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[Resolved]  Jaypee Aman — jaypee's group cheating

I have booked flat in jaypee aman on noida expressway at the time of bookin there was no terms as such that they give the allotments of flats on lottery systems. Two days back i got a msg from jaypee that they have over subscribe the no. of bookings are more then the apartments available now they allot the flats on lottery basis i really feel cheated on this, they have used crores of rs of booking amount for over a month now they'll take another month or may be more to return the advance money. can someone suggest how to tackle this?


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Aug 14, 2020
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Yes a new project has been lauched by Jaypee in the name of Jaypee Kosmos. After the launching of Aman, there were excess of cheques received. About 6200 cheques for 3300 cheques. Here are a few point of consideration.

1. The project has not yet been approved by the relevant authorities. Hence they did not make any allotment officially.
2. Lucky draw is just a cover up. The allotment has been internally decided by the influential few.
3. A few people who were initially ready to offer heavy discounts on 2100 basic price. The same people started calling after 27th in the name of Guaranteed Allotment at the rate of 2250/-. How is this possible that few people can promise guaranteed allotment and jaypee has done a lucky draw through third party. This is clear BLACK MARKETING with the involvement of the jaypee employees. just like it happens outside cinema halls.
4. They collect cheques with the help of brokers who are all "authorized" by jaypee, but non of them have a proof of being associated with jaypee greens.
5. Now the broker as well as the company, both are clueless as to what has happened to the money, where are the reciepts and what are the allotment numbers.
6. Jaypee Kosmos Noida is a new projects which is in the lines of Jaypee Aman. Buyers discretion is advised. New buyers should learn from the painfull experience of the Aman aspirants.

Jaypee Kosmos is a project which is highly priced and is just like pigeon holes. Imagine 2bed in 800 sqft and 3 bed in 1100sqft. if you calculate the area given on their layouts and the area that they are telling(800 or 1100) then there is a difference of 40% on the flat. Imagine paying through your nose and getting only half of what is promised.
Also the project layout is different from what they are actually giving. They are not selling what they are showing. The project model in their office and their brochure are all faulty. When we talked about buying, they brought in photocopies or printouts to explain the location. How trustworthy??
Not only that, even the green space that they promise is also converted to new buildings as soon as soon as the earlier towers are sold out.
Japee kosmos is a project that a resident will never buy, if he wants satisfaction and value for money.
It is high time that such misdeeds are reported to official authorites and comsumer compaints by filed against such actions. DO NOT support jaypee kosmos to bring them back to earth.

How can you rely on people to take so long to take decisions, and when they do take a decision, they change it shortly...
I booked a Flat on 26/5/2009. It was told by the broker that it is first cum first basis booking. Later most of the flats booked, it seems have been resold on premium by the Brokers and drama of draw has been played to confuse those who booked the flats. It is a pre planned scam jointly played by the Brokers and te Jay Pee Greens.
It also gets more cleared by the fact that on second day of the booking Jay gave an ad in the newpaper that they have received 3300 bookings and so the bookings are closed. Later in the draw now list contains the names of 6600 people.
it is a well planned scam and completely cheating and fraud case involving Crores of Rupees and Public interest. Must be investigated by CBI.
Now biggest cheat happen when i went to attained lottery process i reached desired place by 9:45am (lottery time was 10:00am) and just add few facts more i haven't received any letter from Jaypee about the lottery process so i take my photocopy of my Cheque date 27/05/09 (i.e. Opening Day). I come to know about lottery from my friends and when i went there they are issuing Gate Pass No. against your cheque No. and now most strange thing happen with me my name was un traceable in Jaypee data records when my cheques has been cleared by 06/06/09 i got the bank sms and Jaypee guys asking me go to that counter and go that counter and fun is that inside the hall lottery process is already started but i have no surety that is my name is there in the lottery process or not and end of the day after my shouting also nobody from Jaypee can explain where is my name in there data bank which has been considered for lottery and they are really talking me useless non related to lottery process. I believe i have asked more then 100 times where is my name and is really my application is considered for lottery process but bloody Jaypee guys are unable to explain and at last they have told me kindly check your application w.r.t. your cheque no. on Net all short listed name will be displayed in that but just now it is 8:00pm no such list is appearing on either web site of JAYPEE Group even "AMAN" specific site. I really want that this matter should be taken by CBI and should be sorted out since lot amny guys dreams are going sink in recession Period globally.
Jaypee group has proved today that they are one of the biggest frauds in the real estate market. We booked two flats (3 BHK + 1 Servant Room) for me and my brother on 27-05-09 in the Jaypee Sales office itself. Later, my checks were honoured on 08-06-09. I was continuosly in touch with Jaypee sales guy (Jaypee Group's staff) who helped me in get the deal. One fine day he told me that as they had received more than 3300 checks, hence they will do a draw.But at the same time he assured me that as my flats were booked on 27th May, I should not worry. Today it was the draw and I did not get even one out of my two booked flats. At lottery site, I realized all those things were gimmick and they were just working on the biggest fraud of real estate. All these things were jointly played by brokers and Jaypee Guys, just to get more and more money from people. It really needs an enquiry by CBI since the lottery draw was pretty opaque and the entire process was conducted without any formula.
I have given two cheques but none of my forms have got entry in the data base. Both my cheques have been cleared.
I have got clear picture now. Our cheques have been used to allot flats to other people, in favor of jaypee employees and favored brokers. this fraud is similar to the dda allotment and nda allotment.
This is extremely bad and there should be a strict action against such misuse of public money. We have applied first and our money has been used, but we do not have flats. This is complete misuse of public money and expectations.
The draw should have been with the cheque number and not the name. Our application forms have been replaced with the names of the favored ones. And the money used is ours.

CBI and govt should intervene to bring such misdeeds to proper task
Till now they have not uploaded the so called fake lottery results on their website any idea when are they going to do that.By when are they going to return the cheques.
Dear all,

I am still not able to find out the results of draw held on 21st July'09. I had called many nos including the two, which were mentioned in the letter, but no one is responding. This seems to be a mega fraud.
I am also a victim of Jaypee's fraudulent lottery, I suggest if we really want to do something then lets file a case with the consumer courts and sue them for all the money they have taken from us, plus opportunity costs incurred by us.
I am totally agree with this complain. When we did this booking there was no such commitment of doing lottery system for flat allotment & it has been first time by any private real estate company doing such activity. Why flat was not allotted on FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basisi of application. They have also encashed the cheque amount of Rs 150000 on June 5th, 2009 from my account & now saying that you are on waitlist & flat was not alloted. At the time of booking, it was given assurance that i will get the booking 200% by the agent, Navneet from BestOption said to be authorized agent for Jaypee AMAN project. They are so unprofessional that now they even don't bother to updates us & neither piking up calls when contacted. I would like to inform Jaypee greens higher management that this is totally breach of trust between a good trusted company & your esteemed customers. We had lot of faith on Jaypee greens being a good brand name but our belief was wrong & i am personally feeling cheated by the management of Jaypee greens. They may earn more profit in the project this time but i think people will not believe on them for their future projects & bookings. I would request them to return my amount as early as possible with due interest.

With regards,

Rajeeb Tripathy (For Namrata Mishra)
Lets file a case against Jaypee greens in the consumer court, if enough people are willing then its not a difficult thing to do.
It is very serious matter.The agencies like MRTP, DG Police Crime Branch U.P, Real Estate Regulator, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Ministry o[censored]rban Affairs and Honourable Chief Minister including CBI should intervene and punish severly these big tycoons for defaming our country for such scams and Fraud This is attack on the image of our country.
Public frauds should not be allowed by the Govt otherwise these tycoons will continue to flourish and image of the country will continue spoiling like this.
I along with other three colleagues booked the flat @ Rs.2100/--with confirm booking by the broker on 26/5/2009 He gave a refund cheque of discount for Rs. 53, 000/- asking us to pay 30% of the BSP by 30/9/2009 Later in the records in place of my name the name of the broker has been entered wrongly.
All earlier bookings which were at lower rates have been resold on premiums by the brokers and the Builder without our consent and knowledge.Hence it is a fraud. Crores of Rupees have been earned by the builder and the broker through this premium sale.
All are requested to expose this fraud though media too.
After the overbooking Jaypee realised that they have underpriced their flats and now they are trying to find a way to sell flats at higher prices by allotting only a few in the draw and the rest at highe rprices later and by launching costlier schemes such as KOSMOS etc. This is very very Unprofessional ..there are no different from a small time local neighbourhood Builder...
Hi Guys,
My cheque was cleared on 11 Jun 2009. I got the allotment thru draw. I came to know about this news thru our broker who sent me the link where one has to enter cheque number and name of the bank. I entered the cheque number and the bank name and its says Congratulations ‘My Name’ your booking request has been successful in the draw of lots for Jaypee Greens Aman.

Please click on this link to check your request. Good luck.

I applied for the apartment but was delayed and the my application was submitted by a reputed NRI organisation working for jaypee group in USA on May 28th for 2250PSF. He told me well in advance that 2100PSF was closed on 26th May first 2 hours only so I had the time to think an apply .
I did and today i checked at the website and my name did show up when searched with Cheque No. and Bank name. Lot of people close to Jaypee group or other people with 2250PSF did not get selected . So I suppose the complaints can be made only if they don't refund the money properly to unsuccessful candidates.
Before the draw the person did advise me to take Jaypee Kosmos in case this did not go through although Kosmos is at higher price.
my cheque is cleased 1months before& now they are useing publics money, fraud draw was done by the co. lets file a case against that co.
Well I dont agree with this criticism at all...i have applied for an apartment along with 2 of my friends...All o[censored]s got the allotment..Hence i am very sure that Jaypee was very clean on the draw process...I can feel the agony of fellow friends who have applied but couldn't get the allotment...I can just prey for them that "Better luck next time"..& "There is always next time"...
check out this link for more views :

The debate news about jaypee aman and jaypee kosmos has spread all over.
i am surprised ppl r compaining to senior staff of jay pee.
what for and whome for u want to complaint.
Hi friends,
My name has also been selected in the draw but not clear that whether I should be happy for this.
Does any one have the idea that by now has the JP aman got the approval from noida authority?
I invested thinking JP is a big name never expected that they will ditch us in this way.

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