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[Resolved]  Janaharsha Estates N Constructions Pvt Ltd — Cheating

I am Nagaraju.Sheela, .
In the year 2007, my uncle(Burugu.Kistaiah) contacted "Janaharsha Estates 'N' Constructions Pvt. Ltd, ." and my uncle took me to janaharsha in the cab sent by janaharsha, he has purchased a plot in janaharsha and i also thought to buy a plot, .

The office people of Janaharsha had explained me about their project Dream City II.

The site is located in Ibrahimpatnam, near mount opera hyderabad, .which is located outside the city and far away from city, .

The office people told that the plot can be purchased in installments.And also told that even after booking a plot, after some time when the customer is not interested in the plot, the plot will be transferred to other new customers who are willing to purchase and the total amount will be returned to the customer.

Janaharsha office people told that apart from the basic cost of the plot, there will be other costs included which they will soon intimate to us, .

Based on their explanations, i gave 105000 Rs/- to my uncle and asked to book a plot for me.My uncle had told me that he had booked the plot for me and he had put the passbooks with him, .

After that i asked my uncle to ask janaharsha office people about the total cost for my plot and send to me, .But my uncle is telling that it's very big calculation and he is not giving any total cost information of my plot to me, .

So i thought to cancel my plot booking as i am in very much need of money, .

And after some days i asked janaharsha office people to cancel my plot booking and return my money, .They replied carelessly that only 20% of my money will be returned.

They simply give false commitments and cheat, .
I don't know what is the understanding of janaharsha office people and my uncle, .

Nagaraju.Sheela, .
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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Hi Nagaraju and Sheela,

regarding Janaharsha even I stared paying in instalments for last 1 year for 40*60 site. Now Janaharsha people telling all people are booking the plots, you also book your plots of your choice by paying Rs, 80, 000. Please suggest whether the Janaharsha is reputed and belieable or not . I don't much about this janaharsha. My site is 10km from Koti, on Vijayawada highway. Next week I need to pay ths money. Any comments are most welcome.

Mail Id: [protected]
Hi Nagaraju, Sheela and Nageshwara,

I have even more bitter experince with Janaharsha.
I had booked two plots for 120 Sq yards each and paid more than 1 lack for Each plot.
But now I wanted to cancel One plot and continue other as I am unable to pay for another one as I lost my job and got many financial trouble.
So I visited Janaharsha's head office at Tarnaka and asked if I can cancel only one Plot and get amount returned, but they informed that they can return only 20% of the paid amount.
This was really shocking to me. They showed me the claused written on the passbook about which I was never ever told. Also they informed me that I do not pay remaining amount soon I may loose my money already paid. They were so rude that I could not argue further and came back.

Not I am in deep trouble. I don't know what to do in this situation.
I am ready to continue one plot and cancel other one..
Is there any way we can get our money back.

You can contact me on [protected]
Is this true?

I also have bitter experince with Janaharsha. Janaharsha sales executive told me, you can select any plote in J phase. I asked them, I want East facing plot. Executive told no issues we will give you East facing plot only as you interested. while showing plots in executive told 2, 16, 000 for 120 S.Yrs. I took pass book from them by paying 3000/-rs. Next week i went to office to pay the full amount to get registration. There office staff told only one plot is available in Janaharsha. that is only south facing. you need to pay 2, 80, 000/- for that. I came to know what's happening there. I lost only 3000/-rs. But my valuable time is wasted. I have been to Hyderabad two times for this from Bangalore.

They are cheaters. Many people are loosing their money.

i also paying monthly instalments that to 5000/-/month.last four months iam not paid the i have to pay the 4 months due and every 6 months once i have to 25000/- that also iam not paid due to financely problem.noe i have to pay totaly20000+25000.i read ur comments i affraied that i already paid above rs150000.what to do is there any problem, pls let me know ur suggestion pls
I'm going to pay Rs.1 lakh for my new plot in Janaharsha Dream City II. Is there anybody who can suggest me whether they are really cheaters or can we believe them...
i have booked a plot in janaharsha. and total amount paid in instalments. almost my savings spend for that. now i need money. once i went and asked in tarnaka office. they are not replying me. even my sales executive also ignoreing me.i am in deep trouble. if some body helps i am very thankful to them.

Cell :[protected]
e-mail : [protected]
For all the Janaharsha investors, please check the below link:[protected].htm

The promoter is not a trustworthy guy. God save you all...

I am also cheated by one of the janaharsha mediator. Now I am in aboard, I was paying direct to mediator’s bank around 50, 000 as my installments monthly. Now at least I paid 2, 00, 000 to plot. He used my money for his personnel things and haven’t paid the Janaharsha. I have two passbooks one with my name and another with somebody’s name. How can I change her passbook to my name? Is there any change to cancel my commitments with janaharsha. I want to sell my land 240 sq feet
Good Morning.. i want to buy a plot in Janaharsha... please suggest..
Hidden charges are + interest + spl installements + no resort membership transfer if you sell to other party (second sale). They are cheaters.

Please never ever buy a plot in janaharsha.
Here is why,

After paying the installements, there are development charges 250 per sq.yard, and also road cost.
if you forgot to pay even 2000 Rs per month, they charge you 2% interest at the end of installement period they will harrase you to pay the interest on the 2000 Rs.
in the begining they will not ask, but while you are going for registration they will ask you.
I paid all the installements, but for road cost i was supposed to pay 24000 at the end of tenure,
now when i am going for registration, this fraud people in Abids head offfice are telling that, i have to pay 20000 interest for 24000 road cost, and they are telling that, because you booked the plot in Nov 2009, and Dec 2010, you have to pay 2% interest for the road cost which was never informed while booking the plot.
and development charges 250 per sq.yards + spl installements, there won't be any membership transfer for resort if you do a second sale.
Hidden charges like corner plot cost + road cost etc.
if you want to withdraw the schem in the middle, they will only give max 20% total paid.
So be care ful, i am a victim in this bloddy venture Q&R janaharsha Dreamcity II venture.
Never buy in installements.
i will say one thing, before blaming to anybody think yourself, we are done everything correctly or not, why i am saying is everyone is saying after paying amount those people are saying like that... but no executive will tell like that in reality. you are given freedom to go and visit the venture, u r having the office address and phone nos. you are welcome to enquire before paying. but u r not doing like that, blindly u r doing the mistakes and blaming the company is correct. comming to the second point hiden charges, it is clearly mentioned in the scheme sheet that the charges will be applacible, not only janaharsha charging every companying charging development and road charges, u r not seen the brocher carefully that's our mistake. finally i say one thing before blaming to anybody think what we have done correct or not, i have also buy a plot but i didn't face any problem. not only myself so many people registered, so why they con't getting problems? thank you

1. on unforseen circumstances, for example let's say i paid around 3 lacs in 2 years, out of 4 lacs, and i am in trouble and couldn't pay the rest of the amount, then if you go and ask janaharsha people to cancel the plot and give the paid amount, they will say, only 20% will be paid, i.e out of 3 lacs you will only eligible for getting 60, 000, and you have to loose the plot and also entire interest for all these 2 years.

2. why interest (24% per annum ) part is asked at the end and stop registration if interest is not paid?
3. if you are charging interest on development charges 24% per annum (Rs 250 epr sq.yard) and road cost,
but janaharsha till now not completed any developments fully (i.e black top roads, electricity, trees), but charging interest 24% per annum.
4. and also, they won't transfer the resort member ship when you want to do a second sale. Then what is the purpose of this long term investment, if the plot can not be sold, as resort membership can't be transferrable.

5. they won't allow you to choose the plot, janaharsha only gives 1 or 2 plots options that too south, or west face, they will simply say plots are not available, but since 2006 they are selling same plots in Q&R layout. for installment people they never give proper plots i.e choosing the right plot from available plots.

6. they never disclose the available plots list, they just give 1 or 2 plot options.

7. Janaharsha sales men don't tell all above things while booking initially, once we pay spl.installments, then you will realize all the above issues, and you are niether allowed to exit nor give proper compensation.
just 20% out of 100% paid up value will be given as cancellation. they won't transfer your plot also if you want. They will ask you new rate (current market rate) if you want to transfer, which is same as buying a new plot in janaharsha dream city II.

Hi i was trying to purchase one 120 sq yrds plot at janaharsha. This was like seconda sale, one of my friend already bought and i was purchaing this from my friend. He is asking to pay 200000/-, can any one tell me how much i can ask to finalise and what would be the best price. deepak from banjarahills. Janaharsha People very nasty people...they will do smart work..while taking booking. afterwards they treated as a bafoons. They dont no how to behave with customers. especially staff at Abids Branch ( Dharma Reddy and Srinivas Reddy, Bhuvaneshwari...) these are staff members very Illitrate people. they dont how to talk with customers and receive the customers. Atleast they dont have communication skills. They behave like Village people. Why that Managing Director entertaining that people...Because lot of Middle Class People they will do hardwork and people are investing in land. they think that everything is safe morever Office is looking Good but only this staff people are collapsing...So I request that 3 people terminate from company...they waste fellows.
I Manjula Reddy from cousin purchased land in Janaharsha. they paid installment in time everymonth properly. Allotment purpose she went to Corporate Office. Nobody is responding 2 times they neglected. Staff are not responding. They are treated customers as a chief people. That Dharma Reddy and Srinivas Reddy, Bhuvaneshwari and some other people they came to office only for murmuring and enjoy the day . they dont know the money value. I just drop the land...and registration especially for staff behaving.. and please dont say that Janharsha is a Big company and service oriented. Very rediculous staff members.
I Jagan mohan reddy from Mehdipatnam... Please I request you all people dont purchase land in Janaharsha Company. Becoz... very waste company in hyderabad. and Service they dont provided. Very Village Culture...
this is sravanthi
i am also a customer in janaharsha . and even working as a sales executive. janaharsha marketing people are very much careful among the customers. but there are some illegal people are cheating the customers and janaharsha company too... even the customers are also should be careful while buying a plot who ever the marketing person is...
Hi Can we group together and do something about this janaharsha? You can contact me at shravan.[protected] I was totally cheated by these janaharsha guys where they wouldn't register my plot even after I had paid all the instalments on time. I'm contemplating to go to a consumer court. Any suggestions?
your attitude was wrong. if you go in installments you want to pay emi regurally.

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