[Resolved]  Hp Finsoft Solutions Private Limited — is this a fraud company.

This is Ramesh, I have selected in this company as a software developer, but they are asking 25K for security deposit...

Is this a good company or fraud company. I am in dialama whether to join in this company or not...

If any one know about this company please inform me to my mail id.

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Aug 13, 2020
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A senior employee in acenture said that hpfs is a genuine cmpany and there s no problm joining the same... Bt i dnt believe cmpletly... u guyz enquire in ur own way...
Hi SAGS i joined for this company and working since 10 month..
Hi, Santusp

Thanks for reply.
Had you been also asked for caution money at your joining time??
Your guidance will be highly helpful.
Why not the higher authority or the Director of HP Finsoft solutions answering the questions and the quires of the people who are in anxiety and tension. its been seen that all the conversation are from the general people or employees ..If its true and legal Pvt firm any of the heigher authority or Director him self should answer and show its true picture.
Friends I have Got these details of the Company and would like to share with u...

Company Master Details
CIN : U72901AP2006PTC050141
ROC Code :
Registration Number : 050141
Company Category :
Company Subcategory :
Class of Company : Private
Authorised Capital(in Rs.) : 100, 000.00
Paid up capital(in Rs.) : 100, 000.00
Number of Members(Applicable only in case of company without Share Capital) : 0
Date of Incorporation : (dd/mm/yyyy)
Address 1 : # F: 1 & 2, D.NO: 7-76/7-62, 1st FLOOR,
State : Andhra Pradesh
Country :
Pin : 500007
Email Id : [protected]
Whether listed or not : Listed Unlisted
Date of Last AGM : (dd/mm/yyyy)
Date of Balance sheet : (dd/mm/yyyy)
Company Status (for eFiling) : Active
Hello Guys,
I was worked with HPfinsoft initially I didnt know about this company once I joined this company I came to know this is company fraud...there no HR rules and they taking deposite 1 lakh for SAP Implementation part...really this is like purchasing the people of the company...still nobody not taking serious matter...pls help me out is't fraud company or not...
Hi Every one...

This is Kishore, Ex. Employee of this HP FINSOFT Solutions Private Limited. I joined in this company in the year 2007 Jan. and i paid 20k at that time there around 40 to 50 members. in next 2months the strength is around 800.
That Bledy MD name is Hanumanth Prasad(HP). He closed the company in september he gave post dated cheques to every one, but that account doesnt have the balance offcourse it wont. he escaped the amount of morethan 3cr rupees.
This is my personal experience.
Guys please dont belive these type of companies and first put a case on that beldy HP.
This was the address

HP Finsoft Solutions (P) Limited‎
Raghavendra Complex, Habsiguda
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500007
hi to everyone my sincere suggestion is dont believe these companies.see good companies does not demand any kind of money.i am informing you with my experience.even i paid money to x company after 6 months i got cheated i dint get my money till now.even i heard about these company its a cheating company.every thing what they have displayed is fake..if any one want to join its your wish you will come to know after few months.
hi everyone..

everyone should be carefull about this company...and we should ask to hanumanth prasad and fir against this compnyy...if they will easacpe...all people lost money...
Its doubt...Pls share as much as you ppl can..specially employee...

we would appreciate if you can share question to you..why dont you file a case against him, if atall he has taken your money.. Still HP Finsoft Solutions (P) Limited‎ is there, Mr. MD Hanumanth Prasad is also there in the market.
I just made an inquiry with few employees of HP Finsoft Solutions (P) Limited. The major concern areas are;

1)The company is not providing any valid agreement against the security deposit, simply they have mentioned on the initial offer letter.

2) They are not even providing any salary slip to their employees, no deduction from the salary at least Professional tax and TDS should be deducted from the salary. Even that is also not there.

3) Employee Id is not written on the Employee's ID card.

4) Company is not providing form 16.

5) In there website there is no clue about the Management. Who all are there ?? At least MD should lead from the front.

Any body from the management can clarify the same for their own benefit...
HI friends, i m Anushree.. i also got selected in HP FINSOFT .. they asking 25l deposite and no salary for 2 months.. i confused t jion or not ..Ex employees/ current employees: please share your experience and truth behind this company... my joining date ll be on 21st aug 2012 . ... its urgent...please help me ..

no don't worry abt that company its good one, now they having a lot of projects. my daughter was worked as software analyst.we also paid the 25k its good going .now that company going to establish in delhi and chennai
can anybody tell me the present condition of HP finsoft... because some r telling that its good and some r telling that its a fraud company...
Is anyone joining HP Finsoft on 31-Oct-2011...
Hello Innocent People

Please do not get confused with the good comments. These are addeded by the cheaters and parasites present in the company.

Well, as educateds, lets think this way:

- Can there be a company without a CEO, Project Manager, and other Board of Directors??? Can a company have only an MD?
- How can any company claim to get so many projects and also recruit people in mass?
- How can a company which is an ERP before suddenly get into SAP?
- How can a company not give payslips to its employees for the salary?
- How can a company not file income tax? Please check the company's registration information correctly. It may be listed but with incomplete information. So it does not mean if the company is listed, it is genuine.
- All the projects this HP Finsoft has are dummy projects. They are dependant on people joining and earning money out of it.

As soon as they meet their targets, they will run away without intimation.

So please I request do not even think of joiining such companies.

And for people who are coming through a consultancy called ASIAN NETWORK SOLUTIONS, please be aware too. This is a fraud consultancy which is linked with only fraud companies.

No one to take action on these people since police also seem to be bribed.

So it is better that we are smart and avoid from being cheated.

Please do not believe in the concept of joining any company by paying money and going by back door. This is not right and will always end you in trouble.

Please try your best in the legal and righteous way. Lord will always help you, please trust him.

Hope this helps all.

As and when there are updates, I will keep posting.

Please be careful from joining these companies:

HP Finsoft pvt ltd, in Roopena Agrahara
VAPS technosoft
and so on..
please not join this company ...i was join this company on September
> 12 but till date no salary given to me and in next months they will
> giving salary from my 25k and after 3 months if their is any project
> in company then they given salary otherwise they fire u and return
> nothing from your 25k means u waste your 4-5 months and work free of
> cost, , , they hire more then 2000 people, , , , so i suggest you do not join
> this company.take your own decision as you wish.
> following question arises during joining this company i clarify this
> with answer
> Q1. How many employees are there in the company?
> Q2. How many are on bench?
> Q3. Are there machines allocated to people who are on bench?
> Q4. Is your salary deposited in Bank or cash payment? Is the salary
> given regularly?
> Q5. After completing 6months ... did they gave back the deposit amount..
> Q6. Is there any case where people are removed in the training peroid?
> Q7. what do u suggest ... Is it risky?
> ans 1). more then 2000
> 2). more then 1600 people on bench
> 3).yes machines allocated to all employees actually they have 1200
> computers and all employee work in shift now morning 8 to 2 and 2 to
> 10
> 4).no salary given to me till this date
> 5).salary given to u when you r on bench cut from your 25k
> 6).no
> 7). take your own decision
hi..this manjunath..
i got selected as a software developer in hpfs pvt it safe to pay caution deposit...plse suggest me joining date is november it a froud campany or what.
I heard its a totla fake company..they are getting money from other activities to this company.Dont Join this..I also herd they might arrest some of the management pepal for cheting pepals.

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