Kingfisher Airlines — REFUND PROBLEM

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I had 2 credit vouchers from the Deccan Airlines and I had booked a ticket for myself from Delhi to Chennai for 31st August 2008. This booking was done on phone on the Deccan Delhi no [protected] which means it was not done through any third travel agency.

I called on 29th August to cancel this ticket but I was told to call back as there was a problem in the system.
I called again post lunch and I was put on hold for so long that I had to disconnect the call.

On 30th August 2008, at about 11 am I called up again and spoke to Ms.Anupama and she cancelled my ticket and told me that the cancellation charge would be Rs.750 plus 5% would be deducted from the base fare as per Kingfisher new Policy, so the total amount deducted would be 750+110 = Rs.860.00 and the balance of Rs 4725.00 will be refunded in my credit card account which ends with 1671.
After few minutes exactly at 11.29 am
I received a confirmation sms from Kingfisher Airlines
stating that my PNR no BINMRV on Kingfisher Airlines has been cancelled.
I still have that sms with me in my cell.

On 8th Sept 2008, I checked my credit card account and there was no refund in that card so I called up the Kingfisher Airline helpline no and asked about the info about my refund and Spoke to one Ms.Laxmi (Executive) and she told me that the ticket was surely cancelled on 30th August 2008 but Anupama (who had cancelled the tkt) did not file a case of the refund which was totally strange thing to be told to the customer and it clearly showed the cheating intentions of the Airline staff as Kingfisher enjoys making money by cheating.
I asked for a supervisor and spoke to one told me that there was some technical issue so the case will be filed now and then it was filed by Ms. Laxmi on 8th Sept 2008 and she gave me the case no as 194799.
I was also told that it will take 10 days again for the refund to be in my credit card account.
I also wrote a mail to Rupali on 8th Sept 2008 for the same but did not get a reply from her side nor did she pick up my calls at any time.
I received a mail from Shilpa Nathan from the id on 10th Sept ’08 saying that the refund was delayed due to system up gradation but the case has been sent to the concerned dept. for action.

On 18th Sept 2008 at about 4.55pm I called up again for the same problem as I had not received the refund by that moment.
Ms.Sarita (executive) took the call and she told me due to some reason it will take another 10 days for the refund.
I was connected to Sangeeta (floor Supervisor in Pune office) on my request and she said she would escalate the issue to Revenue Dept and I would definitely get my refund in another 10 days and if at all the refund did not reflect in my card account by 28th Sept 2008 then I should call again for the same issue and ask for her.

As usual and expected from the famous fraud Kingfisher Airline, there was no refund even after that.

On 29th Sept 2008, I again called up the helpline at 09.30 am in Pune and asked for Sangeeta but she was not there so Shiju connected me to Varsha (floor Supervisor).
I asked her about my refund case and she also said that my refund was being shown processed with the
Reference no[protected] and maybe it is a delay as it was a travel agency booking to which I told her that I had called Deccan to book the tickets over phone as vouchers CANNOT BE REDEEMED ONLINE OR THROUGH A TRAVEL AGENCY.
Then she said she will speak to the revenue dept (you) and give me callback with the update in few hours but there was no call from her.

At 2.20 pm I called again and spoke to Varsha and she said that she has not received any reply from your side (revenue dept) and she needs more time and by 4.30pm she will definitely give me a call for the update.

At about 5pm in the evening I called up again and asked for Varsha or Sangeeta to which I was kept on hold for few minutes and then I was informed by Monika(executive) that they both are working on my case and Varsha will call me back but I never received any call from her or Sangeeta.

Then again at night at 9.20 pm I called again and spoke to Sangeeta for my case and I reminded her about our conversation on 18th Sept 2008 to which she said she had told me to wait for 10 business days and not just 10 days which is complete lie but any how she should listen to her call for refreshing her memory as if it was 10 business 10days then how could she give me the date as 28th Sept 2008.

She told me that Eshwar Singh is the HOD Revenue dept who has the case and the delay is from his side. When I told her that I know you from my previous cases and if you remember I had met you in June 2007 for my refunds in your office.
She told me that I should contact you directly to solve my issue.

I called up again today morning 30th Sept 2008 for the status and spoke to Varsha and she gave me a completely new story that as per the KINGFISHER POLICY THERE WILL BE NO REFUND TO MY ACCOUNT
which again shows the efficiency of the fraud and cheat staff of KINGFISHER AIRLINE who gives all sort of stories every time you call for your problem.

Varsha gave me your office no as[protected] which was again wrong info from a supervisor as this no is Bangalore booking no and not your office no who in turn gave me another no[protected] as your no to which I called so many time but no one answers this no.
Then I had to call again and got your cell no as[protected] to which I have called so many times but you do not pick my calls which again shows how efficient you are.

I have been writing the complaints to the corncerend depts but no one is serious to give a reply and all they want is to make merry on other 's money by cheating.
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Kingfisher airlines (Deccan airways) — Refund is delayed


I booked a ticket from Deccan airways counter on 11/08/08 just 1 hour before the flight departure, confirming that it was on time.It was after reaching the security area i got to know that they gave a false confirmation that the flight was on time.The flight was delayed even more than 2 hours, which led me to frustration.
As per there policy, after 2 hours I decided to not travel and claimed for my refund .
The ticket was cancelled and I was given a confirmation reciept that refund would be credited on my credit card within maximum of 14 days.

I have called the customer care at least 20 times, and I get the same response everytime that the request has been processed succcessfully and i would get my refund in next 4 days.I haven't recieved my refund till date, and still getting the same response.

The customer care as usual fails to provide me email address or phone number of higher authorities.
There is no response of the feedback i gave on kingfisher website as well.

This has led to me high level of frustration and no choice except keep waiting.
Now its more than 40 days and the refund is still in the same state.

Please take this complaint and suggest me what to do?

Even I am also suffering with he same problem. But my amount is small. Still I dont expect this from so called reputed Airways like Kingfisher. This is really a fraud and should be published in the papers and necessary action needs to be taken against this company. We need to approach consumer court
Even I am also suffering with the same problem. But my amount is small. Still I dont expect this from so called reputed Airways like Kingfisher. This is really a fraud and should be published in the papers and necessary action needs to be taken against this company. We need to approach consumer court
suffering from the same problem mate!!! if you both can send me your info my hibby and i are planning to take it up in a big way as even if my amount is Rs.4600 it's still hard earned money!
I am also facing a same problem. Please let me know if you got the refund or if you are planning any action.

Kingfisher Airlines — No refunds ever after 4 months

I had cancelled my ticket on 10.07.08 whose PNR No. 8060262 for flight No. DN-877 from Chennai to New Delhi. I was issued the refund reference no. 178718 for my refund amount Rs.4525 but till date I haven't received my refund. I had followup as mentioned below

Date Person Suggestion Given
19.08.08 Wait for 7 days
27.08.08 Wait for 7 days
02.09.08 Rashmi Wait for another 7 days
11.09.08 Anida Call disconnected
11.09.08 Gayatri Wait for another 7 days
17 09.08 Megha Unable to trace wait for 7 days
01.10.08 Anupama Unable to trace given a mail ID
11.10.08 Nitesh Refunded within 5 days

Now I would like to request you to please let me know what I'll do to get my refund and how. Is this a kind of services Mr.Mallya is planning to provide to the citizen of india? If this is the working culture of the Kingfisher then its totally bull ..

Kingfisher Airlines — Delay in refund for more than 2 & half months

My refund case number is 188215. I had cancelled the ticket on August 10, 2008.
For two and half months I have been trying to get the refund. Every time I call the call center, they tell me that it will be refunded within a week. It is like a recorded statement they have been repeating for the past months. They asked me to contact one Mr. Eshwar Singh who is in charge
of the Refunds department. I sent him two e-mail and then one Call Center personal left a message for him on my behalf. She told me that Mr. Eshwar Singh will write back to me. He never did that. When I try to call the number of Mr. Eashwar Singh (which I got from the Call Center), He never replies.

Can anybody help me?

Kingfisher Airlines — telephone line dead for more than 2 weeks

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to bring to your kind notice that our telephone number[protected] is dead for more than 2 weeks, it is the line used to make calls for STD & ISD . Inspite of registering complain, complain no 02028 on 27oct08 and today also, no one has attended from your department so far. This is very regretful.How do you expect us to pay for this fortnight rental charges without having any access to it.
We are having four connections with you landline + cellone, the rent that we pay to you is Rs.10, 000/- approximately.

Regert to inform you if not attended immediately we will switch over to other service providers.

Kingfisher Airlines
I am also facing same problem about refund. Two months have been passed and I have not got refund for cancelled ticket. Please let me know if any of you have got the money back, and if yes what steps did you take to get your refund money back. If you are planning to take any action against airlines, you can add my case also in the list of these cases. I read this strange thing here that customer care staff directly tells that delay is because of one person; who is HOD of concerned department.
I am also facing a similar issue with Kingfisher, had cancelled 2 tickets in August, and still not refunded yet, only ending up calling the Customer care, which says 2 day, 7 days, next wednesday ... i had also taken number or a person Eswar sing from Customer care, but it comes as switched out... Am ending up paying interest on teh card, and also on calls made to Cutomer care which keep u waiting for 20 - 30 mins
Dear Sir,

Same here. I had cancelled my ticket on Novemeber, 2008 Ref. No. 193777. I have been regularly calling the customer care people only to hear that the refund is being processed and the amount would be credited back to my account in a weeks time. I regret to note that till date I havent recd back my money. Further to my dismay when i called up the cc today they had asked me to send a mail to

This is truly ridiculous.


i had booked 3 tkts for mum-cok for 8th december and retun tkts on 28th dec, out of wich due to some personal reason one had to be cancelled. I contacted on 25th oct, to inform abt the cancellations.One Ms Sangeeta confirmed and assured that the same will be done in 2 weeks time. and the amnt will be credited to my accnt .But till 20th novemeber, there was nothing done, so again i called up and spoke to one of your staff who gave reassurance that it has already been send to my accnt .It is 30th november and till today i have not received any refund . Now could anyone from your airlines please suggest wich way i can get my money refunded .
i had booked 3 tkts for mum-cok for 8th december and retun tkts on 28th dec, out of wich due to some personal reason one had to be cancelled. I contacted on 25th oct, to inform abt the cancellations.One Ms Sangeeta confirmed and assured that the same will be done in 2 weeks time. and the amnt will be credited to my accnt .But till 20th novemeber, there was nothing done, so again i called up and spoke to one of your staff who gave reassurance that it has already been send to my accnt .It is 30th november and till today i have not received any refund . Now could anyone from your airlines please suggest wich way i can get my money refunded .
plz help me, i booked a Air deccan flight before 4 months through credit card, but i got cancelled and when i call Customer support they assured that they will revert me the money directly to my credit card..
Whenever i call they use to say it is on process, but last one week iam not even to catch them on phone, when i call its getting connected and transfered to customer support person but its always busy, even if i wait for more than one hour also there is no hope.

pls anybody help me to escalate this...

I never seen such a worst service, iam surprised how come such a popular Airline Services doing such a bad service..

Even i have Kingfisher membership also but no priority, this is worst services..

Jet services 100 % best compare to kingfisher...

Iam getting intrest on credit card because of this..
These Kingfisher Airlines are big time cheaters. That guest care id nobody replies. All are sleeping I guess. Vijay Mallya should seriously think of this. At one stage there will be no customers for kingfisher airlines. Customer care number nobody receives. Do you think there are people working there for cust care?
I am also facing a similar problem for a ticket which was cancelled in May 2008. Every time they give different versions, and till date I have not received the refund. They have even provided me with a transaction number and in the first place, they blamed my bank. Later on they blamed the history still goes like that. If you are able to get the refund, please let me know.

Kingfisher Airlines — Refused to refund/issue another ticket.


Ticket details:-
Kingfisher Airlines Limited Reservation Code - FFJJYD
Ticket Issue Date - 04May09
Ticket Number[protected]
Issuing Agent - KFW/WBB

I have booked a ticket from Delhi to Pune on 16/06/2009, the departure time was 8:50 pm. But when I reached Delhi airport the departure time displayed on the boards was 9:15 pm (flight was shown to be delayed). I also confirmed it from the kingfisher executives on the Ticket counter.
So, I checked in at 8:40 pm but the flight was on time, when I asked the Kingfisher executives about this their reply was "Sir, we are extremely sorry, this happened due a commincation gap between the Crew members and the excutives at the ticket reservation counter."
So, I asked for another Ticket in place of my ticket or to refund the amount, but they refused. They have just provided me re-booking charges of Rs. 750 when I issed another ticket (paying Rs. 3000 extra for it) from them on the spot.
I want the full refund of my ticket as I have to suffer due to some communication gap between their own staff. Please help me out.
So and so
To requested you PNR No.OQETCM,
For the cancellation, this refund no available

Kingfisher Airlines — refund not received as told at the time of cancellation

dear customer support

i have booked a flight through cleartrip from pune to delhi (kingfisher red) for 12 aug 09 pnr no IGZOHW trip id[protected],
than i got the tickets changed from 12 aug to 3rd feb10 by paying rs 750+ difference of tickets to the kingfisher airlines directly(ic 3168, pnr IGZOHW, ticket no:[protected].
on 3rd i got the ticket cancelled with the airlines directly and ur executive told me that an amount of rs 2129 wud be refunded to me thru cleartrip as i have booked the initial ticket hrough cleartrip site, he also asked me to info cleartrip regardind cancellation and refund , which i did immediately.
now almost after 2 months airlines has refunded rs 400 to cleartrp instead of 2129 as mentioned while cancelling the ticket. i need to know the reason.. why wrong info regarding refund amount was given to me at the time of cancellation by ur executives, and why after so many days of dely i didnt get my refund amt as mentioned 2129
pls explain.

Kingfisher Airlines — Flight cancelled, alternate arrangement provided is ridiculous

I had booked flight tickets for myself, wife and our 6 month old from Hyderabad to Raipur on Kingfisher Red flight IT2191. The booking was done on 24 Aug 2010 and the flight date is 9 Sep 2010. The PNR numbers are JVLYJX and FNICGL. I got a call today (2 Sep 2010) stating that the flight is cancelled for operational reasons (??). On calling up their help desk number, the alternative offered is to take the 6.30 am flight from Hyd to Delhi and then the 6.30 pm flight from Delhi to Raipur. Quite a ridiculous itineary. There is another (Jet) flight from Hyd to Raipur but they are refusing to put us on that. The flight tickets for that Jet flight are quite expensive (Rs 6700+) compared to what they were on 24 Aug 2010 (~Rs 4500). The representatives I spoke to at the B'lore office were Bhavya and here supervisor Nitesh Kumar. They were trying to justify the new itineary - quite ridiculous actually.

I fail to understand how the airlines can get away with such things. I request the concerned authorities to take action against them.

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