking. affter that they are not making any communication properly..
Very true, many people are exiting out of this project. Many are filling cases, in next few weeks/months will get to know who will be arrested from HIRCO . Rest of proespectice customer dont get cheated stay away from HIRCO. All they they show was supposed to happen 5 years back.

No sales at HIRCO palace garden
No Club house
No School
No Business park and hotel.

With no prospect of public interest in that area.

For those who paid you are guys are in trouble, HIRCO will play games to keep your money, better do whatever is required to get your money back.

All the people who initially booked were foolled by the RE boom and HIRCO.

Many were the greedy fellows from mumbai thought they can become crorepathi by investing in laks.
i am from south africa and am experiencing same problems, i suggest forming a collective to legally approach hirco on these issues to distribute legal costs amomgst unhappy investors and demand refund
I am Neutral i agree they are delaying the project, but those who are withdrawing money though after lot of trouble are getting with intrest or price difference.

There slow down in sales due to compitors like TATA they are facing in Chennai. Remember in Chennai HIRCO group is not that familiar locally but TATA yes so that is one of the reason of No sale.
I agreed with all the complaints mentioned above, that HIRCO peoples are totally irresponsieve. they made the investors fools. I am also a one of the victim of HIRCO. I made my 20% payment, during 2008, and since then no correspondance from them.
Yes the HIranandani crook cheat has unofficially abandoned chennai project. They could not cheat more people and get more money so that are just last phases of walking out. Their silence proves this, Its just matter of time people realise they have been cheated. Niranjan Hiranandani is clever clever cheat if he makes noise he knowes he will be in trouble so he is quitely withdrawing. His focus is now Panvel Palace garden.
all.. i am planning to book a flat in Bridgewood, Hiranandani Chennai. Please let me know whether there is any issue / problems with this property?
We have booked 2 flats in whitehall 2 paid an amount of 18lacs in 2008 we do not have any communication unless we visit the HQ that too with sweet talking by VP sales and we are forced to believe into what they say. There is no hope of this project getting started and our money is struck. To even withdraw at this stage the company has onesided rules. we are completely at loss as to what to do now?
Revathi narayan
Be careful. When you book apartment, the sales team informs that no interest will be charged for any minor delay in amount payable at the time of booking and any delay during loan approval and disbursement process. I was shocked to see that the co. has accrued interest debit to my a/c for minor delay as per their calculation. The interest works out to about a lakh of rupees. I have paid 95% of the cost two years back; but, no interest is payable by the co. on this large advance payment. The possession is due in end-2012.
The builders are cheating innocent buyers and hence you have to be very careful. Please take everything in writing so that you will not repent later.

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