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Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Cleartrip — the return flight date changed after booking

 Orlandz on Nov 24, 2017
This is for my ClearTrip ID [protected].
I would like to share my estranged experience to cleartrip. Yesterday I book a flight for my two kids from manila to Dubai for a round trip. I`v chosen 23rd of December 2017 as manila to Dubai and the return flight for Dubai to Manila is on 4th of January 2018 then after the payment done i found out that the date of return flight is change to February 4, 2018. I don`t know why this happen since I am surely chosen the date of January 4 as their return flight. Then I called Cleartrip and they said that this is not refundable which I am aware on that...
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Cleartrip — refund :cancellation of airline ticket amount

 Varadk on Nov 24, 2017
Im varad kulkarni i was booked a flight from mumbai to indore & indore to pune on 20th oct & return on 24 th oct 2017.but due to some problem i was cancelled this booking 10 days before, after that i was trying to call u a lot of time but i didnt get any response from cleartrip.i want my refund amount after the cancellation but still i didnt get any response from your company.
Asap i want my refund amount .
Waiting for your reply....
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Cleartrip — booking complaint

 abmoulana1988 on Nov 22, 2017
Hi i am ahamed cleartrip regular user. I booked a trip from dxb to ixm yesterday trip id is 171121216490. Frst of all the fare shown before booking 547 dhrms. So i tried to booked once payment done automatically insurance charged. I dont want any insurance at all. I need that particular price refund 40 dhrm. If it not done i will not book ticket via cleartrip..

Thank u...
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Cleartrip — huge disappointment

 Yudee Jay on Nov 22, 2017
I utkarsh udiwal has booked an air ticket from guwahati to mumbai trip id: [protected] on 24th september 2017 for 6300 rupees via on the ongoing cashback (Discount) scheme. I have registered with cleartrip using my email id "

Sad and worst part is that i never got a verification code to my email address from cleartrip so that i can verify my account and use the cashback for further use.

Since from the day one i am trying but i have not got any verification code to my email address. I had a conversation with customer care personnel...
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Cleartrip — refund issues

 Aishwarya Bapat on Nov 18, 2017
I had booked the train tickets going from madgaon to pune on 8 th dec 2017..
Your website did the all the procedures and the said amount was deducted from my account.. However, ur website stated after half n hour n claimed that they were sorry and the booking of tickets was not done and the amount will be refunded after 10-15 days.
I think in this world of advanced technology, 10-15 days is unacceptable. I want my refund till coming monday as i need the money for my personal issues as early as possible.
Hoping for the positive response...
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Cleartrip — regarding my ticket cancellation of trip id 171112126732.

 Niranjan Oza on Nov 17, 2017
I booked a ticket from bangalore to pune which was a refundable ticket on 12th nov 2017 at a cost of rs.5396/-. On 16th we changed our plan and decided to cancel the tickets. But for my surprise i was told the cancellation will cost me rs.4790/- and an only rs. 606/- will be refunded. Whereas its should be only. Rs. 250/- or rs.500/- max per person cancellation cost. When it is a refundable ticket why are the charges. I request you to give the refund amount in full (Rs.4896/-) as per your pre-booking promise. Please do it at your earliest, orelse i will b forced to take some legal action....
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Cleartrip — decline of booking at the displayed low fare, and redisplay of low fare after booking

 Mrinalini Nair Thaalil on Nov 17, 2017
Trip id: [protected]
My search for kochi (Cok) to vadodara (Bdq) flights for 15 december had shown jet airways 9w 404 16.35 -20.50 at cost of rs 5019. This was the best convenient direct flight for me
However when i chose this and continued the booking, i got a message that this flight is full and that the selected option is no more available. So i was pressurised to book the next option that was starting at 12.00 noon, by multi air lines spicejet/ jet airways trip id [protected] costing rs. 7441

But today i see again the option "jet airways 9w 404 16.35 -20.50 at cost...
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Clear Trip — cleartrip

 Nks1234 on Nov 16, 2017
This is nithin. I am a frequent clear trip user. I had booked a flight from mangalore to bangalore on 27th of nov at 10 pm which got rescheduled to 4 pm which was ok for me but return ticket which was on 30th nov 8 pm which got cancelled since i was helpless i had to cancel the flight and book one more through clear trip. Indigo nation promised to provide me refund of full amount but clear trip deducted my 1000 rs in that 400 is convenience fee and 600 cash back amount. So i spoke to clear tripper and got my 400 rs back but she told 600 rs cannot be given back. But my concern is y should they take...
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Cleartrip — cash back on the booked trip

 kunal kotadia on Nov 16, 2017
I have booked my air tickets from mumbai to bangalore for 22-dec-2017 for 4 people on 3rd november 2017 on which i has applied a coupon code stating that i would get cash back of 1500 rs. But which i did not received the same till date.
I have logged a complaint with customer care multiple time and also i was calling on customer care number multiple times almost daily for the same. But every time executive says that just give us a day i will try my best to close this case along with the cash back of amount 1500 rs.
Now the cleartrip executive says that please provide us the screenshot...
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Cleartrip — return of ticket fare for senior citizen

 Mou1983 on Nov 15, 2017
Sir, i purchased 5 tickets for air india flight no. Ai 676 from kolkata to mumbai for 24.11.2017. Out of which 2 passengers are senior citizen. Smritikana banerjee with airline pnr yp6ss & ticket 098-[protected] and malay kumar halder with pnr yp6ss & ticket no. 098-[protected]. Pl arrange for 50% refund. Sharmistha halder trip id [protected]. Email id
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Cleartrip — same name tickets

 Akansha_awasthi14 on Nov 15, 2017
I booked a ticket for 2 passengers and the ticket was booked by the same name
Now cleartrip people are not ready to change the name and they are asking me to cancel the ticket and book again..
For their mistake why should i pay the cancellation charges..
Before booking they need to check what are they doing.. How can someone book two tickets with the same name..
It’s just a money making strategy nothing else..
Cleartrip people are to help customers not to increase their problems..
I hope they solve this issue and make sure no one else suffers with same...
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Cleartrip — too many hidden charges

 sgunturu on Nov 14, 2017
Dont use this gift card...
1. Convenience fees are applicable...
I made a call with cleartrip before purchase of this gift voucher and they confirmed that convenience fees are not applicable; but i need to pay the convenience fees for booking flight ticket. Wrong information from cleartrip customer care.
2. You cannot use other offers with it.

And you can better roll your money and smoke it than buying this cleartrip e gift card. What a waste of money and i will always be reminded of how stupid i was to buy this cleartrip e gift card. The whole problem is that...
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Cleartrip — no support from clear trip while booking flight miss due to first flight delay

 khaivyashree on Nov 13, 2017
My trip id was [protected]. My trip was from guwahati to pune. Air india flight got delay which was re sheduled from 19.50 to 20.15. Again flight got delay and started from guwahati to kolkatta around 8.30 pm. Next flight scheduling time was 10.15 pm. Due to first fklight delay not able to catch second flight and go air denied to help. Called clear trip tall free no but not able to contact anybody during imergency time.
Kindly assist me how to refund my money.

Rajib saikia...
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Cleartrip — no refund on international flight

 Shinoj VS on Nov 12, 2017
I always book ticket through clear trip since they provide best service. But unfortunately this time, they say 0 refund this time. Sounds really ridiculous.
I booked a ticket from kochi to abudhabi (Trip id [protected]), and cancelled with in few hours. It was jetairways. As per the communication with customer care executive, the cost for cancellation is higher than the ticket price. Can't understand logic.
I think, if i don't get refund, i won't buy tickets through clear trip any more. Looking forward to hearing a positive reply from clear trip.
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Cleartrip — jet airways flight antedating without consulting

 midhunvs on Nov 12, 2017
Me and a friend of mine booked round trip ticket from muscat to kochi and back. Details as below.
Passenger name : james joseph.
Trip id - [protected].
Mct - cok (29-dec-2017) and cok - mct (06-jan-2018).
Passenger name : midhun velarakath thody saseendran.
Trip id - [protected].
Mct - cok (29-dec-2017) and cok - mct (06-jan-2018).

Now it is found that the return flight on 06-jan-2018 is antedated to 05-jan-2018. This happened even without consulting or informing us.

We are going for a short trip to india...
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Clear Trip — non issue of one but money debited

 omshabari on Nov 11, 2017
I have sent the following to complaint but no reply nor ack.

Complaint on cleartrip...

On 14th october 2017, at 10.30 pm i had booked a ticket thro' cleart trip site from kovai to mumbai for journey on 16/10/17 at 1225. I have paid thro my credit card of hdfc which was debited for rs 4225.00. Thereafter i was totally busy - on the cremation of my mother-in-law who expired at karur - throughout 15/10/17.. I realised that i have not recd any pnr either by sms or by email only late in the night. I have to take a bus from karur by 6.30 am on 16/10/17 to kovai for...
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Cleartrip — flight booking service is not good

 Aleem2410 on Nov 11, 2017
Pls to note that i booked the flight from cleartrip to go urgently to india from dubai, (As i stay in dubai) to hyderabad on 10/11/17, after on line payment i recive the ticket confirmation that my ticket is from abu dubai to hyderabad. After many times calling which is not clear at all about the route, i comes to know through emirates airline office (Thanks to them) that there is shuttle bus from abu dhabi to dubai on 10th nov and on 11th nov your flight is conformed from dubai to hyderabad. Conclusion that i will never book the tickets with cleartrip in future and i will inform my all near and...
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Cleartrip — payment charged on my credit card but ticket not booked

 NARENDER MITTAL on Nov 10, 2017
I had booked one ticket for jaipur-surat on 8th morning at 06.23 am for travel on 11/11/2017 and payment of rs.4016 was charged on my credit card but ticket was not booked.
I made another booking at 10.49 am and paid rs.3702. I lodged a comppaint on 8th itself and got the message as under.
"thank you for contacting cleartrip. We, at cleartrip, are committed to making travel simple. Case id 04088000has been created for your query.

No one has contacted so far and i am not able to reach them either on phone or any other way as they ask fro trip id.

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Cleartrip — no ticket issued

 Snehav Sharma on Nov 9, 2017

I made an online payment to Cleartrip for a hotel booking. The payment got deducted from my account but no PNR/Trip ID generated. When i am calling the customer care they are asking for Trip ID to proceed. They have no proper mechanism to deal with such issues or rather intentionally not providing contact detials. I dont have any means to contact them....
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Cleartrip — refund not received/ no email response/ no resolution over call

 Aziz Chauhan on Nov 8, 2017
I recently booked hotel through cleartrip, but due to personal reason was not able to travel. As per cancellation policy I was supposed to get refund of 1700 but I received refund of 56 RS only. I have mailed to customer support, but there is no response from them. I also called customer care, they promised a call from manager. Still waiting from 24 hours.

Rating:- 1/10, will never recommend to anyone....
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