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 Ajaykrishnan K N
Hi All,

Am one of the unlucky person who happen to buy an appartment from Kristal Group, who claims to be one of the reputed Builder in Bangalore. Project name is Kristal Citrine in Hoodi, Near ITPL

1. At time of selling Kristal group had commited to have the road infront of the appartment to be Tarred. After one year of occupation also the condition of the road remains same

2. Kristal commited to provide EPABX/Intercom, but finally they asked the residents to go for BSNL Centrex facility which is not at all stable and reliable.

3. LIFTS in the Appartment were not working for more than 6 months after the pocession and after lot fight with the Builder is getting rectified.

4. Kristal group had commited lot Amenities like PARK/Swiming pool /Club house / Shuttle & Tennis court etc. Even after one year of possession, they have not even started construction of the Amenities. When enquired they always given 1-2 weeks time for the start

5. Basic funciton of STP is not function.

6. Kristal group has not yet provided KHATA for the residents

7. Even though huge amount is connected for Electricity connection, Still the Electricity connection is in teh name of Kristal

8. Even though govt direction is there not to collect Service Tax, Kristal grooup had collected that amount from the residents.

In addition to the common problems mentioned above, there are a lot problems faced by individuals which is totally neglected by the builder


One of the Kristal Citrine resident
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I also Fully agree with Ajay, who had mentionened about Kristal Citrine. In addition to what Ajay said, I would Like to add the following:

1.There is legal issue with the site wherethe amenities are promised and hence kristal is shying away from the same.

2.Even though the Swimming pool is not provided, the approach road is like swimming pool where any one can slip and fall down.

3.Most of the New customers who are coming to purchase the flat are not even aware of the road condition as they are being brought through the other KR Puran - kodigehalli road now, and not the road which is the real approach road.

4.During rainy season, the Apartment corridors along with Rooms are flooded with water.

Hence anyone who is planning to Purchase flats from Kristal Group, please see Kristal Citrine in Hoody first.!!!

K. Somasekharan
Dear all,

I totally agree with Ajay and Soma on the state of affairs at Kristal Citrine. I happen to be one among the many ill-fated apartment owners at this site. Well.. after a lot of difficulties and pooling in all my savings and getting burdened under a huge home loan and ever increasing EMI's, all I get is an apartment which stands on a disputed land.. I moved in a few months back.. and to my surprise the condition of the complex keeps deteriorating everyday.. with no proper provision for safety and cleanliness.

The main approach road to the complex (via the Hoodi railway crossing) adds more to the misery.. we'll I've already had 2 falls on it, thanks to the eternal mud pool all along the stretch..

The amenities promised as part of the complex are mention worthy, I still remember the loud promises and the thin deadlines told to us regarding the commencement of the amenities work.. interestingly my wife spotted an old worn out cemented hut kind of structure and a spot of low lying land with vegetation all over it..(in the area where the amenities are planned) and she was wondering if there's been some progress.. Well.. i don't think i need to provide more details.

Please be very careful, inspect and reinspect, talk to some of the residents (us) at the site before you decide anything..

dear all
Its very easy to blame othere with out knowing the truth or difficulty being faced by the builders and developers in Bangalore
I would like to answer each and every point raised by Ajay Krishnan above
1. The road does not belong to Kristal Group. WE have tried to put immense pressure on the authorities to lay the road and its not being done due to the budget, change over or CMC to BBMP etc. and instead of blaming the govt, we are being blamed. We get assurances from the govt bodies for such civic development and we pass it on to the clients, which does not mean that we will be able to do that. Inspite of this we have metalled the road with stiff resistance from the locals due to their problem with other developers in the area. Heavy vehicular traffic like buses and lorries contribute to such conditions of the road and I still dont know how we are responsible for public roads
2. Regarding EPABX - we got a very good offer from BSNL where in the land lines are provided for cheaper rate for the customers along with intercom facilities. more over the maintenance expenses for the clients at a later stage when compared with EPABX was considerable and hence we went for BSNL. We were ready to fix EPABX when some of the clients raised the issue. but majority of them wanted BSNL and hence we went for the same. Every one should understand that we cannot provide different system to different client
3. Lift again is bieng installed by an outside agency, inspite of being a reputed agency we have lot of problem with them as they have not sufficient man power, parts to be imported and things like that. we are not the manufacturers and we are at the mercy of them. The rectification has happene after our legal notice. How ever the lift is in operation now and this shows that we are not neglecting the work.
4. The amenites promised could not be given in full, due to the fact that the land where the club house is planned had a court case. When we registered the land we were not aware of the same. Even now we can drag the case and can win with out paying any money. But keeping in mind the commitement we made to the clients, we repurchased the land paying double the cost already paid, to have a out of court settlement. How may builders would do this. Since the club could not be provided, we have converted one good flat at the ground floor and provided the Gym, which is the most used facillity. Children pay area is also provided temporarily. Once the case comes for hearing and order is passed on the with drawl of the case, we have planned to have the club work started.
5. STP : Its is completed and fully functional. Teething problems when ever seen are immediately rectified.
6.Khatha transfer : BBMP has not finalised the betterment charges yet. Unless the same is finalised we cannot pay the same and get the Khatha transferred. This has been explained to the clients time and again and they have accepted it also. I still dont understand why this problem is cropping up. If any one can enquire with any of our other property owners, you will find that Every other owner has received their Khatha if they have cleared their dues. We only take the procedural time to deliver the Khatha.
7. same is the case with Meter transfer. Unless we get the Katha transfered we cannot transfer the meter. Once the Khatha is obtained, this will be done.
8. Service tax is still to be paid by the builders. The case is in Supreme court and the details of this, from our auditor, was sent to the clients on their request. if they dont understand, we are helpless.

Our maintenence team is in Citrine and we have appointed a facility manager in the project to take care of the routine activities. one electrician and a plumber is also on regular visit to the site to take care of the maintenence.

Every builder faces problem in civil work and we have never shied away from any thing. Our senior most technical person visited last week also and making arrangement to do the needful
Dear All

I read all the mails, the various issues and also the reply given by Mr. Sivadasan on builders angle.Even though I am not a resident of Kristal Citrine, I was looking for the Flat some one year back in the same apartment and my observations/Comments are as follows.

I had been to this flat to meet one of my friend who is staying in this flat and it was a rainy day.Literally I was floating through the mud and dirty roads to reach the apartment and I was shocked to see that the rooms /corridors were flodded with water. What ever be the reason that the Builder has to say, dont you all think this is a serious design problem with the apartment??

I fully agree with What Mr. Sivadasan said that "the Road does not belong to Kristal Group..."". Were they not aware that the Road does not belong to them at the time of offering the flats to Customers?? Even at that time the road were not belonging to them but they had promised that the road will be tarred before the Clients move to the apartment?? Was that only a marketing dialogue? I am very happy that I have not purchased the flat there after seeing the pathetic Condition of the Road and the premises of Kristal Citrine. I think a Muncipal Yard is better than the premises of Kristal Citrine. You can see heep of grasses where villages come to Cut the Grass inside the apartment premises, Cattles will be roaming in the premises as there is No compound wall. The above are my own observations.

Iam also providing some of the information given by My friend who is staying in the apartment.

The Lift in the second Block started functioning after a lot of follow up with Kristal and even for such a small repair, that took lot of time . The reason given by Kristal is that it is being done by an Outside agency . Even when they had some issues with the Flooring, they said that they are not manufacturing tiles !! For every thing, they will come up with some justification!!

Many times, they had given commitments on various issues and most of the time they were defaulters in getting those work done. What ever Kristal Group had given in this blog are only justification to make others feel that they are doing lot of activities, which is not true.The apartment is just a concrete jungle and nothing else.Except legal issue, No work in the last one year worth mentioning in the apartment .

Incase anyone really want to know more of Kristal Citrine, please visit the apartment and see by yourself. You can also meet the residents and they will show you the records of various meeting with Kristal Group, their various commitments, The action plans promised etc etc, which are stil in papers only!! The facility manager, maintainance, Security etc are other major issues which can be discussed in person.

Even with all these issues, instead of feeling guilty, I think Kristal is still feeling that they are doing a great job which is the height of in efficiency!!!I

I am a resident of Kristal Citrine for the past 10 months. When I purchased the flat in June 2007, I was given several commitments - swimming, club house and other amenities getting ready in 6 months' time, the road getting tarred in 6 months, an overbridge on the railway line(!!!) in 1 year's time. None of the above commitments have been met by Kristal.

I purchased a 1342 (super-built up area) sq feet flat for an amount of 32 Lakhs (incl registration). I was getting flats of similar area in Marathallai and KR Puram (very close to main roads) for a slightly lesser price. The only reason that I went for Citrine was the club house, pool and other amenities. Since the day of purchase we (residents) have been following-up with Kristal on the various imcompleted activities. My frank opinion is that Kristal management is very slow in reacting, and at many times, don't react. It is a company with so many General Managers and Managers, that nobody takes responsibility for any of their action/inaction. I am really not sure if the MD is really concerned about the reputation of the group.

The reply given by Mr. Sivadasan is unnaceptable. People are welcome to come and have a look at the flat and the road leading to the flat, especailly who have any idea of purchasing any apartment from Kristal. I would be happy to show anybody around, and they can see the facts themselves.

Summary of commitments not yet met by Kristal
1. Club House
2. Swimming pool
3. Park
4. Basketball court
5. Tennis court
6. Party Hall
7. Tarring the road (or atleast co-ordinating with the government body in tarring the road)

Basic facilities handling by Kristal
1. The ramp leading to car park is not yet tarred
2. STP not yet fully operational
4. Rain water leakage in many flats
5. 2nd block lift was not operational for 6 months after possession

If it had been any other normal builder, our expectations would have been less. But it is the brand name of Kristal that convinced us to go for Citrine. Time and again, Kristal management does the same mistakes - a)still believing that they have done a great job in Citrine, b)promises and dates that they are not able to keep up to.

I think people are aware of the fact that builders like ITTINA in Bangalore have lost a major business because of the extermely poor reputation they have amongst the IT community. I hope that Kristal does not want to fall in the same lines. It is HIGH time that they GENUINELY do some corrective actions in Kristal Citrine.

Hi All,

I am also having bad experience with Kristal in thier Citrine Project.I am double unlucky as I bought 2 flats together in last November.One was for me and one for my brother in law who is working in Muscat.He has gone for this on my word and now with the present condition he has stopped calling me saying that I cheated him by suggesting him this builder and project.

Whatever reasons Shivadas mentioning in his mails, he himself is 100 % sure that its not correct and no progress is happeming in legal case as well as other problems faced by us in the project.The funniest part is that now a days there is no value for Kristal top management's wordings as Mrs Latha, Govind and Sivadas is only giving false promises.


I'm also an owner of one of the apartments in Citrine. I totally agree with what the residents stated above in their remarks. As Sivakumar said, the only reason I went for this flat is the amenities Kristal has promised. I could have purchased a flat in a better area without these amenities for a lesser price. But I trusted Kristal and believed that the amenities work would start soon. The invesment I made is a loss if the amenities don't come up. Mr.Sivadas and other Kristal Managers have been saying the reason for not building the amenities (legal issue) for a long time now. I understand that the court proceedings take time, but how long? When I moved into this flat in April there was a meeting in which Mr.Sivadas said the issue will be resolved as soon as the court reopens after the summer vacation. And now the winter has started. In between, Kristal management has given us many dates(in July, August and October) to start the work. I'm afraid if Kristal has lost their interest in this project; they are concentrating on their other projects.
-- Sujith.
Verabahu Pillai's comments are really realistic. First it was lift. Kristal does not manufacture that. Then tiles also they don't manufacture. Poor Sivadas. He may be an employee. So he has to speak like that. Get CEO Namboodiri. Why doesn't he come out and speak? If you ask about the paint he will tell Sivadas to tell the residents that Kristal do not manufacture paints!!!
Hai friends,
This is a copy of the letter I had sent, which is self explanatory, a couple of months back. The only rectification the builder had done, subsequent to the letter, is functioning of the elevator. All of us have been cheated by this builder.


Mr. KK Namboothiri,


Kristal group

Mr. Nambothiri,

Sub: Problems faced by owners at Kristal citrine apartment no. 2301

We had moved in to the apartment in the 1st week of November 2007, even though the basic amenities as originally agreed upon by you were not provided. You would be aware that as per the schedule, you should have given us possession of the apartment in the month of May 2007 with full amenities. Even after the lapse of more than one year of the period of completion, the following basic amenities like elevator, club house with badminton court and swimming pool are deprived. Aged people like us, who have also undergone knee surgery, are put into extreme hardship as we are forced to climb all the five floors by foot frequently. Despite our repeated plea for providing these basic amenities by way of innumerable telephone calls as well as personal meetings with your executives, there was no sincere effort from the builder’s side for installing the same. In this connection, let us also inform you that the money we had paid for the apartment was the savings our life time and our retirement benefit. Also, we may inform you that we had to sell our residential house at Trivandrum to meet the schedule of payment fixed, where as you had gone against all the schedules and commitments. Since we had already sold out the house property at Trivandrum, we have no other option other than staying in this apartment against all the adverse conditions.

Another point on which we draw your attention is regarding asphalting and tarring of the public door in front of the apartment. Before booking the apartment, your marketing team had made us to believe that the road will be tarred before September 2007, for which Kristal group is making all the arrangements. They have also mislead us by showing us a vast area of land, which comprises of the present path and drive way, adjacent to the existing building as yours but now found to be under litigation. Since all the people who had booked/occupied are of this impression, we are of the firm belief that this unethical marketing technique has emanated from not less than the apex level of your organization.

During rains our apartment and the corridor is getting flooded with rain water seeping through the windows and open space respectively damaging many of our furniture and house hold things. When we informed this to your executives, their arrogant reply was that they cannot do anything on this. Their sarcastic comment was to get redressal through legal measures. As an insult to injury, one of them told us to include the case of road tarring also in the suit. During the period of our stay, we also had to spend a huge sum for the repair of our electrical appliances which were burned out due to the faulty temporary electrical systems provided by your people in the apartment. When this was brought to the notice of one of your executives, his sarcastic comment was to purchase and use stabilizers including tubes, ceiling fans mixer grinder etc. How arrogant your executive is? Can you visualize the predicament we are through, after spending the hard earned money of our whole life in this apartment? We also notice from the statement of account forwarded by you to us regarding the money spent for registration of the apartment that a sum of Rs.12000/- has been given as bribe to the registrar. You will agree with us that since Kristal citrine has 88 apartments and by giving bribe at this rate by you at the expense of each owner, the registrar would have become richer by RS 10 lakhs with your this project alone. We earnestly feel that this fact is worth referring to lokayuktha court. When this matter was pointed out to the MD of your organization during the last meeting, a month back, her reply was that bribe was being paid since last 9 years, ever since Kristal group started this business and these are small things she cannot bother about! May be it is a small amount for you, but this hard earned money is certainly not a negligible amount for us, the retired people. Hence we request you to arrange for refund of the amount.

All your promised dates for commencement of construction of the health club, swimming pool and other amenities have already passed and still there is no earnest effort for the same from your side. Any lay man will understand that the money we had paid for the apartment is worth only 2/3rd of it, without the amenities like swimming pool, health club, shopping complex etc. hence we request you to return Rs. 5 lakhs with interest for one year @6%. This will be refunded to you once you complete the above facilities.

There are basic defects in the design for provision for washing machine and its outlet connecting to the drain. This was accepted by the MD herself in the last meeting. We had to change the location of washing machine to avoid rain water falling directly on it and to have to keep it raised for the smooth outflow of waste water by doing additional work for which we had to spend. The door locks fixed in the apartment are of inferior quality and despite your workers repeated effort to repair, it is malfunctioning frequently. As an emergency measure, we had to replace a lock at the front door at our cost by paying rs2500/-, as your erstwhile project manager had refused to replace it. The meshed sliding window shutters are of poor quality and often slides off the track and also allows mosquitoes inside through the space. We also had to pay a good amount of money for repair of the electric appliances damaged due to the faulty system. Details of the damages and its cost are furnished below:

Cost for replacement of 3 tube set @Rs. 400 1200

Cost of repairing 2 fans @ Rs. 300 600

Cost of repairing mixer grinder 300

Cost of front door lock 2500

Change of provision for washing machine 1800

Bribe paid to the registrar for registration 12000

Total 18400

Apart from the above, you are requested to refund Rs 5 lakhs and Rs. 30000 towards interest for not providing the amenities. The Rs. 5 lakhs will be returned to you once you provide the amenities. Please take notice that you are requested to comply with all our above requirements within 15 days of this letter failing which we will be moving the consumer forum and the lokayuktha court for redressal of our grievances.

Hi All

Iam residing in Kristal Citrine, a premium Luxury apartment, as claimed by Kristal. It is really unfortunate that a group Like kristal who claimed initially as dealings with Kristal will be clear like Crystal and will be transperant is not so, and My experience will make it clear to all of you, how tranperant are they and how honest are they. We felt initially that they are God fearing people and will not cheat, which from my experience is not true. We had taken huge loans to purchase their flat in Hoody ( Kristal Citrine) believing that they will fullfill their promises. We purchased the flat in 2007 and when they sold the flat the promises were huge . The amenities include swimming pool, Club House, Tennis court, ATM, departmental store etc etc.When time passed, we took possession of the flats and moved in to the flat thinking that all the amenities promised will be fullfilled in near future, as many other builders. The amount that we paid for the flat was more when compared to the market rate at that time and it is also interior from Hoody, where the approach road from Hoody to this apartmet is really pathetic. We purchased the Flat at more than market rate, considering all the amenities only.

The more heart burning fact is that they sold the Flat to us in[protected] even after the builder was very well aware that there was a Legal case going on since 2004 against the Land in which amenities were promised .These facts they hide from us and we came to know about the legal case only very late after we moved in to the apartment .Every time Kristal promised us that the case will be settled soon and the amentities work will be started. The dates they promised from last March and every time they will come up with some excuse or the other for the legal case.Even today the Legal case is not settled . When we asked why the legal case was not informed at the time of selling the flats, their justification was that they were confident that they can sort out the legal case and why it should be informed to the clients. This itself shows that they are not trust worthy people and what they promised cannot be taken on face value. It is from my heart I wanted to mention that such kind of people will never come up in their life who cheat the Customers who believed them on their face value. Purchasing a flat in Bngalore for a middle class family is a big dream and we have purchased this flat with lot of expectations and dream.Kristal has spoiled our belief, that they are God fearing people and will not harm the pople who believd them. Now with this expereince we are very much disturbed and upset.Many people who may be looking for purchase of Flats from Kristal either in Bangalore, Kerala and Gulf countries may not be knowing these facts and hence request all to forward these informations to all you know so that atleast others will not suffer like what we are suffering now.

A Kristal Citrine Resident
Dear readers,
I am an old person and a prospective buyer, who in this time of recession and economic turmoil is looking for a roof over his head and a place to spend the rest of his life. I was initially looking at kristal as a trust worthy builder, and wanted to purchase a flat at Citrine, hoody. The residents at Citrine always stand up for each other and their rights, i was really impressed at this. In spite of all the backstabbing and false promises made by Kristal to the residents, kristal marketing team is STILL TRYING to lure people into this trap, i was surprised at how the Marketing team is trying to cover up on all the list of pending court cases, they were promising me that the amenities would come up soon and the pakka road to the rail crossing would be completed in 2 months. WHAT A SHAMELESS LOT!I wish this comes to everyone's notice and people take some action against them for fraud. The ONLY WAY kristal can recover from this is by fulfilling their promises asap and STOP CHEATING PEOPLE!!
Hi All,

I just wanted to add that when it comes to Kristal its just not Citrine, we the residents of Agate and Jasper have surprisingly similar problems and ore the brunt of similart attitude from Kristal. There were mnay things that Kristal did in our camous which was not consistent with the promises made to us while buying the aprtment/villa.

Deadlines are never met, promises are not kept, callous attitude.

Kristal Jasper Resident.
it is not only with your builder, several buildersn are like this. We at platinum city -"O"block near BFW Factory yeshwanth pura post Bangalore 22 are also facing the same problem.

We have moved to court we have to see the reasults.
Hi All,
It appears as if we are sharing same agony. We, at Platinum City "O" Block, face more or less similar problems like no temporary electricity connection, false promises on amenities, incomplete work. We also face harassement by builder. There were times when builder, NACONS, even brought hooligans and residents were manhandled, when they tried to demonstrate peacefully to call builder to negotiation table, as he always has been elusive and would treat residents as non-existen entities. There are times when residents were forced to live without electricity and water for 2-3 days and builder took no ineterest to restore them. Residents are forced to pay Rs.1000 every month as electricity and water charges, even for small flats of 525 sq. ft. Builder has his own excuses and reasons. If the Rs. 1000 is not paid, residents will have to live without electricity and water as individual flat's electricity and water connections would be disconnected. Even after paying Rs. 1000, people are treated with frequent electricity failure. If the electricity fails and one is there in the lift then god ( sometimes so called security personnel ) help. This is after builder has collected Rs. 40000/- from every flat owners either in the name of Electricity and water deposits or Lifetime Maintainance charges. Approach road in our case is in builder's scope and semms like it would never be tarred and we may as well have to buy life jackets to drive through it this rainy season .People are staying here for more than 4to 5 years and sufferences are uncountable. In the name of maintainance, we have started observing that someone has started clearing dustbins ( Provided by builder on each floor) and dumping the garbage at basement!!! Someone, at times abruptly sweeps the floor at common areas.The authoritites (Read-Police) were only co-operative with builder for reasons well understood, whenever residents sought their help.

Countless frauds and authorities sleep ???? Any organistaion, association or forum which can help???
Here is another story About Kristal Group. The Kristal Citrine Apartment they Mortgauged to HUDCO and taken Loan from them. These flats were already sold to the people for which the people had already availed Loans From Many Banks. This is a case of Double Mortguage and the Builder was enjoying the Loan amount with out any issue.

These cases were come to light recently when they defaulted in making the loan repayment installments to HUDCO.Neither HUDCO nor Kristal had follwed the Guidelines as per the Loan agreement and the Poor residents are now running from Pillar to Post. The Builder was supposed to take NOC from Owners before Mortguaging/hypothcating the property to HUDCO which they never did, nor HUDCO has ever insisted from Kristal such a No objection Certificate.

Kristal Builder as ususal like any other case started giving False promises and dead lines in settling the case. We are not sure whether their other Apartments also had similar Issues . These factors will never disclose by the Builder and the Flat Owner will come to know such cases only at a later date.

Such kind of Builders should be brought to Public and Criminal Cases should be charged against them and the Senior officials of the Group should be put behind bars. The Agencies/Banks/Govt departments, who support them for such illegal transactions should be severely punished.

Any one who is planning to Purchase Flats /Villas from Kristal Builders, please be ware. Never believe their sweet words and humble approach!! Behind all these, the real criminal mind is working!!You will be cheated by this builder.

A Citrine Resident
Hello All,

i am interested in buying a fully furnised ( as per the websiTe ad) at Kristal Beryl and is seriously considering the same . hope there are no problems with this appartment, These complaints made me a bit nervous . the agency is quoting 44-49 lacs all inclusive for a 3 bedroom and my family liked the appartment near to nice corridor in bannerghatta main road - looks like a great buy by loaction and design .

but i can see the inside roadworks parking not done properly on the top floor 12th floor the club house and all is not completed- even though their agent told me some 40 people moved in, i could see hardly 5-6 occupants and some cars parked there . they are committing all works getting completed by july end .

Similar issues are now also in Kristal Beryl - their fist high rise building
Please comment in
See the comments regarding Onyx C by Mr shyam of Kristal Group.The other marketing executives say somethings for marketing.
KRISTAL ONYX (Ground+14 Floor 2&3 Bedroom Apartments)

It is G+14 floors. The completion is by March 2009 ( The work had already started ) The price per sq.ft is Rs.2100 /-(Rs 20/- hike from 6 th floor to the 10 th floor and another Rs.20/- hike from the 11th to the 14th floor). For few days there is an attractive discount from the above price.

KRISTAL PEARL (Ground+2 Floor 2&3 Bedroom Multi Housing Unit)

coming up in the same campus. It is G+2.The work of this will be completed within 12 months from the commencement. The rate for the ground floor 3BHK is Rs.2200 / per sq.ft, for the 2 & 3 BHK in the first floor is Rs.2250/ per sq.ft and for the 2 & 3 BHK in the 2nd floor is Rs.2150/ per sq.ft.This is a premium block and the specifications are unique. Hence this price. Right now there's a discount of Rs.50/- per sq.ft on this.

See the completion date published.But how can Kristal give no value to customer money.Kristal say something and do another thing.

Kristal TVM people have no idea of their project status in TechparkView.Thir TVM ofice is full of marketing executives...but none to manage the work in thier site.Customer care under Maya Devi is also not functioning well.Managers change often.MD not comimg into view!!!
Hi All,
I am Srinivasan who has bought an independent house in Kristal Coral, Sarjapur.

I am completely NOT SATISFIED with the quality of their construction. Few major problems I faced are as below.

1. The roof was not at all done. Simply they did basic work. Even after telling so many times they didn't even bother about it. When it rained the inside wall of my bedroom got wet completely. Then I gave BRIBE to one of the workers of Rs 3000/-. After that only work got done.

2. They installed solar heater. But no connection. Only after my tenant occupied the house I came to know about that. Also no water facility when my tenant occupied the house.

3. No swimming pool till now. No security appointed till now. They promised that they will appoint 2 securities in our road alone. But not even one secutiry as of now.

4. No club house till now.

5. Till now no super market.

6. I struggled like anything even to do house warming ceremony. I postponed 2 times since they didn't provide me basic facilities at all.

7. Also drainage system is not proper. The water is not at all going outside. Hence people faced bad smell.



If you go this week they will say 30 lakhs. If you go next week they say 33 lakhs. I dont know how it'll raise 3 lakhs per week. PLEASE DONT BELEIVE MARKETING GUYS.

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