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This blody Dr.Rajkumar, is not a doctor, he is a uniformed , he use to stole kidneys of patients and for money he can do anything just for money, even he ready to kill patients without reason, he is a psycho, he speaks well with patients and make them ready for surgery without anyreason, and finally you will pay for the dead body of your loved one, so please trust this message and never go to lifeline hospital. as per tamil saying a single rice is enough to check whether the pot of rice is boiled or not, the same like this Dr.Raj Kumar is enough to say about his hospital. If you guys need a proof of rajkumar's things, just mail to I ll send you the proof. just becuase of this i quit my profession too...

The following lines are for Dr.Raj Kumar...hey , did you born for your father or for any begger in the street, as you are going towrds money money money...i am sure that your mother opened her chunt for a begger, not for a single one for almost every begger she seems, if you want earn money why you choosed this profession, you can earn very easily with you mom, wife, sister's chunt they will put off your money thirst from their chunt water. so from today onwards remove your white clothes and go for a street beggers chunt water, and let you female family members put of the thirst of other beggers like you so that your money will be earned very easily, you are the of . if still you are wearing the white cloth, it is a shame for all the real doctors, ...
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I only wish I had seen your comments before; I took my father to Lifeline, as he was having loose motion for two days. The doctor's asked him to be admitted immediately. For two days they gave lots of medicines, by which time, the loose motion stopped, but his stomach started bulging. Dr. Rajkumar advised us that colostomy has to be done imdtly or else his stomach might burst. The colostomy was done;he was kept in ICU for a week and in ventilattor. We were told he is not breathing by himself & he needed ventilator... Finally, after 1 week, he was shifted to the room on an evening. He was doing well; I left him with my mom the next day morning & went to work. I got a call from my mom to come to hospital immdtly. Later we learnt that he got a stroke; this happened around 4:30PM, while he was given a physio therapy. It took the hospital staff about 10 mins to revive him. He was breathless for nearly 10 mins. 6 to 7 mins was lost in the room itself. The doctor attending was yelling at the nurses about where the items were kept (baloon?). He was taken to the ICU and was recovered there; He was again confined in the ICU for another 10 days; during this period we were told that he is not breathing himself & he is not able to recognize & all kind of nonsense. Accidentally I went to see a doctor in ICU early in the morning; the doctor was not around inthe ICU. I went near my dad and called him; he was immediately able to recognize me; his face was full of emotion; I had a suspicion and moved him to apollo and they informed us that he is able to breathe by himself. He was in Appollo for another 15 days, where they recovered him well. Now he is in home with us, unable to move, completely bed ridden, he also has a tracheostomy; unable to speak; we are struggling to know what he wants, whether it hurts him. It was tool late for us to take any leagal action against lifeline; but we trust in God and know that justice will be done, sooner or later.
ur absoletely correct he is a of ..i went to him for stomach problems. He told me to do Anal sphintcher operation then only ur problems get cured.. He did n't investigate or tests me.. at first he gave Rabeprozole tablets for 30 days after that he gave H-Pylori kits(That too no tests for H-Pylori bacteria)for 14 days .. he asked me after one and half month, i told problem in my stool i feel hard during motion..then he told u must undergo operation with out tests or even seen ...we must kill these kind of holes. After that i consult with several doctors they told that no need of operation and all.
Dr. Rajkumar is a publicity seeking individual. All they care about is proving to all the patients and their visitors that they rescued each of their patients from the clutches of death. I hate the fact that he meets 4-5 patients together. They make 2 patients wait in the room as the doctor is talking to the third. There is no privacy in the hospitals. And the nurses sing tales of all the celebrities who have been there for cosmetic surgeries. So even the VIP's secrets are compromised. So you can assume what is the case of a normal citizen. Maybe, in Government hospitals in rural india, doctors will discuss one patient's case in front of other patients. But not in such a upmarket high class hospital that charges you three times hte fee a normal hospital does. Dr. Rajkumar will tell you that you can walk, run, climb, swim, trek do almost anything after any surgery...and they stitch you so badly that it leaves scars for life. Only stitches done by Dr. Rajkumar have become ugly scars. All other operation scars healed beautifully.

All the doctor and the staff care about is publicity. They want the whole waiting room to know a patient's history and then applaud them for treating that patient. This is disgusting.
ya, gentle man, this for ur information, he is the great surgeon chucked from the Stanley medical college and hospital for his inability, Patients are patients attender should be aware before they get admitted or admit somebody in any hospital, Hospitals infrastructure and white girls in the hospital is not going to save ur life, check one important thing whether is capable of handling the complicated cases / patients ...
Dr Rajkumar... he is a sucker. Always wants to suck money. No other motive.
Dear Indians...please please dont go to LIFE LIINE hospital. Doctors there will kill the patient.
I have filed a case for medical negligence before National Consumer Commission against Rajkumar. it is due to end now. If you have a complaint before 2 years, I can help you. you must file a case within two years of cause of action.
S.Pushpavanam, Secretary, Consumer Protection Council, Tamilnadu, 7, 12th cross, Kumaran nagar, Tiruchi. 620 017.
Mobile: [protected]

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