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My name is Vandana sharma on 25-May- 2007 I got enrolled into an MBA program from ICFAI under enrollment number MBA2095481. My situation went bad and wanted to discontinue the program... on 20-May-2007 i wrote them stating that wont b able to continue this... but they denied stating that u'll have to continue this as I've signed the contract... what contract are we selling education... i am from a very poor family and cannot afford to continue further studies... but who understands... I paid Rs. 10000 as advance payment and for remaining fee I opted for EMI payment of fees of Rs. 4323/month for 18 months. I had one cheques at the time and the sales guy from ICFAI forced me that that particular day was the last date and told me that I can give one cheques for Rs 77,814, as a promise note that i will replace this cheque with 17 cheques for Rs. 4323/month within a month.

The residence address of that sales guy :-

Name: - Dheeraj Harpooj
mail id :- [protected]
Contact no:- [protected]

This is such a Stupid things in such a Democratic country this things has to be taken care by Hon. Supreme court of India and provide justice to the students and penalized these types of organizations.

ICFAI is the money making fake university. Beware of It.

Can some 1 help...
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Aug 13, 2020
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Mar 24, 2014

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I too agree with you as I'm sailing in the same boat. Please tell what happened now? Did u pay the entire fee?
I think GOI should take some harsh steps toward these type fraud university. Even I am facing the same problem here. ICFAI is there to trap N exploit the students.
I too agree with you as I'm sailing in the same boat. I think GOI should take some harsh steps toward these type fraud university. Please tell what happened now? Even I am facing the same problem here. Did u pay the entire fee? ICFAI is there to trap N exploit the students.
Same thing happened to me. They are exploiting students by making us sign without reading, saying last date, last minute. We did not sign stamp papers. They are not a banking institution recognized by rbi, they cannot do anything... see i think we should all join together and file a consumer court case against icfai. Otherwise they will file cases on us and blacklist us in lot of ways!
Ritik Rai's reply, Nov 16, 2019
Ya i think we should
My story is also listed on site for non-refund. Lets all unite together and get help from the consumer protection law where if a service is not been taken the refund can be taken... so i request all to come up together and file complaint at Consumer Rights Protection Council, lets get the justice for recovering the hard earned money of our parents by a united effort.
I am sorry to say but ICFAI Sucks big time, please get people out from this money making pvt company.

Even i m facing the same problem. ICFAI sent me notice from some SAMJHOTA court of hydrabad asking to reply within a month otherwise a warning of legal action.

My family in such a tension. My dad is heart patient and these ICFAI letters and notice make me so worried about him.

I don't know what to do.

Can anyone help me on this.

I was thinking of applying for Icfai's course but then thought of surfing the net to get some information. The information I discovered was shocking! ICFAI is a money sucking machine and not even entitled to be qualified as a university. It is not even recognized by AICTE! From what i have learnt, it fools students and forces them to pay large sums of money on false pretext. Many students have registered complaints against this fraud university and I fully support those students who have been fooled by this so called university.
I am Also sailing in the SAME SHIP.
I'm also one of the sufferers like you all, suffering because of ICFAI. I'm from chennai. My case is worse than yours. I
joined in June 2007, by paying 10,000 and remaining in EMI(18 cheques) and in the month of july i got admission in another good college regular MBA, when i decided to discontinue the program and i went to meet the officials in Chennai office they said, u can withdraw from the program by paying the full money(Rs.78,000). Who will pay for???? Mr. Dean of ICFAI will do so????? I clearly informed them not to present my cheque as i have given stop payment for the cheques which I've given. I've written more than 5 emails and 3 letters with acknowledgement to Hifco and ICFAI, but they kept on presenting my cheque. After that they have issued couple of legal notice and now they have filed a case against me. I have to present myself infront of the court on 27th December at Hyderabad. I'm seriously thinking of taking this issue to Press. Will it be possible by you to quote your example to press if i do so?? pls reply. my email id: [protected]
My experience with ICFAI has been very frustrating. They are very good at intimidating students and forcing them to pay-up the full fee. People, please don't fool yourself by thinking that the monthly EMI is like a normal monthly college fee. It's like any other EMI you pay to buy a car, bike, house etc. Therefore, you might decide to discontinue with the course, but you will have to continue paying the EMIs. If you give 'stop payment' order to your back against the PDCs, you will start getting notices from ICFAI's legal/financial agencies like Hifco Marwel and Max Wealth India.

Once you decide to get into the mess called 'ICFAI Distance Learning' program, there's no getting out. BEWARE!!!
ICFAI is the worst university I have ever seen; unfortunately I am a student of it.
They don't have any student care department (in fact they have but that doesn't work)their mailboxes are always full with complaints so yours will never reach( failure delivery notice!)
They always look to fail students so that they can earn regularly, at the time of placement they turn away. At the time of admission they will give you many promises but not even single will be fulfilled. You will all ways feel trapped!! So beware of this university and their aggressive marketing techniques to motivate you to take admission. PLEASE RUN AWAY!!!!!!
It is costliest and toughest and trapping university for any program.
Wish you all good luck who are with this university unfortunately.
Lots of curse,
If any o[censored]s is planning to file a case against ICFAI please contact me, I to want to join you and we can create a group and the lawyer’s fee will be affordable to all o[censored]s. I don’t want to spare this ICFAI.
tapula's reply, Feb 20, 2017
icfai ofifices should be pelted with rotten eggs and vandalised.
[email protected]
mobile no-7809701895
Man Yad's reply, Sep 4, 2018
I am also in sailing in same boat
i m subhan allah i hade taken addmison in amity university . but amity cheated me because amity said tht my center was yasoo bhavan okhla but given another centre i m very unhappy plz help me i m poor student my carrier is stop in this time my co. n.[protected]
I'm also one of the sufferers like you all, suffering because of ICFAI. I'm from jalgaon. I pays Lumsum payment to icfai MBA Prog. I am join in Aug.2007. now i want to discontinue MBA prog. then i mail to icfai then they are mail me fees is not refunded.but ICFAI is business school . i think they don't knows business policies. when customer is not satisfy or return good's to Shopkeeper then shopkeeper is refund these goods value to customer.
i m also suffering from same, i also get a notice from permanent lok adalat to appear on this 26th feb if i do'nt appear on that date they can issue a non-bailable warrant for my arrest. i do'nt know wht 2 do. please help me out. my contact no is [protected]
Hi All,
I too agree with your comments. I am also suffering because of this ICFAI(Idiotic Customer Fooling Agents of India). These money wander along the streets with their tongue out, like dogs wander for bones. They pull out money from people's pocket in the name of education. This university is a black mark for our other Indian universities. If we leave them as it is, they will ruin the Education System of our country. Those people who is willing to join hands with me to band this cheating university and to drive them away out of India, please do mail me. They have a very strong background and do this crime. The Judicial system also support these frauds. They have money and influence. So guys please think it over, how to trap this dangerous wild pig. I have no hope that we will get our money back. This is like sugarcane went into elephant's mouth. The only way to punish them is to bomb the university in a holiday and demolish the campus. These kind of violence is the only way to punish these .

Stay cool,
Yes, I was also victim of ICFAI too. But have your guys ever did a study about how this game is played? ICFAI play safe. ICFAI will be no where in picture after u r enrolled when it comes to inst payments. It is the Finance company and you who appear in court.

The finance is provided by the third party and not ICFAI personal finance. So, they are playing safe.

The only way to get out of this is on 'MEDICAL GROUNDS'. Submit all your medical records to be eligible to withdraw the studies. Once you get confirmation that you are no more ICFDAI student then you can inturn sue the finance team for harassing and causing further health problem by NOTICE and calls etc...

I am also victim of ICFAI, can any one tell me wat to do further.
I have enrolled in MCA program ( Distance learning program) in kolkata on july 2006 and from 2006 to
jan 2008 i have given 6 times exams but not passed. all time
they published exam marks which i think not correct , may be
intensionally made student failed so that they can earn exam
fees every time. They have taken the whole course fees of Rs. 54,000/- whereas other university/institution takes it
semiestarwise of 6 months and after completion of 1st semiestar
, they take the fees of 2nd semiestar. but ICFAI taken all
semiestar fees. They only spend for me that 8 books and one month class.
Can anyone help me so that i can get my money back. If ICFAI
want to deduct money from Rs. 54,000/- then also O.K. But I want some refund because I don't want to continue, may be
there standard is higher than calcutta university or sikkim manipal university etc. because some of my friends gone through final year of MCA program in sikkim manipal and there qualification and standard are more or less same like me.

Although I made mail to Dean of student service department regarding this matter but they not replied 2-3 times and finally
they replied not possible to refund.

Please someone help me .....

Chandan Sinha, Kolkata

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