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Indane Gas — gas booking

they always gives gas delivary very late.they takes 15 to 20 days.
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We have made our booking for gas cyinderon[protected] with
CORAL AGENCY at Mavlikkara and[protected] also we are not
getting new cylinder. let us know why the same situation -
always with the dealer? expecting your immediate response.
Indane Gas Agencies provide very pathetic servicese to customers..We have one gas agency called Gurukrupa in our area (Bangalore - JP NAgar 6th Phase)...the phone lines are all the time busy...through out the year...for booking cylinders we have to keep trying for weeks /months..sometimes...I cant understand ..if they cannot manage the load ..why they keep 2 - 3 lines for booking...And being in IT age ...I really wonder why cant Indane implement service / Automatic Voice Response service.../ SMS booking service or any online service for booking ? ...instead of that they leave us to the fate of these pathetic local agenies
My customerno.45386 (card serial no.1902124)
Ihave booked the refill cylender on 4 .9 .2007 at MINI GAS AGENCIES, KUNDARA, KOLLAM (DIST), KERALA. My booking no. is 1353 dt. 4/9/o7.
Many times Iwent to their office and also
called them they gave the reply that it will reach today but still I have not got it.
They have two telephone nos, which are always engaged.So we loss money and time.
So I request youto inform me how long it will take to get the cylender after booking and also give instructions to the MINI GAS AGENCIES, KUNDARA to deliver the refill cylender in time.

Indane Gas — Very poor service!

I am having my connection with Sri Raghavendra Gas Agencies, 404, MTH road, Avadi. chennai 54, i would like to bring to the notice of the authorities that the service provided by this agency towards customers is the most worst and i cannot find an appropriate word in english to explain that for them the customers are slaves and we are at their mercy the distribution is the most worst and when enquired the way the answers are being given is even worse, for instance i have booked on 19th of september 2007 and the last refil that had been provided to me was on 19th of september 2007 till date the next refil was not provided and when enquired about this also the way they answer is horifying, they simply say you make complaint to anywhere we are liest bothered and so on, is this the way the IOCL indane is managing its distributing agencies. I would be much obliged if an enquiry being done in this case

Indane Gas — Very poor service provided!


i, chakravarthy got transaferred from Dehradoon to Hyderabad and as i have an indane gas connection i submitted concerned documents to Spurthi Indane gas dealer , Alwal for connection on[protected] till date i did get any information from then, now they are telling to send the details of the matter to Dehradoon dealer by courier, i dont know what to do and which higher authorities i would approach.

chakravarthy. hyderabad

Indane Gas — defective cylinder not replaced by the agency

Customer Service No. 49093 with Pranjal Gas Agency, Sabarmati, Ahmedabd(Gujarat)
Refill Bill No. 2815 dated October 06, 2007 delivered on October 14, 2007. Heavy leakage noticed and complaint was lodged with the agency. Next day the mechanic attended the complaint and broke open the seal and told that the cylinder would be replaced by the company on the following day. but after two days i.e. on October 18, 2007 the company boy approached and told that since the seal of the cylinder is broken and the weight also appeared to be less than required the company can not replace the cylinder. however, it is true that the cylinder was delivered without weighment.
Please do the needful to help me. 'cause it is hazardous to keep leaked cylinder at home during diwali festival.

Indane Gas — cylinder capacity is less

New cylinder which is supplied nowadays does not contain full capacity. Actually the bill is generated on the day we order for a new cylinder. But the cylinder is supplied to the customer atleast 7 or 0r 10 days later. So, in the meantime, the supplier staffs take the cylinder and supply to some tea stalls before delivering to the customer. So, when the cylinder comes to the customer, it doesn't contain full capacity. Please take some action to correct this.
I book the gas at Srisaila Gas agency almost 21 days back. After some days i asked for the status, i shocked with the response, one employee is saying u haven't book at all. Very Very worrest services. They keep the phone receiver by side and most of the times we are not able to get the line to book the gas. Is this is the way to behave with customers. If not in a possition to do business please shutdown your services. Worest worest service, and worest employees you have. How come delivery took 20 days? or they manuplulating cylenders with in 10days? Or may be selling in the black.

Indane Gas — changing the name &address

we are facing the problem,because the gas connection is in the name of (K.vasantha,4-50-230,)we purchase the gas from them and changed the address,after 1year,the agency(L.V.REDDY GAS AGENCY)they are saying that we required the Ration card Xerox,but vasantha she is not ready to give the card,what we have to do,they are stopped suppliing the gas from last 3 months,please give us a solution.and the the solution.
gas in on the name of K.Vasantha,customer Id (52121)L.V.REDDY GAS AGENCY),manovikas nagar,
Thanking you


Indane Gas — POOR ERVICE-

Our area (Nagamalai) is allotted to Andal Alagar Gas agencies, Tirunagar (madurai)
replacing one Karthikeya agencies who rendered good services.
Ever since the new agency came we are having problem with them. Their service is poor. For example since morning,to-day[protected], I am trying their phone numbers FOR BOOKING GA CYLINDER in futile. Probably they might have removed the receiver. I am getting engaged tone since 10.30 am. More than one agaency should be allotted to a area to enable competition and cumsumers should be given choice to choose their service provider.

Indane Gas — no gas cylinder refill

We have informed Qutab gas Services, Masoodpur, Delhi to refill the cylinder on 15th Novemenber. Still after 10 days, didn't receive the cylinder even after several reminder to them. Please look into the matter o urgent basis..
cylinder booked on[protected] but supply not given even after repeated request till[protected]

Indane Gas — Delay in Supply of L P G cylinder

I m Resident of Ayurvigyan Nagar(AIIMS Staff Quarters)New Delhi
and customer of Indane.The Distributor is VEERJYOTI ENTERPRISES,Joseph Tito Road,Opp.Panchsheel,New Delhi-110017.My Cosumer No is 20158.I booked Gas on 17th November 2007.Even after regular follow ups they have not supplied the cylinder till date.Whenever I called up they give one or other reasons and give false promises like the supply will reach today.Im in trouble as both cylinders are empty and im forced to depend on neighbours for gas for cooking.Please help.

Alamma George
304/III,A V Nagar
New Delhi-110049
I migrated from tirunelveli to Elampillai salem district. Since i am appoimted as ateacher in tamil goverment High school. i have submited my gas cannection at Tirunelveli against termination voucher. I requested for gas cannection agains the transfer voucher at indane gas office at ponni supper market near old bustant salem . but they refused to accept the transfer voucher and deposit. refused give the gas cannection. i request the dealer also Venkatesvara at korimedu astham patti salem district.They are directed to meet indane gas office at ponne super market . kindly help me to get gas cannection.

Thanking you
mobaile no [protected]
I am a customer of indane with customer no 26831 and have been registed with op gas agency nirmav vihar delhi (telephone No[protected] and[protected] . i am trying to book the gas since friday[protected]. but no one pick ups the phone/ it is always busy / they agree to book the gas but after taking all the details the delivey is not being made.
rajendra yadav

Indane Gas — deliver to late cylinder

My complaint is against K.Srinivas rao Gas Agency,Mukund gas, Bharkat pura, Hyderabad. They are the worst in taking Booking Request as minimum criteria is 21 Days after last delivery. Then They take minimum 10 Days for cylinder deliver. Means you can't survive even on 2 Cylinders. When I complained, they provide service on 2. Also I have seen personally their delivery agents selling cylinders for extra bucks without booking. When tried to complain they don't listen and respond so roudly like we are not from a civil society. Take Immediate Action as it is becoming harassing place for every one.


Since last 6 months the INDANE LPG domestic gas refill has been deliberately and consistantly delayed by 15- 20 days after booking call and the need at home. The Agency name serving for us is M/s Vimal Gas Services,Shop No.1, Mahalaxmi Apartments,Cosmos Town, Jaitala Road, Nagpur.
My Customer No is 06002.

The sullpy agency has given two contact telephone numbers[protected] and[protected] .These telephone numbers offer "engaged tone" on maximum times you try to make a contact with them.

Afetr lot of effirt if your contact gets materialised the person on the opposite end will ask your number and immediately cut your line without giving the confirmed booking register no. On a recall and reminder to get your refill booking confirmed the contact person tells you not to worry and promises to commence the delivery within comming 3 to 4 days. The Refill however shall have to be very regerously and devitionally followed up day by day very desperately keeking all your work at bay, waiting these gentelmen to be on line. Finally after listening to their fake claims having viited your resisdence for the delivery 3-4 times or a claim that there is acute shortage of refill supply and another week may be required to effect the delivery , one can have a refill delivered with a releif of comfort for next one and a half month.

On following up the Agency claims that they have instructions from the Gas Company not to BOOK the refills within next 21 days from the date of delivery of previous refill. Now considering that every time thay are going to deliver the refill at least 10 days after booking and that one cannot BOOK the refill for next delivery for at least 21 days from the previous delivery , the total period for delivery of a refill comes to 31 days which is insufficient supply from a point of view of a family who consumes moere than a refill per month.

These agencies are irrisponsible towards their customer grievances.

I request the gas companies to have a feed back from the true customer and take steps to improve the services through their network to creat a better customer base.

pravin tamhankar

Indane Gas Lpg Cylinder — cylinder not delivered

Daer Sir , I booked the gas cylinder at RAGHU GAS AGENCY at KHANDSA road , GURGAON on 2nd December 2007 , But after repeated follow up gas cylinder is not yet delivered at my residence. There is no chance of even contact media to gas agency , land line phone always bussy .

Pl. look into this matter . We are deep trouble of this created shortage by this gas agency .

Anushka Indane Gas — Very Late Delivery

I booked a gas cylinder on 10 December 07.
It is 2 weeks now & i am yet to receive it.
Each time i call up, they tell me that i will get it tommorrow/today.


I am a consumer of MAA GAS AGENCY,MALDA(W.B) bearing consumer No.6991.There are three gas agencies in our small malda town.But we can book for gas cylinder 12 days after delivery and get it another after 20/22 days.That is also after some queries,called by them physically with the book etc.This is going on almost throughout the year.It could be noted that many roadside restaurents and sweet shops are using domestic gas cylinders openly.Wheather everything is going on farely?Please investigate and solve.

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